Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Very Sirius Election: The Phoenix Goes Down

Compare this mission patch to the Firefox 3/17 extravaganza

Another Mars probe, another mysterious system failure. Nazca, er, I mean NASA, has reported that the Phoenix has gone dead. Soon after another Phoenix went down in flames. As above, so below, eh?

Note "Creating Life" headline linked to "The Phoenix"

Meanwhile, chastened neocon William Kristol (the real leader of the Republican Party, by the way) is pushing the Sirius/Dog Star symbolism almost as hard as the media pushed the Palin-Pitbull symbolism in a new column called "GOP Dog Days." Kristol rambles on about "puppies," going so far as to quote Obama's Sirius self-identification, “a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me,” from the president-elect's first press conference. Priceless.

I hesitated to call the election on the blog, despite the fact that all of the symbols had been screaming "Obama! Obama!" this year. A lot of pundits have commented on his preternatural cool, in contrast to McCain's crotchety, get-off-my-lawn-you-little-punks act. And I had to restrain myself from thinking "yeah, it's because they already know the final outcome," because that's pure speculation and all. And there are so many juicy symbols to chew on instead. Like this jaw-dropper:

Wow. I don't really have much to add, other than the "33" encoded in the redesigned Obama logo, the eleven rays of the sunrise and the three "mountain" peaks (which, come to think of it, give us another 33). It looked a little flat, though. So I thought I'd take a crack at it...

What do you think? A bit snazzier, no? Saayyy, you don't think that Giza was the original inspiration for that logo or anything, do you? Wow, wouldn't that be something?

Here's an aerial shot of the podium from which Obama gave his nomination address. Nice use of the point-in-circle motif as well as the stairway, furthering my suspicions that the point-in-circle is actually another glyph for Sirius. And, oh hey, remember the whole controversy about the Greek temple stage set?

Knowles' Law of Crypto-Semiotics #33- When a controversy erupts over a politician's use of a symbol, ignore it and look for the other symbols everyone else overlooks. Like this one. Or, I don't know, this one?

Or how about the fact that during the speech, the stage was ringed with more of those strange Phoenix-topped flagpoles, causing me to wonder where exactly they were custom-made. You might want to watch the video of the speech in full screen format to really get the full effect of those strange birds.

I gotta say the speech and the setting and the crowd's reaction kinda remind me of this old chestnut from the '84 Olympics, for some strange reason.

But, back to the other Phoenix in our little election pageant, I couldn't help but notice how McCain's Time pose reminded me of the old Time cover where Pat Robertson flashed his homies the "Lion's Paw" sign. Now, I'm not one of those characters who think if a politician picks his nose it's a sure sign of his fealty to Lucifer, but it did look a little strange to me. I've never seen McCain's pose in the old Masonic hand signal dictionaries, so if anyone has any theories let me know.

Or not.

I have to admit, this has all been pretty exhausting. The thing is that I normally look for this symbolism in sci-fi films and comic books and the like. But there seems to be less and less a buffer zone between our current reality and the oddest fantasy fiction, no? Actually, that's not true; no self-respecting sci-fi writer would dare have UFOs show up at a open-air Bruce Springsteen concert. They'd be mocked mercilessly by the gang at the bar after the Hugo Awards. Come to think of it, no writer would have ever called a fictional American president, "Barack Obama."

Speaking of which- when was the Mars Phoenix launched? Why, on Barack Obama's 46th birthday, of course (tip of the hat to Goro for that catch). And wouldn't you know, we have 46 chromosomes in each cell. I mean, what that has to do with Mars, I can't say, but still. Interesting...

Oh, Google all that yourself!

So maybe now the election's over I can give my overheated brain a rest. I'm looking forward to this (alleged) symbolism no longer slapping me in the face (allegedly) so I can go back to writing about Jack Kirby and looking for the secrets of the universe on the back of cereal boxes.

Alleged secrets.


  1. A fabulous post. Now that the "elections" are over, maybe we can get back to esoteric symbolism that isn't playing itself out on the world stage in realtime!

    The Time magazine McCain photo is priceless. He almost seems to be caught in the act of dressing himself, donning cufflinks or something. Or maybe a knight, readying for battle? Anyway, get ye back to comics and the true religious texts!!!

    Cheers, Michael

  2. Chris-
    As I've often told you my friend, I too am a life-long comic and sci-fi fan. And I must tell you nothing in the 'alternate earth' comics or trek episodes I know of ever came close to being as weird as the last few years have been. This symbolism stuff has been down-right In Your Face. Sorry, but I doubt it will stop with the end of the campaigns. I expect it to only accelerate over the next few years. And so, I think, do you!

  3. Chris- your Very Sirius Election series has been outstanding. It appears that Obama was chosen (by the gods? however you choose to define that term). Watching McCain you never got the sense that even he believed he could win. Was he "in the know"? Or did he just sense it in the air so to speak? The thing that gets my conspiratorial mind spinning is that they (the McCain campaign) appeared to make every wrong move possible- like they were trying a little too hard to throw the fight. And when Palin got punked by those Canadian DJs just days before the election it just seemed like they went completely overboard. Come to think of it picking Palin in the first place was an act of falling on one's sword. McCain- always the good soldier, was on a doomed mission and he "knew it" one way or another.

  4. Well, the symbols are always there, guys. And who knows what they mean to whoever is flashing them. It wasn't until I saw those weird objects (whether homemade or imported) in the sky over the Obama rally that a whole new narrative fell into place. And all these people saying Obama is the man for "serious times" and Kristol going on about the Dog Days that he brings.

    I mean- sheesh. Sheesh, I tell you!

  5. Speaking of Egypt... news of the recent discovery of a pyramid, supposedly that of a Queen Sesheshet


  6. Good post, lots to think about.

    Looking at the Time magazine cover, there's some very interesting stuff going on there. My major in college was graphic design, back when that still meant something more than just learning a bit about how to run Photoshop. In the 'old' days, there was a lot about how placement of elements in a design affects the viewer...

    Looking at that cover, published way back in February, there are so many clues that it wasn't meant to flatter McCain in any way...

    First, it's important to know that Western people, one's whose language reads from right to left, almost without exception, 'read' or scan a poster, mag cover, etc. diagonally first, from upper left to bottom right. We do this unconsciously, before bothering to look at the content liguistically.

    So, looking at the cover, the first thing one sees is a graph depicting the looming recession, which points directly at McCain's head. Next to the downward pointing graph is "That sinking feeing" "How to survive" "The Recession". Whether taken seperately or together, none of these statements is positive or engenders any confidence...and with the visual (the graph), they all point directly at McCain's head...Following the diagonal mentioned earlier, we get to the bit about the McCain story, which is a question, literally. "Can...keep rising?", which is directly related (liguistically) to 'That sinking feeling". Literally, the casual observer just passing the local streetside newsstand, who didn't consciously 'read' the front cover would unconsciously pick up "That sinking feeling", McCain's face, and 'Rising?" This is not speculation, this is something that every decent graphic designer knows about how people perceive information on the fly--which is the job of the designer, to grab attention, and failing that, at least make some sort of intended impression about the 'product' (whether it's soap, a rock band, information or a presidential candidate) in question.

    The bit 'Creating Life' is interesting, but based on its placement and the fact that there in no accompanying graphic (we perceive pictures more quickly than written language)it really 'greys out' to the casual observer--they probably won't even see it, not even unconsciously, unless they're already interested and looking closely...

    On the upper right, where most people would look last or not look at all, there is again a graphic, which is designed to make one look again, or make one look where normally one wouldn't. This is somewhat subtle, but effective. The picture being "Rambo" also has some significance. While the movies were/are popular, they're violent, shoot 'em up type genre--exactly the impression McCain's image portrayed, though he was constantly trying to fight it at the same time he was trying to look 'tough'. The image reinforces the 'tough' part, but not the 'reasonable' part of McCain's image. People may like Rambo, but I don't think most would agree that Rambo would make a good president.

    Lastly, there's an interesting sync across the top, though I don't think it was planned--seems to early in the game, though maybe not...

    Reading the third line of each 'teaser' across the top, one gets "The Recession / Breakthrough / Rambo Returns". Rahm Emanuel's nickname is "Rahmbo"--and he was just named Obama's chief of staff. From a UPI article published two days ago...'Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, D-Ill., who will be Barack Obama's White House chief of staff, says the president-elect will "move with deliberate haste" on the economy.' Fun, huh? As for returning, Emanuel was an advisor to Clinton, so he will indeed be 'returning' to the White House...(Article the quote is from can be found here: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2008/11/09/Emanuel_Deliberate_haste_on_economy/UPI-98701226283991/ )

    As for McCain's hand position, I don't really know. It's does look a bit like the lion's paw bit, but actually it reminded me a bit of the legs of the 'eagle' (or phoenix, if you like) on the great seal--the left claw holds an olive branch, the right arrows--symbolic of peace and war. Well, the right hand is a fist (war), the left is open and visibly wearing a wedding ring(peace)...just a thought...

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post...

  7. d-zamn chris, u da man dogg, democrats operate under "a really BIG TENT" and big top show like i juss heard some guy on the news talk about all the cliques on the left.

  8. McCain's 'hand pose' might be representative of the Scottish Rite 'Master Elect of the Nine' degree. You might consult Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry to see if it reveals more.

  9. Not quite the same, but yes- McCain is flashing nine fingers at us. Veddy interesting....

  10. You're probably already all over this one, but scientists recently "discovered" a magnetic portal connecting the sun to the earth.


  11. I just realized this today but Obama's campaign symbol is another 33. Turn it a quarter turn counterclockwise and it's a blue C (3) and 3 red stripes. A curious shade of blue I should add.

  12. This recent Letterman segment might be worth looking at.