Thursday, February 12, 2009


Holy Smokes, Secret Sun readers are sharp! Check out this catch from PJ from the Ford's Theater thread:
The Mark of the Hawk (1957)

The man called Obam (Sidney Poitier) struggles with the increasingly hostile forces facing each other in a colonial African country. The African natives want their land and lives back from the British colonists. Obam's motives are questioned by his own people, in particular his brother Kanda (Clifton Macklin). With the help of his wife Renee (Eartha Kitt) and missionary Bruce Craig (John McIntire), will he be able to get things under control before the country self-destructs?

Filmed on location in Africa, Mark of the Hawk stars Sidney Poitier as a London-educated African who returns to his homeland to take a political post. Poitier's brother Clinton Macklin is in charge of a rebel organization, determine to topple the white-dominated government. Poitier must choose between seeking out racial equality through peaceful means, or casting his lot with Macklin: it is (at least in this film) a struggle of Right against Right. Eartha Kitt is top-billed, but her role is decidedly secondary to Poitier's. Released in Britain as Accused, Mark of the Hawk has been retitled Shaka Zulu on video, though it should not be confused with the 1985 TV miniseries of the same name.- All Movie

Eartha Kitt (born 1/17/27) plays "Renee," meaning "rebirth." which is the name of the play everyone was gathered for tonight. The rebirth of the Earth under Obama the Hawk? Might explain the guy from Falcon Crest playing Lincoln...

UPDATE: Oh, how can I be so slow? Eartha Kitt- Earth Akhet.
From the Wiki: "Akhet- In Ancient Egyptian, the place where the sun rises and sets; often translated as "horizon" or "mountain of light". It is included in names like "Akhet Khufu" (Ancient Egyptian name for the Great Pyramid) and Akhetaten."
Note in this image and the one above Obam is "wearing the Sun as a crown." This is a very subtle motif to keep an eye out for. See it with Obama here.

Obam and Obama

The Sun, Obam, the Hawk. I need a glass of water.

Bonus Factoid: Eartha Kitt played Salome in an early TV production of the Wilde play. She was born in North, South Carolina which is on the 33rd parallel (and Route 178). It's a suburb of Columbia, which needs no explanation.

Horus from Atlantis Ceremony in Dubai

Bonus Factoid II: Djimon Hounshou played African rebel Cinque in Amistad as well as Horus in the film Stargate. On the androgyne tip, Hounshou is the new CK underwear model. Unisex perfume CK One is back this year, which we will look at in a further post. Honshou will be voicing T'Challa in the upcoming Black Panther cartoon.

Bonus Factoid III: Today is the 40th anniversary of the death Mark of the Hawk screenwriter Lloyd Young.

UPDATE II: Lucas: Obama more powerful than Skywalker

You betcha! says "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who was in Washington Wednesday night for the Ford's Theatre reopening celebration where both he and screen legend Sidney Poitier were being honored with the Ford Theatre Society's Lincoln medal in a ceremony attended by President Barack Obama, a Lincoln aficionado. (click here for context)



Eartha Mae Keith aka Eartha Kitt aka Earth Akhet (Earth's Horizon) aka the Catwoman.

Meaning the Sphinx.

The Great Sphinx was known to the Hellenes as Harmarchis, or "Horus in the Horizon," or simply "Guardian of the Horizon." Now, remember the horizon and the Sunrise in the Obama logo. The Egyptian rendering was Hor-em-akhet, who was also known as the "Chief Overseer of Craftsmen."

For my money, "Eartha Mae Kitt" is certainly at least as close to Hor-Em-Akhet as is Harmarchis, etymologically speaking.

Speaking of Craftsmen, here is a Sphinx on the stairway of the Grand Lodge of Utah.

UPDATE (1305 EST): This link between the cat (Kitt) and the Horizon (akhet) needs a bit of further elucidation:
Graham Hancock explains in Heaven’s Mirror that, “computer simulations show that in 10,500 BC the constellation of Leo housed the sun on the spring equinox - i.e. an hour before dawn in that epoch Leo would have reclined due east along the horizon in the place where the sun would soon rise. This means that the lion-bodied Sphinx, with its due-east orientation, would have gazed directly on that morning at the one constellation in the sky that might reasonably be regarded as its own celestial counterpart.”
In other words, Hancock and Bauval believe the Sphinx was built to greet the Sun (Horus the Hawk) on the Horizon ("Horus- Zone") as it rose in the constellation of Leo, ie in the Aeon of Leo. Hancock and Bauval believe this was the work of the Shemsu Hor, who were pointing to the Zep Tepi, the Time of the Rule of the Gods.

As a Synchromystic mirror of that we have Obam the Hawk (identified with the Sun in the poster art) married to Earth-Akhet ("Earth's Horizon") who was also the Cat-Woman, ie the Sphinx.

Does anyone really think some dopey screenwriter dreamed that all up for some toss-away B picture?

UPDATE 1512 EST: That bubbling sound you're hearing are just my brains boiling...

OK, here we have essentially a symbolic representation of the Sphinx facing Obam as the Sun, who is Horus the Hawk. Eartha's orientation is not square with Obam the Sun, which corresponds to the present orientation of the Sphinx to the sunrise.

And yet another title for this story (the fourth by my count), Terror of the Hawk. What do the Arabs today call the Great Sphinx? Abū al-Hūl, or "Father of Terror." And what is the the Latin word for Earth? Terra.

Here is an Egyptian rendering of the same iconography, with the androgynous, alien-like Pharaoh Akhenaten facing his androgynous god the Aten, whose full name is Ra-Horus-Aten.

Here is Ra-Horakhty, crowned with the Sun. This is the source of the icon we looked at earlier.

UPDATE V: Speaking of Masonry, Poitier's most recent acting role was as "The Last Bricklayer in America." He is also a Knight Commander of the British Empire.

UPDATE VI: The bulk of the interrogations of the Knights Templar took place at Poitiers, France.

UPDATE VII: Speaking of the Templars, Eartha Kitt lived for many years in Pound Ridge, NY, which was once considered as a site for the UN.

UPDATE VIII: Hard times finally hit Dubai.

UPDATE IX: Gee, originally it was 20 miles. What changed?

UPDATE X: What else made the news yesterday?

UPDATE XI: OK, so we've been doing the astro-gnostic bit, equating ancient Gnostic myth with ancient astronaut theory. And last night's play at the Ford Theater was called Birth and Rebirth.

OK, now read the words of 2nd Century Gnostic Valentinius:
“What liberates us is the knowledge of who we were, what we became; where we were, whereinto we have been thrown; whereto we speed, wherefrom we are redeemed; what birth is, and what rebirth.”
Hmm, maybe that was the real St. Valentine.

UPDATE XII: Oh dear God- did someone say birth? (Click at your own peril).

UPDATE XIII: HuffPost has a slideshow jam-packed with applicable synchromystic resonance.

UPDATE XIV: Speaking of resonance, Joaquin Phoenix continued his (Kaufmanesque?) meltdown bit on Letterman last night. Speaking of Sphinxes, he plays a character named Leonard in his new film, Two Lovers.

UPDATE XV: Speaking of hawks, the red tail living in my backyard let it be known that he did not appreciate that ferocious windstorm today. I have a couple dozen big white oaks and it looked at times like one of them was going to come through the roof.

UPDATE XVI: In more Yahoo news that isn't news, we have a story on the (not) new, gay Batwoman aka Kate Kane aka Ka-Hathor-Ein Kane. Frank Miller's Catwoman was a prostitute who wore a crewcut, leathers and tanktops. She also shared a bed with a gal pal in Batman: Year One, but I'm not sure if she was gay or just a Frank Miller character.

UPDATE XVII: OK, this is getting crazy. Kudos to SoapFan (yet again, a regular reader) for the heads-up. Obama at the CAT factory in Peoria- "3:25 p.m.: Meeting with CAT workers at Building HH, 901 W. Washington Ave., East Peoria." Note pyramid in CAT logo.

"The president is planning stops in Denver and Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday. That comes on top of a whirlwind of travel this week: Obama was scheduled to be in Peoria, Ill., Thursday afternoon after visiting Indiana, Florida and Virginia earlier."- AP

UPDATE XVIII: Here's the money shot:

Here's the YouTube.

XIX: I'm getting a cramp- another entry in the "why is this news now?" category.

XX: Here's more all-Egypt-all-the-time news on CNN- a puff-piece about the Meresamun ("Beloved of Amun") display right in the shadow of the old Obama residence. The new Akhenaten? Maybe. But the symbols certainly seem to be pointing to Obama as the new Tutankhamun.

XXI: Irish writer Hugh Leonard dies. Born John Keyes Byrne. You come across lots of pseudonyms in this kind of research.

RANT: The genius of all of this is you can't explain it to laypeople without sounding completely insane. And to make matters a million times worse, I'm becoming more and more convinced that the sheer volume and complexity of all of this is way beyond the scope of mere human agency.

I apologize to all my conspiracy friends, but we really have to part company on this point. I'm not saying there's not a boatload of intentional symbolic mischief out there, but that is just a very small piece of the puzzle.