Friday, October 11, 2019

I Got Them Ol' Cosmic Cold War Blues Again, Mama.

I'm trying to get some leftover business squared away for good today, so indulge me while I drop some slightly-stale news with some fresh synchliness on your heads. Then open the floor so all you fine folks can share the latest information, gossip and mind-blowing revelations with one another in the comments.

We've covered this UAP story going back to the crazy days and nights of October 2017, but it's worth revisiting considering how big a deal this is becoming. I can't quite scope out the angle here, either this is the ongoing "soft disclosure" or some batshit psyop for the benefit of anyone out studying on fucking with the US Navy. 

But do note it is the Navy, as Secret Sun aficianados have come to expect, and do note that things have been getting awfully Cold War II lately, only more insane and delirium tremens-y.

I'm very interested to find out what you all think of this monkeyshines and tomfoolery and where exactly you reckon it's all headed.

Of course, Secret Sun regulars realize that "Elizondo" and "David Fravor" is yet another in-joke amongst whatever grand poobahs might be orchestrating this big roll-out. And high initiates should realize that "Frodis Caper" guest-star Rip Taylor died after the Elizondobeth Davidson Frasvor business got aired on Rogan.

Because I am always right about everything (especially when I'm wrong), as insane as I fully and freely acknowledge this all is. That's kind of my point, actually.

Bonus Ritualism: Commandabeth Davidson Frasvor reportedly lives right near Mystery Hill, aka "America's Stonehenge." Because there is literally nowhere else he could live.

UPDATE: Our Man in the Field Moses reminded me that America's Stonehenge was recently-- and weirdly-- vandalized with what looks to me like "Qoo" graffiti.