Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Space is an Altar: Swan Swan H

Well, well, well. Here are again. I'm sure you were all expecting as much, it's just a question of when and where the dice would fall.

Congratulations for surviving the latest near-earth asteroid impact by the way. Of course, the night is still young.

So yeah, there it is. 

Now, we still don't know what Exercise Cygnus actually was, but from the sounds of it it was more malicious mischief from the usual suspects, like the Gates of Hell Foundation's Event 201. 

However, I'll let someone else worry about all that because we have some star maps to attend to.

Cygnus is in a part of the night sky we've spent quite a bit of time talking about, on account of its smack-dab next to Lyra and Heaven or El Vega and all the rest of it. 

So if your spidey-sense isn't pinging right now, you arrived here by mistake. Hope you find the page you were actually looking for.

Our old pal Lyra isn't a main stage player in this production, more of an understudy. But do note this alleged Cygnus "revelation" hit the papers during the Lyrids, so there's that connection for those keeping score at home. Keeping it in the family.

But let's wind the clock back a bit because we got a rash of weird Cygnusian headlines a while back, presumably in the wake of Exercise Cygnus. 

Here's a sampling...

And perhaps most disturbingly, this story:

Knowing Elizardbeast Regina, it wouldn't surprise me one whit if this mini-outbreak here was conjured up by Her Majesty's royal warlocks. If so, it was a smashing success, don't you think? Sure got rid of the bastard ginger and his Pearly Dewdroppin' beard wife.

But let's look to the stars now, shall we?

The Queen's Swans apparently have an important symbolic function in the ritually-obsessed Windsor clan, so do note that Cassiopeia the Queen lies just north of Cygnus the Swan, which I'm guessing is the source of this.

Everything is star magic, kids. Everything. All the major religions, major rituals, everything. Just put any thoughts to the contrary out of your wonderful little heads and start studying on the skies.

If you learn absolutely nothing else here, learn that. You can thank me with gifts, cash, back rubs, etc etc etc later. Shoot me a email and I'll send you a forwarding address.

So from Cygnus, it's just a hop over to Draco the Dragon. Nothing more needs be said about the Dragon and its long and close symbolic association to China.

But now things get interesting...

From Draco we have our old pal Hercules, whom OG Sunners will remember very fondly.

The big ol' lunk is fixin' to club a Hydra, who's guarding the Golden Apples of Hesperides. This area of the sky is full of snakes and other stingey things, all guarding the Tree of Life, meaning the Milky Way from Galactic Center to the Garden of Eden (Cepheus).

So what's the significance of this, you may ask? Well, this is where it gets real interesting.

Hercules is the patron of Florence, and has been since the Middle Ages (openly, at least). 

Florence is one of the great cities of Italy and was the epicenter of the Italian Renaissance, which gave birth to the age of European Imperialism.

But here's where it gets a bit strange. 

That same part of the sky is known as the "Court of the Celestial Market" in ancient Chinese astrology. Its northernmost region is the "Butcher." 

Remember the ridiculous cover stories about the wet markets and the bat soup that you were forced to agree with, if you knew what was fucking good for you? 

What I'm sayin'.

So, we go from the Dragon to the Marketplace, which is also Hercules, which is Italy. 

That strike anyone as weird? It strikes me as weird.

And of course just to the right of Hercules we have Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. Which means just to the right of the Wet Market (give or take) we have Corona.

Huh. Go figure.

Following the path of the Tree of Life brings us to Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, who is represented by any number of figures in the Bible, most notably the Archangel Michael in Revelation 12 (or as I like to call it, 'Revelation Frase').

Amblin' Al Gore allegedly tore himself away from an alleged spirit cooking party long enough to allegedly get in on all the alleged starry fun by labeling Trump's meandering ruminations on alleged corona-cures as selling "snake oil," landing us smack-dab on ol' Ophiuchus' doorstep.

I mean, you gotta wring a snake out to get at the snake oil, right? You know I'm right, so let's just move on.

If any of this sounds familiar, remember it follows the same path as the Locusts of Revelation (number-9, number) 9. Not exactly in the same order, but do note that Coronapanic in Year Zero is running alongside a much more terrifying plague, that being the megaswarms of locusts currently ravaging East Africa and Asia.

Also note that this horrible swarm kicked up during the 2019 Draconids, lending credence to my delusions theory that the rather-extravagant chimeras of Revelation 9 are a star map, which in turn is some kind of clock that we don't understand any longer.

Seriously, you can believe The Simpsons is prophetic but not a 2000 year-old sacred text read by billions? Come on, now.

That brings us to the scorpions of the underworld (below the ecliptic) whose sting is as serpents. 

And we all know who that can only be...

...Not-Actually-a-Doctor But-Definitely-Evil himself, with his world-saving schemes that always seem to go oopsie-daisy! and do exactly the opposite of what he told us they were intended to.

And inevitably, Bill(ions Must Die) Gates is a Scorpio, just to add a nice maraschino cherry on top of this poison sundae. 

Now, just to the left of Scorpio is the Corona Australis, the Infernal Crown of the Abyss. Entirely appropriate in this particular instance.

Next we have the Libra the Scales of Justice, formerly the Scorpion's claws. Which seems all too appropriate if you've ever had any experience with the justice system (so-called). 

The Justice Department has been in the news quite a bit, but I'm too lazy to make any kind of definitive parallel here. Stick a pin in that one for later.

So that all brings us to Hydra again, which in turn brings us to hydroxychloroquine ("scales of the pale-green water-dragon"), the controversial treatment for malaria being used in some instances for CV19. 

And there's a headline that should shock absolutely no sentient being who isn't totally brainwashed. A shrinking minority, I realize. But still.

We already discussed how how the conjunction of Crater and Corvus is the Bloody Cup of Abominations, Filth and Adulteries, so let's assign that to Bill(ions Must Die) Gates' new BFF Mysterina Abramalon and ever-eager globo-mouthpiece Lady Gorgon.

Bon appetit, gals!

Add in Sextans and you throw in our blessed coronal savior, Twin Hanks. 

Sextans is the navigational sextant, so that queues up nicely with Twim's role as the mustachioed Masonic sky-savior who safely navigated a jetliner into the Katy Hudson River. 

Finally, if you follow the Hydra to his head, that will take you to the Mother of Abominations riding the Beast, AKA Coma Berenices atop Leo.

Well, I had fun. Did you? Let me know in the comments.

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UPDATE: Right on schedule. Reader ginleefer points our attention to the latest wonder in the sky.

UPDATE: Timing is everything.

Let's all cleanse the palette with the bracing beats of my kind of Swans.