Monday, November 29, 2021

Tell Meme, People, Am I Going Ghislaine?


I was looking for good Ghislaine memes but I don't think such a thing exists. Nothing that carries my take, meaning she's gonna skate or get a slap on the wrist (the charges look pretty weak to me) and all the rich and powerful perverts and predators in bed with Epstein will never spend a day behind bars. 

So go read some of my older Ghislaine posts instead.

This one isn't directly connected but certainly indirectly so. I don't want to speak ill of Elizardbeth while she's molting or whatever the hell "entering her next phase" means. But just look the fuck out once Charles takes the throne. Just a word to the wise.

Don't forget you live in a world system in which goggle-eyed psychopaths like Jimmy Savile were national heroes and wrote books like this. They love to mock us. It's part of the psychopath package.

I've been watching Tiger King 2 and the rich smuggler guy the alleged whore allegedly fed to her alleged cats looks to me like a Southern-friend Epstein. I get the feeling that once you reach a certain tax bracket the moral shackles come off.

And you only get fed to the wolves once you stop earning, like Hurricane Harvey there. He was a bit of a special case since he pissed off pretty much everyone in town at one point or another. So he wasn't just plunger-fucked, he got the full ritual humiliation ride to go along with it. No one is so big in Tinseltown that they can't take you down, as Michael Ovitz learned all too well before Haystack Harvey, and Robert Evans before them both.

Is that Brittany Murphy? Damn, that's a whole other story. Don't go reading up on it if you don't want to get depressed. Rest in peace, princess.

I concur. I can't wait for the Optimus Prime variant, though.

This is a little late but true all the same. Sure, a lot of assets were mobilized for the job but don't ever let anyone tell you it would have gone down if these two didn't sign off on it. Cui bono and all that.

That's the old school approach, though. Today, all the wetwork, muzzling and ratfucking is farmed out to so-called "private companies" so nosey snoops can't come sniffing around with all their uppity "FOIA request" crapola. And you can shut them off with the flick of a switch if need be. 

What's not to love?

I suppose moral victories will have to do. At least until they really bring the hammer down.

That will surely work. Or you can render yourself ungovernable. Either or.


More so today than ever before. Which is why gales of derisive laughter are the only appropriate response to the magic spell-words "computer modeling proves that..."

Or as translated into non-assholese: Presto change-o, nanu-nanu, shazbot!

Like I always say, next time some asshole starts in with the "science" bit, demand they recite the steps of the scientific method. Then badger, provoke and ridicule them as loudly as possible when they can't. You'll feel better and all the non-assholes in the room will thank you.

After a brief glance into the horrifying abyss of their dead souls and all the moral surrenders they've made to gain a minuscule smidge of social acceptance, the assholes will then revert to their programming. Happens every time. 

I'm old. I know these things.

It will be kind of like this, but so much more pathetic and embarrassing. It's all quite unfortunate, but we're getting very close to the "wheat and chaff winnowing" part of the Big Show. It's bigger than the both of us.

Can anyone confirm or deny?

Hashtag #NoOneIsGoingAnywhere.

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Put all your money into Meta stock because virtual reality is the next big thing!

It's been the next big thing for sixty years now! It's right around the corner! Look, here it comes!


Like I was saying: Iron Mike and I were born mere hours apart. He's the champ and I'm the chump. 

Damn you, cruel stars!


And then everyone clapped.

Pretty much true for everyone on Twitter with a fake anime avatar. 

Don't take my word for it: go see for yourself. Truly frightening.

Well, that music is quite grating. And cheesy. Does that answer your question?

GenX humor. Someone needs to provide it. We've been forgotten by the world.

Oh well. At least it will be Woke.

ADHD/OCD Gothic romance. My new favorite sub-genre.


Turn off the Kosmos, get outside and enjoy the world. Bring your dog. If you don't have a dog, go get one. It will restore your soul and rekindle your faith.

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