Thursday, May 27, 2021

Code-Breaking the Craft: Storming the Stargate

The SSI is having an open-house, where we're all enjoying some quality code-breaking of arcane and revelatory symbolism. This is an addendum to that lesson.

A FB group member was kind enough to provide this snapshot of a random late summer morning back in the day. Just for the giggles and grins.

 Note the Perseids, which I like to call the "Mithrasids."

Note that the Stargate -- in this case the intersection of the Zodiacal Ecliptic and the Celestial Plane -- is guarded by Twins and a pentagonal constellation. 

Some more images placed totally at random. It's like a William S. Burroughs kind of "cut-up method" thing. I also have no idea how those arrows got there. Must be an automatic writing kind of thing. The collective unconscious, or something.

But the Twins and the Crayfish (AKA the Two Witnesses and the Beast from the Sea) got me thinking...

... what would happen if we looked a bit west of the Stargate? 

What does it all mean? Let's ask ol' Dewdrops...

No, seriously. The Rock's childhood nickname was "Dewdrops" (derived from Dwayne, I'd wager). We found that when he was promoting that movie about "The Pearl." 

Must be why I'm thinking of Las Vegas.

Say Hello 2 Heaven.

LOL, no

That's what I mean.

Come on over and dive into the Waters Above the Firmament with us. 

All are welcome.

Coffee and crumbcakes will be served in the Den of Intrigue.