Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Very Sirius Election: Phoenix Phlashback

Let's go back to this enigmatic shot of the Phoenix-on-Globe taken at the end of Obama's victory speech. I had almost forgotten there was quite a brouhaha among the far right conspiracy crowd during the Clinton years, pertaining to a similar brooch that Hillary and some other prominent Washington women wore.

Some screamed it was proof Hillary was an "Illuminist Witch," and the like. Of course, these are the same kinds of people who swore up and down that "Illuminati sources" assured them that Hillary would be our next president.

Ah, that Illuminati. What a zany bunch of hoaxsters. All they seem to do these days is feed bad information to money-grubbing paranoia peddlers.

No one could seem to figure out what the Phoenix meant, though it's possible it was related to a woman's prayer group in DC. Here's Hillary with the brooch in question....

Here's Bill Clinton's secretary Betty Wright wearing it....

...and Cindy McCain circa 2000 wearing hers....

And here's Cindy circa 2008 wearing a new model version.

Which is similar to the Phoenix used in this early version of the Great Seal, featuring our friend Columbia and her pet dove.

Here's the same motif with an "eagle" from that great Hermetic temple, Grand Central Station in New York. If I'm not mistaken, this is the one on Lexington Ave that stares directly down the street at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. This is directly in the center of old school Masonic Manhattan.

OK, so let's take a closer look. That is definitely not an eagle, the neck, the body and the legs are much too long. And that pose is also taken from classic Phoenix iconography...

Such as this. I'm not exactly sure where the icon of the sphere comes from (I'm guessing it may have some connection to, oh, world domination or something like that) but let's take look at the classic image of the Phoenix rising from the flames...

And then take another look at Michelle Obama's "controversial" dress. If looked at in context with the Phoenix, one could easily deduce that that those may be flames. Which makes sense in where they emanate from and also the fact that she is easily our hottest First Lady ever.

And, of course, for my money the fact that Yahoo News featured the "controversy" on their front page is a good indicator that there was definitely some symbolism at play here. Oh wait, allegedly some symbolism at play. We all know only wackjobs think politicians believe in the power of symbols.

I don't know about you, but so far I've had quite a time picking apart (alleged) Obama symbology, especially after 8 years of mopey, militaristic Neo-Mithraic symbolism (allegedly) from the Bush boys. Come to think of it, the Clinton Impeachment thing was a blast, too. Allegedly. Damn, I gotta find my old Impeachment notes...

In the meantime, check out Michael's look at Son of Cain's concession speech, Gosporn: Black Gold.


  1. Dear Brother Chris-
    First off, you do have excellent taste in women. You are correct..that Michelle Obama is TOO FINE. But more importantly, thanks for your musings on the dress. It was the one thing from the event that night that really, really bothered me. It was so visual, and contrary to what I've noticed some saying in web forums, she actually has a fine sense of style, and is ususally very well dressed. So her choice of attire stood out so much that night, that I felt sure the dress was symbolic of something important. I think there's no doubt of that, and I do think there is sun/phoenix imagery at work. Just not familiar enough with Mr. and Ms. Obama's esoteric sensibilities yet to fully understand it. But thanks again for your study and critique-


  2. I don't remember ever seeing one reference to Hillary becoming the new president, Obama was far more likely - and the witch reference is probably from Christians alone

    and I realize the "Illuminati" may just be a wrong name for a cabal of people working together to ensure their place.

    But you're not insinuating that politicians, corporations, mainstream media, hollywood, the music industry, etc are using the same type of symbolism... by accident, are you? Regardless of how one would name this conspiracy.

    All they seem to do these days seems to be much more than merely feeding bad information. That is true, but also for the mainstream corporate news sources. Distracting while they reach for a political and economic power grab is one thing that springs to mind... And the "War on Terror" may just be one aspect of that - but it is happening in the entire realm of western politics...

    Please clarify your stance on this, your answer is appreciated.


  3. Cheers, Thrace. My wild, crazy, off the wall theory is that Obama is a Freemason, probably in Prince Hall. Whether or not that has anything to do with the symbolism, who knows? That's the fun of it...

  4. T, up until March or so everyone thought Hillary was going to be president. And having proudly weaned myself off of Con$piracy hucksterism a couple months back I can tell you all of those idiots thought Hillary was a shoo-in. I'm sure a lot of them deleted the posts and what-not, but check this out:

    "I asked whether the Illuminati wants Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the USA -- and he responded that she absolutely will be the next President, because the Order wants her to fulfill this role. Additionally, he identified both Bill and Hillary Clinton as CIAoperatives, who report directly to Bush Sr. Plus, much much more! I would encourage all interested in what Leo Lyon Zagami has to say, to check out his website -- Illuminati Confessions -- which reveals many secrets of the Order, and is well worth your attention."

    It kind of pisses me off this guy yanked poor Kent's chain, but there are dozens more like him.
    Check this google search out here. Or this guy:

    "The "Fix" Appears To Be Set In Place For The 2008 Presidential Election -- Part 1 Hillary Clinton is showing all the earmarks of a "Chosen" candidate!"

    Using symbolism is not proof of a conspiracy. Kids scrawl the same symbols on their skateboards, rock bands use it on their album covers. And I don't believe in the "Master Conspiracy" theory. I think there are a number of interest groups who spend a lot of time fighting each other. And as I've written here before, if there is a big master plan, the guys who are pulling the strings ain't from around here....

    Lastly, there is no identifiable group of current power players that calls itself the "Illuminati." Serious researchers only use that term to describe a historical group of German academics.

  5. Let me just clarify again in relation to the election- I think that Hillary, Obama, McCain and Bush all represent different power players- different, competing groups within the power structure. Groups that cooperate when it suits them and fight tooth and nail when it doesn't. The symbolism they draw on may come from the same sources, but ultimately, it all does.

    Ultimately, it's all about appeasing the gods in space and trying to get their attention and curry their favor and get them to return to Earth. Go read the world's great religious texts. Get past the cultural and political inflections and it's all the same story. Whether or not the "gods" have returned the call is one issue I will be looking at very, very closely on this blog.

  6. Sorry Chris that isn't a first lady, that's Wayne Brady in drag, your taste in women needs some help

  7. ooo, I found it, lucky us

  8. I could not believe how long that camera on MSNBC focused on the "eagle", either. The cameraman pulled away from the action and towards one of the American flags and then, rather wobbly, pulled in to focus solely on the "eagle" at the top of the flag for far too long. I am also wondering whether Obama mentioning that his daughters would soon be getting a puppy might fall into the "very Sirius election" category.

  9. Oh, yeah- old pics, sure. Look at her now, girlfriend's had some work done.

  10. Poor Kent may have been huckstered, or a huckster, as well.

    A while back he posted a supposed oath from the Bavarian Illuminati. As you know I have been studying the real Order for some time, and I'm extremely familiar with their oaths and rituals and symbolism - the real ones. Anyway, Kent claimed he refused to take the ostensible oath. I politely commented on his post in hopes of opening a dialogue. No dice.

    In short, I have never fallen for tales of Kent (as good-natured as he was), Leo Zagami, Svali, Springmeier, Doc Marquis, or Bill Schnoebelen. Well I shouldn't say never. Schnoebelen and Springmeier had me hook-line... back in 2002 or 2003. I have long since become a skeptic (in the healthy sense; without being dogmatic about it) and incredulous towards claims not verifiable. I have no patience for it anymore. Provide proof, or the means to independently prove it, or what you say just don't mean a lick in my view. In fact, all of the above are easily debunked by anyone with a modicum of research ability.

  11. You got it, T- the antidote to hucksterism is real research.

    Sadly most people prefer the adrenaline rush the paranoia pimps peddle.

  12. Terry, the other thing was that Kent was OTO. Which is kind of incongruous with his boilerplate con stuff.

  13. "Kent was OTO"

    Hmmm. That would explain his insistence upon being in the "Illuminati." The OTO believe they are Illuminati, what with the whole revival by Engel, Reuss, Metzger et al., and the Minerval ritual, and, as decreed by Crowley (part of the Gnostic Mass), Weishaupt being one of their official saints, etc.

    The grandiosity of serious occultists is really something to behold.

  14. Didn't OTO have a maxim saying 'Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law?' The Kent con stuff isn't so incongruous if you take that old Crowley tenet to heart.

  15. and here for the last few months I had been thinking that "Barky" was just an ill-thought nick-name.