Sunday, January 02, 2022

Trust the LIE-ence: The Hypostasis of the Epstein

Everyone is taking it easy and girding their loins for what is looking to be a volatile 2022, so let's just sit back and remind ourselves how rapacious, corrupt and fraudulent the scientific establishment has become, and exactly who made them that way.

At the top of the list is this sick bastard.

But let's also remind ourselves who was the absolute, supreme and unchallenged driver of the STEM establishment for the past thirty years: the priapic panderer, Jeffrey Edward Epstein. This is a man who had done more to dictate and determine the course of science and technology than any single figure has done in recent memory. You'd have to go back to Vannevar Bush to find someone more dominant in shaping the science rackets, maybe even back to Sir Issac Newton.

Of course, those men were actual scientists and not insane, perverted, overgrown 13 year-olds like Jizzy Fuckstain there.

But that's where we are: the great forward march of science and technology hit the Big Brick Wall a long time ago, which we would have all acknowledged if we didn't have pernicious bullshit-factories like Netflix brainwashing us all to believe that we were on an inevitable upward trajectory to the stars and Transhuman immortality.

We're not and we never will be. No one is going anywhere, ever. You're in Paradise and it's bigger and more mysterious than you can even imagine. There's nothing outside of it but death.

And believing in such absurd fairy tales like "space colonization" is actively destroying any hope we have left of a functioning and free society. Believing insane and stupid nonsense like you see on Star Trek or Star Wars inevitably leads to the fascist fantasy of humanity evolving into a super-race of spacefaring ubermenschen. A fantasy that has led tens of millions of gullible idiots - most of whom can't even change a tire or boil an egg by themselves - to nurse murderous hatred for everyone they see standing in the way of their astronautic apotheosis. 

Obama and his Hollywood handlers were very effective at exploiting these delusions for political gain, as five minutes on Twitter will prove.

I realize none of this is news, and that many of you have heard this all before here. But we are just a tiny handful of Davids up against a battalion of Goliaths pumped to the gills on steroids, HGH and bath salts. The truth is our only weapon. Wield it often.

Look at this photo: who's the Alpha here? Who's the leader of this pack of power players? It sure as hell ain't Ba'al Gates. I've been ranting like a lunatic for quite some time now that the Eggstain takedown was a lot bigger deal than even the Trust the Plan™ types believe it was, and that it's caused more behind the scenes unrest and consternation than most might think. 

And I also think that Fuckstain's domination and control of the leading influencers in the STEM fields is a lot bigger story than we've heard even from most outlets. I think that it - and not his honeytrap ops - was the true source of his power. The Lolita Island stuff was surely a factor in that, but I think it was his inexplicably deep pockets that got these leading lights under his heel.

Don't get me wrong: I don't think oligarchs like Ba'al Gates or Davos-dickwads like Ba'al Clinton were just puppets on Fuckstain's strings. That's silly. We're talking people with their own connections, history and fraudulent fortunes. They were clearly in his game for the underage trim, but Fuckstain was a smooth salesman, and used the jailbait to ease open the wallets and rolodexes of his powerful marks.

But the scientists - who don't have the power or access that Eggstein's loftier louches enjoy - are a totally different story. And while corporate science's corruption and degeneracy was by no means brought about by the man and his silent partners - it's been a satanic sinkhole from its very origins with the Royal Society - Epstein was very much the spiritual figurehead of the New Scientism and its corollaries, Nu Atheism and Randiite Pseudo-Skepticism. 

As I've said many, many, many times, the Fedora Jihad came to a thudding halt when Eggstein first got into serious legal trouble and clearly needed all that payola money for his defense attorneys. And all the comic-book science being served up like Jonestown Flavor-Aid on the pop science sites dried up almost immediately after Epstein took the midnight train to Hell. Coincidence is not causation, except it unmistakably is in this particular case.

Liar, Other Liar

Marvin Minsky is a salient object lesson. I mean, calling someone an "AI pioneer" is like calling someone "a champion unicorn jockey." By that I mean it's total bullshit Fantasia, only with credentials. Though I'm sure Marvin was a whiz at sums.

That said, one of the more encouraging signs of the past couple years is the absolute and humiliating self-immolation of the Terminator and Matrix franchises. These are two of the most pernicious propaganda-pushers of anti-humanism the world has ever seen, pimping a fucktarded fantasy of omnipotent artificial intelligence and invincible robots that greedy corporations found useful in scaring their slaves from agitating for fair wages. 

AI is A Lie

In case you didn't realize it already, the make-believe the corporate media feeds you of job-killing androids and human-like AI is the only reason that stuff was so heavily pushed by Hollywood. As in "We'd love to pay you a living wage, but you know, those androids are just around the corner. They'll replace us all any day now"

Ironically, the hacks who slaughtered those cashcows - and the odious Westworld, from the looks of it - didn't do so by design, but only because Hollywood (and California in general) is so punch-drunk on Woke-A-Cola that abject failure was not only the most likely outcome, it was in fact the only possible outcome. It's just they're so lost in Wokeworld, they can no longer recognize the real world anymore.

Burn, Hollywoke, Burn. 

Though not recognized as such, Wokeness is a splinter movement of Epsteinianity, kind of like the Sethians or Cathars of Scientism. Woke assumes the basic ontological premises of Epsteinianity (kill all da Kulaks 'cuz we wuv da science!) and blends them with the postmodernist witches' brew that psychotic sex-pests like Michel Foucault and sassy CIA shills like Gloria Steinem began conjuring up in the late 60s. And like all Frankensteins, Woke (in the form of the Atheism+ insurrection) quickly turned on its makers.

The stated idea behind Nu Atheism and Epstein's pseudo-science fantasias was to destroy organized religion so that the comic-book reality they honestly all believed was inevitable could rise up from its ashes. Sadly, they failed to take into account the fact that half the shit they believed was "right around the corner" were all scurrilous lies concocted to filch boatloads of money for whores and blow from credulous investors. 

And now Espteinians like Tricky Dick Dawkins and Sam the Sham Harris are wondering if maybe destroying organized religion wasn't the best idea ever, after all. Foresight not being their strong suit.

That's part of the tragedy of it all: while we get beaten around the face and neck by the corporate media if we regard any scientist as anything less than an infallible priest-queen, the fact is that STEM on the whole has become so arcane and hyper-specialized that no one really knows anything about anything outside their little tiny corner of expertise, in anything more than theory. 

And even that's questionable these days, as Woke has invaded STEM's citadels like Uruk-hai storming Helm's Deep. Now simple arithmetic is racist.

Nerds like to see themselves as the guardians of objectivity and reason, but having spent my entire life in various circles of fandom, I can tell you with unimpeachable authority that there is no phenotype on Earth more susceptible to fantasy and delusion than the typical Nerd. 

I mean, goddamned snake-handlers are more rational than your average LARP/RPG nerdling. At least a lot of them can do shit with their hands, like carpentry or roofing or whatever.  Meaning something other than fap or man a joystick. Note that cults like Heaven's Gate and Aum Shinrikyo are/were disproportionately nerdy as well.

As a recovering science fiction victim, I can tell you that 99% of SF is schizoid-making bullshit of a calibre unseen this side of Eckankar. Lord of the Rings is a hundred-trillion times more realistic than most "hard sci-fi." I mean, start with the insane delusion of interstellar space travel, and go from there to Easter Bunny-tier fantasies like moonbases and Mars colonies, sentient computers and androids and 90-lb. waifs that can beat up 400 lb. mercenaries and bodyguards. 

Mind-rotting trash, all of it. Take it from someone who knows. Throw it all away.

The insane delusions of science fiction sex-pests (pedos are over-represented in fandom communities to a degree that would floor most normies) have fed into evil deceptions like Transhumanism and the Singularity. The utter impossibility of those religious precepts have driven tens of thousands of desperate young nerds into the bloody hands of the neo-Galli self-mutilation cult (which itself has an overwhelming overlap with the kiddie-fiddling community) as seen with certain peddlers of sci-fi stupidity.

And perhaps others as well. What's up with those Nephilim-sized skulls, anyway? Sheesh.

Let me be absolutely clear about this: I think science and technology are absolute human necessities. I have nothing but the deepest respect for the scientific method and those who actually follow it, but there's a final frontier that cannot be crossed. Science may be our greatest tool but makes for a fucking shit religion, especially in its Epsteinian form. 

I mean, I get Epstein, I really do. At heart, he was just a silly, sad little nerd who all the chicks in Brooklyn thought was an icky dork. That kind of socio-sexual trauma is precisely how you get your head stuck in adolescence forever, as his sexual appetites and moronic scientific fantasies prove. No different than half of Twitter and five-sixths of sci-fi fandom.

Jeff passed through that awkward adolescent stage into quasi-stud status and exuded the outer-borough swagger so fashionable in the wake of Saturday Night Fever. He was good enough at math to get a gig at a private school and smoothly amoral enough on the trading floor to cheat a bunch of filthy-rich rubes out of their pocket change. He was by all accounts quite the charmer, as sociopaths usually are. And he used his lust for jailbait and his talent for financial chicanery to get said rich rubes to pay his way. 

And then the intelligence agencies came calling. 

I'm not going to get on my high-horse about his pimping and predation. If you think he was even close to a rarity in those circles, you're reading the wrong blog. And by most accounts, he at least stuck to girls who were of age in most countries and many US states. I think it's weird and gross, but weird and gross is something the rich do best. 

The thing that really burns my butter is the power, corruption and lies he was party to. How many fucked-up decisions have politicians made solely because Epstein took video of them screwing underage girls? Or judges, or CEOs or whatever? Or, for our purposes, scientists?

Or God help us all, science LARPers like this walking colostomy bag? Those are the kind of actions that do real and lasting damage to the body politic.

And aside from the COVID shitshow - which comes straight out of the Epstein orbit and would never have happened without the caustic influence of Epsteinianity - there is the fact that the overwhelming bulk of science being done today is provably deliberate deception and fraud. 

Despite what psyop/social engineering cutouts like Netflix would have you believe, most scientists are not dispassionate Guardians of Truth. A lot of scientists are in fact lying scumbags who are wasting boatloads of money and filling everyone's heads with malicious and disempowering bullshit like "Transhumanism" and "Artificial Intelligence."

The ethical scientists and computer engineers know it's all lies, but their brave voices are drowned out by the High Priests of Epsteinianity. 

And what are the fruits of the Epsteinian evangel? Record rates of suicide, Woke psychosis, depression and sexual self-mutilation for starters. Mass hypochondriacal apoplexy, for seconds. Mind you, Epsteinianity per se didn't originate many of the memetic cancers that are killing us, but like any successful religion it has appropriated and weaponized them. 

And like I said, the real tragedy here is that these dumb Epsteinite fucks are higher on their own supplies than most. Epstein was so besotted with science fiction bullshit that he thought he could get his rubes to make him the immortal patriarch of a new race. It's all so weak, depressing and pathetic, and proves that underneath all the money, pussy and power, he was just another scared little nerd-boy reading his Green Lantern comic books and Isaac Asimov novels under the covers with a flashlight.

So if you want to help foster positive change, stop consuming the infantilizing fantasies of Hollywoke and Netflix. See them for what they are: rapacious corporate propaganda that wishes - and actively does - you real harm. Strive to relentlessly undermine the lies they spin, because their lies are the carrot the masses keep following to their oblivion. 

The corporate media - including the streaming services - is almost exclusively peopled by delusional, pampered psychotics who hate you and literally want you dead. If you think I'm exaggerating even a little bit, go read their social media feeds. 

They hate you because they hate themselves (justifiably), but also because they've been brainwashed into believing that you and your kind are standing in the way of their apotheosis. And a lot of their psychosis is fed by Epsteinianity, not to mention Muskianity and Bezoism and Wachowskism and all the rest of the postmodern clownery. 

So when you hear people start going on about ridiculous bullshit like A.I. or moon-bases or Boston Dynamics, or puke out tired bromides like "I trust the science," consider getting up in their shit and telling them they're no different than an Appalachian snakehandler or Scientologist. 

Actually, tell them they're actually a lot worse, because most snakehandlers or Scientologists at least have the courage of their convictions and walk their talk. They don't just lazily regurgitate NASA or Netflix nonsense like drones and act like that makes them educated.

Or maybe you shouldn't be too harsh. After all, they're victims of the most audacious and far-reaching mass hypnosis the world has ever seen. 

We all are.


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