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Let's Get Sirius (About Signs and Wonders)

Today's the Big Day - the Great Eclipse(ing of America). What do I expect? Well, an eclipse. And maybe/probably some people doing something stupid.

However, momentous changes don't operate according to the timetables of a populace conditioned for instant gratification by consumer culture and Hollywood sorcery. And oftentimes we can't even quantify them. 

But I challenge anyone to argue that things (well, everything) haven't been slowly falling apart to crap since 12/22/12. Or that the Western world hasn't descended into a sewer of evil, insanity and degeneracy since then. And twelve years isn't even half an eyeblink in the context of History.

The Guardian gets some Secret Sunshine!

So, the ADHD contingent is going to have to wait to see what arises from all this cosmic drama. But chins up - I suspect they might not have to wait too long.

In the meantime, let's read this post from our Argentinian Sync-Sailor, Sirius Mazzu. The subject? 

Well, gosh - it's about your old pal, Mr. Secret. 

Translated from the Spanish. Click here for original.

Apocalyptic Ecliptic (Part II) By Mazzu

Someone I follow quite a bit is Christopher Knowles , author of Our Gods Wear Spandex , The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll , and The Complete X-Files . Chris is a writer, illustrator, blogger and has been running his blog The Secret Sun for years, where he expands on his synchromatic vision of reality. 

With his permission, I have translated several ( Lovecraft's Secret Source for the Cthulhu Mythos , and Charles Manson and the Secret Sorcerers of Uncle Sam ) of his posts and the occasional fragment of Our Gods Wear Spandex here on the blog.

I consider synchromisticism and conspiracy as two different things: synchromisticism sees the confluence of symbols, signs and current events as acausal manifestations of the movements of the collective unconscious, following a non-linear logic that reveals a symbolic connection between “external” elements. ” and “internal” of the individual and the collective; while conspiracy follows a super linear cause/effect logic: in this logic, if two things are symbolically connected, they are necessarily causally connected: there are no acausal coincidences, there is no synchronicity, everything has a causal explanation.

In the case of Chris Knowles, the line that separates synchromism from conspiracy is very fine, almost virtually non-existent, and he tends to very frequently cross over to the conspiracy side of life like someone who goes from bed to living room – as Charly GarcĂ­a would say. 

That said – which I do not consider a criticism but a mere observation – and despite not agreeing too much with Mr. Knowles on this point, this does not diminish the admiration I feel for his work and his ideas.

In recent posts for The Secret Sun, Knowles has been analyzing the phenomenon of the upcoming eclipse on April 8 from his particular perspective: Chris Knowles proposes that the elites – not a single elite but several elites that even compete with each other – kept mysterious cults alive ancients (or if they did not keep them alive as an unfragmented line from antiquity, at least they revived them from the Renaissance onwards), mystery cults such as that of Mithras, that of Attis/Cybele, the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Mysteries of Isis, etc.

According to Knowles , traces of this mysterious revival can be seen in 19th century and early 20th century architecture:

Everywhere You Look You See Gods: The Lingering Effects of the Neoclassical Movement.
Even today, you can't go anywhere in the wealthy surroundings of midtown Manhattan (Park Avenue, Murray Hill, Rockefeller Center) without encountering images of Greco-Roman and Egyptian religion. Murals, reliefs, friezes, statues and mosaics present the same pantheons of gods from pre-Christian times. How could a wide-eyed young man from the Lower East Side or Hell's Kitchen not be impressed by this combination of wealth, power, and pagan revanchism?

I walked those same streets for many years while working in Manhattan; It surprises me that most people are not aware of this symbolism that they see everywhere.
One of the fundamental premises of these mystery cults is the hermetic law of “what is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below”: what happens in heaven, happens on earth. , what happens to the sun (the Star King) happens to the king/boss/manager on duty: in this vision, the star constellations are the mythological navigation map between the macrocosm and the microcosm that these mystery cults would use - according to Knowles – for its ritualistics deployed worldwide.

Just as James Shelby Downard postulated in his King Kill 33, Knowles maintains that for these elites the world is a stage where they can massively develop their rituals, which are hidden but visible to all, a reboot of the Sacrifice of the King Sacred that James G. Frazer addressed so extensively in his work The Golden Bough: the violent and ritual death of the sacred king in a certain cycle of time that with his blood would reinvigorate the earth, bring fertility and make the cosmos reborn.

According to Frazer, myths such as those of Osiris, Tammuz, Attis and Adonis, followed this scheme of death and resurrection. 

According to James Shelby Downard, the assassination of John Fitzerald Kennedy was a modern ritual version of the Sacrifice of the Holy King, carried out by the "cryptocracy" in Dallas, Texas, above the 33rd degree of latitude (pointing to the Masonic character of the ritual). Knowles shares this perspective , bringing Downard's ideas closer to today:
By now, everyone realizes that the Biden Administration is nothing more than a puppet of the Obama Administration. This is not even up for debate among honest and intelligent people.

And seeing as Obama was the 44th president, we can't help but have our synchronistic spidey senses tingle when we see that the Great Eclipse of the American Empire will pass over Omen (prophecy), Texas, at 1:44 p.m.

As if “Omen” wasn't enough, there's also “Whitehouse” right next door. And next to that, there's Tyler.

Tyler (also spelled Tiler) is the name of the outer guard office of a Masonic Lodge. Masonic lodges may meet in tavern rooms and other public meeting places, and all lodges appoint a Tyler to guard the door from the outside against ineligible Masons or malicious or curious persons, to check the eligibility of latecomers and to ensure that candidates for lodge ceremonies are properly prepared.

Wow. If this doesn't put us in the feverish flower swamps of the late James Shelby Downard, I don't know exactly what would.
Following Frazerian/Downardian logic, Knowles delves deeper and deeper into the synchro-conspiracy mire: as Frazer demonstrates, several ancient cultures believed they could appease the wrath of the gods by sacrificing a substitute for the king: a “fool” who was “ king for a day” and replaced the monarch on his journey to the afterlife. 

The Babylonians were no exception, and – as we noted in the previous entry – “a noble dignitary” could die in the king's place if “Jupiter was not visible during the eclipse.”

Knowles draws attention to the fact that Biden, in the eyes of almost everyone – not just in the United States – is nothing more than a puppet, a substitute for the true ruling class:

It's also why I can't help but have a general feeling of Wicker Man over the last four years. (…) No sane person honestly sees Biden as anything more than a fool and a “King for a day” (…) So the question is why exactly was he installed in office?
That's where the Substitute King Ritual comes into play: The ritual of the substitute king was an ancient Mesopotamian religious rite of human sacrifice, most clearly documented in Assyria, which was performed to safeguard the king from danger perceived to come from bad omens.

These omens were generally thought to arise from certain astronomical events, such as eclipses.

Once a substitute was chosen, they took him to the palace where they washed him, anointed him, and gave him wine and food. He was dressed in the king's robe and decorated with the royal diadem and other crown jewels which were then placed on the throne.

Oh darling.

Best to include the health and safety of old Joey-boy (Biden, of course) in your bedtime prayers tonight, kids. What comes next will surely be much worse.

The next part of the spell recalls (seemingly unfounded) rumors and memes that Jill Biden was Biden's babysitter and started hooking up with Joe on the sly when she was just 15:

Existing ritual tablets also state that a “girl” or “virgin” was chosen to serve as his “queen” and sit at his side. The substitute was also given a statuette to present to the gods of the underworld.

A Biden in his 30s and Jill of 15, before the
death of Joe's first wife. His
friendly "closeness" with the future doctor
was already well established since Jill
She was the Biden family's nanny. The doctor"
Jill Biden is now the First Lady of the United States
Which leads one to wonder if these rumors were actually not the work of the autistic people at 4Chan or the bastards at Roger Stone, but were instead planted in the public mind for later, more ritualistic purposes.

During the course of the ritual, the (royal) king symbolically abdicates his throne and a substitute is placed there in his place for a period of up to 100 days.

Although he possessed no royal power, the substitute king would live and hold court in the palace and enjoy the king's wealth and prestige. At the same time, the true king would go underground, accessible only to his closest advisors.

Throughout the ritual, many exorcism rites were performed to transfer the danger derived from bad omens from the real king to the substitute.

At the end of this time, the substitute is executed and the true king, having successfully transferred his doomed fate to the scapegoat, returns to his throne.

According to Chris Knowles, this is the hidden purpose of the elites in power, and the reason for the apparent ritualistic paraphernalia displayed around the coming eclipse. 

In the previous entry, Greg Reese emphasized the issue of the names that NASA used in its missions: Apollo, Sirius, Atlantida, Apep, to which we can add Artemis , Osiris Rex , and a long etc. This is what James Shelby Downard called Mystical Toponymy:
Mystical toponymy incorporates the magic of words (onomatology) and the Masonic science of symbolism.

In considering my data it would be useful to consider a saying from Einsteinian physics: “The time relations between events are assumed to be constituted first by the specific physical relations established between them.”

My study of place names imbued with magical meaning necessarily includes lines of latitude and longitude and divisions of degrees in geography and cartography (minutes and seconds).
For Downard, mystical toponymy is the study of etymologies in relation to the properties of a specific territory. Michael A. Hoffman II, Downard's contributor and editor, points out that this mystical toponymy
It is part of a process in which it serves as a hinge in the relationship between 'action in time' [or recorded history] and the physical locations on earth seen as 'places of power' by the geographical-magical vision of cryptocracy that it conceives. to the earth as a giant chessboard, symbolized by the checkered floor of Solomon's Temple and the Masonic lodge, and Alice's vision in Lewis Carroll's Wonderful World fantasy

With all this I am not trying to sow fear or say that any of these authors are right: it is a mere exposition of what an event like an eclipse can cause in current times. We tend to think that ominous celestial events were viewed with resentment only by ancient people, and that today we have overcome all that. But when we scratch the surface of our supposed modernity a little, we see that our supposed superiority with respect to said peoples of yesteryear is nothing more than a mere patina of paint to hide the fact that the fear of “what is above” still exists. Down here " .

We can repeat to ourselves like a mantra “I don't believe in those things”, but what if Chris Knowles is right and that those who do “believe in those things” are the members of the elites, and act accordingly to those beliefs? 

This may sound crazy, but let's take into account that we Argentines have in power a guy who believes he talks to his dead dog and the ghosts of his favorite economists ( Rothbard , for example) and appointed as Secretary General of the Presidency his sister, who is a tarot reader .

For Chris Knowles, however, these elites are in clear decline and heading towards their own self-destruction, and although they have always used these astronomical/astrological events for their benefit, this time they are not so clear:
Both eclipses and comets are associated with the death of kings and other disasters, so you know the black magicians in Washington are working overtime trying to figure out what's coming their way.

There are many dark rumors circulating these days and a palpable stench of fear hanging in many high offices. I have a feeling their little digital toys aren't going to protect them from the wrath of their gods.

what do I want to say with that?

You can never tell with these things, but let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if Old Karma finally caught up with the globalist junta currently in power. Or even that those dark gods of his have had enough of his endless arrogance and have decided that they all need a visit from Nana Nemesis.


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