Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Week in Solar-Phallic Ritualism Space News

I'm sure you've heard the latest in not-even-remotely-space news, so why don't we just do a little quick free-styling, a little free association, and see what comes up.

No pun intended.


One and One are One, Eleven.

April 14, 2021 was 35th anniversary of Victorialand, incidentally

Birthday day after Jeff Buckley's,
died day after Chris Cornell's 17+17th birthday

Yesterday would have been the Horned Christ's 57th birthday.

You've all seen this one.

Perhaps not this one.

First thing I thought.
Now it will be the first thing you think.

First thing I thought.

Maybe you might understand why.

This calls for a mind with Wisdom. 

A Twitter friend pointed out the cameltoe shape of the "Virgin" spaceport. 

That's right: no one is going anywhere. Ever.

Change my mind if you dare in the comments.