Saturday, December 18, 2021

X Marks the Clot

Nothing going on out there shocks or surprises me much anymore. I've seen it all played out a thousand times in comic books, sci-fi novels, TV shows, and movies. Have I been desensitized? Maybe. But I prefer to see it as being prepared. 

With the rotting corpses of the superhero genre stinking up the joint, it's become increasingly obvious to me that The X-Files is the true mythological epic poetry of our times. Even when it's crap -- like the ill-conceived tenth season -- it offers both a forewarning and sturdy commentary on our times. 

The Myth Arc of Season Ten - 'My Struggle', 'Founder's Mutation' and 'My Struggle II' - were hardly televisual masterpieces, but are packed with themes that have come to dominate this miserable new decade. Engineered plagues, open-air human experimentation, genetic manipulation masquerading as medicine, deplatforming, martial law, and the Feds inexplicable obsession with UFOs all got a hearing back in 2016.

There's nothing mysterious or prophetic about that: these are all issues and themes that have been publicly circulating for years. It's just that no one outside a dedicated handful of marginals -- and television producers, apparently -- bother to pay them any mind. 

And since most scientific and technological marvels are provable lies and we have a bunch of insane nerds running everything into the ground forever, we should realize that nerd bullshit like science fiction -- and not Anton LaVey's or Aleister Crowley's meaningless word-farts -- is the true spawning ground for much of the evil stupidity we're currently mired in. 

I've wasted way too much of my life consuming sci-fi, so I know of whence I speak.

Happily, science is just a maguffin in The X-Files. Science-damaged Scully will always spout off about all the stupid crap she filled her head with in college, but it's Mulder -- ie., the Mystic -- who's possessing of the true gnosis. Happily, the scales eventually fall from Scully's beautiful green eyes and words of Truth emerge from her full, pillowy lips.


Which is why you need to pull up a chair and give this epic overview of the seventh season of The X-Files a listen. You'll get all the inside dirt, as well scintillating insights into the strange threads of mystical numinosity and magical reality that enliven what is a wildly-inconsistent but unfailingly-compelling string of episodes. There are some real lows to be sure, but they're more than balanced out by some of the very best stories in the show's long run. 

This is one of my favorite-ever X-Casts and I had an absolute blast chatting with my boy Kurt. 

Bonus factoid: Kurt knows someone who used to work at Garlands Psychiatric Hospital in Carlisle.

Don't forget the revised and expanded 2022 edition of The Endless American Midnight is out now. Features 100+ pages of additional articles, new photography, new cover art, a revised layout and re-edited text.

Nor should you forget my summit with Chris and Hunter on The Melt on a very wide-ranging slate of issues beginning with the AstroWorld and Young Dolph syncs, Satanic stupidity, Watcher-Nephilim cultism, the parallels in Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas and Lil' Peep's death, and the insane syncs kicked up in the wake of it all. 

The second hour has a refresher course on the Siren and all things Sibylline. It's a bit of a mess, but a very spirited and entertaining mess.


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