Thursday, January 06, 2022

January 666th: March of the Patsies

Today marks the one-year anniversary of what I like to call "the Patsy Prom," which some drama queens call the "Capitol Hill Insurrection." What it actually was was a bunch of dimwitted dupes dancing like trained monkeys for the media, on the short leashes of the Feds and their CI's, agents and assets. 

In other words, behaving exactly the way their enemies wanted them to.

The rioters were ostensibly protesting something they would have been celebrating if they had even the smallest grasp of strategic thinking. All they ended up doing was giving oxygen to a decrepit, dying, degenerate ruling elite that was absolutely gagging for it. 

I'm genuinely sorry, but those rioters are idiots, in the classical sense of the term. 1/6 wasn't an insurrection, it was a self-immolation.

I hear a lot of people crying foul, pointing to the double-standard over the riots during the Trump inauguration in 2017 and the summer of 2020. To which I say, when are they going to realize that "Antifa" and "BLM" are the paid paramilitary storm-troopers of the ruling elites? It's not like it's some big secret anymore. Just follow the money.


Listen, I've made no bones about my longstanding distrust of Donald Trump and my dislike of how he ran his Presidency, not to mention my low opinion of QAnon. If I were smart I'd never have said so, since a lot of people who might be amenable to my work are big supporters of his and it. But as much as I too doubt the legitimacy of the election - which the 1/6 idiots helped make a thought-crime - I'm very happy how it turned out. 

Why am I happy about the election? 

Well, it's precisely because Biden is so sick, decrepit, corrupt, and incoherent - much like the elites he represents - that his Administration has been like airborne Ebola to the duplicitous and avaricious network of spooks and shills that brought him to power. Even his ritual observances are weak and sad.

Worse, Biden's people seem to be honestly and genuinely incompetent in the most hilarious way. For instance, they and their media flunkies were clearly were planning on the rioters being a lot more violent than they were, and are probably crushed that most of the rubes who were ushered in by the Pelosi's police mostly walked around like the backcountry tourists they actually were. 

The stench of the Cabinet's perpetual failure is wilting the gardens of Woke like a bath of Roundup, and demoralizing the already-decimated sociopathic storm-troopers of the Corporate Media. 

I'm loving it. 

See, partisan hacks are mostly weak, soulless vessels who have no purpose or identity outside the Party, or the System in general. A shocking number of them are unmarried, childless and well into late middle age, and have no meaningful social support system. They live their lives in a state of perpetual terror most normal people can hardly imagine. 

It's not just the apparatchiks, but also the ridiculous cheerleaders who waste their lives cheering on an army of professional parasites who want nothing more than to see their simps and sycophants destroyed in the most cruel and humiliating manner imaginable. 

If, God forbid, their insane technocratic fantasies are ever made manifest, the first people the elites will gleefully crush are the ones who marched under their banner. It's the ways it's always worked when psychopaths become hegemons: it wounds their narcissism to think they relied on such losers to achieve their ends. Or that said losers see themselves as equals of said hegemons.

Remember the scene in Prometheus when the Engineer is so deeply offended by David speaking his language that he rips his head off? It's a bit like that, just more malicious.

But let's talk about what you really come here for: the ritualism. Allegedly.

It makes sense to see January 6th in the same context as the Gotthard Tunnel ceremony aside from the numerology (1/6 is European notation for June 1st). Remember when I told you that the reason you keep seeing these rituals is because they work? Well, you should also remember that these kinds of rituals are borne out of very deep anxiety, the same way that OCD rituals are. (ahem)

I think the reason the rituals have gotten so over the top is because of the looming reality of the Reaper for most of the present upper echelon of the elites. Look no further than Congress to see some very, very old people running the joint. 

This was a generation of people who came of age while "World of Tomorrow" and "One World" nonsense reflected society's highest aspirations. Throw in the general influence of science-fiction sex-pests (I'm looking at you too, Donald Barr) and the moronic space colonization fantasies inspired by it, and you have a whole lot of shattered dreams. Now they're old, they've betrayed every principle they ever held and all they can see in their future is the grave.

Now, I can't say if all this very specific and pointed symbolism was part of some intentional ritual human sacrifice to Ba'al Hammon AKA Kronus AKA Molech. Cutting down the Ashlii-rah Pole, as it were. That would be irresponsible. 

However, I can say that it sure as hell looks like one. Just my opinion, is all.

That said, remind me to look into the connections between Zeus-Ammon and Ba'al Hammon. Before you say anything, I realize Zeus is more commonly associated with Ba'al Hadad, but that etymology is troubling me.

It doesn't trouble me nearly as much as seeing Darth Cheney hold an audience with his sycophantic courtiers in Congress like a Byzantine emperor. Or better yet, Palpatine.

Seeing this display confirms my worst fears: that just as with the Clinton and Obama Administrations, the Biden Bumblers are just stalking horses for the old Bush Syndicate, which I imagine has become the Cheney Syndicate since the Bush boys are so useless.

We've seen Democrats throw their arms around the Bush Administration and the second-gen neocons,* not to mention Corporate Raiderlicans like Mitt Romney. In other words, the Democrats are now glory-holing everyone who made me hate the GOP so intensely, and the fellating is mutual. 

Nearly every Republican I truly hate - Romney, Ryan and his Randroids, Rubin, Kristol, the Cheneys, the McCains, the Lincoln Project crypto-Hammerskins, the various Feds and Deep Staters, etc etc etc - is now either a full-throated Dem or one of their quislings. Which makes sense, since as I've said many, many, many times the current Democrats are just the old Rockefeller Republicans with Woke window-dressing. 

And the events of the past two years should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Rockies are back in the saddle, Mister. They're back with an unholy vengeance.

Maybe it's even worse than that: it never fails to floor me how much of the current Neoliberal orthodoxy - pro-corporate, pro-censorship, pro-surveillance, pro-forced human experimentation, pro-concentration camp, pro-war with Russia (and crushing the Slavic states), pro-teaching ethnic hatred in schools and entertainment - is identical to the platform of certain other party that rose up about hundred years ago now.. 

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Explain this enigma to me  in The Den of Intrigue.


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*Remind me to discuss how, love them or hate them, the original Neoconservatives were serious thinkers who shouldn't be associated with the current neocons, a troubling number of whom are their idiot children.