Sunday, March 21, 2021

A Heroic Dose of Secret Sun

Feeling lost and adrift? Can't reconnect with the Source, the Ground of Being, the Great Universal Spirit? Maybe you just need a very strong course of Secretsun-Diethylamide-Tryptamine-317. 

Studies have shown that patients who've received strong doses of Secret Sun recover 33% more quickly from spiritual malaise and dark spellcraft than patients who were given a placebo.

Peer-reviewed clinical trials have also shown that patients given heroic doses of Secret Sun recovered 17% more quickly than those given Placebo.

You can start your heroic dosage of Secret Sun with my most recent appearance on Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. We talked a lot about the current state of social implosion, including the Woke cancer, Covidianity, and the onrushing collapse of the American Imperium.

Click here to listen.

When you begin to come down off that trip, check out my recent chat with Alex T on Skeptiko. We dive into all kinds of topics like Scientism, ritualism and Mythicism. It's always a rousing time when me and Alex mix it up, and this one's no exception.

Click here to listen.

Please pace yourself if you're new to  Secretsun-Diethylamide-Tryptamine-317. Consecutive consumption of Sunchrona™ can be hazardous to your preexisting neural programming.

Ask your doctor if Sunchrona® is right for you.


And if you have not yet partaken of this serving of Suntastic-Synchrohydroxide, be sure do to so. Controlled experimental environments are recommended but not mandatory. But it's always a good idea to have a seasoned Sunchromystic babysit you during your experience if this is your first dose.

Report your encounters with pukwidgies and machine elves in the Den of Intrigue.

Don't forget The Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism, now holding classes in the highly strange. There's a ton of exclusive material up already and so much more on the way. 

Welcome to the New Atlantis.