Monday, July 19, 2021

Do You Know What I Meme?

I'd say it's time to start shopping for a new spirit guide.

Might I suggest a canine model? The more wolf-like the better. 

I recommend Collies. Magnificent creatures, very highly attuned to the spirit world. Extremely intelligent, loyal to a fault.

What the fuck is that, indeed? Proto-Furry psychosis would be my guess.

That's not vegan cranberry-ginger muffins you smell cooking-- IT'S THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETERIAT

Cartoonists used to be our truth tellers before most of them became a plague of mewling bootlickers. This guy is old-school so he still has an occasional taste for truth. Also, it's an old cartoon.

Meme-Makers are the new cartoonists, in my highly-qualified opinion.

LOL - why do you think?

This closely aligns with Knowles' First Law.

And for once, some truly fantastic news, courtesy of Glenn Greenwald. 

In short, people are waking up and switching off the mindless word-drool of pampered bootlickers. 

That's good to hear any old day.

STEM fields are disproportionately peopled by Lovecraftians, so I'm guessing this is an elaborate troll. 

Plus, it's been objectively proven that social science is 10,000% bullshit.

Talk about questions that answer themselves. 

It recently occurred to me that the X-Files episodes in which we see Michael Kritschgau are sandwiched by explicit MKULTRA themes. Then a FB boarder pointed out you can't spell Michael Kritschgau without M-K-U-L-T-R-A. Pretty typical Chris Carter easter-egging IMO.

Further proof that The X-Files is actually about two mind-controlled assassins who are tasked to hunt down failed products of a secret genetic engineering program of which they are also subjects in. 

Prove me wrong.

I wonder with great admiration as to the Scarlet color of your hair, Courtney! 

Try L'Oreal™ Preference®: Now with 17% more abominations and adulteries! Wear it beside many waters!

How it started.

How it's going.


Nothing further need be said.


Did you say Peppa Pig?

I thought so.

Did you say the "Voice of God" is responsible for UFO sightings?

I thought so.

Did you say there's a Teardrop-shaped binary (Twins) star system in Gemini (Twins)?

Near the Strawberry Nebula in Orion? 

I thought so.


If nothing else, metaphorically true. Also, spiritually.

Don't you feel better knowing there's a dead-eyed soulless vessel standing at the podium throwing out fresh totalitarian edicts every day? I know I do.

I said it before I'll say it again: if you want to know what's going on, read or watch Radio Free Albemuth. You're living it right now.

I'll leave this here for you to meditate upon.

Also this.


So it takes the better part of two decades work to reach the Mesosphere? Shame NASA lost all that super-duper quantum-hyper Apollo technology. I mean, they made it to the Moon in less than half the time using computers with less power than a dollar-store calculator pen, right?

Maybe NASA will find all that lost technology in a storage unit in central Nebraska someday. And we can finally live on all those domed cities on Mars.

2021 in a jpeg.


A Daemen? Up in the air? Too easy.

Hawt. Maybe Blue Origin can sign Astroglide on as a co-sponsor. Or Hostess.

Meanwhile, don't forget IT IS TIME FOR METAL on The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll. Better still, 1983 Metal.

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