Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Never-Ending Ritual: Let's Play Ba'al!

Well, there it is. Kind of says it all, don't you think

You just gotta laugh. Because if you don't, you could well go mad.

As it happens, that little photo op was arranged the day before Lady Munchausen brought the old soft-shoe to town. That entire debacle has been so extreme, so surreal and so Orwellian that I've come to the conclusion that there are two possibilities: either this is all some kind of weird Situationalist open-air theatrical production or this country has finally lost its fucking mind for real and now begun the process of implosion.

But there is another option on the menu.

You see, given this little photo-op on the Mall I'm not entirely convinced this isn't just another ritual in a never-ending string of them. It certainly fits the template. Plus, that Stormy Daniels lawyer character is so over-the-top ridiculous I am not at all convinced he doesn't secretly work for Trump. 

And then the Arch. I mean, I know you. You're not some Snopes reader. You've read enough of this kind of thing around these parts to know what time it is.

In case you don't, I should remind you that the Ba'al Arch was brought to Dubai to kick off the World Government Summit in February of last year, which is when all this insanity really bit down on us.

Nothing to warm the cockles of the heart like a World Government Summit held every year in a police state built and maintained by slave labor, eh? I think the only thing that could make it even more comforting was seeing the Summit kick off with some luminaries standing under an Imperial arch dedicated to an ancient god associated with human sacrifice. 

Now that would be awesome!

But back to the DC debacle. Do note that this particular spook civil war involves two born and bred denizens of the Deep State and two elite prep schools, namely Georgetown and Holton-Arms. 

Oh, just so you know, everyone who attends or has ever attended these schools hates you -- meaning you out there reading this-- and wants to see you crushed, humiliated and broken in every conceivable manner. That's precisely why these kinds of schools were created in the first place.

Just laying that one out there in case there're any misconceptions.  

But we're really all about the symbols here, aren't we? So do note that this huge international news story presents us -- yet again -- with the very same symbols you've been seeing here for at least the past year.

We've looked into Georgetown U. before but just note the Masonic compass overlaying the globe there. And do note that their crest includes a heart-stoppingly blatant rendering of Lyra. They actually include the Harp as well, just in case there was any confusion.

And because it's 2018, the Holton-Arms logo features the Twins and the laurel branch, which is an abbreviated rendering of the stephanos, or the laurel Garland.

I do have to say that the placement of the Garland on the Holton logo is a bit weird. Kind of calls something to mind. I wonder exactly when it was created. Huh.


We're also seeing the Garland referenced by Merrick Garland, who's apparently some kind of martyr now. But we also have this focus on July of 1982.

OK, so just so you know, we have Vega-Lyra, Twins, Garlands and July 1982. OK, students, what does that all add up to now?

I mean, please tell me honestly: how much more do you really need to see before you believe

Well, let's try this: the Senate confirmation hearings began on September 4.

Do you remember what happened the very day before?

Of course you do.

Odd how such an otherwise insignificant event seems to have presaged a literal deluge of literally earth-shaking events, don't you think?

For real.

Oh, before I forget: "Brett" means "from Brittany," which is where Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, unleashed her final auguries with her Unmercenary Musicians. Those very same auguries are due for re-release next week. And again, they were recorded in Brittany because the wife of Our Lady's former consort lived there. 

That wife's name being Florence, a name that's in the news again today.

And the hits keep on coming. Elon Musk's run-in with the SEC was instigated by a little prank pulled to make his girlfriend laugh.

His girlfriend being Grimes, a high-ranking Bene Frasserit of the Reformed Orange Appled Order and labelmate of Our Lady's.
Then there's this little item about cosmic rays shooting out of Antarctica. 

I can't wrap my head around all this at the moment but I can let you know where exactly this phenomena was recorded, and that's at the McMurdo Station, which is located...

...right off the coast of Victoria Land, which is..., come on. You already know that one.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the horrific tsunami in Indonesia hit hardest in a city called Palu, whose own crest also features Garlands. And I should also mention that eastern Asia and the Pacific Rim has really taken a beating in the past year, which did feature that weeklong Siren Song ritual in Perth back in February.

If you've made it this far I have a favor to ask of you. Before you go to bed, I want to go look at yourself in a mirror. And I want you to ask your reflection this question: "When will I believe?"

I think it will help to sleep on it.


  1. I believe, believe me. I was just trying to figure out why I am both exhausted but too hyper to sleep. Beneath all the chatter, I hear/feel this strange emptiness, as if the void had tiptoed a wee bit closer whilst our backs were turned.

    This morning, the countryside was swathed with odd pink fog that clung to everything - even after the sun rose. Yesterday, I watched a strange streaks in the pre-sunrise sky that had no precedent in all my years.

    Chris, for every Pythia, there is an interpreter. Every Mesopotamian king had his sorcerers and interpreters. I believe that is your function. And I believe those who gather here have a unique vantage point and perspective...sort of like the Royal Family watching the Trooping of the Colour from the balcony.

    If you contemplate it, and I'm sure you have, so many of the members of our species are oblivious - worried about events and situations that seem like smoke and mirrors.

    I thought I would check this blog before I went to bed. The fact that you was actually reassuring. One morning, in the not too distant future, I feel as if we will wake and find the paradigm has changed forever.

    As always, thank you for your wisdom and insight.

    1. "My own name is a killing word."
      Muad'Dib's jihad, Fraser's dreamworld codex. Weirding ways for summoning sonic hells

      There is/are no paradigm(s) you and I have any access to, Mr. of El. Just a narrative rendered with symbolic instrumentation to invoke power for a privileged few, paid for with blood. We are most of us non-combatant yeoman with little yeoman paradigms, tilling fields miles beneath house-to-house warfare beneath star magic technology and this blog appears to have cracked it all open through the writer's background in music

      Like Inception, yo, these 'elite houses' is cracking three levels simultaneously. But dog it's like you and I just sittin' in the audience and debatin' character motivation while the action is just, like, on screen and idn' real, to us. A'ight?

      The oracle should be silenced; the voice of prophecy aborted... but the tunes are too good and it's too, too late. Full disclosure: I thought the apocalypse would be more metal. It's perhaps the opposite. For now

      I know we want to believe our destiny is self-owned Mr. of El, but we must instead embrace the enclosure of our serfdom and sharpen our eyes with which to "Observe the plans within plans within plans"

    2. Ha! It depends on what kind of metal to which you refer...Cradle of Filth? Skid Row? Periphery?...Bon Jovi? (I pray I miss the End of Days if that is the case.)

      Those gathered here, i suspect, are by no means passive. Realizing there is an issue at all is the first step in the Hero's Journey.

      And silencing the Oracle's song? I suspect it is the song itself that is the warp and weft of reality.

    3. Hey, some of the people that gather here are just groupies like me, with no talent for music, spellcasting, or anything else that might possibly change anything. Except electronics. If anyone here, by any chance, has some sort of plot for world domination that involves building a Tesla-type gadget, please consider me.

    4. sign me (and herb) up two... we are will-ing to give Hagbard a hand.

    5. @Maria Rigel:Two points, for whatever they're worth....

      One: don't sell yourself short. I could recite instances of very ordinary people *tremendously* changing the course of history all day (or at least until you get tired of hearing about it!).

      Two: a gadget for world domination? Hellyeah! This is easy. We build a massdriver to launch seawater to the Moon. It wouldn't take nearly as much as you think: I once calculated that it'd only take half the volume of Lake Michigan (roughly thereabouts) to give the Moon a land/water ratio similar to Earth's. It would also give the Moon an instant hydrological cycle, an instant atmosphere, and (since, statisticaly, some of the plankton would be sure to survive; especially those arriving later in the process) an instant biosphere.

      You wouldn't have just opened a new world to colonization: you would've just brought an entire world *to*life*.

      I'm pretty sure that, whatever country you're from, the people would unite to acclaim you Empress- both of your country, *and* of the Moon. *Double* World Domination!

      (And, hey, once you're Empress, you could remember the dude that gave you the idea in the first place, and appoint him Grand Ayatollah. Just sayin'!)

    6. Khadr, that is an intriguing literal take on Gurdjieff's "food for the moon" analogy. Just as sunlight is "food" to us, so our earth-provided water would be "food for the moon."

    7. No more hierarchies and empresses and ayatollahs please.

  2. On the subject of Perth, the West Coast Eagles AFL team have won their fourth AFL premiership, beating Collingwood at the MCG last Saturday to take the flag west for the first time since 2006.
    The Eagles colours are blue and gold by the way;-)

    1. In the same vein, the Philadelphia Eagles just lost to the Tennessee Titans... -dan

    2. I should have mentioned that the losing coach's name is Nathan BUCKLEY, as in Tim and Jeff.
      In Australia we have a saying, "you've got Buckley's chance of winning"
      Which pretty well means no chance at all.

  3. Who else have kept their highschool calenders?

  4. Hi Chris

    I don't know if this is a digression, or a ''pregression'', I think its right about the ritual colour changing from orange to purple (or pearlple) and I think I am right that you can see partially see this in the cover art for movies 2018 but definitely in looking at the production design of the movies themselves. You can also track those colours back through the years.

    Maniac, a new Netflix series, is very obviously Qabalistic, blatant one might say - it includes a scene (flashback?) to an 1920's era cult seance gathering where Number 9 must invoke the Moon (Yesod 9 Purple) and this sends her to the ''astral plane'' (Yesod 9 Purple) The show is dripping in pink/purple tones and is about a connection between the characters One (Kether/white) and Nine (Yesod/purple). If you look at the colour ''pearlescent'' it is exactly that a white purple (annihilation style) blend. The show also features the ''flashing colours'' of the Golden Dawn rituals and is kind of an QBListic MKUltra, if there were any other varieties (?)

    Anyway Hod-Orange-8 was 2017 movies therefore Yesod-Purple-9 is 2018 movies. It seems to work going backwards as well so if you look at 2016 movies its Netzach-Green-7, etc.

    Here is a list of movies for 2018 that feature purple as dominant feature of art/production:

    Wrinkle in Time
    Ready Player One
    Infinity War
    Annihilation (more of an indigo)
    The House with a Clock
    Bohemian Rhapsody

    If they are following the Golden Dawn Tree of Life which is highly likely we must remember its also highly faulty and unstable as a Tree. If this is true after the 2018 Yesod ritual we will be taking the Path of Saturn down to Malkuth in 2019. Buckleup everyone.

    1. Yum. Much meaty goodness here. Thanks Blogos.

    2. I've dispatched some minions to give us the whole run of it and one of them mentioned X Files straight away.

      It's this pearlescence thing if its not just straight up blatant purple like Thanatos or people wearing purple suits. Some of the Minions are also arguing about including that purply sheen that comes with oil because there has been a lot of that as well.

      In Venom can we see a dark pearlescence?

      Creepy, eh. So can we figure out a list of the studios in on this? It would narrow our search. When Chris was talking about this before someone posted a video as to why everything is blue and orange these days and it was about the use of the colour wheel to make things ''pop''. I think this observation may have been correct but not the truth. As 2018 is showing us...

      If there is not a mundane reason why studios might want to use a kind of colour sheen or design as a kind of [subconscious?] unifier for their brand for a season and this is really a genuine ritual [and not just script writers feeding off sites like this, in some kind of weird loop] then what is it a ritual for?

      Well in G.D. terms we are descending the Tree which is not all that good - you could, with dark imagination, think of it as a ''de-initiation'' or an ''endarkening''. If in 2019 they are taking us down the Path of Saturn [their erroneous attribution] to Malkuth, the next step, could it mean bleak plague type stuff?

      On the other hand, more optimistically [???] we can see the global orange rituals as an invocation to what the G.D. believe to be mercurial powers [mercury oxide is orange] or Enki, and a general blessing for their ''upgrades'' - the ones explored on this site - and the new Pearlescent, Yesod rituals are the ''endarkening'' ritual of opening up their own ''astral plane'' i.e. augmented reality. The plan then will be to reinitiate after de-initiating.

    3. My working theory is that Marvel actually know everything there is to know about magic, and if you get sufficiently obsessed on their superheroes, you may find all the answers of the universe.

      In that logic, purple is the Power Stone of all the Infinity Stones, and the first one that Thanos got - in fact, by the beginning of the Infinity Wars movie, he already has it.

      Orange is the Soul Stone, and it happens in the middle of the movie.

      So, if it's true that things are moving from orange to purple, they're moving backwards. That doesn't strike me as very likely, but what do I know.

    4. Hi Maria not sure if you are mocking me/Chris or not here? I am just trying to develop Chris's ideas about the orange tint in movies that he made very clear was happening across certain studios in the context of an actual G.D. esque ritual and its obviously not limited to the Marvel Universe but we may be able to narrow it down to a small group of studios in the end - WB, Disney and ... To me this is a plan, a context for Chris's ideas, that is highly likely. As a practitioner of the esoteric arts I use similar methods frequently in terms of the use of colour.

      I don't know if there is a clear association between the idea of infinity stones and the Sefirot (I don't know comics well enough) although there are definitely room for some. The Sefirot are described as ''depths'' in the Sefer Yetzirah, the depth of east, the depth of west and so on, effectively the Sefirot form ''the axes of Infinity''. One of the mistakes people make with the Sefirot is mistaking the word with Spheres whereas the word Sefirot is closer to the word Sappirot (sapphires), the Sefirot are supposed to be more like vertices joining the ''paths'' (astrological influences) on a cut stone.

      Within that movie I don't know how much freedom they have to deviate from whatever the story originally was in the comics so with *some* Marvel movies there seems to be a softer touch in embedding these ideas or overlaying the esoterics so to speak although not always. So if the story is set in stone, then they can't play it the way they might want to, but just have to tweak it here and there - but if you really want to get into whether things play forwards or backwards in Infinity you'll have to get your hands on the Time Stone. ;-)

  5. //Oh, just so you know, everyone who attends or has ever attended these schools hates you -- meaning you out there reading this-- and wants to see you crushed, humiliated and broken in every conceivable manner. That's precisely why these kinds of schools were created in the first place.//

    Now now. Some of us privileged formerly rich white boys from inside the Beltway lurk here. As it happens I carpooled with the Blaseys growing up. I was not a popular kid, speaking of hate. Every prepschool classroom needs their scapegoat. That was I. Why did Christine move to California and become a surfer? Why do I do odd jobs living in the Borscht belt...

    I swear I have never, ever, ever, been to a Landon reunion in almost forty years.

    Only G-town prep kid I know as an adult, well he's kind of an a-hole and a "made man" in the American (White) Buddhist Mafia...friend of Brad Steiger, scoop mark on his ankle, dental flourosis. My childhood neighbor friends were drugged, abducted in the middle of the night and returned the wrong beds, with only vague memories of what happened. Speaking of...

    //crushed, humiliated and broken in every conceivable manner//

    Yeah, school days -- especially, five years of being forced to play football -- were like that. Nothing like multiple mild concussions to shift one behavior permanently to the "Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll" track. I still remember the blurred vision, mood disorders and behavioral abnormalities and stuff. Thank goodness for brains and...saved my neurology from a terrible high school academic career.

    1. Hello vagchandra, so glad you survived and made it here to the rest of us watchers. I am from the middle of nowhere UP Michigan, an oddball of the rural persuasion. This place loves all authentic experience and I am glad to hear yours.

    2. Vag,
      Maroon Machine checking in. Agree with your assessment. Also note that "Mean Girls" was meant to portray Tina Fey's experience at NCS. So, yes, the cadre of haters are typically old school WASPS with pedigree and they hate for good reason. After all, just look at this little Brasilia they've/we've turned ourselves into...
      When I first heard about Judge K, I was also reminded that every Little Hoya I ever met was a goon. At least the Landon boys were noble competitors. So while the allegations are nonsense, there's no doubt one of his buddies scared the shit out of her. I can't account for his Yale experience but was surprised to learn the level of personal indebtedness (thanks to Nats season tickets and a huge mortgage) for such a pretty boy attorney.

    3. Vag,
      Maroon Machine checking in. Agree with your assessment. Also note that "Mean Girls" was meant to portray Tina Fey's experience at NCS. So, yes, the cadre of haters are typically old school WASPS with pedigree and they hate for good reason. After all, just look at this little Brasilia they've/we've turned ourselves into...
      When I first heard about Judge K, I was also reminded that every Little Hoya I ever met was a goon. At least the Landon boys were noble competitors. So while the allegations are nonsense, there's no doubt one of his buddies scared the shit out of her. I can't account for his Yale experience but was surprised to learn the level of personal indebtedness (thanks to Nats season tickets and a huge mortgage) for such a pretty boy attorney.

    4. Hi, your post about knocked me over.
      I grew up in DC, went to Gonzaga for a time in the mid eighties, I transferred after a horny priest incident.
      Anyway, my dad(now deceased)was army intel and worked with col. Corso and knew him well. My dad claimed no ufo knowledge, but if he did know I don't think he would have told me.
      When I was about 10 years old I was staying at a remote cabin in southern PA with my dad and got what I remember as being a large bug bite. About a year later I pulled out what appeared to be cone shaped piece of white silicone from my ankle leaving a hole, which is now a scoop mark. Really makes me wonder, any tips?

  6. //Then there's this little item about cosmic rays shooting out of Antarctica. //

    Well I guess this proves the Hollow-Earth-with-a-Star-in-the-Middle theory, right? Just guessing.

    1. Wild Heretic would certainly agree, except we are on the inside of the hollow earth. I still think an expanding, concave earth with water on the other side of the firmament makes the most sense. This would mean our entire history is much shorter and basically made up and when you look into the mud flood theories they bring some interesting points up. Especially when looking at the mer-people mythos and the Dagon priests and the connection with Catholicism.

  7. Just a couple conjectures (one esoteric, one less so) from someone watching the current psychodrama in Washington with a cold eye...

    First, the less esoteric: I have to wonder if the Kavanaugh Trial (cause it's moved *way* past just a "hearing") isn't, at least in part, a psychodrama for social engineering purposes. Consider: it seems to have radicalized half the country into accepting the idea that any man accused of sexual impropriety (at any point in his past) should be convicted upon allegation; and that to question, let alone investigate, any such allegation is pure misogyny. It seems like the next logical step in the (archon-sponsored) Cold War Between the Sexes; and a powerful weapon for the archons to wield against any man that steps out of line. And, as the father of two teenage boys, it pretty frankly terrifies me that such an attitude might well become the new social norm. After all, it doesn't matter that a young man has been raised to be a gentleman, if innocence is no defense.

    But it also seems to be hardening the opposite idea in the back of a lot of people's minds: namely, that any woman alleging sexual assault should automatically be considered to be doing so as part of an agenda, if not just from a personal grudge (though I admit most people who are starting to think this way wouldn't state it so bluntly). And this is equally an outcome the archons would love: they've been working for a long time to bring back the medieval 'droit de signeur'. And, as the father of a teenage daughter, this is equally terrifying.

    A tangent: any number of people have accused Dr. Ford- a highly-educated, widely-published, well-respected academic with a curriculum vitae thicker than a phone book- of putting on an act, pretending to be a scared and not-too-bright 11-year-old. But to me she looked like someone who had been well and truly MK'ed.

    But all this just one man's conjecture, for whatever it's worth. (I'll have to save the esoteric part- another way the Baal Arch links to the Kavanaugh Trial- for later: racing the clock for work.) As always, salt available in quantity on request!

    And, as always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    1. Or maybe the whole Kavanaugh debacle was bait & switch for something even more heinous:

      Don't worry kids. Its only money...

    2. I have an even more terrifying theory: the elites sincerely don't give a damn about how their theater affects the little people. Does it screw with women? They don't care. Does it screw with men? They don't care, either. Whatever the little people believe doesn't matter to them at all, as long as it keeps them terrified of something or other. Frightened people cause little trouble.

    3. @Anon145: no doubt! Very good call. It also obscures the fact that Kavanaugh has a spotty record on civil liberties, and during his Senate confirmation hearing, at least *seemed* to say that he would (only when necessary, of course!) be OK with American civilians being tried by military tribunals.

    4. @Maria Rigel: excellent points, and I agree with you that they don't care about the little people, and want to keep us terrified. But I see a pattern, a psychodrama being played out. (I freely admit that I might be ontologicaly paranoid, staring so hard at reality that I'm seeing patterns that exist only in my head: that's why I always try to bounce my wilder speculations off others.) It looks to me like they're trying to terrify us in a particular direction.

      Just as an example: I'd say that the Kavanaugh Trial is one more step in the return of the droit de signeur: the "right of the lord", the idea that peasant women simply cannot say No to high-born men, which seems to be a *very* important thing to the archons.

      I could go on and on about how they've been pushing this idea in our culture for a long time, and about how the Kavanaugh Trial is a crystallization of the idea. But this is CLK's blog, not mine, and I'd hate to be so rude as to clog up the comment section with an ultra-long exposition of an idea of mine that's only tangential to his topic (wordiness being a weakness of mine).

      Again, though, I think we basically agree on how the archons see us, and treat us. I just think they're trying to steer us as well as scare us.

    5. Agree with Khadir and Anon about the diversion.

      This item (and some of the comments as well!) nailed the privileged aspect of the wealthy school experience. It's almost a "revelation of method" moment where the curtain is pulled away and we're asked to decide "do you even care if your leaders were raging adolescent drunks/druggies with dubious memories and values?" And the shock of that question diverts us from the possible negative effects of the appointment in other important legal areas.

      The bonus shock effect for the diverters is that this is a major triggering event for rape and abuse victims (as was the Anita Hill hearing I've been reminded). It certainly does have a social engineering vibe when we're getting upgraded versions of the national sex abuse trigger apparently being applied as needed politically.

    6. So I'ma long time lurker-rare commenter, but I just gotta get into the fray here. Quit TV about 10 yrs ago-good fcking riddance! and found myself going down rabbit holes after 9-11...but that's a different story.
      This latest dog and pony show is a theater of the absurd for sure; so I'd like to offer y'all another perspective and resource to consider. Been a fan of Robert Phoenix going on 7 yrs now-had astrology consultations and a powerful tarot reading that helped me decide where to travel to Peru in 2014 to work with the Medicine...he's genuine, insightful and really smart. His cohort Emily has her own unique gifts and together they make a great team digging into the current cultural political morass even if on the fringe but for that I welcome the conversation. I invite you to check it out: I guarantee you'll find plenty of food for thought and also good humor which is so important in these crazy times!!!



    8. "A tangent: any number of people have accused Dr. Ford- a highly-educated, widely-published, well-respected academic with a curriculum vitae thicker than a phone book- of putting on an act, pretending to be a scared and not-too-bright 11-year-old. But to me she looked like someone who had been well and truly MK'ed."

      About that... look at her wiki, she's sounds more like an MK Ultra doctor than a victim. Her academic works include:

      -"Attenuation of Antidepressant Effects of Ketamine by Opioid Receptor Antagonism". The American Journal of Psychiatry. American Psychiatric Association (published 2018-08-29)

      - "Efficacy and Safety of Mifepristone for the Treatment of Psychotic Depression". Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

      - "Trough Plasma Concentrations of Mifepristone Correlate with Psychotic Symptom Reductions: A Review of Three Randomized Clinical Trials". Current Psychiatry Reviews.

      -. "Research Methodology in Clinical Trials". In Steiner, Hans. Handbook of Mental Health Interventions in Children and Adolescents: An Integrated Developmental Approach.

      - "Adult Psychopharmacology". In Koocher, Gerald; Norcross, John C.; Greene, Beverly A. Psychologists' Desk Reference: Third Edition. Oxford University Press.

      She's also the aunt of Bridgit Mendler, former Disney kid and star of a show where this happened.

      "On June 20, 2013, Disney Channel announced that Season 4 Episode 19, "Down a Tree", would feature a married gay couple, making Good Luck Charlie the first Disney Channel series to do so"

      Interesting family, there, huh?

    9. I'm the Anon 1:45...& As far as that diversion regarding a massive handout to the rich goes, ask yourselves this:

      What would billionaires need with the kind of $ they're getting out of the deal? HINT: they're not using it to buy more limos, Lear jets & vacation homes in the Hamptons. It is however, the kind of cash one needs to buy of those luxury apocalypse bunkers & stock it with at least a month's worth of food, water & medical supplies. Or maybe set up shop in another country with no extradition treaties with the US. Or maybe even buy one's way offworld, Elysiusm-style? Mere speculation on my part of course, but its curious how much the super-rich are getting out of this deal. & of course, the mainstream media was completely silent about it. As were the Democrats...Maybe because...some of them voted for it too? Just a hunch.

    10. I'd ask myself, do they really need a "diversion"? Those who it will benefit love it, and the misguided base will gladly embrace whatever is done as "MAGA" as the rest just shake their fists in fury...Global capitalism itself is "massive handout to the rich".

    11. Sometimes diversions come in handy, & the biggest handout of all is always war:

    12. On the issue of MK doctor/victim, they needn't be mutually exclusive. In fact it is quite common for victims to become abusers themselves (in part at least it is 'normal' for them.) In the case of MK, some of it was aimed at increasing human abilities,, so Ford's apparent high functioning definately does not exclude her being a former subject. -dan

  8. your breaking my balls when you should be playing with them

  9. Tyler from Secureteam covers the "particles" at Antarctica. Possible homing device, maybe?
    Interseting stuff.....

    1. Sometimes discoveries are deemed the result of flawed data after further research.Upending the Standard Model
      of Physics? Stealing the Public's attention from Cern LHC? The literal breakdown of the scientific establishment's endless lies,materialist propaganda and false reality? "There are more things in heaven
      and earth,Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" - Hamlet.Researchers studying the data,believe something new has been found coming strait from the Underground.

    2. There have been a number of studies done showing that radioactive decay rate varies with with the distance from the sun, increasing or decreasing as we get closer or further away respectively. The effect is even measurable from day to night (so even at a difference of a mere 8000 miles.) Interestingly this supports a claim of Nikola Tesla's that "if you can properly shield matter from the sun it would cease to be radioactive." Obviously there is something emitted by Sol that we cannot account for with our current understanding of physics. -dan

    3. @dan: Man oh man, you've got me supercurious! All the studies I've seen show radioactive decay to be constant, regardless of distance from the sun. For instance, our probes to the Outer Solar System are kept warm enough to function by small devices that generate heat via radioactive decay; and they seem to work just the same at, say, orbit around Saturn, as they do while being tested here on Earth. So any info you could give a man about where he could learn more about this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    4. @Khadir: Just duckduckgo 'radioactive decay variability'. There's plenty about it. The original study came from Stanford and Purdue and was actually aimed at finding a source for a random number generator. I just went to refresh my memory on the subject and came upon an interesting fact of a Secret Sunnish nature, that one of the patterns has a 33 day periodicity which the researchers associated with the rotation of the sun's core. -dan

    5. @Khadir: As to the rest of your comment, this is NASA we are talking about, which is officially a military organization after all, so they may have been long aware of it, but kept it classified. After all, we peons have no way to confirm many of their findings ourselves, a fact which i am sure you can appreciate. -dan

    6. @dan: my apologies! I read your comment in haste, while I was at work, and came away with the idea that you were saying that *all* radioactive decay rates are variable, and that they all vary *directly* as a function of distance from the Sun (i.e., that at twice the distance from the Sun, all radioactive decay would proceed at half speed; at half the distance from the Sun, all radioactive decay would proceed at double speed, and so on). Now that I've had a chance to read it with the attention it deserves, I see you're talking about things like the GSI oscillation, and similar areas of research. Mea culpa!

      I'll also confess to some sloppy writing on my part: I *should* have said that, environmental, chemical, and ionization factors being equal, radioactive decay rates are constant (the GSI oscillation being an obvious exception). There's a great deal of debate about what might cause solar periodicity in radioactive decay, or whether it's occurring at all: which is exactly how a healthy field of research should be.

      I think we might be agreeing in different words. While I by no means reject everything NASA says just because it comes from NASA, I think it's important to check them whenever/however possible; because they're classic gatekeepers. The archons want to know what's out there as badly as we do...but they want to make sure that only 'safe' facts reach the public: meaning, of course, facts that don't upset the dominant paradigm (which, in a lot of fields, is rapidly hardening into a sort of secular theology). But, then, I'm also the guy that would stake an even wager that Iapetus was *built*, so...

      Anyway: sorry again for the less than attentive reading on my part. Cheers.

    7. On the subject of interesting numbers in physics, the mass of the proton is 1836 times the mass of the electron. 1836=17×108. 108 is "the number of God" in Hinduism. I have found 108 in traditions all across the old world. I think everyone here is familiar with 17.. -dan

  10. Kavanaugh, Ford, Rosenstein, Trump, Hillary ... they're all crisis actors. It's all staged by secret societies and alphabet agencies, like the rest of "world history" and "world events". But it doesn't lead anywhere. Because as you say: The ritual never ends. It's just a wild goose chase. And the syncs just show us the limitations of the RAM in the computer running this simulation. There's a limited amount of memory available, so data is reused whenever it can be.

    1. An endless wild goose chase is the base-level programming of our 'fake reality'.A pre-scripted political soap opera used as entertainment to keep the hive-mind energy focused on The Great Delusion.Ironically,Hillary Clinton just made a Tv cameo on the reboot of "Murphy Brown".HC plays herself,except she claims to spell her first name with only one "L".This is very interesting,since some of us noticed her name appeared in the media (and everywhere else) as "Hilary" for 3-4 weeks before the 2016 Election Day.After the Election Night loss,her name reverted back to "Hillary".

  11. I love this blog! Is AVP about to go down in Antarctica? Or is one of the great elder races awakening? On a side note Kevenaugh (sp?) acting like a belligerent arse is reflective of those that follow politics and have bought into the raging anger narratives of either polarity. Look into a mirror? We might not like what we see.

  12. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)10:14 AM, October 04, 2018

    The most important, most sacred, most disturbing knowledge ever:

    God, whatever name you give Him/It, is the Dreamer. Think about it: practically every cosmology in history, whether it be ancient mythology or modern religion or even the "primordial conscious observer" of cutting edge quantum physics, starts essentially the same way: IN THE BEGINNING, there was NOTHING, except the Creator.

    F***ing think about that. If there was nothing but the Creator in the beginning, doesn't that immediately imply that there is STILL NOTHING but Him/It? And since God created everything with the power of his mind, then it's all objectively nothing more than a dream we're living in, perhaps a dream within a dream.

    The Great Dream-Prophet Lovecraft called Him Azathoth, the Dreamer, who will instantly annihilate all of existence if He ever wakes up (but don't worry, he won't, there's some unseen presence in the primordial darkness that is also Him who is playing the flute to keep Him forever asleep). When I died for six hours back in 2011, I saw the Great God Pan beyond the stars, smiling upon me, something I was completely unprepared for, something which left me traumatized me for three weeks upon returning, but which I've made sense of and peace with since.

    My point being: No matter how unbelievably f***ed up this world becomes, just remember: It's just a dream (sometimes a nighmare). We're just Azathoth/The Great God Pan's little imaginary friends. He's all alone, after all. Sympathy for the Dreamer.

    Seriously, never mind me or YOU, we're just figments of His imagination. He's all there is. Sympathy for the terribly lonely eternal Dreamer. THAT'S "love of God" right there.

    1. That instantly brought to mind this delightful claymation that was shown to kids one Saturday morning in 1986 and later banned.

    2. @JB: I just wanted to toss some kudos your way, my friend! I can't agree with everything you said; but you said something that more people need to hear, and you said it very, very well: namely, that this world *is*not*real*. (We Sufi call it "the World of Smoke" for a reason.)

      This world is "real" in exactly the same way that shadows and reflections in a mirror are "real". We're dreaming this, in just the same way that this morning somebody woke up with a head full of images and narrative that they thought they'd never forget...but that had evaporated by breakfast.

      Bad news is, so long as we're dreaming, we're required to try to make the dream as beautiful as we can. The good news is, even if you fail, you're still gonna wake up eventually.

      The even better news is, in striving to make the dream make sense, you make yourself that much more real. So that at some point in mathematical time, futures past the future, the fifteen billion years of this Universe will be that thing we kinda remember we did that one time...but we will all actually *exist*.

      And now I'll shut up, cause I really really really don't want to get bounced for using the comment section for evangelism.

      But, again, thumbs way up, JB.

    3. Azathoth, Thoth. Commonly called Hermes Trismegistus in the western tradition although perhaps also equivalent to Muslim Idris or Israelite Enoch/Metatron.

      New agers and other frauds put out a large amount of bad information when it comes to a character of such significance to the ancient world. For example the so called "Caduceus" image of two snakes entwined can not be understood to represent DNA. There is no evidence of people of that time talking about observing DNA but if you want to be sure of something that they had seen then google for images of snakes mating.

      The magic of Thoth was, however, supposed to be key for a soul's journey in the afterlife.

    4. Hot Damn. Haven't seen that for decades and it's positively resonant with relevance.

    5. Interesting thoughts, I once read on a Gnostic forum that said God/Source is not the creator but Consciousness itself. Once you put a noun on God/Source or whatever name you use, you have immediately separated it from yourself and fell for the illusion.

    6. @Anon1205: You're spot on that Hermes Trismegistus is considered a Prophet in Islam. In fact, under the early Caliphs, the city of Haran was given self-governing "People of the Book" status just like Jewish and Christian communities. Their Scripture: the Emerald Tablets; their Prophet, Hermes Trismegistus. So far as I know, it's the only time in history that Hermeticism has been recognized as an official state religion.

      Just a small thought experiment: if someone in Antiquity *had* learned of DNA, how would they possibly describe it, other than by metaphor (such as intertwined snakes)?

      The shape of DNA pops up in odd places in the ancient world. The Prophet Muhammad, during his Night Journey, found himself forced to climb a ladder "twisted around itself". If I'm not mistaken, so was Jacob's Ladder (hopefully someone more familiar with the Talmud can correct me). And I've seen petroglyphs that appear to show a double helix.

      I'll agree with you though, that the New Agers have put out a lot of speculation that was interesting *as*speculation*, but that was mislabeled as established fact, and had a bad habit of repeating tales told by other New Agers without checking for a Primary Source.

    7. If the ancient Greeks and Romans had an understanding of DNA then how would they possibly describe it? Let's reframe that. They understood DNA and their understanding of it was such a point of pride for them that they made it a household symbol. How is it possible that they didn't manage to communicate anything to the future other than the snakes symbol and spiral stairs? Nobody even thought to make a DNA joke in a play or satirical poem?

    8. Haran, I remember it well, the Germans wore grey, you wore blue.

      The Sefer Yetzirah [associated with Haran] was said to be used to create life. The Hebrew Letters represent, after a manner, the dance of the chromosomes, more than the simple shape of the DNA. Look at the shape of Alef, or Ayin, look at a chromosome - then watch them dance. These letters are the letters of creation - literally ;-) - they're like the dance moves of the DNA, if you will. And what are the transgenic nightmares spoken of on this blog if not Golems going wrong?

      The Hermetic Wand as a symbol of the knowledge of the power of your DNA is a very useful idea but then dancing that wand through the letters is an even more useful one. But ''science'' can be one of Azathoth's more challenging mistresses at times.

    9. I tend to think anamnesis can readily explain all this DNA morphological understanding before official discovery.

    10. What understanding? Sometimes spirals or curves appear in art, architecture or religious iconography. Where is the understanding of basic concepts like DNA to RNA to Protein or nucleobases? Where is the unforgetfulness that told them the scale of DNA or even the existence of germs? Where in the bible is the encoded story of the five nucleobases and how they are paired in DNA and RNA?

    11. True Anon. Care to allow me to restate it as, "familiarity with double helix symbolism."


      The ending of the SY has a key:

      The shape of the hands and the tongue, this is expansion as principle above the event horizon.
      The shape of the feed and genitals, being compression below the event horizon.
      The heart being the event horizon tying both polarities together as one thing.

      Water is the one thing, Thales. Ocean above with its fiery intelligences, ie Giordanos search for the spirits of fire. Ocean below with its black stone of Adamah Agdistys. We are the event horizon of hellish real time. The Gods are indeed just above with their chain of heroes, demigods, gods and the chain of below with its daemons and elementals.

      Two that cannot be dismissed:

      Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth - Algis Uzdavanys

      Loves Body - Norman O Brown

      Both show it so plainly even though of course .. the Tao that cannot be spoken of, is the Tao.

      The Munis are in the air, being the library of the spirits who are waiting to descend to remake .. as it ever says it is so.


    14. Sympathy for the dreamer is something I contemplate often, JB. It has to be lonely to be the first (and only?).

  13. I am really impressed along with your writing talents and also with the structure to your blog.
    Is that this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?

    Either way stay up the nice high quality writing, it is uncommon to see a great blog like this one nowadays..

  14. As a lifetime resident of the Forth valley, Scotland. I've always listened to the local radio for the old 70s rock etc...but, now they have a new breakfast dj with the name Ewen Cameron! 'Wake up with Ewen..' says the jingle 😨
    Baals Hymn includes The Drowned Girl. Gr8 blog.

    1. Your comment caught my eye Scottish Anonymous, not that I have ever heard of Ewen Cameron the Scottish DJ with me living in Australia, but I'm reading a book right now called 'Elephants on Acid' by Alex Boese, which is about bizarre scientific experiments in history and I'm currently up to chapter 3 of the book (a chapter named 'Total Recall') and the next sub-chapter I read after reading your comment was titled 'Beneficial Brainwashing' and was about Canadian doctor Ewen Cameron.

    2. Different Anon here... Dr. Cameron was a real life Dr. Evil. Definitely worth research (MK Ultra experiments, psychiatric evaluation of Ruloph Hess for the Nuremberg Trials, etc).

    3. Same Brizdaz here ... I know how evil the prick was and have read many books featuring his mind control experiments, books such as 'The Shock Doctrine', plus there are many 'Secret Sun' posts about him, too.

    4. Oops... sorry, I read your first comment reads as you didn't know who he was and it was ironic the name came up. I guess you were just stating a sync. Away, a misunderstanding and I do agree, he was definitely an evil prick. Peace!

    5. I'm actually trying to put a post together about the two Ewen Camerons after finding out a few synchy things about the two since reading about the DJ.
      Trouble is with synch is that ten other posts are calling my attention to be written at the same time.
      But I will get to IT hopefully and this last sentence will then make more sense ... hopefully:-)

    6. Here's that Ewen Cameron post I promised, which turned out pretty good I thought -

  15. Fuck ya Chris! Have you heard the rumors Grimes is either drugged out stuck in Elon’s house in some sort of puzzle basement (which is my fav theory) or that he just murdered her. Ha ha I doubt any of these things but I’m sure she’s working on a hot siren album to open the last seal! I can’t wait for you book. Cheers!

  16. Does the purple piping on DiFi's catholic priest monsignor looking cossack suit mean anything?

  17. Does the purple piping on DiFi's catholic priest monsignor looking cossack suit at Kavanaugh hearings mean anything?

  18. 'Terror be waged on Wildlife',leaders warn The results of Globalization.

  19. "cosmic rays shooting out of Antarctica" - Mr. Knowles, you are of course familiar with the like of Miguel Serrano, Nimrod de Rosario and Savitri Devi, right? Specially Serrano. Also, I suppose you are also familiar with Dugin.

    Anyhow, this Antarctica thing seems like something straight out of a M. Serrano novel.

  20. Moana also shows us that the Destroyer and the Morher spirit are one and the same. It also shows that Loki, Prometheus, Lucifer, I mean Maui is scapegoated as the villain but has in fact always been the hero. Just a very self absorbed one. Like most Gods and Demigods tend to be

  21. After absorbing the context of the original post and that which has been added in the comments my mind is blown!

  22. Now for the wild conjecture about the esoteric aspect of the Trial... I'm sure everyone has heard by now of the ruckus about how one of Kavanaugh's law clerks, Zina Bash, sat behind him, with her right hand resting on her left forearm in an uncomfortable-looking position that was obviously meant to be noticed, since she held it for a long time, and the media went wild, asking "Was Zina Bash flashing a White Power sign?"

    Since Zina Bash is a Jewish Mexican-American, my first reaction was "Not a chance."

    The media then came to the conclusion that she had been making the OK sign (which everyone could see that she was not).

    And all this was Knowles' First Law at its purest.

    So I decided to see if I could figure out what the sign she'd been making meant. I downloaded a pic of her hand sigil, and sent it around, to see if others could spot anything I couldn't. And that's where the High Strangeness comes in.

    First, the name 'Zina'. It's a fairly popular female Hebrew name these days, though it only gets one mention in the Bible (and that as a man's name). It apparently means something like "well-fed"...but it also appears to be related to the Hebrew word "zana", which means prostitution, especially the sacred temple prostitution practiced by the Canaanites. And, considering the subject matter of the trial, it might be worth mentioning that in Arabic, 'zina' simply means 'unlawful sexual contact'.

    It hit me that Mrs. Bash had been holding her fingers in the shape of the Hebrew letter Shin. Shin is associated with Trump (of course!) XX of the Tarot; that is, Judgement, which is apropos enough. And I can imagine 2020 (XX XX) is heavy on the minds of all the factions of the archons. Judgement is also one of the Trumps Crowley renamed, dubbing it "The Aeon".

    A Jewish friend pointed out that, while Bash's fingers formed the letter Shin, the awkward position of her thumb could be considered the diacritical point indicating that the Shin should be pronounced Sin. During the course of their 40 years of wandering, they spent a great deal of time in the Wilderness of Sin (Sin being the name of the Phoenician/Canaanite moon god), and there the Israelites fought the Amalekites, a tribe that had intermarried with the Horites, a tribe of Repha'im (descendants of the Nephilim) that had anciently inhabited the area; and the Amalekites still had giants among them.

    Also in the Wilderness of Sin, the Israelites met Chimerae: Satyrs (who the Greeks and Romans, 2000 miles away, were also meeting), human/ram crosses; and had begun to offer sacrifices to them. And remember that then a 'sacrifice' was simply a shared sacred meal. So the Israelites were actually sitting down to have supper with these chimerae. The Israelites also began to worship the leader of the Satyrs, Azazel, one of the Watchers who, anciently, had taught mankind to make weapons (though, to be fair, it was for self-defense against the giants).

    The worship of Azazel proved so popular that once a year, the Israelites were permitted to send a goat as a sacrifice to Azazel. Read the scapegoat ritual closely in Leviticus, and you'll see it's really a sacrifice to both Yahweh and Azazel (though Yahweh gets his digs in at his rival by having the sins of his people put upon the ram he sends as to his fellow deity).

    So we have a trial of a Judge, concerning fornication; and one of his underlingsdoes a subtle Working that brings in Judgement, the Aeon, Canaanite cult prostitution, Chimerae, and the Watchers.

    All at the same time that the Canaanite's most recognizable religious symbol is reconstructed near the venue of the trial.

    What does it all mean? Not a clue, but I just can't see it all as coincidence.

    But, again, there's always ontological paranoia as an explanation.

    As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work! Thanks for letting a man write a novel in your comment section.

    1. Zina in Arabic means "beautiful". Zin or Zayn means "beauty"

    2. @suki: You're absolutely right that Zayn means "beauty" in Arabic. But I must respectfully disagree: in Arabic, "zina" can only mean "adultery" or "fornication". (I have some personal experience with the concept, having been accused of it some years back by a rival with a grudge; won't bore anyone with the details, but it's a *much* heavier accusation in Islam than in most modern Christian churches.)

      Arabic words are built from three-letter roots that give the core meaning. Zayn comes from the Z-Y-N root, while zina comes from the Z-N-H root. They look similar in English, but are *very* different in Arabic. The only references I've been able to find saying Zina means "beautiful" are a few baby-name sites, and I'm guessing they're just being honestly confused because the names sound similar to native English speakers.

      Apologies for going on at such length about what seems like a minor point. But I just can't shake the feeling that there's meaning in the fact that a man on trial for alleged fornication had a woman named "fornication" seated behind him, trying to draw attention to herself.

      Apologies again for all the etymology! And cheers.

  23. Damn Sir and your tribe blow me away every time I visit this blog. Been a fan for about 10 yrs. Stumbled upon it when I googled the number bday in July of 1965. As soon as I discovered your blog I was hooked; even though so much of it was over my head lol! I am truly impressed by your wealth and breadth of knowledge as well as that of the many cool beautiful people who add to the conversation. Kudos to all ya peeps sharing your 2 cents so to speak! I do often follow your links!

    I value this place...meeting group of minds and hearts Because in my own small pond; I feel so lonely and misunderstood or just rejected because I see differently than the masses or even the loved ones closest to me. Then I check in with the Secret Sun...and even if I don't get all the references...what I do get is a strong sense of relief knowing there are others out there questioning the social narrative and bull shit script/programming from players on high so to speak; the mysterious ubiquitous "They/Them" we're all fighting against or resisting or ignoring or...what intimidated by, annoyed with or subjected to thru debt slavery? It sux big time am i right lol?1?
    It relieves my angst and pessimism to check in here and find I'm not as crazy as I thought/think I am because others out there in the world wide web validate my perception of the insanity going on..
    but yet it's still a fleeting sense of community... I see repeat names: Khadir, Maria, Sean etc but that's not enough.

    So here's my any festival out there-people uniting for a common cause (how about Peace and Sovereignty) ; we gather together somewhere/how. A Secret Sun Tribe event...not open to the public. Only to followers of the SS blog. Somewhere in the forest, with campfires. Family friendly; not talking hedonistic revelry; though I sense things could lean that way with this crowd haha.

    Seriously, wouldn't it be super cool amazing to take this to another level of authentic connection/discussion...looking into eyes and faces? Am I just a dreamer blowing sparkly smoke up my arse?
    Can't you imagine a smallish (100 folks) agreeing/deciding to raise the bar and meetup for more awesome authentic discourse in person?

    Just a thought xo :)

    1. Aaaaaw Jo… Thank You for proposing a “Secret Sun Tribe Event”. I lose myself in thought about it often…

    2. Aaaw Sean...Thank you for affirming I'm not the only one ;)
      You too Delorus! Really wonder if Sir Knowles has ever considered it. I bet it would be extraordinary...though probably crashed by a bunch of spooks LOl!

    3. I wanna be there when the guitars come out.

  24. 33: It's in like flint, u like those dolphins at the beginning? Lol. Life is not a bitch, the world's a beautiful woman, U only call her that bc she won't give a demon that pussy willingly. Fxn men raping men hating women like alien rapist trash. It all comes back to the degradation of women, our holy mothers, sacred feminine. the emotional poltergeist of the moon, the great owl wreaking havoc on those who deserve to burn is out n about... this is a man's world now, they have no respect for life or law of the mother... n now the wife of the angel of death, the gate kept of hell... is not happy . U know all ab Antarctica being tall whites base, Russians n U.S. sharing military since 59. I realize ur obssessed with old prophecies... but our lady, our lady... are legion n speaking. oh how the palmers should pay attention to the new prophecies as they walk. They'll bow to the gate keeper of hell, n grant power to that goldilocks judge, Or... the tower is falling once n for all. It will be run by the great mother n if they won't bow to all life, they will be sent to where they belong. Love n thx for paying attention. Xo.

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    1. What's behind the bot comments like this one above where they just make a generic comment about the blog to get the comment posted?
      Not being much of a tech-head I don't get what their game is unless they put an embedded link into their comment to suck you into clicking on whatever site they want you to go to.
      So what is the point of getting a comment like this one above (and many others like it in the comment section) posted I wonder?

    2. In answer to your question, I've recently come to consider seriously whether some college AI classes now assign little bot creation tests for the intro levels. Presumably this bot will score points for getting replies, which presumably would be the goal of the exercise.

    3. Looks like this bot is going to the top of the class then;-)

    4. Might as well give the peep an a+ cuz I was wondering the same thing!! Contemplating if the hippie AIs were wandering over for traumatic stress relief.

    5. Might as well give the peep an a+ cuz I was wondering the same thing!! Contemplating if the hippie AIs were wandering over for traumatic stress relief.

    6. 7:25 again. It also could be an advanced class test on not being detected as a bot, in which case this one failed badly! All a matter of perspective I guess, though the tests themselves seem quite likely, imo.

      If AI ever does take over, expect more such "probing" in its seeking to understand/manipulate us better.

  26. just f'ing weird. As I was reading this post, Black Hold Sun performed by Chris Cornell just started playing on spotify. Oh well

  27. Isn't the word, "Baal", simply a title meaning "Lord" in the language of the Canaanites?

    1. @Lumenar: You're spot on; though often the title seemed to be used as a proper name, referring to a specific deity. It's a lot like how many English speakers say 'God', referring to the Christian deity specifically, but will also say "the god Shiva" or "the god Odin".

      "Baal" also just means "master" in modern Hebrew, which is related to the ancient Canaanite languages about as closely as, say, Spanish is to Latin. As a for-instance: a secular Jew who decides to become observant later in life is known as "Baal tshuva": literally, "master of repentance".

    2. @Khadir: Thank you for the reply. So whose arch was replicated in the title picture?

    3. @Lumenar: that's an excellent question, but not necessarily one with a simple answer. By the time the Arch was built, many pagans had moved toward monotheism, so when they would have heard "the Arch of Baal" just the way most Americans would hear "the Lord's Arch". But of course it gets way more complicated...

      The Arch led to the Temple of Bel. The Romans considered the "Bel/Baal" worshipped there to be a title of Sol Invictus. The Greeks thought he was Hermes under another name. Some of the natives thought he Bel was another name for Marduk, the Assyrian king of the gods. And some worshipped him under the name "Malakbel", which would translate to "the Angel of the Lord"...which, in the Hebrew Bible, seems to be the title Yahweh was known under whenever he decided to manifest himself physically among his people.

      But it gets even weirder. Malakbel was often accompanied by Al-Lat (which is just Aramaic/Arabic for "the Goddess"); who was one of only three pagan deities to get slammed in the Quran. And Muhammad prophesied that one mark of the end of the Age would be the return of the worship of the Goddess.

      Enter a group of bloodthirsty religious fanatics, determined to restore their version of pure Islam (which pretty much just consists of LARPing that you're a Seventh-Century Bedouin stuck in 2018). And they give themselves a moniker (in *English*) that works out to be an acronym spelling out...Isis! You know, the *other* goddess that Muslims are strongly warned in the Quran to have nothing to do with.

      So Isis blows up an Arch dedicated, in part, to Al-Lat (a landmark so vitally important to world history that not a single person I know (myself included!) had ever even heard of it, until the archons started building replicas of it all over the planet). So Isis becomes responsible for the return of the veneration of Al-Lat.

      Since I do NOT want to get bounced for seeming to evangelize, I guess I should point out that one can accept that someone has seen the future, without having to accept that person's theology. For example: my saintly old great-grandmother had detailed foretelling dreams very many times in her life. She also belonged to an old-school backwoods Church of Christ congregation, and wouldn't permit playing cards or dice in her house, even the ones that came with a Monopoly board game. She also thought that if you hadn't been baptized by being dunked in a river (sprinkling didn't count; baptistries didn't count), you just hadn't been baptized. You can see the future in great detail and still get your theology backward. So, please, no one think I'm running a commercial for Muhammad here.

      Anyway: excellent question, Lumenar. Sorry all I could do was muddy the already-murky water yet further!

    4. @Khadir: No apologies are needed, sometimes the water must be muddied to remove the sediment above the shipwreck's treasure. Well, if that arch in the Capital is meant to be an arch of triumph displaying victory, like the big arch in Paris, shouldn't it be accompanied by an announcement of victory?

    5. P.S. Was this "Bel/Baal" the same Baal of the Canaanites demonized in the Book of Exodus? What about the megalithic site of Baalbek, Lebanon?

    6. Dear kadir your comments like this one may be long but they are very interesting and I appreciate your personal take. I got to skimming the zod opus but this is good stuff to me.

    7. @Lumenar: well, the Palmyra Arch was originally built by Emperor Septimus Severus to commemorate a series of victories the Romans had won in their centuries-long, on-and-off war with the Parthian Empire (which is barely remembered by anyone except historians today; it was a polyglot (Greek, Persian, Aramaic, and Akkadian, among others- they were still copying Sumerian religious texts *in*cuneiform* until something like 300AD!) empire that had its capital in Iraq, and that, at its height, controlled a rough triangle from Turkey, into Arabia, to the eastern borders of Persia); which leads me to wonder if putting up replicas of it all over the planet isn't a working aimed at the modern descendants of the Parthians, Iran. Especially when you consider that, in some dialects of Middle Eastern Arabic, the word for a European or a white American is "Rumi", which literally means "Roman".

      And it's hard to say for certain, but it seems a fairly safe bet that for a lot of worshippers there at the Temple of Bel (especially those native to the region), they thought they were calling upon the same Ba'al their ancestors had been sacrificing to in the days of Elijah.

      @Delorus: much thanks! Very good to know that my fellow Secret Sunners are getting some use out of my comments, just like I do out of theirs. Of course, once CLK's done the hard work of collating all this data, it's much easier to see where it all syncs up. Cheers!

  28. Yes I am finally learning to think in sync! Florence the storm hit Florence the S.C. town and two weeks later there is a standoff in an upscale neighborhood where everyone knows everyone involved,shooter,family and beloved law officer.

  29. Have you made the connection between thee orange revolution and the Mars prospect? I can't remember. Also, why don't you and SuperTorch work together, you two working together could paint the best synchromystic image of the world. Dooo iiit.

  30. Archon Proxies : The Newhouse Family - A Media Empire own Conde Nast own Wired."Online Conspiracy Theories : The Wired Guide"

  31. I couldn't resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  32. Ty 4 wording this the way u did.
    I read it when I woke up and ty 4 be living this may possibly still possible...happen
    Most likely it won't but ty