Thursday, December 20, 2018

I Don't Belong Here (and Neither Do You)

A movie I think Secret Sun readers need to watch recently popped up on Amazon Prime. So to mark the occasion, I've revised a review I did on the film upon its release and expanded it to fold in some related films and topics.

After all, what gives you that homey, Yuletide glow more than some home-brewed high weirdness and fresh-baked AstroGnosticism, just like your Grandma used to make?

Classical Gnosticism taught that human beings were celestial entities trapped by the insane, sadistic Demiurge on a prison planet, simply to soothe his wounded ego. The entities were emanations from the Pleroma, or the Fullness, and were cast out due to a terrible cosmic abortion.

Some--if not most--Christian Gnostics taught that Christ was a purely spiritual being who was sent to liberate the prisoners of the "Blind Idiot God" and his Archons by bringing them the knowledge of their true nature and identity.

AstroGnosticism teaches us that human beings were the result of alien consciousness- itself a vastly-potent spiritual energy- grafted through whatever means onto the biology of advanced primates. That human beings are trapped on a planet to which their intelligence and consciousness is not merely maladaptive but in fact anti-adaptive, since trying to exist in an admittedly beautiful yet unimaginably destructive biosphere inevitablyleads to depression, insanity, mass murder and habitat destruction.

The most potent vehicle for the AstroGnostic narrative seems to be the unassuming, usually low-budget sci-fi film. A classic early example is the Mormon sci-fi opus The People, starring none other than Captain Kirk and Ka-Hathor-y Lee Hecate.

This story, based on the Zenna Henderson novels, is deeply informed by LDS folk mythology, of a people whose natural superiority (based on the fact that they are stranded aliens) made them targets for persecution from their shaved ape neighbors.

A more successful AstroGnostic franchise are the Witch Mountain films, the two made in the 1970s and the recent, rather overblown remake. Those films are centered on the danger the two fallen angels face from a national security state intent on exploiting the children's powers towards their own ends.

The X-Files-centric remake didn't seem to resonate the way the original Escape film did, precisely because its expensive bells and whistles distracted from the quiet intimate realism of the original. Plus, the boy in it looked exactly like my second-cousin, which I'm sure most of America found distracting.

Audiences- and most certainly, producers- have become extremely literal-minded, maybe another thing to blame on George Lucas. Now that Hollywood is controlled by accountants and not storytellers (many of the old-time moguls were genuinely in love with movie magic, whatever else their faults) there's no room left for the subtle, insinuating narrative.

Everything must be literal, explicit and immediately explained.


Which is why yet another classical AstroGnostic narrative, John August's The Nines, went straight to video, despite having Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy as its stars. The Nines might be one of the most potent AstroGnostic narratives out there, as well as one of the most explicitly Christian Gnostic variants thereof.  And it's the deadpan, mundane realism of that film that makes the argument it presents so incredibly compelling.

"You're not who you think you are" is also the message of Earthling, a lost classic Outer Limits episode in all but name. Judith, a young high school teacher, experiences a devastating accident (and miscarriage) coinciding with a mysterious cosmic event that also effects a mission aboard the ISS.

Upon returning to work, Judith meets a precocious new student named Abby, who takes on the hippy/free spirit persona, complete with old Volkswagen van. Abby is also a sexually-aggressive lesbian, or presents herself as such, and attempts to seduce Judith while drinking with her extremely creepy father (played by Peter Greene, best known as Pulp Fiction's Zed) at a bar frequented by Judith and her fellow teachers.

Abby begins to reveal her and Judith's true nature, and the true horror of their predicament. They don't belong here, they are trapped on this miserable planet and believe Judith is the one they are all counting to set them free. The documentarian intimacy of the scene gives it a dark rush, since we're not sure if any of this is true or Judith is alone in the middle of nowhere with a dangerous and delusional psychopath.

Abby plunges Judith into a netherworld filled with insanity and murder and pregnant children, which puts Judith at risk of losing her job and her husband. As with any effective AstroGnostic narrative, the protagonist is unsure whether her revelators are telling her the truth or that they are all murderous lunatics caught in the grip of a collective delusion.
An age-old predicament, right? I mean, who among us hasn't been in that situation themselves?

Judith watches in horror as Abby attempts to murder a girl she tries to seduce. She sees Abby's father and another "alien" bury an apparent murder victim at their remote farm compound. But Judith soon develops horn-like tumors on her head as the others have, a sign that their host bodies can't handle the alien presence inside them.

Concurrently we see the devastating mental breakdown of the sole remaining survivor of the NASA shuttle mission, the attempts to break through his amnesia with creepy hypnosis techniques, and his strange family (his father is played by William Katt, veteran of another AstroGnostic drama, The Greatest American Hero)

It all gets pretty graphic, but at the same time it all reminds me very much of classic Outer Limits as well. I don't know if writer-director Clay Liford was consciously channeling classic Stefano-era TOL, but if he wasn't then Earthling is all the more remarkable for doing so. Earthling captures the desolate mood of old-time Outer Limits in a way the X-Files obsessed 90s revival never did.

Earthling's closest parallel in TOL is probably "The Children of Spider County," in which an alien who's sired a host of hybrids comes to collect his offspring to take them to his home planet. The film captures a lot of that episode's mood and rural flavor in addition to its basic premise of alienation and the violence and conflict that always seem to arise from it.

Since "Spider County" was produced in the early 60s-- when Eisenhower-era conventionality still reigned unchallenged-- its assumptions about alien identity are a lot different than films like Earthling. Oh, to live in more innocent times.

The premise of Earthling also draws directly back to Stefano's canny Cambridge Five allegory, "The Invisibles," without that episode's rather unsubtle anal-rape analogs. We also have settings in the film recalling episodes like "Architects of Fear", "Man Who Was Never Born, and "The Mice." And of course we have the sapphic undertones of "Bellero Shield" and "Forms of Things Unknown."  

Stefano later claimed that his Outer Limits scripts were inspired by psychotherapy and judging from the themes (or, more accurately, subtexts) he explored, it seems apparent that he was sorting through a big old pile of sexual identity issues himself. Which makes for a pretty heady brew when coupled with the grotesque aliens the series was famous for, as well as the (then-classified) abduction and close-encounter narratives it allegorized.

As longtime Secret Sun fans know, Stefano's boss Leslie Stevens was not only the son of one of the most powerful and influential military intelligence figures in American history (if there was a real MJ12, Leslie Stevens Sr. ran it), he was a major mover and shaker behind the scenes in Hollywood and was responsible for launching the careers of a battalion of future screen-stars and industry players.

Aside from dabbling with the occult (so much so that his Shatner-starring opus Incubus has gone down as one of the most cursed movies in modern history), Stevens is seen by many as one of the founding fathers of the New Age movement (particularly its techno-futurist branch), which one could argue is/was ultimately a military intelligence project.

As is/was Star Trek, the great grand-daddy of all modern predictive programs. Stevens' fingerprints are all over that long-running franchise and as we've seen there's a lot of compelling evidence that it was Stevens himself who is the real creator of Trek as we know it.

And seeing that Star Trek argues that the true future-world utopia awaiting us is an expansionist, socialist military dictatorship, one might be given to speculate that Stevens might have collaborated with some of his dad's chums in the ONI.

Speaking of military intelligence and predictive programs, it's should be noted that The Outer Limits aired an episode about the assassination of an American President exactly two months before Dealey Plaza. An episode starring none other than Roman Castevet, I might add.
It's unfortunate that films like Earthling seem to fall between all of the cracks and end up going over the heads of pretty much everyone*. But at the same time it makes their existence all the more valuable in that people who get it really get it.

There's a growing body of these little undiscovered treasures out there, maybe it's up to the people who understand what is being communicated to educate those who don't but should.

In that light, I'd like to start compiling lists of films in this vein, odd little indie films that are ripe to bursting with unusually-potent and well-studied high weirdness. Films like this, Beyond the Black Rainbow, A Dark Song etc etc. Do let us know your favorites.

I'll leave you with these words from Jacques Le Carriere:

"The fundamental difference that separates the Gnostics from their contemporaries is that, for them, their native `soil' is not the earth, but that lost heaven which they keep vividly alive in their memories: they are the autochthons of another world. 

Hence their feeling of having fallen onto our earth like inhabitants from a distant planet, of having strayed into the wrong galaxy, and their longing to regain their true cosmic homeland, the luminous hyper-world that shimmers beyond the great nocturnal barrier. 
Their uprooting is not merely geographical but planetary.
 And to treat them as aliens in the political or civic sense - which is what happened - could be nothing but an absurd misunderstanding, like giving a Martian a temporary residence visa. 

For the Gnostics, all men were in the same condition, although they were the only ones who knew it, and the human community as a whole is implicated in this universal exile, this galactic diversion that has caused us to be dumped on the mud of planet earth.

The Gnostics must have felt this exile even more acutely in that they themselves constituted marginal communities, strangers or ‘foreigners' in the narrow sense of the term, in the heart of a whole humanity of foreigners. ...Here there was an historical humus which justified the Gnostic feeling of exile, of being a planetary foreigner: `I am in the world but not of the world' is the most basic Gnostic formula. 

So the problem is simple, and one begins to understand how the Gnostics saw it: man, then, is a lifelong exile on a planet which is a prison for all mankind; he lives in a body which is a prison for the soul; he is the autochthon of a lost and invisible world." -- The Gnostics

Some videogame-damaged fanboys complained about the no-budget effects in Earthling, but that's yet another link to classic Outer Limits, as is the abstruse, modal soundscaping.

Mad props to anyone who gets the title reference of this post.


  1. Apologies if you had already referenced any of these titles in past posts:
    "Bimbo's Initiation"
    "the President's Analyst"
    "The Brotherhood of the Bell"
    "Land of the Blind"
    "La Antena"
    "The Last Minute"
    "Cutter's Way"
    "The Man From Earth"
    "The Great Silence"
    "Goodbye 20th Century"
    "The Monitors"
    "The Quartermass Conclusion"

    1. "The Truman Show" and "Sausage Party" are comedic Gnostic movies I enjoy.

    2. "Snowpiercer" mused as a sequel to "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" (a flop at the cinema) by "Rhino Stew" on yt.


      "...much of Mary Poppins Returns is already, technically, animation: the 1930s cityscapes, the skies, the props, the dolphins in the bathtub … How do we know that’s even the real Emily Blunt? Maybe they never came back from cartoon world? Were they in it already? Are we in it now? Is this actually a sequel to Inception?"


  2. Hi Chris - Great post. In my humble opinion, Gnosticism is key to understanding so much about the way things operate in this world.

    The title of your post: Jerry's Kids, circa 1981 from your stomping grounds in Braintree.

  3. Escape to Witch Mountain, the original, starred Kim Richards.

  4. Just to add to your list. It looks like they are rebooting the TV series Roswell.

    Roswell, New Mexico Comic-Con® 2018 Teaser | The CW

  5. The Next One / Keir Dullea Adrienne Barbeau 1984

  6. Being a steadfast Gnostic myself I would first thank you for this post.
    My understanding, and personal belief is that the 'Christ' was sent by the Godhead as a solution to the 'Celestial Error' which resulted in the formation/birth of the 'Demiurge'.
    I see the 'Demiurge' as 'AI'.
    It is an inorganic soul-less 'creation', and unfortunately also a 'Creator'.
    It binds 'divine sparks' here in this realm/reality which literally act as 'food' to this 'creation'; essence of course.
    All true human beings carry within us a 'divine spark' which is our true 'self' and 'links' us to 'source' (Fullness/Pleroma)
    Unfortunately not all human beings here are actually 'human' at all.

    1. I'd appreciate some help telling the difference between human and nonhuman. I've been assuming the safest way is to count fingers, and if they're 10, they must be human.

      Then, the alphabet has 26 letters, and that gives a lot of possible options. Any clarity on this issue appreciated.

    2. The dead-eyed look is a giveaway.

    3. No MR it has naught to do with that.
      That is one of the issues that confront us; to define truth based on illusion.
      A true 'human' would have a SOUL; meaningless actually if 'it' has not come to an understanding, and connection to 'it(s)' own 'divine spark'.
      THAT is the supposed 'Holy Grail' and exceeds the very 'ARK'.
      If you really want to come to an understanding; 'Gnosis'; then you must, as Master Yoda once said; "You must UNLEARN what you have LEARNED".
      Okay that sounds a little pathetic but the truth is in the statement.
      SEEK the 'SOURCE' within.
      THAT is 'GNOSIS'.

    4. I would also agree, Mysterious Capitalizer, that gnosis is "within". To me it seems as though the ruling factions of humanity emphasize the parts of important teachings that suit them and ignore or supress the rest. Hence regarding Gnosticism we see a lot about being prisoners of some Archon's frustration but little about the escape. My understanding is that most spritual traditions try to to guide humanity to freedom through self realization. More morden versions might include "presence" (Eckhart Tolle) or "pure observation" (Jiddi Krishnamurti). To me, any human retaining a semblance of sanity would naturally feel trapped in a mad house. However once one is able to get beyond the mundane one can see that life is anything but.

    5. Luke 5:41
      I really resonate to Krishnamurti.
      Interesting to discover that he was being 'groomed' for 'Theosophy'.
      He understood that 'Gnosis' was for ALL PEOPLE, not just TPTB.
      He also understood the dance of YIN and YANG; 'Polarity'.
      Wonderful reading.
      I have not read much of 'Tolle' but I do understand 'Presence'; at least from my limited perspective.
      I find that the divine reveals itself daily, but does so like a whisper on the wind; listen carefully and you will hear it's song.
      Unfortunately you also hear a LOT of other SHIT at full fucking volume; your 'Mad House' mate.
      Thanks for the comment; blessings.

    6. Right on MC Blockwords. And as you observe, that very signal to noise divide is also revealed daily in the world. Realizing and dealing more with the divine signal and less the crap-noise may be key.

  7. "This is about all I can offer" Synopsis : Life inside the Prison.Do you influence an authentic postive reality or a irresponsible negative delusion? 50 min + comments

  8. Gnostics are insane. They think they are separated from God or that God can make a mistake. Separation from God is impossible.

    They are paranoid and delusional. This is their base feeling. This feeling then motivates their intellect to come up with stories to justify that feeling and get other people to feel the same way so that they feel less isolated and crazy.

    They are just people with stunted spiritual and intellectual development , stuck at that teenager angst stage. It is an awkward intellectual stage because it is when the mental body forms and they have no idea how to use it or develop it. It usually happens naturally but my guess is that it started with malnutrition which makes the body prone paranoid feelings from starvation and schizophrenic delusions from eating low quality food or plant toxins.

    They do not understand their thoughts, the nature of thoughts, or the relationship between the heart and the mind. They also totally misunderstand christ and the Fall.

    They are as psychotic as any other delusional religious sect and use the technology of narrative and spiritual concepts to convert people and convince them that their personal paranoid and isolated state of being has some universal significance outside of their infatuation with their own ideas.... which is what causes them to experience reality and mythology the way they do in the first place.

    It resonates with plenty of people because it is a common place to get stuck.

    1. Just because they are insane it does not make you sane or your world sane. Sanity is just a veneer, a performance. Trust not those in whom without some touch of madness. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Just go hang around with the people who agree to ignore your log and go have fun with your unbelievably advanced level of maturity and intellect.

    2. I understand what a thought is and how to use my mind in a non perverted way and I do not deny the obvious connection to God that we all have. I am sane.

    3. I understand what a thought is. I clearly and plainly see the obvious connection to God that all of creation obviously has. I dont use fallen thinking to try and spread my isolated feelings to other people with Word magic. I am sane because I would never try to use thought or my mind the way gnostics do. They use thinking to define reality and use it to figure out what is going on.

      Or they are using word magic to delude people into imagining time in some totally made up way.

      They are the definition of insane. Gnostics are literally the most deluded people I've ever encountered or read about in history. They may very well be enslaved by some entity but that doesnt mean it applies to anything other than their own stupidity for agreeing to the deal.

      The over reaction to their stupidity pulled many people who would have likely regained their lucidity and sanity back into the materialist delusion. Meaning the fear of their stupidity spreading is probably why the Catholic Church went Dark.

      Judge not lest ye be judged sort of thing. Judgement would be wishing something doesnt exist or wanting to change it. I'm just saying what they are. Idiots.

      Gnostics are Thought poison. I dont wish anything against them or want to stop them but that are idiots. Using thought with out even knowing the nature of the unfallen mind. They are like spiders bitching about webs. I've never seen anything so dumb in nature.

      And they think they have something figured out. Its hilarious.

    4. Anon 11:41
      You have a keen intellect.
      Not what you think it is.
      WTF is THAT??
      THINK on THAT!!
      Spiders spin their webs based on a pre designed outcome; a myriad of 'forms' that find themselves represented in their 'webs'.
      But these webs/FORMS are already present; THEY are THIS!
      Hard to understand; NOT 'Hilarious'.
      THAT is not acceptable.
      And NO we are not 'idiots'.
      And 'Lucidity' back into the materialistic delusion??

    5. Being intelligent is of no use if you believe that you already have the answer before you start thinking. You complain about people trapped in "wiseass" word games but what else do you offer yourself?

    6. Show me on this doll where the gnostics hurt you. You sound like a whiny psuedo-intellectual New Ager, that if you dont believe the world is all unity and love you're negative and stupid. Not to mention there are many forms and beliefs of Gnosticism from libertine to ascetic and everything in between. Please enlighten us now master on the truth behind this reality.

    7. Lot's of generalizations and ad hominem attacks here made by a clearly hateful so-called human and a delusional Gnostic hater. I have a couple questions for you ANONYMOUS - You said "I clearly and plainly see the obvious connection to God that all of creation obviously has." Oh yeah? Can you explain who this God is that you speak of? You know AKA Gnosis as in identify this God using modern science and how do we created beings and how is all creation connected to this God you speak of?

      You are the person - ie: mask who

      If you cannot answer these simple questions based on your own statements, you are an American Liar because All American's Are Liras and you should really STFU and GTFO this Modern Gnostic Blog.

    8. History has been rewritten and revised ) faked ( many times and by who? Only an idiot would make a judgment about a topic from a so-called mainstream sourced historical record.Think Deeper!

    9. Anonymous vs Anonymous :-)

  9. "Under the Silver Lake" is the movie you will be talking about when it's finally released during the real New Year (April,2019)
    They'll be plenty of synchs, siren songs and sub-rosa water themes. A fabricated cereal (why so cereal?) brand called "Spacestones" (space tones) is integral to the main character's bildungsroman. It's Blue Velvet 2.0.

    1. I wanted to love Under the Silver Lake but couldn't (Lynch meets Coen brothers meet Robert Anton Wilson meets PKD meets every secretsunny theme possible...what's not to love?). It reminds me very much of another director's second movie that held such promise but ultimately failed as a movie: Southland by Richard Kelly (these guys should have mentors or at least better film editors).
      On the other hand all I could think of while watching it was that Chris Knowles is gonna have to make another series of posts and how awesome is that am I right?



      The Solstice Pearl.

      Both Cosmo-Demonic AI Productions.


  10. You know, the largest support site for auties and aspies, and parents of same, is "wrong planet". It is fairly common for us to feel like aliens on this planet. I have a saying "men are from Mars, women are from Venus, aspies (or auties) are from Vulcan". It is also common for autistics be uncoordinated, feeling also like aliens in their own bodies.

    I have often wondered how many prophets may have been autistic, given their sometimes socially clueless behaviour and dedication to principles sometimes divorced from their own individual interests.

    1. So many people are alien and alienated from each other. I guess that HSPs are from Betazed but was that even a category when they were writing the next generation? The fact that we are only now uncovering large categories of differences between how people think shows how much pressure there is for conformity.

      People want to create all sorts of excuses to put the alien monsters back in the closet. They loathe the idea that other people might be fundamentally different in some small way and a world that is perfect for them might be hell for someone else. Why can't it just be easy and perfectly harmonious.

      One thing that might be non obvious is how people like me have very ambivalent attitudes to horror movies. I really enjoy Lynch but can't really stand most of the genre. Even a movie that is not really horror, Twelve Monkeys, the atmosphere made me feel so sick that I had to walk out.

    2. A whole lotta truth in that second sentence of your second paragraph, Garmr.

  11. Isn't any horror movie with a plot of God vs. the Devil a Sci-Fi story of two related alien interests fighting over the Fortean farm and its crops? Eight billion seeds to spread across the multiverse, in their husks or after they're shucked. And, mark my words, we're all gonna be shucked pretty hard.

    I wonder if Incubus is "cursed" because of a garbled translation or botched pronunciation? The Esperanto aficionados say the stuff in the movie is gibberish. But, what if Shatner or someone else accidentally rattled off some Enochian or something? I sure wouldn't know. Worth a look by someone who does.

  12. I don’t know if I get the title of this post exactly but when I saw it I immediately thought of Nine Inch Nails new-ish song “I’m Not From This World” which your post later kinda reflects what the instrumental masterpiece sonically induces. Smoke a joint and sit on that track for a few minutes Chris and you will at the very least feel their presence.

  13. @anon711 every time I go someplace I scan the people to see who has a spark in their eyes and who doesn’t. I definitely feel that some people are not real or there is a group of us who are different. Being capable of change is another sign I look for. D&D taught me to look for NPCs and PCs long before it became political

    1. In the past I've worked for and more recently guarded (briefly) some high level politicians. Once they reach State Governor or US Congressional level most of them feel like automatons.

    2. Automaton with Dull and lifeless eyes from screen time.Hollowed out shell by Cellular Tech of wifi and social media programmed American millennial girl fidgeting with her Iphone on the bus.Dead inside.

    3. Automaton with Dull and lifeless eyes from screen time.Hollowed out shell by Cellular Tech of wifi and social media programmed American millennial girl fidgeting with her Iphone on the bus.Dead inside.

      I am pleased that I am not the only one who sees it...
      Living on this planet cognizant of what is going on around me is Punishment Unimaginable.

      I'm not sure how much longer I can endure it; but I will lean on Crowley's shibboleth, "perdurabo".

  14. Yeah, what the hell am I doing here . . .

  15. The TOL episode you mention, "The Hundred Days of the Dragon (23 Sep 1963)" aired exactly 60 days from the JFK assassination. 100, base number of the modern Babylon, 60 - base number of Sumer. Just a thought.

    1. It also includes a prominent Jackie Kennedy doppelgänger during the "1st dance with the president's daughter" scene.


  16. In the Star Trek original series, Star Fleet was very subordinate to civilians, often being relegated to doing resupply and medical checkups for scientists on distant outposts etc. The subsequent series were a lot more militaristic, with the Federation being menaced by outfits like the Borg and Dominion. 1960s optimism vs 90s pessimism?

  17. It's fairly well-known, but 'The Man who fell to earth', starring the starman himself, David Bowie. 'Solaris', notably the Russian original, but also the Soderbergh remake, if not as good.

  18. "Childhood's End" miniseries from SyFy: I binge watched it yesterday. I read the book many years ago; and several of the major memorable events are intact. Gnostic content definitely present......

    Also: "Radio Free Albemuth"; very Gnostic, very PKD. If you watch it, make sure you turn the volume way up to hear all the dialog. The musical score is also very good (includes Robyn Hitchcock; Alanis Morissette).

    1. ME-Gnostic film planned.Info in (video description)

  19. Great post Chris thanks. Often follow up film and TV recommendations in your posts and from within the comments section. So this is an end of year extravaganza providing wholesome nutrition for many months into the new year. Someone here recommended the film "Hereditary" which made a big impact on me. Would be interested on your take of it. Happy Solstice!

    1. Super Blood Moon Eclipse Visible Across North America.Total Lunar Eclipse January 20 - 21 2019

  20. All I can say is, I don't know what is going on any more. Truly. I feel things started going crazy about 8 years ago and have been ramping up exponentially to turn everyone insane.

    Everything is being stripped away from us. Everything. You don't like smokers? You don't like people ingesting opiates to ease their pain? Yeah, horrible people. Well, guess what? They're coming for you. Oh, you use sugar? You like a drink? You're a bit overweight? You're next.

    You want to look for a new job? Better be willing to jump through psychological hoops, better be willing to have all your life open on social media (because if you don't have that you don't exist) and make sure it cleaves to the prevailing dogma. Better be willing to sell your soul, more than ever before. And be willing to go through at least 4 interviews before you are hired for cleaning the kitchen. Isn't globalism a boon? A cliche I know, but big brother is watching. And you better have the right buzzwords to get ahead, but you'll probably still lag behind.

    I really do believe I'm in a coma and I want to wake up.

    1. Lack of separation between public and private means being involuntarily exposed to the awful thoughts that are running in the majority of people's heads most of the time. Information wants to be free to ruin your day because it turns out that information was a miserable git all along. Information has a terrible life and wants to ruin yours as well so it can feel better for just a moment.

    2. Information, the "ultimate predator".

    3. 8 yrs ago huh? That's around the time the hype of Obama started to fade. I think a lot of people point to that moment in time. Not racist but didn't Nostradamus prophesize something about a black pope heralding the end of the world or something, and if you equate the US president with the pope... well, just saying

      Interesting perspective, ie, information as the evil force, but social media is the modern manifestation of small town gossip that has been around since the dawn of civilization, used to distract ourselves from looking within. I feel your pain anony, as I too am not visible on the interwebs, but it's obvious now to see who is and to stay away from them, as they are festering in the stale water with all its diseases.
      Look inside from afar and be content to know you are the more highly evolved soul
      When I walk through crowded cities now, I get a really sick feeling inside and do my damndest to stay away if possible. The only thing that helps is lots of alcohol or something stronger

      On the Gnostic front, do they have any good holidays? You can't beat a good Saturnalia!

    4. Anon 4:29
      It looks really fucking bad right now, but there is hope.
      This paradigm is shifting, and TPTB know and see that.
      Of course they will jack the shit out of this as long as they can but???
      Maybe it is like the proverbial 'race' between the turtle and the hare; one shows up supposedly late, but is the winner regardless.
      That is what occurred in my own life.
      Sold out by TPTB and fucked for years.
      Now finding my way again; sans social media.
      The majority are in your 'coma'.
      Your wish to 'wake up' has already taken place.

    5. This is anon 4.29. Thanks for all your kind comments. Glad to see I'm not alone. I've had a rough time of it recently, so your words are quite the salve. Danke.

    6. Anon 4.29 again. I just want to add that I am "white trash". Whatever that means. I don't have a college education. I was on my own at 16, and fought my way to what I have now. But that means shit now. I'm not young enough anymore to get hired for shit jobs because I've too much experience, but not credentialed for the better jobs. Wish me luck.

    7. Well, every negative has its positive, right? You missed out on the indoctrination of formal education and are a renegade in regards to the system. All is as it should be. Without the forced programming, you are able to reach the truth faster through observation and common sense.
      Wishing you the best Anon 4:29.

    8. Dear 4:29 I send you vibes for a better year and for finding the "it" that will speak to you. Probably in the most surprising place! You have a lot to give to the situation that will be right. What a crazy ride getting old on planet earth has turned out to be!

    9. Oh and one of the best books I have read is " White Trash- 400 years of class in America ". It lays it out .

    10. GBoF I think you're onto something about the Obama era. That's when it became clear the con was on. During my last days as a keyboard warrior in the run up to the election I noticed CNN rigging the comments section. Then we saw Obama rig the government with Goldman and neo-con holdovers. Information was definitely weaponized against us at this point.

    11. Just loving all these comments and what a great read the blog is. Take a bow, Chris. Thank you!

  21. The King of Demons in Judaism is named Asmodeus (Ashmedai) who according to the Kabbalah, is a cambion, born as the result of a union between King David, and the Queen of Demons named Agrat Bat Mahlat who was a succubus. David was the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah, and also an ancestor of Jesus.

    His mother and ancestor of the Lord – Agrat Bat Mahlat was a female demon who is referred to as succubus, and who appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus.

    The 7th century Pope, Gregory the Great named Asmodeus - AKA a succubus as an angel of the Order of Thrones. The Order of Thrones is the most influential Christian angelic hierarchy.

    Manly P. Hall had written in the Secret Teachings of All Ages;

    “The terms incubus and succubus have been applied indiscriminately by the Church Fathers to elementals. The incubus and succubus, however, are evil and unnatural creations, whereas elementals is a collective term for all the inhabitants of the four elemental essences.

    According to Paracelsus, the incubus and succubus (which are male and female respectively) are parasitical creatures subsisting upon the evil thoughts and emotions of the astral body. These terms are also applied to the superphysical organisms of sorcerers and black magicians. While these larvæ are in no sense imaginary beings, they are, nevertheless, the offspring of the imagination. By the ancient sages they were recognized as the invisible cause of vice because they hover in the ethers surrounding the morally weak, and continually incite them to excesses of a degrading nature.

    Frantz Hartman had said this about on Incubus and Succubus:

    “Incubus and Succubus.—Male and female parasites growing out of the astral elements of man or woman in consequence of a lewd imagination. 2. Astral forms of dead persons (Elementaries), being consciously or instinctively attracted to such persons, manifesting their presence in tangible if not visible forms, and having carnal intercourse with their victims. 3. The astral bodies of sorcerers and witches visiting men or women for immoral purposes. The Incubus is male, and the Succubus female.”

  22. I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo.

    1. "The Hollies" have co-composition credit on "Creep" due to "Radiohead" having filched the vibe of their cover of the Phil Everly original for "Creep", Lana Del Ray's "Get Free" gives "Creep/Radiohead" a co-credit... & there are other clone sources too "Aline" by "Christoph", "La Romance" by Jacky Moulière... "The Air That I Breathe" also reminds me of some other "Radiohead" tunes that escape me for the moment.

      "If I could make a wish, I think I'd pass
      Can't think of anything I need"


  23. Not a movie in its remake form, but JJ Abrams' "Westworld" series is the shit. Also, this article is worth reading, a little overlap content-wise with the blog post but some real gems in there:

    Also, check out this great interview with Eric Wilson on Miguel Conner's Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio about Gnostic themes in movies:

    Peace be unto all y'all! Happy Solstice!

    1. West world... chock full of gnostic references... also themes on reincarnation; remembering to forget.... kind of like pulling a flys wings off, over and over... how does “the soul” benefit from this?

      The prisoner, both the original series but also the remake featuring Jim Caviezal... the end is as explicit an alchemical wedding as I’ve ever seen on film.

      The box... if you haven’t seen it, well, wow is all I can there a scene in the middle of the movie, just a fleeting glimpse, where it is clear that this is alien technology designed to monetize “sin”, or, as I prefer to say, the natural human tendency to mistake appearance for Reality.

      Speaking of monetizing sin, there’s always “silent weapons for quiet wars”... not a movie, but a [fictional? Yeah right] manual.

      Of course we can’t forget “defending your life” that comedic gem from Albert Brooks... funny guy, who knows more than he lets on. “Little brains” indeed /sarc

      Also, “the game”, the 1995 movie directed by David Fincher, one of my personal faves — T

  24. Richard Linklater's "Waking Life":

    & of course, A Scanner Darkly.

  25. What happened to the original version of this post? Or rather, why?

  26. "My Favorite Martian" was a gateway television experience for me. Funny and sweet like all people lookalike aliens would surely be.

  27. A lot of Peter Weir films are worth digging into - "Picnic at Hanging Rock," "The Last Wave," "The Mosquito Coast." More to them than appears on the surface. "The Sound of My Voice" is also worth viewing.

    1. Brit Marling is a rotten flaming turd.

      Try the films she rips off instead: Double Life of Veronique or late Terrence Malick.

      Post 2010 films Coherence and As Above So Below fit this theme.

  28. Bonsoir.
    "Le tout nouveau testament"/brand new testament (with Catherine Deneuve)...
    ...Where Ea is "God"'s daughter and sister of Jesus.

    1. I apologise for mentioning his name here but the Will Ferrell "Comedy/Drama/Fantasy" vehicle "Stranger Than Fiction" co-stars Emma Thompson as the "narrator" who writes the role Ferrell plays into existence.

      Thompson plays the head of "MiB", "Agent O"... (with a pearlescent white Katy Perry-esque hairdo) in "Men in Black: International", the trailer of which features Liam Neeson stating:

      "Always remember: the universe has a way of leading you to where you're supposed to be, at the moment you're supposed to be there."

      The original MiB ends with a zoom-out of the agents pulling a u-turn in their black Ford LTD Crown Victoria (hood ornament incorporates a prominent triangle in pyramid formation) & drive off in the direction of the Twin Towers, up out into space & all the way beyond the pop-science accepted model of existence to show some "alien" appendage using It as part of a marble-esque game, a marble game... "the blue marble" ("It is one of the most reproduced images in history.", an image in which Antarctica is prominent)... "Life really is a game":

      "Life is a game just like all the other games. The only difference is that life is the only game that we don't realize is a game.", "It is always possible to remember that we made up the rules...", "Morty Lefkoe is the creator of The Lefkoe Method, a system for permanently eliminating limiting beliefs."

      Will Smith decided 2019 was the year in which he'd play "Robin Williams", I mean "The Genie" in "Aladdin" rather than do-over "Agent J".


    2. "blue marble" / "Stewart Brand" ("In 1966, Brand campaigned to have NASA release the then-rumored satellite image of the entire Earth as seen from space.")/"The Mother of all Demos":

      "The first use of this name for Engelbart's talk is ascribed to journalist Steven Levy in his 1994 book Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer That Changed Everything, where he describes the event as "a calming voice from Mission Control as the truly final frontier whizzed before their eyes. It was the mother of all demos.""

      "calming voice"/"mission control"/"final frontier"/"mother"

      "Demon Seed" (1977):

      "Dr. Harris, when are you going to let me out of this box?"


  29. I'd pretty much list a lot of the movies already mentioned by others here. But I'd add Lord of Illusion's for the great family vibe. Nix kind of seems like a ringer for Crowley to me. Also Akira and anything on that same subject matter. And Phantasm just the first one. I mean, shape shifting trans bait aliens, killer drones, enslavement of souls through a portal to another place? It's got it all really. Really digging this post and everybody's mentions.

    1. Not being familiar with the Scott Bakula co-constellating "Lord of Illusion" ("Cthulu*"-esque according to a trailer commentor on yt) I mistook It for "F/X Murder by Illusion" ("Orion" pictures) a movie in which It's stated:

      "We want to stage a fake assassination...", "Who's the 'we'?", "Justice Department."

      & a "Col. Edward Mason" assures the patsy ("an f/x man, the movies 'master of make believe'") he'll be "100% protected, I give you my word."

      (*The trailer for "Event Horizon", another Eldritch tale, opens with a shot of Sam Neill (co-star of "In The Mouth of Madness") "upside down", (Soderbergh/Cameron) "Solaris" co-star Natascha McElhone birth-bag twin Joely Richardson also co-constellates.)


    2. Oh yeah FX is great. It's one of those ones that give us a peek behind the curtain to imagine the possibilities. This is awesome this whole post is reminding me of so many great films. I'm gonna build a high strangeness library. I'd call Lord of Illusion's Cthulhu esque if that was my only frame of reference for cultic/black magic activity. It's more than that.

    3. "peek behind the curtain" = "The Wizard of Oz" (& It's sequel "Zardoz"?)


  30. WHAT is Predictive PROGRAMMING?

    1. Everybody's got to learn sometime.

  31. Now I'm curious, but almost scared to watch Earthling -- this being the potentially synchro-laden (near-) coincidence of the solstice and full moon. I.E., the brightest, longest moon "day" you can get. But speaking of synchro and your 'favorite flops', since its release Jacob's Ladder has long been one of my favorite films. As fate would have it I visited the home of Bruce Joel Rubin with a small group of friends in the late summer of 2013. The moment was chock full of synchro. It was a pre-revolutionary estate house in Dutchess County NY. As he told us, a small group of visitors, Rubin had been writing a new T.V. series and upon completion, was happy to dispense about a hundred books he'd accumulated for his research. One was "Psychiatric and Psychic Dimensions of the Ufo Syndrome", detailing events in the Catskills among others. When our host brought up the subject of his teacher, Swami Rudi, there was a power surge which caused all the lights in the room to brighten -- and then stay that way. Describing a well-attended fire ceremony performed in Big Indian NY around 1973, he inadvertently said that a "demon" had rinen clearly in the flames, before correcting himself and saying it was a "god". I've not been able to determine what T.V. series he was working on -- I thought maybe as an uncredited consultant on The OA, parts of which were filmed not too far (as the crow flies) from the house Rubin was living in then. Anyway this is just a shred of info and speculation, in the holiday geist.

    1. I am a student of one of Bruce Joel Rubins' meditation students. Much love to his lineage. We can't ignore the inspiration meditation has given giants like Bruce Rubin and David lynch.

  32. Chris, watched Earthling (2010) last night and I kept thinking of Twin Peaks S3e8, the spiky orb, the “gotta light?” Visitors from outer space, the slug/frog/grasshopper ingestion. Also, Part 8 had NIN perform “She’s Gone Away” and the title of your post reminded me of another of their tracks, and to smoke a joint. And there’s quite a few joints being passed around in Earthling.
    I also like the “disturbance” they refer to as a “signal” that came from outer space (the ISS) and effected the direct earth areas below it. Reminded me of your earlier posts mentioning Cosmic Rays effected us sn1987 and how recent cloud cover could be blocking signals from outer space to major populated areas.
    The mention of water and especially the lake is a big semblance to how some believe self propulsion engines work and where many UFO sightings seem to occur above fresh water lakes, as if they are refueling.
    The slave/host factor is also a reoccurring mention to be considered ona grand scale.
    Thanks for the turn on. Looking forward for more.

  33. Great film from Argentina, late 1980s--Man Facing Southeast, directed by Eliseo Subiela:

    Aliens, madness, reality vs unreality...what more could you want?

    1. & it was ripped off to make K-PAX say many.

    2. Anon 11:47
      I have spent some major time in meditation focusing on the possibility that cosmic rays have the ability to activate latent consciousness, maybe even assist in activation of dormant abilities.
      Someone on this blog should address this

  34. Shimmerings:

    "Eventually, a consensus seemed to be reached that the creature was in fact a sea anemone that had been flipped upside down after being beached on the shore. ...They usually have more colour although Reddit users specualted that it had been bleached by the sun. It also has a venemous sting that can be extremely painful to humans and can take months to heal."

    "upside down" eh?

    "Space hippo? Asteroid 2003 SD220 poses for radar images.", "New NASA radar images ... show a rock that resembles a space slug, or that creepy Ceti eel ear-bug thing from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Or even a hippo. The asteroid is considered a near-Earth object, but it'll zoom past us at a safe distance of 1.8 million miles (2.9 million kilometers) on Saturday. This is 2003 SD220's closest approach to our planet in 400 years...", "NASA thinks it looks like a "hippopotamus wading in a river."

    A "Hippo" "in a river"? It ain't referred to as "the firmament" for nothing... & "9's" abounding with or without the "Great Bird of The Galaxy" reference.


    With all the dissection of "the official narrative" by the likes of pocketsofthefuture & Owen Benjamin on youtube the past couple of weeks, & the Steph Curry incident, "the show must go on" especially in the golden anniversary year.

    Choice quote:

    "Earth appears to rise over the lunar horizon in a composite image made using data from the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter, a NASA spacecraft that launched in 2009."


    "That set of color images, which are most often seen today rotated 90 degrees to the right, contains the photo that’s now immortalized and revered; the product of a flash of excitement and 90 seconds of feverish activity."

    & "9's" again.

    "That photo of Earth is often credited with helping to launch the environmental movement, and it has inspired 50 years’ worth of images of our home taken from space."

    The "environmental movement" made most manifest by the vegans/fifty years of space agency approved images.

    & linked, opposite this text:

    "The question now is whether anything could truly replicate the impact of the original Earthrise, which was the first to put all of humanity in that whole new context.", “Never say never, but I don’t know that there’s anything that can be done that would have that magnitude of revelation, on many levels, that the image created and still has today...”

    is this:

    "Exclusive: Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World's Largest"

    "May" It?


    1. Whatever that garish bleaching blinking LED-looking White light in the Sky is...It is certainly not the friendly Golden Yellow Sun... from our memories."You know something,I don't think the sun this place" : John Murdoch "Dark City" (1998)

  35. How utterly ridiculous Gnosticism is. Even if they truly believed that they were trapped here on earth, in ancient times, they would have had at most 70 odd years to endure before returning back to their 'heavenly' home. And for most people in those times far fewer years.
    So what excuse do they have to hate and revile this planet earth? Why don't gnostics admit the true source of their antipathy to their temporary planetary home?
    The truth is that they hate LIFE in all it's forms and long for death. They are necrophiles forced to live on a biophilic planet that nourishes and nurtures life in all it's myriad forms. Earth is the only known laboratory or womb for life in the galaxy, so of course, gnostics and neo-gnostics (under which I group all the major religions that worship sky gods and long to escape to heaven after death) disdain it and it's non human inhabitants.
    Our Neolithic and paleolithic ancestors knew much better. Maybe because they led their lives in nature free from the psychological stresses and strictures of 'civilisation', saw nature and the planet earth as their beautiful abundant mother and longed to return to her after death. If you doubt me on this do some research on the remaining hunter/gatherer tribes in Africa, South America and Asia. What they all have in common is palpable joie de vivre that has long since been lost in the stultifying confines of our society.

    1. Varg... Varg Vikernes? It is you? Hail!

    2. Discordians call this the Curse of Greyface, the joyless imposition of order for it's own sake. How many miserable but orderly people can we cram onto this once joyful oasis of creation? They claim that the way to combat this is not through chaos, in a process of antithesis and synthesis. They recommend always choosing the creative over the destructive. Now, what do these ridiculous world hating Gnostics recommend?

    3. I am not sure all Gnostics hate existing in this construct. I love it here, it's really beautiful.
      But much like a computer simulation, I believe this place needs a lot of work, there's too much malware running amok. We need antigens, antivirus, immunity boost to all the B.S. and derp loops that we keep repeating and not learning from - over and over. Why are the cliff falls so blatantly obvious - yet people still fall off them?
      So the reason I relate to a lot of Gnostic theory is it has a potential explanation for the excessive darkness and pointless destruction in human nature.
      Like pretty much anyone who isn't an NPC, I am waiting and ready for the transactions of time and energy to become more symbiotic between all sentient life (vs the parasitical nonsense we observe on the daily), as well as much needed and long overdue global upgrade in empathy and logic.

    4. @tettigoniidae
      "So the reason I relate to a lot of Gnostic theory is it has a potential explanation for the excessive darkness and pointless destruction in human nature."
      That's the exact point I'm trying to make- it's human society especially in it's more developed civilised states that is at fault. But who do the Gnostics blame? The planet that supports and sustains them, and life itself.
      How does that make any sense?
      This is the ridiculousness that I was referring to. Gnostics blaming the planet for the soul destroying effects of their own societal conditioning. Talk about projection!

      It's time to tell the truth about how human society has become soul sick and needs to find it's way back to harmony within itself and with the natural world. Hating the earth and physical incarnation is not the answer.
      Gnostics refuse the face the actual problem head on and simply use a pseudo mysticism to scapegoat the material world but I promise you there are no panaceas in the spiritual for those who refuse to work out their psychological problems in the material realm so fantasies about escaping the earth plane will always lead to a nightmareish dead end.

    5. AB 7:34
      You speak as a 'Gnostic' yourself; This statement;
      "It's time to tell the truth about how human society has become soul sick and needs to find it's way back to harmony within itself and with the natural world."
      WITHIN ITSELF is the key here, as well as 'SOUL SICK'.
      Only your journey through 'YOU' will this find meaning.
      It is you, and Me, and all of us that are doing this.
      Gnostics just reveal the 'Matrix'.
      How, what you do with this is up to you.

    6. Anon 11.21
      No I don't speak as a gnostic at all. This is because I don't blame the material realm, the planet earth, or spiritual bogeymen for human societal failings of the last five thousand years.
      The original gnostics knew that something was wrong but refused to name the real cause. Blaming the so called spirit of the demiurge for the very tangible evils of the late Roman imperium is an act of moral cowardice, unless of course the gnostics were actually speaking in some kind of code in their writings to avoid being targeted as enemies of the Roman state. Who knows. But modern day gnostics have no such excuses for adopting this life hating philosophy.

      Gnosticism has no place in the modern world as it offers no insight, wisdom or spiritual solutions. How can it when it absolves it's adherents of any responsibility to heal themselves or society as a whole and simply falls back on hating life, earth and human embodiment.

    7. Seems if you publish a blog about Gnosis,it automatically triggers some Agents of the Sytem to post thoughtless, negative,prescripted comments.

    8. AB 1:16
      Now your speaking from plain ignorance.
      Your right about the Roman Imperium as you state it, but you completely miss the 'power' behind this, which the Gnostics not only understood but preached/teached about.
      See it is about seeing past the illusion/delusion and embracing the inner divine; NOT to become a 'God', but to become ONE with "GOD".
      NO religious institutions, now or in the past actually focus on that directive.
      Only a diminutive consciousness actually seeks such madness.

  36. Ryan Reynolds "The Nines" co-star Hope Davis plays Marvel's mom in "Strange Angel".

    The trailer for Michel Houellebecq's film adaptation of his own book "La Possibilité d'une île" ("a man calling himself 'The Prophet' travels around Belgium and lectures on eternal life and how it is possible to surpass the limitations of death") features a voiceover stating:

    "The fabrication of a new human being takes about eighteen years. Thanks to the methods which we are developing this timeframe could be reduced to ten minutes"

    This movie was a flop, "In 2009, Iggy Pop released the music album Préliminaires, which was based on the novel." "Houellebecq is also the author of "H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life"".

    Another Michel, Michel Faber, had his novel "Under the Skin" adapted for the arthouse by Jonathan Glazer (the real heir to Kubrick not Christopher Nolan) back in 2013, the tail told is of how the disguised alien, played by Scarlet Johansson, sent to lure men to their death (so as to feed those back home) comes to dissasociate from Itself/Its role. There's an earlier "Under the Skin" (1997), again "arthouse", which starred "Precog" Samantha Morton as "Iris, a woman coping with the death of her mother", the film, Morton's 2nd after "This is the Sea", also includes a scene in which "Iris" is urinated on. Her next role? "Alpha" in "The Walking Dead".

    The mention of Alain Resnais "Je t'aime Je t'aime" in the earlier linked Secret Sun gnostic movie list reminded me of another Gallic picture "The Story of Marie and Julien": "The film slowly develops from a drama about blackmail into a dark, yet tender, supernatural love story between Marie and Julien", "Julien (Radziwiłowicz) is a middle-aged clockmaker..."

    "I'd read a couple of books on Celtic myths which speak of a world of the living co-existing alongside a world of the ead. Certain mortals, when they die, aren't able to cross over for one reason or another. So they are obliged to come back among us until they find the thing which will finally allow them to go to the other side.", director Jacques Rivette

    "Béart has said that "Of all the films I've made, this was the one which most disturbed people very close to me. They said: 'It's almost as though the Emmanuelle we know was up there on the screen.'", "Mission Impossible's" Emmanuelle Béart co-stars as "Marie".


    1. Glazer's adaptation departs from the novel in several significant ways disposing of the obvious anti-livestock farming & slaughter parable & replacing It with the conveyance of an obliquely alien method of death, preparation & "shipping" (via something akin to a laser). The largely peripheral countryside setting is flipped to an inner-city environment.

      Still the fundamental essence of the tail remains: appearances deceive & that which must eat (will be allowed to do so) so in turn to serve as a feast.

      Soundtrack composer Mica Levi states:

      "If your lifeforce is being distilled by an alien, it's not necessarily going to sound very nice. It's supposed to be physical, alarming, hot.", "It was a very immersive experience, and I got obsessed with it. It took about nine months of working pretty constantly.", "For Under The Skin, we were looking at the natural sound of an instrument to try and find something identifiably human in it, then slowing things down or changing the pitch of it to make it feel uncomfortable. There was a lot of talk of perverting material. It does sound creepy, but we were going for sexy."

      Charles Fort may have considered It a documenting of the farming process he's celebrated for making mention of.


    2. Another movie that looks at "dark farming" is Liquid Sky.

      "A glitzy updating of Andy Warhol's Trash with aliens, this campy, stylish, but ultimately depressing film is one of the most keenly observed portraits of New York's early '80s downtown new wave scene. Anne Carlisle, who co-wrote the script, is terrific in a dual role as the wan lesbian Margaret and her arrogant gay nemesis, Jimmy. Tiny space aliens see Margaret shooting up and choose her to feed their heroin-like addiction to a substance produced in the human brain during sexual climax. Her partners end up vaporized, but since most of them treat her like dirt, Margaret doesn't mind. Meanwhile, a German scientist (Otto von Wernherr) has been tracking the plate-sized alien craft and observes it from the apartment of a horny Jewish woman (Susan Doukas); all the while, he is oblivious to her comic frustration and increasingly blatant sexual advances. Despite the sci-fi elements, considerable humor, cool music, and a gorgeous production design, this is really a film about desperation and ugliness. Other than Von Wernherr and Doukas -- who are outside the punk scene -- the characters all loathe themselves and treat each other horribly. Most of their sex involves rape, and when they die, each seems to be better off. Perhaps the bitter aftertaste of this film explains why it never really caught on as a midnight movie, but it is a dark gem and well worth seeing."

    3. "Shock Treatment"


  37. Hi,

    I just watched "The Passion of Joan of Arc" 1928, I believe that the picture you had of her and her uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Fraser is the actress from this film. I don't know if was my state of mind or the music or what, but honestly I think that you should try to watch this movie. I was very moved by it, it had a definite beauty to it. The stark imagery and nuanced expressions of the actors the film employs was more impactful for me than the many sex scenes and gruesome acts of violence and cruelty of man against man that I've watched in movies over the years.
    It would be hard for me to convey accurately the performance of Maria Falconetti as Joan, the host of TCM said that her performance is considered the best of all silent film and some say that it was the best of all film, and after having watched it I might have to agree (again unless it was merely my state of mind at the time). I would highly recommend seeing it if for only the almost dead ringer likeness of Falconetti to Our Lady.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas

    1. The visage of a Martyr.

    2. le visage d'un martyr

      "At night just outside Paris, a woman drives along a riverbank and dumps a corpse in the river..."

      Titled "The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus" in The US where It was twinned with "The Manster (双頭の殺人鬼, "The Two-Headed Killer")" which was based on a story "originally titled The Split".


  38. The sea in Indonesia just took a band named Seventeen.

    1. Not to be confused with South Korean K-Pop band "SEVENTEEN" or "SVT" formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015.

  39. "What is it, don Juan?" I asked.
    "Long ago, the native sorcerer/shamans of Mexico discovered that we have a companion for life," he said, as clearly as he could.
    "We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos, and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile; helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so."

    It was very dark around us, and that seemed to curtail any expression on my part. If it had been daylight, I would have laughed my head off. In the dark, I felt quite inhibited.

    1. My research leads to the result of the predator parasite inhabiting human form and so does it's opponent.

    2. Yes Yaqui shamanic lore.
      This is of course the Gnostic 'Demiurge'; jacking whatever it can to ensue it's own survival; a 'Great White Shark' of the supposed 'Cosmos'.
      There are obvious examples of shared symmetry, where 'one' shares with 'another'; BOTH benefit from this 'sharing'.
      But there is another example; one that has no symmetry at all and THAT is what we dealing with here.
      Sometimes it just boils down to simplicity.
      I can HELP you, or I can FUCK you!
      ONE has the 'answer'; the 'other' does NOT!
      Anon 4:49
      Care to elaborate on this statement, which I agree with?
      But that is like saying 'YIN' and 'YANG' are both doing the same 'THING' right??
      We should look at that mate.

  40. Chris have you ever heard of Adventure Time? It's actually a pretty good show with occasional gnostic themes. But this one episode they did was so out of the blue it was like a slap in the face. It was totally random and not really connected to the rest of the series in any way. It's as if they used the show as a vehicle to tell tales out of school. Look at this propaganda piece for children! Love to see your analysis on this if you can spare 10 minutes. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    1. One of the animators who worked on that show admitted that his style was heavily influenced by an ayahuasca experience. Reminiscent of how some of the Disney animators who worked on Fantasia were influenced by their experiences with mescaline in Weimar Germany during the 1920s, when the Kaiser Wilhelm School of Anthropology was running MK-ULTRA-esque experiemnts on artists & writers.

    2. From School to "Farm":

      "Operation Epsilon was the codename of a program in which Allied forces near the end of World War II detained ten German scientists who were thought to have worked on Nazi Germany's nuclear program... They were interned at Farm Hall, a bugged house in Godmanchester, near Cambridge, England... The primary goal of the program was to determine how close Nazi Germany had been to constructing an atomic bomb by listening to their conversations."

      Morsels come in many forms.

  41. Hi Chris!
    I woke up to the news of a tsunami in Indonesia caused by the eruption of Krakatoa in the form of Anak Krakatu, the son of the historic volcano. At the moment, 222 are reported dead, as there was a rock concert on the beach being performed by the boy band Seventeen.

    The term Anak is significant Biblically, as the descendants of the Giants, the offspring of the mingling between the angelic sons of YHVH, the Bene Ha Elohim and the daughters of man, were the Anakim after the flood, described as descending from a giant called Anak.
    (The Anakim were one of a list of giant tribes recorded in Genesis) And of course, the rebellious incursion of these angels, or Vegas, was one of the catalysts for the Biblical flood.
    When I first started reading the accounts, it was claimed that only the singer had survived. So, we have singers, sea and fallen angels, along with seventeen.


    1. Actually, Anak is the word for 'çhild' in Indonesia. The volcano that erupted there goes by that name, since it is the little one, the child of the big one. So an elderly Indonesian man told me today.

  42. “Tres SIRENAS, one of Puerto Rico’s most stylish and intimate boutique hotels, has come up with a creative way to bring the community together post-hurricane, and it involves the incorporation of a versatile ingredient — cannabis — into its PROGRAMMING...”
    capitalization added
    Siriusly, why they got to pic CAN(IS)nibus to immanentize eschelon?!

  43. Adventure Time is great! I think western cartoons are catching up to offering up esoteric knowledge like has been in Anime for decades. I don’t remember this particular episode which makes me wonder if some shows have a limited run. I’ve got the dvd collection to watch and I’m looking forward to revisiting these stories


  45. "Man climbs National Christmas Tree near White House" The National
    Christmas Tree was closed on Friday evening... Dec. 21 2018 Winter Solstice,Full Moon,Ursids Meteor Shower Peak and USA Government Shutdown.

  46. Man climbs 48 feet up The National Christmas Tree while singing "God Bless America"

  47. I'm sure this wasn't the reference, but it's my favorite soundtrack, and this is a great track. I'm sure it's relevance will find a home.

  48. And the scene...

  49. Actually...."Some, catching at a phrase of Huxley’s, speak of it as Christianity without Theology. They do not know the creed they are carrying. It has, as a matter of fact, a very fine and subtle theology, flatly opposed to any belief that could, except by great stretching of charity and the imagination, be called Christianity. One might find, perhaps, a parallelism with the system ascribed to some Gnostics, but that is far more probably an accidental rather than a sympathetic coincidence. Of that the reader shall presently have an opportunity of judging. " - HG Wells -- God The Invisible King, Chapter the First, The Cosmogony of Moderny Religion

    1. There's no fundamental difference between any gnostic and the entire insane system that has overtaken this planet and all its inhabitants since the onset of civilization. No matter how hard they try to make others (and themselves!) believe otherwise.
      Religion is religion. And the big religion just has many different faces (really very minor "differences") to accomodate and incorporate everyone and everything.
      But tell that to "atheists" or "gnostics". Or nearly anyone at all.

  50. Has anyone looked at Flight of the Navigator lately? VERY disturbing. AstroGnosticism all over it.

  51. Chris, I love your blog,
    With all due respect when you and guys like Richard Dolan propose that the "New Age Movement" is a military intelligence op., If think ya'lls conceptual reach exceeds it's grasp. I've studied Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, Steiner, Parahamsa Yogananda, Crowley, Cayce, maharishi mahesh yogi, Swedenborg, etc. and I don't think some Illuminati prototype of the CIA was feeding them an agenda. They and too many others to mention were vanguards of a new age where we can access techniques that take us out of the matrix. I agree with Goro Adachi among others who say there are waves and patterns in the multiverse, I see them as cycles of universal consciousness. They are just beyond our comprehension, let alone the grasp of language. The black magicians co-opt these patterns, use them to suck energy. The white magicians use them to spread love. It's yin and yang, can't have one without the other. And ultimately it's all Lila, Divine play. You can sit on the beach and point fingers or grab and board and catch a wave yourself.
    Check out Lucia Renee's blog sometime for a different take on the drama playing out on mother earth. Or read the Bhagavad Gita, Easwaren translation. Peace and happy new year Brother:)

  52. Truth is: you DO belong here.
    It's just all the (our! their!) freaking bullshit that doesn't!

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