Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Hindsight is Twin-Ten Twin-Ten

A brand new video from our friends at the Sync Book Press! Always a cause for celebration on a bitterly cold day...

Don't forget to check out the first part as well. Your humble host gets a hat-tip.

Do note also that the latest Rising of Hiram Abiff Ritual kicks off on 6+6/6+6+6 and was announced on Samhain. Note also that Hiram Trumpiff cited Salem (the earmarked future pilgrimage site for the coming state religion) in his response to Noncey Pelosi, giving the media a pretext to indulge in some fiery exercises in possibly-inadvertent Knowles' First Law revelation. Hilarity for all. 

Interesting to note that the Three Ruffians in this drama-- Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi-- represent the West Village, West Hollywood and the Castro, respectively. Don't know what that means yet, but it probably means something. 

So get your aprons and popcorn out and get on the square! The entire world is about to get initiated! 23 skidoo!  

And a very warm and hearty thank you for the incredible reception He Will Live Up in the Sky has gotten! Five-star reviews all over the place! I have a gesture of my appreciation for supporters coming up in the new year, so keep those eyes wide open!