Monday, April 15, 2019

Spacely Syncs: The All-Important 4/4

Our pal Khadir pointed me to this article, which talked about the Event Horizon project, in this instance about the MIT observatory in Westford, MA.

I'm sure you're probably all black-hole'd out, especially after the manufactured fake- controversy about that random woman on the team whose name just HAPPENED TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT to sync up with Sagittarius, where the other Superunknown black hole sun was imaged.

Don't go invoking Knowles' First Law* now. I don't want you getting unpersoned.

The hyperbole was thick and florid when the news broke, even though not a few punters thought it just looked like a delicious Krispy Kreme donut gone Goth. But more interesting than that, is that the day the think-pieces all hit the web- April 11- was a big day for spacely doings.

We saw this story, apparently about some ocean planet somewhere or other out there in the middle of nowhere. These things come and go, but the dating here is what interests me.

The same day the Falcon Heavy did this or that or something. I guess they were launching something for Arabsat or whatever, which means our Arab friends might as well just say goodbye to their customs, their cultures and their religions now, because the Great Beast is coming for you next.  

The same day the Falcon launched Arabsat, the Israelis reportedly botched a lunar launch. I hope this was all for ritual's sake, because I can't imagine that's a very promising augur.

Especially with the "Beresheet" thing and Genesis 4:11 going, "Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood at your hands."  

Not for nothing but I'd start hunting around for red heifers now. Can't hurt.

AND OF FUCKING COURSE, NASA revealed its Twins study. I guess the Orange Twins were the stars of the show, on account of no one being sick to death of those chrome-domed weirdos enough already.

Oh, but look: mummified Falcons were found in an Egyptian tomb. A newly-unveiled tomb, no less. This is just the like the old Enterprise Mission days, all the Egypt-NASA co-incidents. There's more to come, too...

On the 7th, some folks from the Discovery Channel popped open a tomb on live TV because when you're going to desecrate an eternal resting place, why not do it for a worldwide audience? It's not like you're going to get your ass cursed or anything.

And the poor unfortunate who got his crypt kicked was a priest of Thoth, in fact was a singer in the Temple of Thoth. Boy, you'd almost think singers were somehow important in the midst of all this stuff, huh? Almost, I guess.

But wait a second: that's the same time Guinevere Lopez premiered her new Pearly Dewdrop Osorronophris Rite. And did they say Thoth? 

Hey, wait just a darn second now...

...the opening of the Singer of Thoth's tomb and the JLo video were both released on the eve of the 115th birthday of The Book of the Law! 

And just everybody hold on a second; the whole Book of the Law monkeyshines started off with Crowley performing the Bornless Rite to this wife? Well, I'll have you know the Bornless Rite is actually a bastardization of its real name: the Headless Rite.


...I smell fresh-baked shenanigans here.

Of course, apparently on 4/11 a petition was launched to name the Superunknown black hole sun after the Horned Christ. To no avail, alas. Hawaiian names are hot with nerds these days.

And as mentioned before, NatGeo published a story on the black holes on April 11-- OK, is someone pulling my leg here? That's April 11, 2017! That's a month and a week before Chris Cornell's death!  Hey, what's the big idea! 

Oh, so apparently the imaging began on 4/4, what we like to call the All Important 4/4.† But wait just one hot minute...

If the Superunknown black hole sun imagining on 4/4 and Chris Cornell died on May 18, that means it's ..

The All-Important 44 days after the All-Important 4/4? What the bloody blazes...?

Plus, there's that whole thing with 4x11 being 44 and all, too. Hey, I got OCD, OK? 

We talked about how the Event Horizon network includes the array in Atacama (where the Pearly Dewdrops were first sighted in 1987) and an array at Amundsen-Scott, where the Dewdrop from Orion's Sword rose last year, or where it was detected to have risen. 

So here's a little savory sync-snack for you:

The Horned Christ's death to Our Blessed Sibyl's manifestation at Royal Albert is 66 days, another Twin number for my people so that they may prosper.

Bonus Sync: The Superunknown black hole sun imaging ended on 4/14/17, the 31st anniversary of the release of Victorialand.

7/23 is the cusp of Cancer and Leo, which might ring a bell with some folks. I should mention again that the Superunknown black hole sun is currently washing away the rain in Messier 87, which straddles the frontier of Virgo and Coma Berenices, AKA Mystery Babylon the Great.

We've already linked Our Blessed Sibyl with Revelation 12, could JLo be Babalon reborn?

She does wear some damn impressive wigs in the "Medicine" video. Let me run some equations and I'll get back to you on that.

Love how the NatGeo piece talks about a guy called "Fish." The future is indeed Mermale.

But do note that the Haystack is a short skip away from Common Street in Groton, which some of you will remember as the setting of some extreme nastiness involving young Orion Krause. Which means it's also just a short jaunt away from Fort Devens.

Poor Orion was arraigned on 4/11 of last year, just to bring it all full-circle.

Before I let you go, there are some changes with the comments section and more to come. I'm sorry to say it but I've finally run out of patience.

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* Knowles' First Law is that whenever a controversy over symbolism wells up in the mass media, it's probably disguising an entirely different symbolic message altogether.

† The All-Important October 1, 2044 to be exact, the date of the Occultation of Regulus by Venus.