Friday, February 13, 2009

Obam the Hawk, Earth Akhet...and David Bowie?

Abstract: Hit after hit after hit. My head is going to explode.

The previous post was getting too huge but there is still so much to explore here. The walls are crumbling, people, and the hidden architecture is being revealed. It's staggering, even to an old symbol junkie like myself. I'm wondering if I'll ever get any work done if this keeps up.

Let's start with a Eartha Kitt/David Bowie reference:
The memory of Eartha's biography Thursday's Child provided David Bowie a title for his lead single and opening track of Hours. As Bowie revealed in VH1 Storytellers, "When I was about 14, Eartha Kitt and D. H. Lawrence were some of my favorite bedtime reading." The title was also a song that was sung by Eartha.
First of all, I think the "Hours" title was a typo that didn't get caught at the CD plant. Try this:

That's better. Now, let's take a look at the cover of Horus Hours. I flipped it because it seemed that was a printing mistake, too:

Now, this is bugging me; where have we seen that all-male recreation of La Pieta before?

Oh, right. That's it.

Now, we've been looking at astro-Gnosticism lately. It's worth noting that Bowie's first film role was as an alien in the astro-Gnostic cult film The Man Who Fell to Earth and that his ex-wife Angela also claims that Bowie himself is an alien. She may be right. Journalist Rob Leggatt wrote of the making of that film:
"Tabloid rumours of rock star weirdness emerged almost as soon as the six-week New Mexico shoot began. Bowie it was said, spent his spare time locked in a trailer scouring his library of 1,500 mystical books, consorting both with then wife Angie and heiress Sabrina Guinness and listening to 'Young Americans' played backward on a special turntable which made the recording sound like a Tibetan chant.

The film's New Mexico location, a hot spot for UFO activity, fuelled the madness. 'You could look up into the sky,' remembers the film's writer Paul Mayersburg, 'and see strange things every day.' Bowie, still a year away from his extended detox in Berlin, claimed several sightings."
In 1995, Bowie said of the 70s cocaine/occult years, "My overriding interest was in cabbala and Crowleyism. That whole dark and rather fearsome never-world of the wrong side of the brain. ... More recently, I've been interested in the Gnostics."

I bet.

The back cover of Horus Hours could very well be a representation of the tripartite demiurge Yaldaboath that we looked at in the recent Star Trek post. Remember one of his three identities was Samael, "god of the blind."

The snake reminds us that Orphite Gnostics believed that the serpent in the garden of Eden (who is never identified) was actually Christ, come to free Adam and Eve from Yaldaboath. We looked at that myth when Kirby incorporated it into a kiddie comic called Devil Dinosaur.

Alexandria- what a fascinating name

Bowie is also married to the supermodel Iman, who was born in Somalia, home of the Sirius Star pirates. She also played an androgynous, shape-shifting alien in one of the Star Trek films.

Speaking of models turned actress, Bowie sang the title song to the film Cat People, which starred Nastassja Kinski as a literal cat-woman. Synchs galore- Kinski married an Egyptian filmmaker named Ibrahim Moussa before shacking up with Quincy Jones,with whom she has a daughter named Kenya (and where does the Obama family come from?). "Cat People" was also sung by Tina Turner, another singer with a troubled history like Kitt.

Kinski and Jones

Following Cat People, Bowie starred with Ka-Hathor-Ein Deneuve in The Hunger, an Egyptian/extraterrestrial/bisexual/vampire love story written by alien contactee Whitley Strieber.

Deneuve's character in The Hunger was named Miriam, which comes from Meresamun meaning "Beloved of Amun..."

...which is also the name of the Ancient Egyptian diva appearing in an exhibit at the University of Chicago, where Barack Obama taught law (and just a stone's throw from where the Obamas lived in Hyde Park).

Eartha Kitt with husband Bill McDonald and daughter

Back to Eartha Kitt, there's a planned biopic in the works. Who's been tapped for the lead...?

...the ravishing Miss Beyonce Knowles (no relation- Beyonce also performed with Tina Turner at last year's Grammies).
Now that she’s portrayed Etta James in the upcoming film, Cadillac Records, Beyonce has set her sights on another legend: Eartha Kitt. ABC News reports that Beyonce will star as the legendary singer-actress most known for her role as Catwoman. Two years ago, Eartha Kitt approved of Beyonce portraying her, and told it’s about time she get her own movie saying, “My life has been so damned interesting.”- TVOne
Oddly, Eartha Kitt was mentioned appropos of nothing in a recent news story concerning a feud between Beyonce and Etta James over Obama's inaugural festivities. Which I suppose brings it all full circle. Only this stuff never, ever ends.

Egyptian aliens, shape-shifters, chimeras, interracial romances; all denoting duality, hybridization. Why do we tell ourselves these stories?

UPDATE: Andre from Alien Project reminds us that Beyonce has taken on an alter-persona in Sasha Fierce, following in the footsteps of Bowie with Ziggy, Aladdin Sane, etc. Beyonce explains "I have someone else that takes over when it's time for me to work and when I'm on stage, this alter ego that I've created that kind of protects me and who I really am."

Hmm, kind of sounds like a walk-in. It just occurred to me that all actors are essentially dissociative personalities, probably most pop stars as well. Which explains a lot.

UPDATE II: Wow, I should pay more attention to the pop scene. Actually, I shouldn't. But although I knew she was rocking the Witchblade meme in "Single Ladies," I hadn't realized that Beyonce was rocking the androgyny meme as well. Check out the videos here.

UPDATE III: What an interesting graphic that the New York Times is using to symbolize Obama's first 100 days.

UPDATE IV: Yacarete points us to Iman's appearance in this old Jacko vid (though that's not Nefertiti). Note the cats at the beginning.

UPDATE V: Ed reminds us that Beyonce was "Foxy Cleopatra" in Austin Powers: Goldmember.

UPDATE VI: Here's some true blue Synchronicty for you- I just tracked down the video for Bowie's "Thursday's Child" and it was uploaded by a user in Poitiers, France. The vid does a sort of mopey variation on the Harpo mirror routine from Duck Soup that David Duchovny and Michael McKean recreated in the "Dreamland" two-parter on The X-Files. Which reminds me, Mimi Rogers was in the first Austin Powers film.


  1. Beyonce also has another personality Sasha Fierce and entitled her 3rd album I am(Sasha). Shes also Destinys Child and snuggled up with Rockerfella Jay-z.

  2. Oops. Added comment in last post by accident......

    I'll try again here. Bowie's eye reminds me of an Egyptian myth involving a damaged eye.


  3. Oooh. I see Beck's little Scientologist head is popping up in the corner of the Vanity Fair cover too. He & is his 'faith' can be traced back to Crowely & the Military (Navy) too. I'm really beginning to think these 'stars' are chosen & programmed.

  4. Sasha Fierce is another example of dissociative personalities, similar to the fierce Red Tara as in the tantric meditation deity. See United States of Tara, new show on Showtime. Jay-Z, also exhibits this type of personality disorder as well. Originally named Shawn Carter, he is also known as Jigga and sometimes adopts the old testament name for God - Jehovah, Hova, Hov.

    On Kanye West's multiplatinum album, he refers to Jay-Z, as his 'Big Brother.' How Orwellian. Jay-Z oftens puts his hands together to form the masonic pyramid as a representation of his label Roc-A-Fella Records and he is regarded by many disciples of Malachi York, such as Prodigy as a practitioner of freemasonry. See

    On another tangent, Chris did you hear about the plane crash tonight in Buffalo? 49 people died when the Continental flight from Newark leveled a home. 4+9 =13. Perhaps there are more synchronicities. Hmmm.

  5. Note too that the House and Senate should vote on the final version of the Stimulus Bill today, February 13th.

  6. Baby-Faced Teen Becomes Father At 13 -

  7. Andre, I did- there are all sorts of twin letters and numbers in it. Very strange. I'm feeling there may have been a bunch of bankers on that plane.

    But the way, I'm not trying to hear anything bad about Beyonce. That woman is a goddess, and has an awesome body. One of the few pop divas that don't make my skin crawl. The Sasha thing is just Ziggy all over again, thanks for reminding me.

  8. Life on mars is Bowie based, continuing with this years Osiris/Horus/Phoenix theme, And whatever is going on in the show it is involved with the Aries Project. The main Character Sam Tyler is from Hyde Park NY, the orginal UK version also took place in Hyde Park Manchester.

  9. Should take a moment to notify you of the Plane crash outside Buffalo, NY.

    Flight 3407


    The 74-seat Colgan Air jet hit a house in Clarence, engulfing the property in flames, at approximately 10.20pm on Thursday night.

    The aircraft, which was operating under Continental Airlines flight number 3407, was carrying 44 passengers and 4 members of crew when it crashed, minutes before it was due to land at Buffalo Airport. None of those on board survived, and one person on the ground perished.

    Clarence is located 20 miles north-east of Buffalo, New York.,_New_York

  10. This plane crash is fascinating too, considering what happened last month, when Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and four other crew members safely landed a plane on the Hudson River - 'The Miracle on the Hudson.'

    This is like a to and fro, or seesaw effect. Miracle then disastrous crash.

    In a time when many are crying for a new day and have elected a President who ran on a mantra of hope and change in the free spirited mold of Uranus then facing the restrictive Saturnalists Republicans as he tries to pass his Stimulus Bill.

    Are we witnessing a battle, rebellion, revolt, revolution, reversals or the preservation and stability of old values?

    Who will win? Uranus or Saturn?

  11. Pause the "end of Cat People" video at 1:47

    Voice of DJ - The Black Pope

    Just thought that was weird.

  12. Sheesh- that is weird, Tommy. But to be expected I guess.

    I'm going to address those questions this afternoon, Andre.

  13. Don't forget Iman also played Nefertiti in the music video for Michael Jackson's Remember the Time.

  14. Hi Chris,

    The synchro-semiotics you are dishing out lately are compelling. And quite astounding when I have a glimmer of what you synchromaniacs divine from the innards of pop culture.

    I like to just step in to your Space God ATT world and leave again, but recently the sig-tags you are presenting have me really wondering at times...

    I must now go and re-immerse myself in the cold, shallow waters of skepticism before I inform my friends that Bowie was always a Gnostic androgynous space god who fell to earth.
    They might even say: "Yeah...he's too strange to be human..."

  15. Chris, check out Michelle Ourobama's hand on the cover of Vogue.


  16. Magic Johnson shouting, "Behold!"

    Steely Dan (no relation?) released a song during the Laker's rookie season on their Gaucho album called 'Glamor Profession' which foretold Magic's fate:
    "It's a glamour profession
    The L.A. concession
    Local boys will spend a quarter
    Just to shine the silver bowl
    Living hard will take its toll

    "Illegal fun
    Under the sun"

    Um. I seem to recall that the comedian (Ramses) in addition to occasionally hanging with the basketball star had his own run-in with androgynous fun.

  17. Hi Chris....loving your work here. On the topic of Beyonce and the 'Cat Woman', have you considered her role in the first 'Pink Panther' movie. Also actress Halle Berry played the role of the Catwoman and Storm (X-Men), and David Bowie played the Stormy Lightning conducing Tesla in 'The Prestige'.
    Just a thought. Richard.

  18. Since it relates to the postings from yesterday and today, I'll just relink to a brief posting I wrote a while ago about David Bowie.


  19. man thing are just getting crazy in this mixed up world, that crash last night and read some other thing about Michael Jackson being watch my doctors cause he could develop that rare skin eatting condition, ya and dont forget that david bowie also has quite a big collection of nazi memorabilia

    and also what about that outlander movie watch it last night hey ;)
    but it does not beat City of Ember
    which is just dripping wet of masonic connotation

    and what about Michelle Obama in Vogue mag (with the left hand devil sign flash going on down there?)

    and also check out this firefox easter egg

  20. man thing are just getting crazy in this mixed up world, that crash last night and read some other thing about Michael Jackson being watch my doctors cause he could develop that rare skin eatting condition, ya and dont forget that david bowie also has quite a big collection of nazi memorabilia

    and also what about that outlander movie watch it last night hey ;)
    but it does not beat City of Ember
    which is just dripping wet of masonic connotation

    and what about Michelle Obama in Vogue mag (with the left hand devil sign flash going on down there?)

    and also check out this firefox easter egg

    (sorry not sure) if this posted correctly
    and ja when is your book coming out?

  21. well they're either actual sirians or they're worshipping sirians. i know some people within the entertainment industry (and all other industries) have been worshipping "aliens" for some time now.

  22. the new blonde pop queen lady "gaga" refers to herself as and androgynous and from the future. she's pretty dam awful but this video has some pretty blatant symbolism.

  23. Your current avenue of inquiry seems to have intersected with a bunch of possible mind control victims, see these posts:

    Unfortunately the blog is poorly written, and the author is overeager to apply his method of analysis, but I've been following it for a while, and I'm pretty sure there's something to this.

    This is the first time I've seen your two blogs intersect, and in such a major way, too. You should check it out.

  24. cat
    314 as T=D
    sad, cat, cad, lad, lat, etc
    cats can see in the dark like owls


  25. "i know some people within the entertainment industry (and all other industries) have been worshipping "aliens" for some time now." - Anonymous

    Do you mean the Scientologists? Or something else? Do tell.

    IMO people in the entertainment industry worship themselves, if anything at all.

  26. Synchs galore- Kinski married an Egyptian filmmaker named Ibrahim Moussa before shacking up with Quincy Jones,with whom she has a daughter named Kenya (and where does the Obama family come from?).

    And as we heard during the CNN Inauguration Parade broadcast from Quincy Jones himself (by phone) - it was Quincy Jones and Oprah who met with Obama to discuss the possibility of a presidential run. Quincy was instrumental (if in fact not central) to his campaign.

  27. david bowie


    he has a song --one of my favorites--

    "Under Pressure"

    Mm ba ba de
    Um bum ba de
    Um bu bu bum da de
    Pressure pushing down on me
    Pressing down on you no man ask for
    Under pressure - that burns a building down
    Splits a family in two
    Puts people on streets
    Um ba ba be
    Um ba ba be
    De day da
    Ee day da - that's o.k.
    It's the terror of knowing
    What this world is about
    Watching some good friends
    Screaming 'Let me out'
    Pray tomorrow - gets me higher
    Pressure on people - people on streets
    Day day de mm hm
    Da da da ba ba
    Chippin' around - kick my brains around the floor
    These are the days it never rains but it pours
    Ee do ba be
    Ee da ba ba ba
    Um bo bo
    Be lap
    People on streets - ee da de da de
    People on streets - ee da de da de da de da
    It's the terror of knowing
    What this world is about
    Watching some good friends
    Screaming 'Let me out'
    Pray tomorrow - gets me higher high high
    Pressure on people - people on streets
    Turned away from it all like a blind man
    Sat on a fence but it don't work
    Keep coming up with love
    but it's so slashed and torn
    Why - why - why ?
    Love love love love love
    Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
    Can't we give ourselves one more chance
    Why can't we give love that one more chance
    Why can't we give love give love give love give love
    give love give love give love give love give love
    'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
    And love dares you to care for
    The people on the edge of the night
    And loves dares you to change our way of
    Caring about ourselves
    This is our last dance
    This is our last dance
    This is ourselves
    Under pressure
    Under pressure

    vanilla ice was sued over "ice ice baby" because he totally ripped of these guys! or his handlers did. something ....hmmm

    wiki says,
    Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Iman is the daughter of Marian and Mohamed Abdulmajid, a former Somali ambassador to Saudi Arabia. She is Muslim and has two brothers, Elyas and Feisal, and a sister, Nadia. Iman attended high school in Egypt and later lived in Kenya. Fluent in five languages (Arabic, English, French, Italian, and Somali),[1] she studied political science at the University of Nairobi.

    can a muslim marry a non muslim? and have babies and the muslim family be ok with that? arent they very strict with things like this?

    did i learn wrong about their religion? dont you have to convert? honestly i do not know. obviously im not muslim... im just me. i am what i am and ill be what ill be.

    was lady di's and dodi's relationship ...was he muslim???

    wiki says about dodi,

    Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Fayed was a student at Coll├Ęge Saint Marc before attending the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. He briefly attended Sandhurst. His occupation was often given as film producer; he helped make Breaking Glass (1980) and Chariots of Fire (1981), as well as the movie F/X and its sequel. He also served as the Executive Creative Consultant for the television series.

    Dodi was an executive producer for the 1991 movie Hook starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. In addition he was the executive producer of the 1995 film adaptation of The Scarlet Letter.

    well... *scritchin head*

    im just confuzzled is all please someone answer me? i honestly do not know?????



    8+9=17 AND THUS 17=Q 1:17=153



    Z=26, 1:26=351


    Z, ION


  29. Wow, the synchs are flying here! My head is spinning. We're all doing the Freakout Friday bit. And as usual, the amazing amount of factoids that warrant further exploration. Thank you, guys.

    As to your question Sky- the rules only apply to the proles. There are always exemptions and exceptions for those with the money and prestige.

  30. Beverly Eckert aboard Flight 3407 -

    A plane hijacked by fanatics tore Beverly Eckert's husband from her life on 9/11.

    Now another plane, brought down on a cold winter's night near Buffalo, has torn the brave widow from ours.

    A week earlier, Eckert was among the relatives of those killed in the Sept. 11 attacks and the bombing of the USS Cole who met with Obama at the White House.

    Eckert, co-chairwoman of "Voices of Sept. 11," had pushed for a formal commission to investigate the intelligence failures that led to the attacks.

    She also wanted to know how the new President would prevent terror attacks and handle terror suspects.


  31. Chris…

    The crash of flight 3407 has ties to 9-11, which got me thinking about…

    What work/thought have you put into the 9-11 parallel/synchronicity with actor Tom Hank’s 1982 movie “Mazes and Monsters”? Hank’s character fades out of our mundane reality, into a more intimately shared reality of "Dungeons and Dragons." In the film’s climax (!), Hank’s character makes the journey to Tolkien’s “Two Towers”, which is… in the mundane reality… New York’s former twin towers.

    Don’t see any immediate connections, but…

  32. I just want to share an odd, half awake dream I had last night with all of this information bouncing around in my dome. You know, those waking dreams where your mind can interact with the dream...

    It was of a not-quite world coming, not so much in alignment with ours, but into phase with ours. The world we know being incorporated with the world we can't see, the spiritual world. The two not quite becoming one but their world ... intruding upon ours in a more substantial way.

    I can't think of the common term for this but revelation comes to mind. Consider the biblical perspective that the devil's desire is to appear as God, to be like Him.

    A diabolical revelation if you will. Weird dream, kept me awake for a bit afterwards.

  33. Sensei, I think if there is anything behind that crash, it's all too mundane and temporal. Bad news. It's looking to be a replay of The Crisis of the Third Century around these parts...

  34. I hear you, Chris…

    The only tie I see is one of co-incidence. Namely… Beverly Eckert.

  35. Can muslims marry christians? It depends on the circumstances.

    Christians and jews are considered 'people of the book' in Islam and are supposed to be respected according to the Koran, though the texts can get a bit schizo on this point - sometimes mohammed thinks they're O.K, othertimes he thinks theyr'e completely untrustworthy.

    According to Islam, as far as I'm aware, you are the religion of your father, so it's normally considered o.k for muslim men to marry out, as their children will always be considered muslim, but things get stickier for the women. Big surprise! If they come from a more traditional family, they often try to convert their non muslim boyfriend to get their parents onside. If the family is quite modern, like Iman's must be, seeing as her dad was an ambassador, then it probably doesn't matter. Don't forget Bowie was marriage number 2 in her forties, and that she'd already had a modeling career, something far more unacceptable to traditionalists.

  36. I wonder if Bowie was attracted to Iman because he saw her as a reincarnation of the Queen Of Sheba, which would certainly tie into Solomonic occultism and the Kabbalah, which Bowie was obsessed with in the 70s.

  37. Flight 3407 update:

    Reports are the plane crashed into 6050 Long Street, Clarence, NY 14032

    Google Map of 6050 Long Street Clarence NY

  38. Sirius XM Radio Inc might file for bankruptcy as early as Tuesday.

  39. WOW Chris. this is all very interesting.

    Despite my interest in all things Bowie & Catwoman, I want to take a second & refer you & your readers to a tangent regarding Jay-Z, & 3rd party entities...Theres a site,
    that examines this idea in detail. , especially regarding to the Rihanna song, "Umbrella"...very interesting stuff
    (also considering her name in the headlines lately with a a rash of bad news). Lenon also has several other pop-culture breakdowns of symbolism reference in his films. Highly recommend it to all interested in subliminals.

  40. This afternoon a British Airways (BA) flight from Amsterdam with 71 people on board has lost its front wheels in a "hard landing" at London City Airport, that handles 3.3million passengers each year.

    71 reverse 17.

    The masonic 33 and 3.

    There were 67 passengers and four crew on the flight from Amsterdam.

    6+7 = 13.

  41. Hmmm, the wheels coming off. Apt metaphor. Thanks, Andre.


  43. so how long ya think we will be stuck in the 70's

  44. Beyonce From Austin Powers Goldmember

    "Well the future better be ready for me, because I'm Foxy CLEOPATRA, and I'm a whole lotta Woman!"

  45. Churchill and Ghandi really clash with Lennon and Hendrix as a list of people "lit from within"

    Yahoo goes synchro today and uses numerology

    This blog warrants a rift in the space-time-continuum, I spent most of the day on hyperlinks :)

    I saw "Remember the Time" at Disneyland in Florida during the summer of 1991.

    Watching Bowie with Annie preforming "Under Pressure" and I'm thinking how masculine Bowie is looking. Guessing it's becuase Annie is there to fill the feminine, then at the end he says "The exquisite Annie Lennox. Absolutely fabulous. Where does he get that dress?" Annie's rocking the black & white motiff with a splash of red and David's in Osirian Green. Then I had to watch "The Man Who Saved the World" more black, white and red all over, plus androgeny.

    Bowie Rocks, I loved that so much "the Man who fell to Earth", it was very melancholy

    "Space Oddity", "Life on Mars", "Starman"; Absolutely Amazing

    Great post BTW, much love

  46. Unrelated:(I think?)
    Have you heard that the infamous "Security firm" Blackwater has rebranded themselves as "Xe" (pronounced Z)?


  47. Anony 320- Thanks for the info. I don't like the smell of that crash. Not synch-wise, but otherwise...

    Anony 338- Interesting- thanks.

    Orgone- You must have read my mind- be here Monday.

    Anony 727- Forever!

    Ed- Duh. Thanks Ed. I'm slow sometimes.

    Ratte: I posted that LIve Aid video here. I really wish Queen would get someone besides Paul Rogers to sing.

    Jay- My, my. Very interesting indeed. X=24 E=5 Xe=11. Lots of those twins lately.

  48. Ciao and great work,
    this blog is crazy.

    Just heard today on NPR that BLACKWATER has changed it's name to Xe - as in the shorthand for the noble gas, Xenon.

    Need I say more? Thought you might get a kick of out that, Chris.


  49. Chris,

    Xe could be
    Xenon, X5, 10+5=15,
    (X) Chi (e) Epsilon = 605

    As Xenon we have the number 54 (9)
    As Chi (600) Epsilon (5) we have 605 (11)

    9 11 ...

    Playing the MEME for all its worth!

    ( and Z is 26 = GOD )

  50. Madonna has a new boytoy, a 22yo brasilian model named Jesus!!! His lastname? Luz, light in portuguese..

    Now, the media tells she has pushes him to Kabbalah...

    Madonna in bed with Jesus, incest it´s sometimes hard to imagine...

  51. Hi Chris and Anon 1.14 who already posted re the top article:

    Off topic - SLIGHTLY - but the Buffalo plane crash connects to CANINES. . .

    Beverly Eckert, Sept. 11 Widow, Died in Fiery Buffalo Flight 3407 Crash

    Eckert was flying to Buffalo to honor what would have been her husband Sean Rooney's 58th birthday.

    She was scheduled to present a

    Canisius High School

    student with a scholarship created in his name.

    After the 9/11 attacks, Eckert became a passionate voice for all the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

    At the White House today President Obama singled out Eckert after expressing condolences for all the victims. "She was an inspiration to me and so many others," Obama said.

    Last week, Eckert met Obama in the White House with other relatives of the victims of Sept. 11 and the bombing of the USS Cole to discuss the new administration's fight against terror.

    Mission Statement

    Canisius High School, located in the city of Buffalo, is a Catholic,


    independent, college preparatory school serving young men of diverse backgrounds from Western New York. Canisius challenges its students to strive for excellence as critical thinkers and effective communicators who are open to growth, intellectually competent, religiously oriented, loving, and committed to justice.

    Canisius promotes the development of students through a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum firmly rooted in the Jesuit tradition of education, spirituality and service.

    Faithful to

    St.Ignatius Loyola’s

    desire to provide care and concern for the whole person, Canisius affords each member of the school community the opportunity to develop individual talents for the service of others and the greater glory of God

    (but which 'god' - SS. . .)

    Check out the school logo - canines.

    Something smells rotten in Denmark - and in England too...


  52. There's also this...

  53. one of our favourite little mind controlled victims christina aguliera is pushing the kitty cat thing a little in her latest video

  54. Thanks for that. That song was used in a Target commercial too, just to muddy the waters further. I'll be posting tomorrow on what a semiotic mess these pop vids are these days.

    PS- she's smoking hot.

  55. Now wasn't Bowie at one time considered for the role of the Joker? Or at least rumoured to be?
    I myself always felt Brian Bolland's interpretation of the Joker in the KILLING JOKE just screamed David Bowie. So not surpised to see him linked to the Carwoman at all.

    Eartha Kitt and President Obama both had influential Dunhams in their life - Obama's was of course his mother Stanley Anne Dunham , anthropologist. In her teens Eartha Kitt was accepted into Katherine Dunham's influential dance troupe. Having been given away by her own mother then raised by an abusive aunt who pimped her out, Katherine Dunham may very well have been Eartha's first positive mother figure.
    And, oh yes, Katherine Dunham was also trained as an Anthropologist.

  56. Outstanding catch, Dave. I'll look up the Bowie thing.