Monday, December 27, 2021

Blue Pill Poppers

This may be hilarious (if I don't say so myself), but the story behind it is no laughing matter. 

We all know that any network that would put an abomination like Pennywise Stelter on the air is irredeemably rotten to the core, but the real scandal may well be how far out of their way the FBI seems to have gone to cover it all - meaning what sounds like an actual sex trafficking op - up. 

LOL jk - covering up hideous scandals for overlord organs like CNN is the only reason why the FBI still exists. Well, that and manufacturing terror plots.

LuCIAn Greeves and his Shitanic Temple are always all about the babies - and the children in general - even though not a single one seems to have any of their own. They sure as Hell are interested in yours though, no pun intended. OK, it was intended.  

Interesting factoid in light of Greeves picking up where the CSICOP sickos left off with the false memory two-step: CSICOP's (now CFi) old rag The Skeptical Inquirer actually has a member of Anton "Snitch" LaVey's old honeytrap racket on staff as a feature writer. 

Man. What is it with Satanists and CSICOP? Or CSICOP and kiddie-fiddlin' advocates, for that matter? Is this the real world or are we all stuck in a straight-to-video Left Behind sequel or something? 

Get my agent on the phone, I want the Hell out of this crappy production. No pun intended.

Maybe I'll go out to Hampton (meaning the dumpy Jersey suburb, not the swanky beachside burgs on Long Island) next Saturday to hold a seance for Cabbagefucker Crowley and see what he has to say about it. If he's not too busy cleaning the toilets in Hell with his tongue, that is. 

That's not a torture, by the way. It's a reward. Cabbagefucker loves that kind of thing. I read about it in Magick Without Tears. Maybe Book 4. 

Whatever. No one cares.


This is going around Twitter, but I felt like the dialogue was a bit lacking. A bit dishonest, actually. So I thought I'd do a remix and punch up the truthiness just a tad...

... yeah, that's more like it. Her/Zer/Xer/Jer mouth may not be speaking those truths, but the yawning void of crushing despair in her eyes most certainly is.

When do these Millennial Wokeoids wake the fuck up and admit they've been had? Or is it too late now?

Great. Now I'm depressed.

I got a chuckle out of these meme - until the weekend grosses came in. Then I realized no one was waiting in line to see the new Matrix sequel, Covid passes or not. They were all in line for the new Spider-Man movie, which is saving Marvel's bacon after a terrible year. 

The very Wachowskian Eternals (anyone else get Sense8 vibes from it?) got very quickly memory-holed thanks to bootlickers in the trade rags, but its failure was nearly apocalyptic, and Disney still has to fork the lion's share of the grosses for No Way Home over to Sony. 

Still, beats Warner's current situation.

The excuses for the Matrix Whatever-the-Fuck flop are buzzing like flies in an outhouse, but in hindsight this whole project was headed for abject disaster from the jump. It's just no one had the guts to risk cancelation and say so out loud.

See, the Wachowskis have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars down Tinseltown's rathole for nearly two decades now. The Matrix - which they plagiarized most of from William Gibson - made a lot of money, and the first sequel did as well, but after that it's an absolute bloodbath. These movies cost a fortune to make and even more to promote. The latter figures are usually not released, but promotion can easily cost half or more of the production budgets. 

With that in mind, my guess is that only Matrix Revolutions squeaked to profit - and possibly a very thin profit for V for Vendetta - and the rest are total financial catastrophes. It used to be these kinds of washouts got you run out of town on a rail, but the Wachowskis made themselves invulnerable - and irrefusable - when they "discovered their true identities."

I've always gotten a heavy Queer Studies vibe from the Wachowski's work, but that's literally kids' stuff for Hollywood these days. Unfortunately, the ultra-privileged media bubble the entire industry spends every second of their lives ensconced in is the only reason I can imagine why Warner's let them suddenly retcon their billion-dollar franchise as a trans allegory. 

It's one thing to pander with a CW show that only gets produced for the tax write-off (or for the money laundering), it's another thing for a tentpole property. You know, the ones that keep the lights on.

And the sure-fire failure strategy that keeps sinking major franchise after major franchise - ie., throwing hate-bombs at the very people you need to fill the seats for your celluloid struggle sessions - gets dragged out yet again. All in hopes that the ever-imaginary Benetton advert audience, the one these insanely-overrated Hollywood C-suite dickheads can't stop chasing like Ahab's white whale, will show up for their bullet-crazed box office poison pills.

Given the paucity of options and the nostalgia value of the franchise, the Wachowski-Warner axis might well have pulled it off. That is until a dying rag oozing out of a dying Necropolis showed up at the party just in time to drop the Turd of Truth into the Wachowski's punchbowl.

This severely mentally-ill (by their own admission) individual peeled back the fantasy from the transgender agenda, and showed the world the stark, nearly-naked truth. 

I'm not going to editorialize here. I'm just asking you to take a good, hard look at the future that the Matrix movies - and Lana Wachowski and Warner Brothers - is actually selling you. 

Peel away the black vinyl fetish gear and the lens flares and the CGI bullet-time and this is what they want you - and most especially, want your children - to buy into. 

There it is, folks, in living color. This is the future they wish to make manifest. This is the true and enduring meaning of The Matrix, according to no less an authority than Lana Wachowski herself. That's what it's really all about for the Wachowski's and Warner's, and presumably, AT&T. 

That is what the world they want really looks like.

Soak it in. 


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