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Holy Smokes, Secret Sun readers are sharp! Check out this catch from PJ from the Ford's Theater thread:
The Mark of the Hawk (1957)

The man called Obam (Sidney Poitier) struggles with the increasingly hostile forces facing each other in a colonial African country. The African natives want their land and lives back from the British colonists. Obam's motives are questioned by his own people, in particular his brother Kanda (Clifton Macklin). With the help of his wife Renee (Eartha Kitt) and missionary Bruce Craig (John McIntire), will he be able to get things under control before the country self-destructs?

Filmed on location in Africa, Mark of the Hawk stars Sidney Poitier as a London-educated African who returns to his homeland to take a political post. Poitier's brother Clinton Macklin is in charge of a rebel organization, determine to topple the white-dominated government. Poitier must choose between seeking out racial equality through peaceful means, or casting his lot with Macklin: it is (at least in this film) a struggle of Right against Right. Eartha Kitt is top-billed, but her role is decidedly secondary to Poitier's. Released in Britain as Accused, Mark of the Hawk has been retitled Shaka Zulu on video, though it should not be confused with the 1985 TV miniseries of the same name.- All Movie

Eartha Kitt (born 1/17/27) plays "Renee," meaning "rebirth." which is the name of the play everyone was gathered for tonight. The rebirth of the Earth under Obama the Hawk? Might explain the guy from Falcon Crest playing Lincoln...

UPDATE: Oh, how can I be so slow? Eartha Kitt- Earth Akhet.
From the Wiki: "Akhet- In Ancient Egyptian, the place where the sun rises and sets; often translated as "horizon" or "mountain of light". It is included in names like "Akhet Khufu" (Ancient Egyptian name for the Great Pyramid) and Akhetaten."
Note in this image and the one above Obam is "wearing the Sun as a crown." This is a very subtle motif to keep an eye out for. See it with Obama here.

Obam and Obama

The Sun, Obam, the Hawk. I need a glass of water.

Bonus Factoid: Eartha Kitt played Salome in an early TV production of the Wilde play. She was born in North, South Carolina which is on the 33rd parallel (and Route 178). It's a suburb of Columbia, which needs no explanation.

Horus from Atlantis Ceremony in Dubai

Bonus Factoid II: Djimon Hounshou played African rebel Cinque in Amistad as well as Horus in the film Stargate. On the androgyne tip, Hounshou is the new CK underwear model. Unisex perfume CK One is back this year, which we will look at in a further post. Honshou will be voicing T'Challa in the upcoming Black Panther cartoon.

Bonus Factoid III: Today is the 40th anniversary of the death Mark of the Hawk screenwriter Lloyd Young.

UPDATE II: Lucas: Obama more powerful than Skywalker

You betcha! says "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who was in Washington Wednesday night for the Ford's Theatre reopening celebration where both he and screen legend Sidney Poitier were being honored with the Ford Theatre Society's Lincoln medal in a ceremony attended by President Barack Obama, a Lincoln aficionado. (click here for context)



Eartha Mae Keith aka Eartha Kitt aka Earth Akhet (Earth's Horizon) aka the Catwoman.

Meaning the Sphinx.

The Great Sphinx was known to the Hellenes as Harmarchis, or "Horus in the Horizon," or simply "Guardian of the Horizon." Now, remember the horizon and the Sunrise in the Obama logo. The Egyptian rendering was Hor-em-akhet, who was also known as the "Chief Overseer of Craftsmen."

For my money, "Eartha Mae Kitt" is certainly at least as close to Hor-Em-Akhet as is Harmarchis, etymologically speaking.

Speaking of Craftsmen, here is a Sphinx on the stairway of the Grand Lodge of Utah.

UPDATE (1305 EST): This link between the cat (Kitt) and the Horizon (akhet) needs a bit of further elucidation:
Graham Hancock explains in Heaven’s Mirror that, “computer simulations show that in 10,500 BC the constellation of Leo housed the sun on the spring equinox - i.e. an hour before dawn in that epoch Leo would have reclined due east along the horizon in the place where the sun would soon rise. This means that the lion-bodied Sphinx, with its due-east orientation, would have gazed directly on that morning at the one constellation in the sky that might reasonably be regarded as its own celestial counterpart.”
In other words, Hancock and Bauval believe the Sphinx was built to greet the Sun (Horus the Hawk) on the Horizon ("Horus- Zone") as it rose in the constellation of Leo, ie in the Aeon of Leo. Hancock and Bauval believe this was the work of the Shemsu Hor, who were pointing to the Zep Tepi, the Time of the Rule of the Gods.

As a Synchromystic mirror of that we have Obam the Hawk (identified with the Sun in the poster art) married to Earth-Akhet ("Earth's Horizon") who was also the Cat-Woman, ie the Sphinx.

Does anyone really think some dopey screenwriter dreamed that all up for some toss-away B picture?

UPDATE 1512 EST: That bubbling sound you're hearing are just my brains boiling...

OK, here we have essentially a symbolic representation of the Sphinx facing Obam as the Sun, who is Horus the Hawk. Eartha's orientation is not square with Obam the Sun, which corresponds to the present orientation of the Sphinx to the sunrise.

And yet another title for this story (the fourth by my count), Terror of the Hawk. What do the Arabs today call the Great Sphinx? Abū al-Hūl, or "Father of Terror." And what is the the Latin word for Earth? Terra.

Here is an Egyptian rendering of the same iconography, with the androgynous, alien-like Pharaoh Akhenaten facing his androgynous god the Aten, whose full name is Ra-Horus-Aten.

Here is Ra-Horakhty, crowned with the Sun. This is the source of the icon we looked at earlier.

UPDATE V: Speaking of Masonry, Poitier's most recent acting role was as "The Last Bricklayer in America." He is also a Knight Commander of the British Empire.

UPDATE VI: The bulk of the interrogations of the Knights Templar took place at Poitiers, France.

UPDATE VII: Speaking of the Templars, Eartha Kitt lived for many years in Pound Ridge, NY, which was once considered as a site for the UN.

UPDATE VIII: Hard times finally hit Dubai.

UPDATE IX: Gee, originally it was 20 miles. What changed?

UPDATE X: What else made the news yesterday?

UPDATE XI: OK, so we've been doing the astro-gnostic bit, equating ancient Gnostic myth with ancient astronaut theory. And last night's play at the Ford Theater was called Birth and Rebirth.

OK, now read the words of 2nd Century Gnostic Valentinius:
“What liberates us is the knowledge of who we were, what we became; where we were, whereinto we have been thrown; whereto we speed, wherefrom we are redeemed; what birth is, and what rebirth.”
Hmm, maybe that was the real St. Valentine.

UPDATE XII: Oh dear God- did someone say birth? (Click at your own peril).

UPDATE XIII: HuffPost has a slideshow jam-packed with applicable synchromystic resonance.

UPDATE XIV: Speaking of resonance, Joaquin Phoenix continued his (Kaufmanesque?) meltdown bit on Letterman last night. Speaking of Sphinxes, he plays a character named Leonard in his new film, Two Lovers.

UPDATE XV: Speaking of hawks, the red tail living in my backyard let it be known that he did not appreciate that ferocious windstorm today. I have a couple dozen big white oaks and it looked at times like one of them was going to come through the roof.

UPDATE XVI: In more Yahoo news that isn't news, we have a story on the (not) new, gay Batwoman aka Kate Kane aka Ka-Hathor-Ein Kane. Frank Miller's Catwoman was a prostitute who wore a crewcut, leathers and tanktops. She also shared a bed with a gal pal in Batman: Year One, but I'm not sure if she was gay or just a Frank Miller character.

UPDATE XVII: OK, this is getting crazy. Kudos to SoapFan (yet again, a regular reader) for the heads-up. Obama at the CAT factory in Peoria- "3:25 p.m.: Meeting with CAT workers at Building HH, 901 W. Washington Ave., East Peoria." Note pyramid in CAT logo.

"The president is planning stops in Denver and Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday. That comes on top of a whirlwind of travel this week: Obama was scheduled to be in Peoria, Ill., Thursday afternoon after visiting Indiana, Florida and Virginia earlier."- AP

UPDATE XVIII: Here's the money shot:

Here's the YouTube.

XIX: I'm getting a cramp- another entry in the "why is this news now?" category.

XX: Here's more all-Egypt-all-the-time news on CNN- a puff-piece about the Meresamun ("Beloved of Amun") display right in the shadow of the old Obama residence. The new Akhenaten? Maybe. But the symbols certainly seem to be pointing to Obama as the new Tutankhamun.

XXI: Irish writer Hugh Leonard dies. Born John Keyes Byrne. You come across lots of pseudonyms in this kind of research.

RANT: The genius of all of this is you can't explain it to laypeople without sounding completely insane. And to make matters a million times worse, I'm becoming more and more convinced that the sheer volume and complexity of all of this is way beyond the scope of mere human agency.

I apologize to all my conspiracy friends, but we really have to part company on this point. I'm not saying there's not a boatload of intentional symbolic mischief out there, but that is just a very small piece of the puzzle.


  1. Ben from Pseudo Occult Media explored an alternate (MK) view on Eartha Kitt at

  2. Glass of water? I need something stiffer. That is just wild. These celebrity synch-lationships are getting as convoluted and self-referencing as the Egyptian pantheon. Eartha baby is Catwoman, bad-girl "wife" of the Dark Knight. Covered in cat stripes or spots she always is. Best song? "I Want to be Evil". Recently deceased. Loved her act, saw her in Seattle in the 90's.

  3. hmm

    but they are only


    in lala land.


  4. beyond the scope of mere human agency, indeed. aliens? angels? gods? who's to blame? and what does it mean? it's like putting together a million piece puzzle with most pieces missing and other pieces that don't even belong but look so similiar to the rest. hopeless.
    turn back before it's too late.

  5. Cant help but think of
    Will 2k Hancocks
    performance in 6 Degrees of seperation where he played a con of being Sidney Poitier's son. As he was in town for the filming of K@TS.

  6. Purrrrrfect.

    If you wish to control 'time' and hence keep humanity locked down under control to 'milk' them of their 'life's blood' if you will ie money and the soul - then you have to control the cycles of time to keep us 'locked in'.

    It's pretty obvious now that 'they' constantly replay history - especially Egyptian and before to say Leontopolis circa 9,000BC through the mediums of film, tv, computer games, dare I say wars and events connected to and previously carried out on occult dates involving '11' '33' etc etc - you know what I mean.

    Our 'gods' do indeed wear Spandex Chris - and Versace etc (can't recall any other designers as I take no interest in such).

    My ongoing and everchanging hunch is that the big 'rush' to lock everything down mainly via money and hence the takeover of the 'banking sector' aka consolidation of wealth, is that after whatever 2012 will bring (or not) a certain faction/family/entity will control all that is needed to control all of life on Earth. 'They' use 'us' to bring about their satanic/luciferian reality ie kids copying their idols. . .(it doesn't happen say the experts. . .)

    To quote Shakespeare yet again:
    "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players" - until we spiritually awaken that is. . .

    Being born mid-50's I grew up with Eartha Kitt regularly appearing on TV ie several times a year if not more...
    I missed all the 'clues' didn't I!

    Love and peace to all - and Chris, every time I type your name I have to remove an involuntarily typed 't' from the end. . .
    Is there something you're not telling us lol!


  7. chris,

    once again you have laid out something amazing with the help of the readers here of course, this unbelievable amount of syncs just gave me a boner. hah..

    -andy christ.

  8. always cooking in the early a.m.

    "to all my conspiracy friends"

    Didn't this just happen on Stormy Weather?

    I really appreciate your avoidance of the negative energy subjects.

    Much love and respect

  9. Someone has probably noticed this before, but here goes:

    Eartha (A heart) Kitt (K[11]I[9]{9/11}+TT [Twin Towers])

    Now, here's where I start wondering: Conspiracy (a stage name containing codes given by whoever runs the show), or strange coincidence (synchronicity relating to the masses focused on 9/11?). I honestly am stumped as to which one to choose, but for now I'll just say "A little bit of both". I hope that you don't consider those in the conspiracy field to be against those in Synchronicity. I am influenced by both fields of study, and I feel they may be connected.

    Both of those selections could also be completely wrong... That's the weird thing about this. Truly *whoosh* above our heads... I doubt even the most "enlightened" sect would have trouble keeping up the illusion. Which makes me think of the rest of the universe and the possibilities....

  10. I totally agree with you about your final apology.
    And about the hard times hitting Dubai, there's a nice rant about the architecture of Dubai.

  11. I think negative "energy" better describes what I meant like when Dedroidify posted about Robert Wilson talking about the greeness of the grass being subjective

  12. Of course. What did you think? This play we´re watching and taking part in, is cosmic.

    But do your self a favor and try to see the subtle humor behind all this, instead of only the fuck-ups on earth

  13. Great Post. I just spent 10 minutes looking for the same link to Kittens Killed at Kristmas anonymous posted above.

    It really is hard to believe, the extent of the mind control, (always a part of religion?) and brings the conversation back to conspiracy. Synchronicities aren't conspiracies by definition, but there are conspiracies and they do have occult roots, (so why part company?) and then they have their own synchronicities, and the occult originates in Egypt and Babylon, and the fecking fruitcake freemasons claim they do as well. Going from there to Atlantis to the AAT, for me enters myth, as maybe all of this is. Even now.

    check this hard to believe article for wild pop culture syncs to the mind control origins of most the music most of us grew up on. I haven't been the same since I read it. The Birth Of The Hippies (how ironic can you get?)

  14. From the clip.

    "You made her, I just met her in Hawaii." Whoa.

  15. Wow! This is too much. Synchronicities everywhere.

    Excellent post, Chris.

    Now, I will have to go find that movie on torrent sites.

    Great find.

  16. Ulp.

    I've gotten synchromystic overload with your first Bonus Factoid about Eartha Kitt playing Salome.

    (1) Martin Landau as Jokanaan. He's been in all kinds of weird stuff, including X-Files: Fight the Future as a Dr. Kurzweil. As a bonus, that character shares the same last name with another possible prophet... the one who predicts The Singularity.

    (2) Patricia Neal was in the original Day the Earth Stood Still, as well as a Robert Altman movie called Cookie's Fortune, which had a small town production of "Salome" as part of its plotline. For an interesting additional synch that connects with the "Witch Mountain" posting a few days ago, Chris "Robin in the Batman pictures" O'Donnell plays a character named Jason. If I remember right, Jason is a deputy who gets cast in the small town Salome production as the palace guard besotted with the title character.

    (3) Back to The Day the Earth Stood Still (the new one, that is), this queer-oriented essay about Richard Strauss' Salome suggests Keanu Reeves for a role in a filmed version. I can only guess which one...

    (4) And we all know what piece Richard Strauss is most famous for.


  17. Synchromystic overload is right. I'm exhausted today, I think my brains are in process-overdrive.

    I think I know what the next M Night Shamalayan movie should be about...

    I'll respond in detail when my synapses start to fire. Right now I'm totally knackered. These are some truly excellent comments and I want to respond in kind.

    cheers, everyone!

  18. Chris, CHRIS, C H R I S! ! !

    You're on the front page of the Icke website, along with
    Henrik Palmgren from

    (sorry, I do tend to get a little 'over excited' lol).


  19. Oh, boy, I'm a star! You know, I still get hits every day from when David Icke linked to my Oscars piece last February!

    cheers, Suky =)

  20. dynamitrios im so glad im not the only who sees the humor!

    not all of it... but cmon... this is life... WE MAKE OUR OWN DESTINY RIGHT? one could not know to heal without knowing can not know love with out knowing the value of hate! how could one truly know kindness without truly knowing violence? how could i ever appreciate the value of life without all the madness i grew up with. it made me stronger and wiser. we can all relate im sure. i think taking part in the knowledge that is right there in front on our faces is absolutely beautiful. who is bad? who is good? does it matter? whos opinion defines what is good? what is bad?


    "To Be Or Not To Be"

    i think when one feels that vibrating energy of appreciation that it falls somewhere in the middle and allow that to flood your insides has gotta be greater than any sex. everything about me glows when i appreciate. everything falls into place really. snapping back to reality i have to constantly learn this value. but that is just my opinion and obviously those are like bungholes....everyones got one :) dont they? lol hmmmmm sometimes i think they are located on people's mouths? does that count? lol

    i really enjoy your sharing with us Mr. Christ-o-ph'er. and should you choose to not do so in the future i will always appreciate what you have accomplished.


    Thank You.


  21. I am certain my old correspondent, the late Mae Brussel would have appreciated and smiled a bit to see "Cinque" turn up in all of this.

    Of course, "Cinque" is the name taken (or in some histories, given, by his handlers, to) Donald DeFreeze, the "Field Marshall" of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). On November 6, 1973, in Oakland, California, two members of the SLA killed African-American school superintendent Dr. Marcus Foster and badly wounded his deputy, Robert Blackburn, as the men left an Oakland school board meeting. The hollow-point bullets used to kill Dr. Foster were packed with cyanide. More remembered, of course, is that the SLA kidnapped Patricia Campbell ("Patty") Hearst on February 4, 1974.

    It is intriguing that the relatively recent documentary by Robert Stone on the group has been re-released with a new name: Neverland: The Rise and Fall of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

  22. Loren, when I do my Jason and the Argonauts post I'll touch on the weird echoes of that myth in the SLA farce.

  23. Chris, what do you make of this?

    I know Jake Kotze would love it.

  24. Hey chris,
    as i was reading your post, the name Kitty Hawk came to mind. I looked it up on Wiki and found interesting facts about Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (number 17 for example). Then I looked to the map wiki is showing for NC, and it looked like a HAWK to me...or I'm just going crazy.,_North_Carolina

  25. "Happening Now" on CNN: President Obama ends his speech in East Peoria, Illinois at 3:35 PM CT. Speech given at a Caterpillar manufacturing plant. Obama was strategically placed next to a large Caterpillar machine and its CAT logo featuring a finished pyramid- capped no less with a capital "A".

    Speaking of capitals. CNN placed an inset live picture of the capitol dome next to the CAT logo. The dome could almost be interpreted as a representation of the pyramid since they looked an awful lot alike in that match-up. Thanks for confirming what we already knew, CNN! Obama as the capstone or completed pyramid?

    And thanks for this impressive post, Chris!

  26. My tinfoil hat is not as firmly fixed these days as it's used to be, now that i've discovered synchromysticism.

    Nowdays, i feel like we're all small parts of a giant fractal. The fact that all these synchs are coming up results from our increasing awareness of the pattern.

    Though awareness doesn't mean we understand it yet. O can ever fully understand it.

  27. Anony 1:46- Thanks for the link. Ben always does very thorough research.

    Michael- That's an excellent metaphor. I always wondered why Paganism was so convoluted and now I think I know.

    Sky- Aren't we all?

    Snottie- Oh, it's already too late. It's been too late all of my life.

    Terry- Good point. Thanks for bringing up that link.

    Suky- spoken like a true Valentinian! It certainly seems like we're getting close to something big. All of the financial stories are scaring us in place. Maybe that's the preparation part of it.

    Andy- Ha! And yes, the readers are part of the equation, always!

    Ratte- Cheers, brother. There's a place for all sorts of energies. There are also people who've experienced evil first hand and don't need to play with it anymore.

    Tommy- Everything is happening all at once all the time. Which is my take on it.

    Peach- Great link! I'm sure Greer would have hated Alexandria and Byzantium, the old whiner!

    Dynamitie- My attitude is this- if you're not having fun here then I'm not doing my job.

    Anony 7:30- Oh there's conspiracy alright. And there's not-conspiracy, and there's "who the hell knows what's happening", as well.

    Ed- Another great catch!

    Andre-Cheers, brother. Let me know if you find it!

    Jason- thanks for the awesome synchie goodness. Those are going in the files.

    Sky- no matter what happens you gotta have that strength within yourself. And humor is a big part of it. And don't worry, as long this stuff keeps flying around out there, I'll be blogging it!

    Yacarete- The Oannes Brothers! Perfect names!

    Anony 4:41- Oh yeah, you're on the (W)right track, to be sure.

    Anony 443- You got it! It's up on the post!

  28. Hi, Chris,

    I posted the CNN post anonymously because I wanted to get it on your site ASAP.

    I honestly have been on overload since the President's national address on Tuesday.

    You wrote:
    "...I'm becoming more and more convinced that the sheer volume and complexity of all of this is way beyond the scope of mere human agency."

    I completely agree! I can't imagine how all of this is just coincidence. And your statement about no banks left in business after this melee is exactly what I was thinking too!

    Every action of the business gurus seems staged to me...especially the banking executives in a row before a congressional committee.

    Anyone with a whit of a brain has to see that all this just can't be "happening" so perfectly at this point in our history.

    CNN's tagline "Happening Now" really they know something we should? Most of Obama's closest media scrutiny and coverage occurs during my fave Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room and his "Happening Now" segments.

    Great work, Chris! You are appreciated for confirming what many of us dare to think or wonder about. Glad you're out there!


  29. True and SoapFan- first of all welcome back to the comments section. Second of all, I used to think this was all the Freemies or some other such band of ne'er do wells pulling the strings but it is much more complex than all of that.

    I'm smack dab in between the pure Synchros like Jake and the pure conspiros like Ben S. I've got reams of synchs that defy any explanation or involvement of agency, and I've got reams that are obviously some bizarre ritual we're included in but not privvy too.

    I came to realize that my need to pin it all on some bad actors (or good, depending on your POV) was my ego and narcissism telling me that if I can just find out who is doing all of this I can either stop them or master it myself. This, of course, was counter to my Jungian background.

    Everything is happening all the time all at once. A lot of synchs around tragedies are the equivalent of ripples on a pond when a stone is thrown- the universe is sentient and is reacting in a way that people who have understanding can recognize. Other tragedies are orchestrated by black magicians who want to control the symbols that govern our lives. The trick is to tell them apart.

    As a Jungian I understand that when confronting the world of the symbols the best approach is an active passivity. This is something surfers understand- you ride the wave, the wave doesn't ride you. The Ocean has taken thousands of men to their deaths who thought they could control the Ocean. I've seen it happen.

    The Ocean is a wonderful metaphor for the ground of being in that regard. My time in the Ocean helped me to understand that there are powers far above my phallic ego, and powers far above them as well.

  30. I waited to see if anyone would mention the Peoria - Abraham Lincoln link but it hasn't come up yet so here it is.

    According to WIKI:
    Abraham Lincoln's Peoria speech was made in Peoria, Illinois on October 16, 1854. The speech, with its specific arguments against slavery, was an important step in Abraham Lincoln's political ascension.

    "The CAT test" was probably his handlers' modern version of Will it Play in Peoria?

    Let's see what his soundbites are from the CAT address.

  31. I'm totally with you on the "supernatural synchs" and conspiracy position Chris.

    Of course there are conspiracies, from little to major taking place everyday everywhere. However, many of the synchs, that occur both publicly and also more focused in my life, are just too far beyond the providence of man to be made by human hands alone and surely must be a reflection of some divine motive or involvement.

    I always find good humor in someone saying "you see it because you're focusing on it!".
    Umm, YEAH!
    That's the point.
    Clarity of vision and awareness. Why go through life blind, or at least "out of focus" or asleep?

    Our Awareness and heightened awareness has been the focus of most of the World's spiritual and "En-Light-en-ment" practices for millenia!

    If through my heightened awareness and focus I get to see both the hand of man and the hand of God in the happenings of my daily life, so be it!
    I simply take it as a blessing to to be able to witness and discern these things that play out on this "vaudeville stage" where we are merely players.

    The talking about them and the sharing of them is the important part of the whole thing. Through their communication with others we learn that we are not just this isolated chunk of flesh wandering the planet having experiences. Like it or not, we are part of something greater than ourselves.

  32. Lincoln, the president against the slavery of the black man/African-American.

    Obama, the president against the slavery of the human race.

    From which masters might Obama, in days of such economic turmoil, be seeking to free us as a modern reflection of Lincoln?

  33. Eek, what I meant in my last comment was that the "elite occult meshugginahs" would have trouble keeping up the illusion... The vastness of it is what leads me to that "conclusion". I too think there are sects of people attempting to "control the flow/wave" for personal gain... Like you say, the ocean will show them who's boss.

    That's a lot of updates, haha. Looks like you really caught onto something! I enjoy reading it as much as you enjoy posting it. :)

    I spend a lot of time focusing on archetypes... I think the expansion of the mind we're currently a part of has a lot to do with synchronicity, because the Right brain will create an event and the left brain will attempt to rationalize the event into "this caused that" and other time-oriented procedures. Don't start blaming yourself for things the ego (left brain) will get you into, for they are structures equally as vast as the Intuition and "knowing". Not everything is in its right place, because the "black magicians" scare people away from Right Brain thought, much like the villains from Scooby Doo.

  34. Christopher -I simply do not know how you do it!! I am always thinking when I am on my own blog "Chris has updated again!?" simply wonderful post-Coincidence is indeed the hidden architecture of reality-I am saving this post to my faves -I am trying to build up a collection of posts that synchro people have done to convince people who doubt that this is real can look at it-at least I know I will have given it my best shot-I already have a number of posts checklisted by the folks I link to and probably need to look at many other synch peoples work also before I 'state my case' so to speak-the reason i do not link to almost all of the synch blogs is that i am very embarrassed when I can only check in and say hi every now and then to people-great work Chris!! and all the rest of the amazing people who blog under this category-I am in awe of your work and your posts leave me thinking for days and weeks-not just a matter of minutes after reading them-best to you as always!!

  35. Tommy- you nailed it. One of the reasons I try to keep the atmosphere comfortable and festive here is that I want maximum right brain activity for all involved. Let the juices flow so all of those invisible beams and girders reveal themselves to us.

    How do I do it, Devin? Well, one sunny September Tuesday morning a few years back the Symbols grabbed me by the throat and said "you're our bitch now, nutcase!" But that's a story for another day, as the saying goes. Thank you very much for the kind words, though.

  36. amazing, absolutely amaazing! Keep that eye out man. love it, be wel

  37. " I apologize to all my conspiracy friends, but we really have to part company on this point. I'm not saying there's not a boatload of intentional symbolic mischief out there, but that is just a very small piece of the puzzle. "

    I feel the puzzle, if it were to be unveiled all at once, would be the entirety of our Reality/Matrix.

    Are there more synchs or are you able to see more of them?

    I don't know. This something I think we're all working on in our own little way.

    You can follow a synch sentence forever. That doesn't devalue it, but says something about the nature of the observer in the machinations of our quantum reality - and how these synchs weave the fabric of our lives together.

    Also, of course, this could all be set up my inter-dimensional aliens to evolve us past 2012. . . .

    That's how they role.

    Keep going Chris. Just throw down a rope for the rest of us when you get to Nirvana.




  38. Nirvana? The hell with that, Thuthie- I'm going to Symbol Valhalla and all y'all are coming with me!

  39. And yet another title for this story (the fourth by my count), Terror of the Hawk. What do the Arabs today call the Great Sphinx? Abū al-Hūl, or "Father of Terror." And what is the the Latin word for Earth? Terra.


    Terra Or
    (Gold of the Earth)

  40. Talk about Terra and brings to my mind


    It's a Tv puppet SciFi series from the 80's, very weird and deeply engraved in my memory as a kid. It's about alien invasion led by evil witch Zelda, the earth defenders are Terrahawks humanoid puppets.. who had army of robots called Zeroids -- it could sync to Zep Tepi- zero point.

    Also you could check out my new blog post...there is a lot Egyptian symbolism in there...

  41. Great catch, DE! From Gerry Anderson, creator of the Thunderbirds.

    That new post looks very interesting as well- I hope people check out your blog.

    Just please change that avatar!;-)

  42. W.O.W! Amazing. Truly amazing. A few things.......

    1: I knew I liked you for a reason Christopher (I'm a surfer too). I'm watching Free as a Dog right now ha ha.

    2: I was reading the Leo constellation stuff on the blog & The Producers was on the T.V. & someone said "my name is Leo". (I think it's Matthew Broderick's character's name?). Creepy

    3: Which brings me to the conspiracy vs synch topic, I have a theory that reality operates like a computer program. Which is why certain numbers & patterns keep showing up all over like for example, the number that's associated with gravity (I'm sorry but it eludes me right now - can't find the article I read regarding that online). The article was on the Hard-on Collider. Some of you may have read it but it basically proposed the possibility of the universe being created (Software?). Hence the numerous patterns in physics. Additionally, I once had a hallucination on extremely strong pot (back when I used to smoke). It was a vision of some trees swaying as if they were a naive computer animation. (Anyone had a similar experience?) It's worth noting that this predates the 'personal computer age' & my vision really had nothing to be informed by. (Perhaps early Atari?) Not sure....

    I also had an experience I had when I was in my late teens watching T.V. (yet again ha ha - wow, gotta give up that vice huh?) I had the distinct feeling of 'awakening' abruptly & realizing my existence for the very first time. Ever! It frightened the hell out of me to suddenly 'wake-up' like this & see everyone else (like my parents) in a comparative coma & feel isolated because I could not express this sentiment to them in the way that the Matrix would so eloquently do many many years later.


  43. Great comment, but just a quick clarification- I grew up in Massachusetts so I didn't do long-boarding (there was no real surf, plus I'm too damn tall). And when I moved to NJ I was too busy with my family and stuff but I have done a lot of boogie and body stuff and rapid riding when I was younger.

    As to your metaphor, we've noticed this puddle of water showing up in the dining room and then when I looked closely it was just a trick of the light. But I did wonder if it was like in the Animatrix, where there a glitch in the programming. So your thing with the trees is extremly timely!

  44. Jeeeeeeesuz! This is getting scary! Bowie's weird eye too huh? Damaged eye, now what Egyptian myth was that from again???

    Please get some sleep.

  45. Synchronicity is a much bigger concept than conspiracy. To part company with your conspiracy friends is like saying you are parting company with your liver because you are now in your mind. They are wildly different but connected.

    I love your comment "I came to realize that my need to pin it all on some bad actors (or good, depending on your POV) was my ego and narcissism telling me that if I can just find out who is doing all of this I can either stop them or master it myself. This, of course, was counter to my Jungian background.
" But it's perfect for your superhero background! And that of course includes Jesus.

    For myself, I'm back to believing there is reality to the concept of evil, at least in this world. I believe in a source beyond evil, which makes this all sort of a game. Many many many games being played at once. A most deadly game, a most lively game.

    Let's say the freemies win (politically), a la the movie "Things To Come" by HG Wells. Which is the script we are following. So they win. They are the masters. Someone has to be the worker/slave, in their reality. And someone has to be the hermit in the woods or it's all meaningless. with luck, I'll be the hermit.

    I guess some of the gnostics were secretly with the Archons, is that it?

    all the best!

  46. Did I just hear right, or did Sidney Poitier in the 'Guess whose coming to dinner' clip say that he met his future wife in Hawaii? And what about the resemblence between the guy playing the dad and Obama's actual grandad? Whoah! I'm all synched out for today now.

  47. This must've come up in the flight 1549 post, but after reading this amazing post (and commenting) I then came across this Bruce Willis movie called Hudson Hawk. dig the description: A cat burglar is forced to steal Da Vinci works of art for a world domination plot.

    He has a hawk tattoo.
    Still tho, it came in an article by Phil Coppens on Andre Puharich and "the Nine"- extradimensional egyptian gods he contacted while working for the CIA, beginning in the 40's and 50s.

    Also Allen Dulles was best friends with Carl Jung! could that be true? WTF? They really have their mitts on everything. If that is so, then how hard is it really for these synchs, if the conspiracy is almost everywhere we are looking? (entertainment, media, politics) (some of the synchs being Just a coincidence)



  48. Dulles was Jung's handler when Jung was brought over to consult on the psychology of the Fascists during WWII, but I don't know about the best friends bit. I think that's the internet game of telephone kicking in.

    Also, Jung didn't create Synchronicity, he documented it.

    But thanks for the article- that looks very interesting!

  49. you know, for a while i've had the CAT theme stuck in my head, kind of waiting to see it take hold in the synchromystic realm. the heavy symbolism of these machines called caterpillars ripping the earth apart, thus ripping our "reality" apart, inevitably eventually leading to our chrysalis being destroyed to some end(beginning). right after this first entered my mind, i realized that the CAT plant in my city is called RingPower. i met someone the next day who happened to casually mention he was recently invited to the owner of the CAT plant's house who's last name is Ringhaver.

  50. Don't forget Nicci that the caterpillar is a symbol of metamorphosis, so there is a double meaning with the Cat(erpillar) visit.
    We'll look at that in the near future.

  51. See also: "gorilla pieta" by Fairhurst.

    To the Anonymous who wrote "It frightened the hell out of me to suddenly 'wake-up' like this"... Me too! And you're the first person ever that I see trying to communicate THAT VERY PRECISE SENSATION... It feels like "wow, I'm me! what an enormous responsibility! I *can* do whatever!!"

    It's a crushing weight... Especially because when you look around you see the others asleep, buried alive under their masks / roles / crystallized personas, and you realize that they do not know what you're feeling... They are trained animals, as reliable as a bunch of trained vipers.

  52. Forgive me, Christopher, but I realised that I tacked this comment onto the wrong article earlier! Argh! So, the following, then, were intended for here. Thank you ( :-)}

    Aww, late again to the convo? Oh, well. Speaking of therianthropes, Chris, which is what sphinxes are, blending attributes of animals & men, world explorer Graham Hancock TRULY believes, in his last opus, "SUPERNATURAL: Meetings With The Ancient Teachers Of Mankind", that there was a veritable explosion of civilization in the ancient past due to our contact with, no, not ETs, but inter-dimensionals who were, yup, you guessed it, therianthropes.

    ALSO, the field of operations (at least in part) of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, from out of which the Son of Sam killing spree mutated from, was the vast former estate turned preserve/park on the National Registry of Historical Sites, Untermyer, seen here:

    One of its most striking features, well, two in fact, are a pair of Etruscan sphinxes. One's female, one's male. Each is seated atop there own pedestal-column, loyal sentries in the lavish Græco-Roman Revivalist styled gardens there.

    Have thee & thine a wondrously wonder-filled weekend, Chris,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

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