Thursday, July 23, 2020

Now Listen, You

Well, there's an omen for you: a giant pink bolt of lightning striking the plinth that bears the world's most famous drag queen, Lady Mithras Nymphus. Not the big giant bunch of copper there but the stone base. 

I don't know why, but it all seems to make sense.

My recent wrasslin' match with my old friend Richard Hoagland is now available for your listening pleasure. This one isn't quite as fiery as my last appearance but we still butt heads, hopefully in an entertaining fashion. Mind you, Richard and I agree on a lot more than we don't but we're both stubborn and headstrong and aren't shy about locking horns now and then.

Show Page:

You can download the entire show here.


Remembering that Ghislaine was arrested on World UFO Day, it might be worth noting that the Pentagon is kicking up the UFO issues, with their favorite writers writing for their favorite mockingbird nest. I have little interest in this whole operation in and of itself but the timing here seems a bit too cute.

Listen to "Kubrick's Eye Wide Shut & Furniture, JFK Zapruder, Ghost Hunting and Upcoming Documentaries with Ryan Page!" on Spreaker.

While you're at it, check out this interview with documentary filmmaker and Secret Sun acolyte Ryan Page talking Eyes Wide Shut, a film that inserted itself back into the news cycle through one of Epstein and Ghislaine's aristo-cronies.

See, Ryan and I share a terrible secret: we both agree that Maynard's other projects make much interesting music than anything Tool has managed in the past couple of decades. If you hate me now and wish to cut all ties with me, I'll be sorrowful but I will understand and perhaps learn one day to forgive you. 

Now, Listen you: I hope to see everyone-- every blessed one of you-- on Saturday night for a live episode of Aeon Byte where we will dig deep into the very highly strange weirdness kicked up in the wake of the Ghislaine bust.

And if you missed Gordon throwing down with the Grimerica lads on all things strange and weird, from sorcery to saucery, you can remedy that situation now. 

The roots of a lot of the madness on the march we see ravaging the world these days are demonic, at least in my view. Jasun Horsely and Alex Tsakiris look at the people and personages that tended the gardens of the flowers of evil, including the man whose earthy remains lie beneath a cow pasture some twenty miles to my west. 

And just because it's all so grim and dire, please enjoy this video of a baby raccoon learning to swim.
You know what they say, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.