Friday, December 27, 2019

When a Rabbit Hole becomes a Wormhole.

If you're a serious music nerd like me, you are not going to believe this one...

I keep telling you that there's this obscure 80s new wave singer is who is hands-down the most prodigiously prolific sync-generator I've ever seen in my decades of doing this kind of work, and lo and behold, here we go again.

Her major patron, British DJ John Peel, somehow was actually in the room when Lee Harvey Oswald was paraded before the press and then shot by Jack "Stars are Ruddy" Ruby. 

Need I mention that Peel was a big booster for Bowie and Led Zeppelin as well?

Recluse dug into the details on the must-read VISUP and boy, let me just say this: this rabbit hole is looking more and more like a wormhole.
...Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun emailed this most curious account by legendary DJ John Peel describing an incident that unfolded in Dallas, Texas in the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination. 
At the time, the British Peel had been living in the Dallas area while working as a DJ and for an insurance company. Somehow, Peel was able to convince Dallas police that he was a journalist working for the Liverpool Echo. This bought him a ringside seat for Lee Harvey Oswald's first appearance as Kennedy's alleged assassin before the press. Also present for this event was Oswald's future assassin (as in two days later), Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby.
This is quite a bizarre "coincidence" on any number of levels. For one, there is Peel's fondness for underage girls. This was a "taste" that Peel reportedly first developed while residing in the Dallas area. After Beatlemania broke out in earnest during early 1964 (only a few months after the assassination), Peel described the scene as thus:
"I was suddenly confronted by this succession of teenage girls who didn't want to know anything about me at all. All they wanted me to do was to abuse them, sexually, which, of course, I was only too happy to do."
Charming. It is also curious in light of some of the activities Ruby was involved in in the Dallas area around this same timeframe. Ruby was actively involved with the Syndicate. 
As I detailed before here, Ruby's nightclub in Dallas (and one he was alleged to own in Louisiana called the Silver Slipper) were used as hubs for a sexual slavery racket spread across the Gulf states of Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. A collection of prostitutes were ferried by various Syndicate figures across these states, constituting a kind of traveling harem. 
This researcher has not been able to determine whether any of the women in this ring were teenagers, but this would hardly be surprising. Several of the Cubans active in this ring were also linked to arch child abuser David Ferrie, and had even been used to intimidate his victims and their families in the New Orleans area at one point (more information of Ferrie's sexual outrages can be found here). 
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