Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Experimental Meme Therapy

Get ready, because they'll definitely be rolling that agenda out again in the Spring, especially as we get closer to the Midterms. The published polling is so catastrophic, I can only imagine how the internal polling looks. The only question being is which cities are next in line for the Maidanizing. 


No one wants to believe it, but everyone knows in their hearts that it's true. Enjoy what we have while we still have it. And if you're still young, make plans for when we won't.

Dressing like a Red Shirt is probably not the best way to inspire confidence amongst your caucus. No wonder she looks like she needs a drink. Or at least another one. Is there a bar in the Capitol Building or does she just keep a bottle of Jack or two in her desk? 

I sure wish she'd keep a tube of Fixodent in there as well. 


LOL= Facebook actually slapped a factcheck on this. A troll or a sign all is not well in the SiliCylon Valley? Are nerves especially frayed now the MetaTitanic speeds towards the inevitable iceberg? 

You know my guess.


A major part of the Great Unveiling we're now seeing is seeing a lot of one-time conspiracy theories becoming embarrassing facts. Certainly not all conspiracy theories, but more than enough of them. Which is exactly why Big Tech and the corporate media are in such a constant crisis and damage control mode these days. 

Which is also exactly why ad hominem attacks have replaced reasoned arguments. And it's only going to get much, much worse as all these ancient HG Wells plans are dashed on the cold rocks of reality. 

Before you say anything, that's hardly blind optimism. We're all in for one hell of a bumpy ride when the Great Bilderblimp crashes and burns. But it won't be boring, I can say that much for sure.


OK, I'll explain it. She hung out with them and spoke before them because she is one of them. That's a no-brainer. My only question is why they brought down the curtain on what seems like it was a very successful and fruitful op. Same goes with NXIVM, for that matter. 

It's like they used to say about Nixon: the only difference between Jizzy Eggstein and Jhizlaine Mudflaps and everyone else in their lofty circles is that they got caught. Rather, someone dropped the dime on them. 

My current theory is they got caught skimming on the take, but I'm open to all and any counterclaims and theories, providing there's compelling evidence to back them up.

This feels like the key to the entire candy store: sleazy spooks using corporate kiddie culture as cover for darker deeds. 

This isn't just a "conspiracy theory": it's been well-documented in the longest criminal case in Canadian history, just to name one example. I very much have my suspicions connected to a very similar case, but I'm still digging into that.

And now Handsy Andy is embroiled in another potentially explosive case. Will Mommy Elizardbeast be around to pull his fat ass out of the fire? What is this "new phase" she's entered into, anyway?

By the way, is it wrong to think Ghislaine was rather sexy - albeit in an evil MILF kind of way - in her prime? She had an ooze about her that must have been like catnip for many a mark. It even comes through in the old snapshots. "Primordial" is a good word to describe it.

(To He Will Live Up in the Sky readers: Yes, very consciously).

Please tell me this is fake. The pessimist in me says it isn't.

This, however, is all too real. Make no mistake: LuCIAn Greeves and his Shitanic Temple are coming for your children. They've been coming for a long time. 

For your children, I mean.


Yeah, I remember when I first heard that "one day you'll be able to feel texture and pressure when you touch virtual objects." 


So don't hold your breath for tactile VR, especially with the crowd going into the field now. However, you will be able to get all the nonbinary avatars you could ever want to wear. And that's just as good, right?

This Memeist spelled "Hell" wrong. Because if that Wal*Mart Meta shit isn't Hell, then there's no such thing. Please don't go looking for it, especially if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

I told you from the jump this Meta thing was going to be a total clusterfuck. I'd say Apple agrees with me. There's a ton of fake hype on it in the corporate media at the moment, but that will most definitely change once the payola budget runs dry.


It should, but won't.

But it looks like the producers are fixin' to write the Nanny-State Napoleon off the show, judging by the "leaks" now coming to light. "Leaks" being Deep State slang for "public relations release."

Oh, has it ever. It's been a long-time coming, too. The plans have been in the works since before most of us were born. Which is precisely why it will all blow up in the planners' faces, sooner than later. And we'll be the ones who have to clean up their mess.


This chart is obviously a few years old, but make no mistake: the situation is a hundred-thousand times worse today. So if you wonder why your one-time left-wing heroes all sound like they're reading from the same Bilderberg hymnal as Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson now, it's because they most definitely are. Sorry to break the news.

Forward this to your favorite corporate media shill. They're going to need it. 

And to keep the useless eaters distracted, we get this kind of nonsense. But in a very encouraging development, this kind of glamour seems to wearing off very quickly. Now you know why old time Hollywood wouldn't even let these idiots talk to a reporter without a small army of handlers in the room. 

I imagine Louis B. Meyer and Darryl Zanuck do a 360 in their Masonic crypts every time one of these imbeciles logs onto Twitter.. And don't get me started on the so-called journalists. Twitter is the frickin' Roach Motel for those poor bastards. Give 'em enough rope, indeed.


Very old tactic: split the population into opposing camps and then go vacuum up all the 401Ks and IRAs while the hoi polloi fight amongst themselves.

I'll say this: one of the reasons the Tea Party and QAnon were so easy to take out was because movements like that always trip themselves up on the class consciousness issue. I know a lot of people on the Right see themselves as temporarily-embarrassed billionaires but the fact is that class mobility and real wages haven't been this low in a very, very long time and show no signs of going back up any time soon. And the Oligarchs love to use the "self-made man" carrot to string you along while they beat you bloody with the cold, hard iron rod of economic reality.

Which is why it's so encouraging to see a lot of people beginning to wake up and realize that our demonic breed of Late Capitalism is nothing Adam Smith - or even Ayn Rand - would recognize as anything else but Early Feudalism.


Absolute insanity. Tolerating this level of cowardice and delusion is exactly how civilizations die.

The new Milgram Experiment.

A coddled cohort will always love their imprisonment. We have tens of millions of people who were raised in historically-unparalleled superabundance and the stresses of adult life have them unconsciously longing to return to the day care centers where they were first indoctrinated. 

Believe me, the powers-that-be have much different plans in store for them.

No one speaks truth to power - and impotence - like the great Jeff Wells. I wouldn't be here if not for his legendary blog, Rigorous Intuition. Which is precisely why my accountant curses his name every April.


Listen: no one likes to be deceived. A lot of people's egos disallow them to ever admit they were deceived. I get it. It also raises very troubling questions, like if NASA is lying to you about something that big, who else is?

Answer: Pretty much everyone. About pretty much everything.

Submit your answer in the Den.

This is - or perhaps was - the next gambit in the Great Game since the rubes got sick of the space-show: round up all the Disclosure cultists and Farteans and get them hooked on parsing all the inane bullshit your interns dream up and throw at them. 

Pretend embarrassing mistakes and faked videos are some kind of flying-saucer fourth dimensional chess. Let them waste their time with FOIA requests on 60 year-old sightings while the Constitution is shredded and the Treasury is looted.

I just coined a new term for these Disclosure-Dupes: "QFO."  Let me know how brilliant that is in the Den.


Now that is a dad-pun of the very highest order. Respect.

Oh, I bet they are. 

You can tell this ad is from 1980, not only by the typography and photography, but also because you'd never get away with this double entendre even by 1984 or so. Tacos were still a novelty that a lot of people outside California and the Southwest had never seen -- never mind ate --when this ad ran. 

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