Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stairway to Sirius: Look at It This Way

Here's an antique Masonic Tracing Board depicting the Stairway to Sirius. The juxtaposition of the twin columns of Jachin and Boaz and their proximity to the Stairway is eerily reminiscent of the pre-9/11 Manhattan skyline that we looked at earlier, but the motif of heavenly beings descending a stairway or ladder from what looks more like a hovering UFO than a star is pretty stunning, particularly to an old school sci-fi/comics geek like myself.

In the context of Ancient Astronaut Theory, this iconic 70s painting by Neal Adams depicting a hawk-headed alien descending a ramp certainly ties into the whole nexus of alternative history and secret societies that we've been speculating on here. Note the Von Daniken-esque font. Interesting to note how AAT burst onto the scene through pop culture. It's even more interesting to note how everyone seems to forget how it captivated the public's imagination- Chariots of the Gods? was a monster bestseller all over the world and the documentary version of it was nominated for an Oscar (come to think of it, that shouldn't surprise us).

This version of the Stairway to Sirius caught my eye because of the over-rendering of the star's rays. You may notice that Sirius doesn't throw off that much light, at least in our skies. And that vision of beings descending from a burst of light will be familiar to most people... way of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And again, let's remember that Steven Spielberg also brought us some hardcore AAT in this year's Indiana Jones installment and is a patron of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (aka SETI)

This year we're also seeing another big-budget UFO extravaganza coming to a theatre near you- the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, starring Gnostic icon Keanu Reeves. Not exactly AAT, but a nice shot of that alien/ramp icon here. I gotta say, the trailer to the remake struck a strange nerve with me. We should be used to alien invasion iconography by now, but the political context of the film (in short: we're being wiped out for our own good) adds a disturbing new wrinkle to this matrix of aliens, politics and symbolism.

But of course, not all alien/ramp imagery is entirely benevolent, is it?


  1. In the trailer "..if you die the Earth survives"

    Almost sounds like MK conditioning to get the sheeple to eventually accept their own demise under the Green Agenda - your death will save the planet - as depicted by the 'Population 500 million' line on the Georgia Guidestones.

  2. I think you're onto something with these Sirius references.

    I have heard that Egypt had a connection with this 9 D intelligence, and it brought balance and peace for thousands of years. They apparently are represented by the Lion, which is why we have the Sphinx to this day.

    I also heard that 2012 is supposed to bring about a reconnection with this higher consciousness, and that this is a good thing for us and for the Earth.

    I also had a dream in which I exalted Obama as being an Egyptian Priest....for whatever that's worth.

    The symbols mean something...this is just what my research and experience has gathered.

  3. hey-
    Sorry if you already had the " INdiana Jones and the ....Crystal Skulls" discussion. I missed it if you did. But my wife and I looked at the movie again recently, and WOW. The whole movie is a very cool adventure film right up till the last 20 (?) minutes or so when WHAM!-George Lucas and Speilberg whip out the aliens. It just seemed weird, and almost to not fit with the rest of the film. Again, the alien message was very ' in your face'. And that kind of thing seems to be happening a lot. After the movie I couldn't help but feel I'd been subjected to some pretty serious ET propaganda, sort of like when I went to see Speilberg's remake of 'War of the Worlds'. A film that was actually TERRIFYING rather than merely thrilling. What gives?
    I'd love to get your take on the Indiana Jones flick, Chris.
    thanks as always.

  4. Movie poster from Illuminata = staircase

  5. Hi Chris, another great post!

    The great photo of the full on view of the stairway on the Masonic Tracing Board answers a lot and is fascinating!

    BTW, who's the guy with the open book at the bottom of the stairway??? Sort of biblical there...names written in the Book of Life. Not to mention that the NASA guys bragged that they had included every name they could think of to place on the CD like disc plastered to the Mars Phoenix! That was so weird a statement at the time!

    The rest of your pics of stair/ramps to the "star" or UFO reminded me of Rob Solarian's Nibiru work. His site combs a lot of mythology and I recall his mention of the Norse mythos of Bifrost bridge that connected the realm of man to the realm of the gods. Solarian relates Bifrost to the magnetic tether from the planet Nibiru "docking" at the Earth's magnetic pole. The magnetic tether or plasma rope is also tied to Jormungand, the giant twisting serpent released from the waters of heaven at Ragnarok [Twilight (or Doom) of the Gods].

    Solarian also compares the Nibiru tether to the universal "world tree" symbolism and even the tradition of the Christmas tree with the "star" or planet Nibiru, perched atop the "cosmic tree." He relates that Norse mythology could be the result of the observation of Nibiru appearing as a "star" at the top of the world or tethered to the North pole. He further related that the inhabitants of Nibiru would have been observed ascending and descending this "cosmic tree," plasma rope or Bifrost bridge "tether" to mingle with man.

    It's been a while since I've read Solarian's pages and it's amazing to me how the Sirius star series here and the stairway to the Stars or "Star" reminded me of Solarian's provocative work.

    This is all good stuff here, Chris. Thanks for your hard work that helps us all understand a bit more.

  6. Put a set of wings on that Man-Gods picture and you'll have Thanagarian Hawkman from the D.C. Universe.

    Loved to post bro! So what do you think, is this a gearing up to an announcement that our "alien overlords" are here to rule now or a build up to a hysterical alien invasion? Either way they're feeding the conspiracy counter-culture what they want too.

    Now you have the wheels turning some more, as I have not been paying much attention to the alien agenda as of late!

    Peace man.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Soapie. And I've no idea who those characters are supposed to be. I'm sure the Masons don't really either.

    Speaking of trees, have you seen this?

    Skaggsie, I don't know, I just don't know. Sometimes I wonder if we aren't all just sleep-walking while some ancient software program in our DNA turns on and starts getting everything ready while we go through the motions of our daily lives.

  8. Thanks for the tip, Soapie. And I've no idea who those characters are supposed to be. I'm sure the Masons don't really either.

    Speaking of trees, have you seen this?

    Skaggsie, I don't know, I just don't know. Sometimes I wonder if we aren't all just sleep-walking while some ancient software program in our DNA turns on and starts getting everything ready while we go through the motions of our daily lives.

  9. I hear ya Chris,

    Just when you think you "know" something, you realize none of us really knows much concerning reality.

    I've felt drawn towards Cymatics and sound/vibrational theory as of late, listening to Chakra meditation/healing music has really given my mind some much needed relation/refocus opportunities. If you have not had a chance to check out Gregg Braden's "Divine Matrix", it might offer some inspiration as to "knowing your own personal Matrix" or at least help to decode it to understand.

    Be well bro.

  10. Here is something I just thought of as my children watch E.T.

    Spielberg-it is a German name. (I was a German major.)

    Spiel = play; Berg = Mountain.
    Which brought to mind the mountain everyone in close encounters was obsessed with. They "meet" the aliens at the mountain, that spikey, pyramid-shaped (this is wrong, that's how I remember it) mountain-called. . . Devils Tower-jesus, this should really be a post.
    Is Spielberg the literal mountain at which to "meet" the aliens?

    Devil's Tower? E.T. (a reworking of Peter Pan)
    Pan? Tower?
    The Devil and the Tower?

  11. Eunus!

    Oooh, yes that should be a post in itself! I don't seem to recollect that breakdown in Spielberg's name anyplace in the blog sphere?

    Be well!

    P.S. --Chris you'll get a kick out of this--the word verification is
    "ethingsg" which made me immediately think of Entheogens or Magic Mushrooms,and the post at Dedroidify's blog today about the Ban overseas on them. Sync wink the first today. Be well all!

  12. one last tickle.

    When I think of close encounters and its "magic mountain" I can't help but thinking of Disney's 1975 Escape To Witch Mountain.

    If you've forgotten this film, I don't know if I've seen it 25 years, check out its plot:

    It is pretty much everything you've been talking about this month.

    Thanks for your interesting work.

  13. Holy smokes- yes, indeedy, Eunus! I don't think I ever saw that back in the day. Skaggsie- you ever see Witch Mountain?

  14. Chris,

    I think I saw that as a kid, definitely cannot remember details however, sorry!

    I think the sync of Close Encounters, Spielberg and perhaps my Cymatics comment point to something, cymatics obviously sound/vibration ala' the aliens communicating with sound/music in C.E.

    Weird. Even weirder, the validation word I have to type--shednest or "Shed the nest", whats up with that?

  15. I'll tell you what's really weird, Skaggsie- I had no idea I had word verification for comments on my blog. As far as I knew that had been turned off. It is now.

    "Shed nest"- yikes!

  16. First thing that struck me: Hawk man = Horus. Second thing that struck me: The masonic board with the two pillars also had rays of light emanating from the pillar bases - just like WTC ground zero does. It's almost like the whole thing WAS pre-planned, no?

  17. I watched Escape to Witch Mountain-mostly, I had to keep asking my daughter what was going on as I was getting other stuff done. The kids in the film, aliens from another world, realized that they came from a two star system, that their home had two suns. The image on the little girl's star case was similar (if I didn't make this up) to an image of Sirius you posted on your blog. Very interesting. The kid's cat's name in the movie is Wink. I bet Jake Kotze would find that cute.

    I think I'm off to the races on this one. I might have to reread all your election stuff. A theme is definitely coming at me right now. Disney, 70's, aliens, sirius. (This builds on my robots, hearts, and atlantis related items that I can't stop seeing as well.)

    I'll see where it leads.

  18. I've decided on a Christmas gift for you from your readers, let me know what you think.........

  19. Great work! This has been a mind-blowing series. Any idea of how "full disclosure" will happen in real world events, other than prep from the military-entertainment complex?

    A recent blip on the Sirius screen: Somali Pirates just caught a Saudi Oil Tanker named... the Sirius Star.

  20. Wonderful, wonderful material Thanks !!! I've taken the liberty of having some of my "friends" charge up both versions of Stairway to Sirius with the "energies" appropriate to each. Those "sensitive" to energies will feel them, i believe. The representation at the top of your page now feels unusually potent, and the second image is close behind :)