Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Forever in Blue-Memes, Babe

And here I was thinking it was just me.


After watching the US Military get utterly humiliated by the Taliban, who could possibly think it's not a good time to start a land war with Russia? 

Red ratfinks, I'd guess. 

I mean, there's no better time to invade Russia than the dead of winter, right? When hasn't that ever gone down a treat?

We have the most diverse military ever! Now uterus-havers can be just as  incompetent and kill-crazy as cis-meat-and-two-veg-havers and drone thousands upon thousands of innocent human beings into bloody piles of burnt bone, gore and gristle. Patriotism for the win!

Just think of all the money to be made defending some miserable shit-hole of a gangster fiefdom whose sole purpose for still existing is to launder billions of dollars for international kleptocrats. 

You're a Putin cock-holster of a Red ratfinkovich if you disagree.

And let's not forget risking World War Three is for a very good cause: defending the corrupt business interests of the senile scarecrow in the Oval Office and his useless crackhead of a son. 

Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue!


A Facebook group member created this. I think a lot of us can relate.

So don't let them. Especially since we are nearing the final days of the Sorcerarchy's reign of terror.

It's just a whiff, mind you. But it will be getting stronger, little by little, day by day. 

Don't you worry about that.


I'm really not a fan of Rogan's - especially after he backpedaled so cuckishly on Apollo - but anyone or anything that injures or upsets the corporate media in any way, shape or form is on the side of the angels. Literally.


Listen: I know no one believes me but they're going down, they're going down harder than they ever dared dream, and they're going down sooner than anyone can imagine. 

It's simply the way these things work. Their collapse is as inevitable as the tides. It's happened countless times before. And what's more, there hasn't been a ruling class in living memory as freakish, degraded or alienated from the ruled as ours.

Mind you, it's not going to be fun, for anyone. But life isn't always meant to be fun.

Gah: it's like an army of third-graders barfed up their Fruity Pebbles atop a hillock built of spoiled meat. 

And don't get me started on Brian "Pennywise" Stelter again.

Demonically-infested freaks naturally gravitate towards freakish, demonically-infested politics. And I don't think there's been a culture more thoroughly infested by chthonic energies as ours since late-period Babylon. 

And you all know how that turned out.


If you get this, THEN I FUCKING LOVE YOU. Let's maybe get together for a beer and a burger sometime. 

That's how they show their love, Ashlynn. It's all they have to give you.

All dogs go to Heaven, but do all dogs become angels? Any theologians out there, drop me a line. Let me know how many dog-angels can fit on the head of the pin while you're at it.

Everything has been ruined. Seriously. You know it's true.

Speaking of which...

When future historians look back on when superheroes began their death-spiral, Caren Marvel will be marked as the turning point. 

Listen, I did a lot of art for that hobo-toilet of a movie and even I don't believe it legitimately pulled in a billion dollars. Especially given Marvel seems to be in no hurry to squeeze out a sequel, surely sensing what a cinematic mudsnake it should certainly turn out to be. Me, I'm thinking there was some serious monkey business afoot with that stupid movie. Or Mousey business, perhaps.

Plus, Captain Marvel meant a lot to me when I was a wee wane and helped get me through some truly fucked-up crap in my younger days. So straight to hell with that dead-eyed charisma-vacuum, and straight to hell with all of the fake Caren Marvel bullshit. 

I take it all as a personal insult.


Remember what I just said about our ruling classes?


Honest question: how does the Administration expect to wage a winter land war with Russia while simultaneously waging war on American parents who don't want their kids traumatized with sicko Woke hate-freakery and blatant pedo-grooming? I guess they didn't learn from their forebears.

By the way; you wanted to know what dead, soulless eyes looked like? Take a gander at the left side of the screen.

Yeah, it's a total farce, but it's also a deadly dangerous farce. I'm getting a very strong feeling Garland and his goon-squads are laying the groundwork for a major "event" with that boneheaded bunch of gym-bunny bozos, an event that will most assuredly be very conveniently timed to go down just before the elections. 

You heard it here first.

That's all par for the Cointelpro course, of course. The Feebs are nothing more than the ratfucking wing of the ruling class, whoever the ruling class faction happens to be at the time. That's how they started and that's ultimately how they will end. 

My guess is they will finally get shut down within the next ten or fifteen years. There are simply too many rival agencies in that town that are sick of them hogging all the glory with their endless parade of botched entrapment schemes.

And in the highly-likely event that Garland's khaki-clad clowns fuck everything up, the DNC can always count on their personal Sturmabteilung - AKA AntiPasto - to burn and beat any noncomplying Bobos into obedience. 

I mean, just as long as the undercover Quantico cadets handle all the real fighting, and not the furloughed mental patients and pink-haired tweekers.



For all the butt-hurt bootlickers.

For everyone else.


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