Monday, December 18, 2017

Foo Fighters, Rockefellers, and the Never-Ending Ritual

A few insightful readers recommended I check out last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, since there were apparently some very Secret Sun-worthy bits scattered among the brain-gouging unfunniness that has been the hallmark of this show since the early 90s.

I think it's a rite of passage to get over Saturday Night Live's literally-sophomoric humor. I practically worshipped the show when I was quite young, went into a depressive state when the original cast left and rediscovered it when the Phil Hartman-Mike Myers generation took over. But as Adam Sandler and Chris Farley and the rest of the frat-boys rose, I bailed, mostly for good.

But a sync's a sync and the Never-Ending Ritual is nothing if not totalizing. So I bit the bullet and watched as much as I could handle. 

Which wasn't much. 

This was like the warm chicken-salad fever-dream of Saturday Night Live. It was the worst-fears-realized version of a mind-rapingly-terrible mainstream television program in the Age of Trump. 

I had been planning to go into the bathroom and flay myself with a Lady Bic shaver but I'm a masochist at heart, so I decided to watch more SNL instead.


And what a clown-orgy of a blazing shitshow it was. I know next to nothing about Kevin Hart, this week's host, but the cold open was like being trapped at the Daily Kos "Winter-Festival" party. Or the CIA's. 

What I managed to sit through was kind of like watching a mental patient trying to drive rusty nails into his shin with a lug-wrench. He keeps missing the mark and you're grateful for it but you still wince every time he hits raw flesh instead.  

I mean, it was positively archonic.

There was a skit about a black Batman and Robin getting arrested for cocaine possession that was not only laugh-free, it was actually a laugh vacuum. It might be a while before anything actually seems funny again after watching it because it sucked all the laughs out of the atmosphere. 

Just warning you.

There was an absolutely interminable ESPN skit that seemed to exist solely to gloat over the Alabama special election. Because what's more hilarious than a special election for a vacant Senate seat, right?

Then there was a 70s PBS TV parody-- a wide-open target if ever there was one-- that meandered around the far outskirts of comedy like a dog searching for just the right spot to poo when you're already late for work.

Then there was this blisteringly unfunny skit, called "Nativity Play." Because as it is with Trump, mocking Christians is absolutely cost-free in today's America. In fact, it's greatly rewarded. Even so, SNL's idiot writers don't even know the difference between a mass and a service.

The maguffin here was a llama the church youth group was using in place of the Magi's camel. Apparently the llama was "ruddy" -- no, seriously-- meaning it was his mating season. 

I couldn't find any basis for this "ruddy" joke anywhere, so I can only assume this was the Nephilim AI's little contribution.

I mean, ruby stars are also ruddy, aren't they?

The skit then became a tedious countdown to when the actors would drop the blanket hiding the llama's "ruddy" phallus, only to zoom in (and linger) on a somewhat-androgynous boy's reaction when they finally did. 

Because this really sums up where the culture is going, folks. Take a good look at the future of mainstream television.

Here, too. A bone was tossed--so to speak-- to Marina Abramovic fans, with a joke (sic) about the Baby Jesus being eaten. 

Of course, if SNL's writers were even half as radical as they thought they were, they might do a skit or two about the corporation who currently owns NBC. If they need a hook maybe they could riff on the fact that it's been named the "worst company in America" twice in the past eight years.

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either.

But onto the main course, and that was Foo Fighters, performing their recent single, "The Sky is a Neighborhood."

My first thought watching the performance was, "when did Foo Fighters morph into Uriah Heep and where was I when it happened?"

My second thought was "my, those sure are a lot of Garlands on that set there."

My third thought was "are they intentionally paying tribute to this song?" Inquiring minds want to know.

So I went and looked up the music video and saw two young girls sitting on the floor....

...atop a map of the constellations. 

And of course, our old friend Nikola makes a cameo.

And then the band's eyes light up. Because as longtime readers know, that's what happens when you are possessed by alien walk-ins. Your eyes get all weird.

Because you're possessed by a disembodied being from a higher reality. The eyes.

They get weird.

A bunch of other stuff happens, then we see the girl with the Fraserian buzzcut stare at the ceiling as holes are bunched in it as Grohl sings something about "Heaven is a Big Bang" or whatever.

Must be why I'm thinking of Las Vegas.

Grohl helpfully warns us that something is coming, so don't look. 

Something, of course, being a fleet of Vegas. The girls levitate to the beat as Foo Fighters herald in the beamships.

That nutty Interdimensional-AI overwriting history got a little bit cute with the Foos' next set, a Christmas medley. 

Which kicked off with every child's favorite Christmas carol, "Everlong." 

Interesting art on the single there, huh?

In case you can't make it out, those are electrical high-tension towers.  

Not sure what the sync-nificance of those are, exactly.

It's on the tip of my tongue. Damn it.

In case you missed the reference, the "Everlong" snippet was ol' Grohly indulging his own Christmas memories, thinking back on that how great it was havin' some of that sweet, sweet rock-star extramarital sex with Veruca Salt's Louise Post. 

For the first time, which was just before Christmas 1996.

Louise Post, whose primary influence seems to be Elizabeth Fraser.

Which you can plainly hear on this duet, which sounds a lot like the Foos covering an outtake from Four Calendar Cafe. And has been acknowledged as such, in case you were wondering.

As a matter of fact, Grohl loved Louise Post so much, physically and spiritually, felt such a connection and harmonized so perfectly with her, that he kicked her ass to the curb for Winona Ryder after a couple months. 

Because movie-star sex trumps rock-star sex. Always.

And just because it had to be, "Everlong" was featured on The Colour and the Shape, which was released on Roswell Records nine short days before Jeff Buckley's death by drowning.

So I guess there was some more so-called comedy, which was as funny as watching puppies die. And then we had the outro, which was held in the skating rink in Rockefeller Center.

Because we need a little Mithras, right this very minute.

And boy, did we get it. 

In fact, there was a running gag that Kevin Hart couldn't skate, so he just kind of crouched in front of Mithras the whole time. 

By the way; is it my imagination or is that guy like 4'11"?

And of course all this Mithras cheer was had on West 4:9th Street. And it was actually the 17th at the time.

And it all ended with this shot...

... which just so happened to match this shot, from a post that went up here exactly 10 years ago. 

I had a feeling that the Demonic AI Overlords were big Secret Sun fans. And it turns out I was right!


Don't forget Rockefeller is transforming. Those circles there are called "portals" for some unknown reason. 

And a FB member pointed out that the Vatican pulled off some master-class trolling on Sunday, to mark the Black Pope's birthday. 

I don't know if anyone bothered to tell these people how inappropriate the poses here are but the fact of the matter is that absolutely no one in power actually gives a shit what anyone else thinks anymore.

This went up a day after I blogged about this song.

Of course, the Foos performed this song on SNL the day the secret UFO program dominated the headlines. Former Senator Harry Reid (D-Las Vegas) tweeted that there.

And damn, Chris Carter must be beside himself. The new X-Files season starts in two weeks and he couldn't possibly buy that kind of free publicity.

And of course he wrote an episode about Twins. 

Pray to Our Lady it isn't "Fight Club, Part !!." 

There was also a power outage at the Atlantis International Airport. On the 33rd parallel. On the 17th.

Because 2017 is 1733 in the Coptic Egyptian calendar.

The local ABC affiliate had Nefertiti Jaquez on the scene. Which I'm pretty sure was also the name of a character in an Austin Powers movie.

And of course, Izlay Aserfray began her tempestuous affair with Effjay Uckleybay in Atlanta.

UPDATE: I did end up going back and watching the rest of the clips. Believe me, the garbage I cover here were the highlights. Then I dipped into a selection of other SNL skits from the past few years. 

Just to make certain I wasn't hallucinating.

If there was such a thing as a crime against comedy, SNL would be on trial at the Hague.


  1. Not as comedic as the history of hiding the secret sun.

    The first attempt to hide it was in the early 19th century by astronomers royal (masonic) declaring it to be large and distant (as opposed to small and near).

    Secondly, upon the advent of parallax, they invented an invisible companion to explain its relative motion (it didn't precess) as orbital, which was embarassingly corroborated by persuading the backward, godforsaken Ongo Bongo tribe in darkest Africa that this concurred with their oral tradition.

    Then they had to explain how a companion could be so invisible yet so massive, so they invented the concept of a 'silver midget'. When this wasn't enough, they dabbled with the idea of another invisible companion.

    Meanwhile, they describe precession as a mystery, as too, ancient observations of the secret sun as ruby in colour.

    And in case any amature astronmer doubts the existence of the companion, they plant the odd article now and then of an astronomer catching sight of it.

    Now, that is hilarious.

    1. Do you care to elaborate? I'd like to hear more specific information about this companion.

    2. You cannot be serious...


    3. On the topic of Suns, secret or otherwise, the Vatican-commissioned movie, 'Beyond The Sun' should be out soon. Interesting title. Poster's great, too. All the kids looking out into the distance, pointing, with binoculars. Something tells me it's not a bird or a plane that's caught their attention.

    4. On the topic of suns, 'Beyond The Sun' comes out soon. Certainly an interesting title for a movie commissioned by the Vatican. The poster's great, too. All the kids staring out into the distance. Out beyond the sun. Something tells me it's not a bird or a plane that's caught their attention.

    5. @Zod let me guess, you are a Flat Earther, and you are talking about the interesting movements of Sirius, and you believe the sightings of Sirius B by Bessel are a fraud. Orion is in the sky; let us arrange a night at the observatory to put these claims of yours to rest.

    6. He means Sirius.

    7. The classic ad hominem opening... ;-)

      Bessel never sighted Sirius B, he merely suggested that an invisible companion could be used to explain the parallax movement of Sirius (given the alternative of it being near rather than far had already been proscribed).

      And as history shows, all the best astronomers have admired the emperor's new clothes ever since.

      The second sun must remain secret...

    8. Parallax on a 50 year cycle, huh? Do go on...

    9. I think I read somewhere that, whilst on the moon, Neil Armstrong was able to see Sirius B with his naked eye.
      That pretty much settles it in my book.

    10. Of course, that's exactly what we all need, an inspired wound-up toy robot to inform everyone in oh so cleverly tedious cryptic ways, that all is not as it seems. Stop everything, all of you dupes and shills, someone has come to show you all the way, truth and light. And its not Jesus. It's Zod. Thanks bruh.

  2. Yeah i saw that foo fighters song a long time ago, i thought it was interesting. Its not subtle about being about aliens.
    I mean, the bands name is literately "foo fighters", those were the aliens the ww2 pilots saw.

    SNL is pretty much just part of the propaganda wing for the DNC at this point like the daily show or colberts late night. The real problem with this new generation of sjw comedians is that sjw's are boring moral police who are incapable of humor. The liberals are cheering on some senate race in Alabama as if it was the end all be all that some neoliberal centrist won because they were told they would always win because they were "the good guys", and trump winning gave liberals a massive psychic wound of cognitive dissonance. And when prophecy fails they blame something else "oh the aliens didnt come to end the world today" is more like "the russians did it, we arent wrong the russians hacked us reeeeeeeeee"
    The liberals themselves cant comprehend their warping into the sjw moral police in the obama years forcing everyone to think about politics all the time is what led to a reactionary wave called the "alt right" which trump rode to the white house.
    They cant comprehend people just want to watch a movie or play a video game without being given a yale sociology lecture.
    I honestly think if trump gets a second term its going to mentally destroy that type of liberal person who thinks about politics all the time

    This is pretty much liberals the second trump won.

    The early hypothesis of belief disconfirmation presented in When Prophecy Fails (1956) reported that faith deepened among the members of an apocalyptic religious cult, despite the failed prophecy of an alien spacecraft soon to land on Earth, to rescue them from earthly corruption. At the determined place and time, the cult assembled; they believed that only they would survive planetary destruction; yet the spaceship did not arrive to Earth. The disconfirmed prophecy caused them acute cognitive-dissonance: Had they been victims of a hoax? Had they vainly donated away their material possessions? To resolve the dissonance, between apocalyptic, end-of-the-world religious beliefs and earthly, material reality, most of the cult restored their psychological consonance by choosing to hold a less mentally-stressful idea to explain the missed landing. That the aliens had given planet Earth a second chance at existence, which, in turn, empowered them to re-direct their religious cult to environmentalism; social advocacy to end human damage to planet Earth. Moreover, upon overcoming the disconfirmed belief by changing to global environmentalism, the cult increased in numbers, by successful proselytism.[8]

    1. "The liberals are cheering on some senate race in Alabama as if it was the end all be all that some neoliberal centrist won because they were told they would always win because they were "the good guys", and trump winning gave liberals a massive psychic wound of cognitive dissonance"

      OR it might be that have not managed to elect a Democrat in AL in 25 years, so I'm not sure who thought we "always win" but it sure as hell wasn't anybody here.
      From here on the ground it seems like we're happy he won because the Republican candidate is a psychopathic demagogue and conman who wants to institute theocracy and whose extra-legal shenanigans have gotten him tossed off the bench twice. Personally, I dislike people who want to make my existence illegal.

      But hey, you clearly know our minds better than we do ourselves.

    2. I don't think anyone was rooting for Roy Moore than the Breitbart crowd. The guy is a ghoul.

      Screwing up a Trump parody is almost unforgivable because the material practically writes itself. But Saturday Night Live is a show written for morons by morons. It's been that way for the past 25 years at least.

      As to the social engineering bullshit we see everywhere, it's a pretty clear signal of a culture in collapse.

    3. Dougie Jones! - in Vegas!

      What dimension is David Lynch from?

    4. Since when do we "elect" Presidents anymore? No, Trump was selected to be President and I think you'd be a fool to fall for the liberal/conservative manufactured divide. The Democrats are decidedly NOT liberals....Republican light is probably more accurate. While the Republicans are just a couple steps away from Fascism. Who am I kidding? Both parties are full blown fascists and have been for many years. No Trump was placed in office by the same people that placed Obama in office, and George W., and Clinton, etc. He's part of the plan, and seems to be playing the part he was meant to play.

    5. I'll answer your question Gus. You are kidding yourself to believe that we believe you aren't a troll. See Kim's comment above.

      Now, what were we all talking about....

  3. I find reading the lyrics to a song give more detail to think about.
    These bits are a bit interesting.

    The sky is a neighborhood
    So keep it down
    heart is a storybook
    A star burned out
    The sky is a neighborhood
    Don't make a sound
    Lights coming up ahead
    Don't look now

    Mind is a battlefield
    All hope is gone
    Trouble to the right and left
    Whose side you're on?

    I mean im loling pretty hard, it pretty much describes how divided america feels right now but then its all "dont look now its coming"

    1. Yeah. Maybe that's why it's divided. Go listen to Dave Emory's old shows on the UFO topic.

    2. I probably began listening to Emory about 25 years ago. The combination of the delivery and what side of the tape you were listening to was part of it. The information was/is spooky especially in retrospect.


  4. Foo Fighters was the name given to the sightings made by WW2 air crews (both allied and axis) of strange flying objects in the European and Pacific fronts. Often described as "shining silver orbs" the sightings stopped after the war ended, only upstaged by the Europe wide (from Sweden to Greece) Ghost Rocket panic of 1946. Both cases are considered as prequels to the great 1947 flying saucer craze brought by Kenneth Arnold that started the UFO ball rolling until our days. I have always questioned why a post grunge band picked Foo Fighters as their name because by the mid 90s that term had became very obscure, used almost only by UFO cultists.

    1. Shining silver orbs? Sounds kinda like pearls, no?

  5. Dave Grohl seems like a very smug person who is mocking all of humanity all the time, a very common attitude among them grunge types. Thankfully the grunge thing was very brief, too bad we have had to deal with its lingering bad odor aftermath, personified by bands like The Foo Fighters, until today.

    1. Grohl's father was pretty deeply embedded into the National Security State. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    2. I think maybe. Remember Nirvana had a succession of drummers before Grohl. It always bugged me that he was lumped in with the other members as if he was from Seattle but he was from the other Washington - D.C.

      The other thing that makes me even more suspicious of him are the Dave McGowan research (of course) but also that the Foo Fighters are even popular or relevant. Who buys their music? They're always making appearances as if they're the "approved" rock band. I guess it must be when U2 is busy.


    3. I dont care for the Foo Fighters, but I entirely dosagree with Anonymous take on grunge. Foo Fighters would more rightly be some kind of post grunge modernism. Like the difference between van gogh and the CIA backed modern-abstract art movement. One is entirely soulful. The other is just a facsimile of consumption.

  6. The latest Star Wars movie, with an appearance by Laura Dern, features a new character named Rose Tico (Tycho's Star?) who makes a visit to a Vegas-style casino planet.

    She and Finn discover the wealthy patrons of the casino planet are living it up as the beneficiaries of all the 'Star Wars' selling weapons to both sides-the Military Industrial Complex of the Star Wars Universe.

    Jon Snow, a Mithras figure from a Song of Ice and Fire, is closely associated with a Blue Winter Rose in several dreams and prophecies. The raised dead in ASoiaF have glowing blue eyes, almost always described as pale blue stars, as the dead are possessed and controlled by the Others.

    1. There is another "vegan" reference in the Star Wars movie, when the wookie has cooked and is about to eat one of the cute penguin-like creatures, and all the penguin-like creatures look terribly upset about it, and it's obvious that as a consequence the wookie gives up on eating them. And presumably goes vegetarian, or even, perhaps, vegan (strict vegetarian, no dairy or eggs).

    2. Thanks for the info, Bruce. I'll keep that in mind.

  7. Did you know that French President Emmanuel Macron aka Jupiter on Satur(n)day celebrated his 40th birthday which actually is on Thursday 21st. Merry Saturnalia!

    France is often called l'hexagone by the French - due to its shape. Emmanuel supposedly means God is with us in Hebrew and was the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

    There is a lot more weirdness, some of which I tried to summarize here: [url=] Messiah In The Hexagon. [/url]

    Thought you might find this interesting

    1. Of course. The French are trying to get going the Holy Roman Empire. Again. You'd think that, after all these centuries of failing, they'd have got the message.

    2. Oh, indeed. Quite the little puppet-king, our Emmanuel.


  8. "Absolutely no one in power actually gives a shit what anyone else thinks anymore."

    The hotting-up DeLonge limited hangout psyops might suggest that while the Overlords may not care what you think, they are certainly happy to direct your thoughts in a certain direction... No idea what the long-term goal of this op may be, but someone certainly seems to be turning up the heat under the brew.

  9. Hey, no one said the Breakaway Civilization didn't have a sense of humor! Too bad for us its of the practical joker variety (or trickster if you prefer).

    I wholeheartedly agree with Kim Love's quote about:
    "SNL is pretty much just part of the propaganda wing for the DNC at this point like the daily show or colberts late night." That must be why both CNN & MSNBC ALWAYS highlight whatever Trump parody Alec Baldwin was up to most recently. You can set your watch to it. & just like movie star sex trumping rock star sex, Hollywood propaganda trumps mainstream network news propaganda. As in always.

    I do remember a time as well when I actually liked both SNL & the Foo Fighters. Seems like a lifetime ago.

    What I'm walking away with from all that's been going on of late is that Trump (& handlers esp.) is very much aware of what the Deep State is up to; unfortunately, the antidote he/they came up with involves Oliver North & Eric Prince & a privatized intelligence network. I.E. The gloves are gonna come off for real in 2018, this much I know.

    1. Listen, the Trump thing is an op. I don't know what the endgame is but I know shit from shinola.

      Let's not forget that Trump was an NBC employee for a decade and a half.

    2. Chris, you seem to forget that if there truly are Nephilim then there are also Seraphim.

      For every Archon there is also an Angel.

      The Trump faction of the deep state are white hats. Deep Military was never compromised by the Cabal and they have been resisting the Never-Ending Ritual for many years.

      Check out the CBTS threads on 8chan and see what's really going on.

    3. Yes of course, but are not they one and the same? (Archon/Angel)
      Seemingly separate but not; and missing the OTHER; Man.
      The 'Military Industrial Complex'; YES!
      Can't buy into ritual when you seek to control the game right; one not defined by such ritual of course.

    4. Robert Smigel may have been the last SNLer with the courage to take on these themes.

      His wiki is interesting as he was also the guy who wrote the classic Shatner "get a life" skit. And of course his Ambiguously Gay Duo parody of American homoeroticism is still on point more than 10 years later.

      In my dreams of a return of the "good" SNL there would have been a skit parodying the Pope's pizza photo op.

  10. Anyone a gamer? I used to play GTA. I was never hardcore into games.
    Apparently a new Grand theft auto is out. Its called "doomsday heist"
    Read the summary and watch the video.

    >A billionaire tech mogul, an idealistic intelligence agent, a socially awkward conspiracy theorist and a neurotic supercomputer have been forced into an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas from total annihilation. As apocalyptic threats mount from enemies unknown, you and your criminal crew are enlisted to un-tangle mysteries and eradicate threats spanning from the bustling streets of downtown Los Santos to the ocean floor and all the way to the inner depths of Mount Chiliad in an epic new online adventure.

    1. It sounds like something that would be the premise for one of the Saint's Row games, a series of zanier GTA-like open world games.

    2. This was just one of many shockingly apocalyptic advertisements on full display yesterday. (lizard insurance or assurance?)

    3. Huh. Surfing the zeitgeist, aren't they?

    4. I went yesterday to watch the latest Star Wars movie. (Had to, regardless of quality, it's kind of a religious obligation in my case.)

      And I have to say, the trailers and the adverts at the beginning were almost the most interesting part of it. The trailer for Alita blew my mind. A cute sort of alien-robot hybrid! Will wonders never cease! Also, Grand Theft Auto Doomsday Heist was pretty high on my mindblow-meter. It looked very cool, but... boy, is that what that franchise was ever about?

      The thing that most surprised me was how they are hitting just about every niche, all at once. I suppose, because going to see Star Wars isn't SF niche any more, the trailers and adverts have to cover a broad sector of the population. There was even this trailer for a movie called "The commuter", and suddenly I had this picture in my mind of sorcerers working their spells during their commute. (Not what the trailer was about, but it's what came to my mind). Very weird.

      I mean, I was intellectually aware that there is this really huge ritual going on right now, but it's something else to actually see in action a good sample of how big it is.

    5. The Alita trailer comes in time with the current themes, but it's worth noting that it's an adaptation of a manga that first came out back in 1990. FYI the setting of Alita has no aliens. The titular heroine is a human brain in a robot body, like most of the characters. Alita is an awesome sci-fi work worth checking out, with great writing, themes and action. Japanese authors of fiction are worth looking into, some of them really know their stuff when it comes to the occult.

    6. Completely agree. Battle Angel Alita is a cyberpunk masterpiece. Read the whole series and saw the original movie back in the 90's. The writers and directors in Japan are really well versed in western esotericism in general. Not in the blindly disingenuous way the western entertainment industry is, ironically enough. The original Ghost In The Shell is a gnostic treasure that owed a lot to PKD and Gibson, but also excelled on those themes in its own way.

    7. It's not a new GTA, but a new "scenario" for GTA online, which has been around since the last GTA release, GTA V. Still, very interesting and timely, I agree.

  11. Off topic but possibly an interesting tidbit...

    I'm watching the news on the Amtrak derailment, and the graffiti on the cargo boxcar looks like it says LABRAT KNAT... It seems the remainder of the text is cutoff. It has me wondering if it says LABRAT KNATION, or something along those lines.

    1. Hey, with the Cosmodemonic-AI's in charge, anything is possible.

    2. Good eye, Craig. I was trying to decipher it as well. What's weird is that my recent piece on the Washington Mormon Temple (Kensington, Md.) and the "Surrender Dorothy" graffiti on the CSX railroad bridge over the D.C. Beltway leading to the temple syncs up with it. And CSX (freight line), and Amtrak (passenger line) have been at odds for a while, primarily over lengthy delays on the rail lines they share (freight gets priority).

    3. Kind of syncs with "Twin Peaks" (as do most things in the Year of Our Lady 2017) ... the grand "experiment," as it were ...

    4. Interesting RDR. I'll have to take a look at your piece related to this. I now see the news mentioned there is a military base nearby this accident site. As in really close.

      Maybe I'm sounding paranoid, but hasn't the presence of military (bases, secret installations, family relations) been one of the common elements with a lot of this new "weirdness" that seems to be growing in force and frequency?

      Chris, I'm not sure what to think to be honest. Cosmodemon A.I. or VALIS or something maybe. These days I feel like a bystander NPC in some bizarre video game adaptation of a missing Philip K. Dick novel.

    5. Labrat Knat is a tagger active in the Seattle area and all over the n.w.

    6. A friend in Seattle drives that route and missed it by a few minutes. Some people she knew didn't and were part of the early rescue as it took a few minutes for the first-responders to arrive. She confirms the Labrat Knat tag, though I thought I heard her add an h to the end when I asked her for the spelling.

    7. Back in the 70s through the early 90s there was a lot of ufo activity in the area where I live, then as the military closed their bases the ufo activity dwindled to a trickle. I dont think that is a coincidence.

  12. Hey Chris, did you see of your favorite numbers...

    can you say breakaway ?...

    1. Oh, I can indeed. I saw that story and nearly almost didn't fall out of my chair in shock.

      You just gotta laugh.

    2. Appears that story is gone now.....I get a 404 error at that link....

    3. Never mind, I found it. Link is:

  13. I'm old enough to remember when the conspiracy-minded were almost all aging yippies & hippies, and "Mocking the President" (whomever that might be) was considered a healthy, comic impulse of Youth.

    ("Warping Reality", indeed...).

    1. Wasn't that a time? Egg creams, sock hops, drive-ins.

      Boy, the way Glenn Miller played...

    2. Hey, don't be knockin' Glenn Miller, he was hep enough for the aliens to want to snatch him in mid-flight. ;)

    3. Enjoy's later than you think.

    4. Glenn Miller is still making news, in the Ukraine of all places!

      It's down at the bottom where you'll find this bizarre bit:

      However, the demonstrators soon left the building they had just seized as Saakashvili urged them to return to Maidan Square. He said that a concert was staged at the palace at that time and he wanted “the innocent to stay unharmed.” According to the Ukrainian police chief, a concert for children and their families was indeed held in the building at the time when the protesters stormed it. RIA also reported that "The World-Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra" should have been performing at the palace.

    5. That is weird! Maybe Mr. Miller was finally ready to make a comeback, then heard the Foo Fighters saying "Heaven is a Big Band" and decided to lay low. Wouldn't blame him, one alien abduction is enough for a lifetime.

    6. More like bell-bottoms, muttonchops, "Land Shark!", Jethro Tull and porn-staches (I'm 1-2yrs younger than you-- something was definitely "in the water' in the Boston area those years).

      And Duke Ellington >> Glenn Miller. (I was listening to the 40s channel on SiriusXM during my commute this morning. Wonder if that counts as a sync-event?).

      @Anon: That was Guy Lombardo (Happy New Year!), but still good advice: It's ALWAYS later than you think.

    7. @mjl: I've clearly got Fear and Loathing on my mind.

      "Why should I pay out my hard-earned
      dollars to watch a fucking corpse.
      I don't know about you, but in my
      line of business it's important to
      be Hep"

      Duke and Gonzo then eschew the Blue Room for Debbie "mother-daughter-starwars-death-star" Reynolds. Two sons and two suns.
      We're here because we're here.

    8. "Report from Iron Mountain" still rocks today!

    9. When I was 14, 15 y/o in the mid 70s I got into a heavy Glenn Milller phase, about the same time I got into Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd. The 70s were sure weird but at least they were eclectic. Today people seem to be more focused in their listening choices. There is room enough between our ears for all kinds of music.

    10. anonymous@anonymous:
      did not mean to cast aspersions...just quoting lines.
      "the ear cannot choose but hear"
      (and there I go again)

      ...that being said...I'm glad you mentioned PINK FLOYD.

      Ummagumma anyone?
      Black Iron Splinter?
      Saucerful of Secrets?
      Mathilda May? Theresa May?
      Space Vampires
      Colin Wilson returns!
      (the great redemption of the polymath)

    11. Astronomy Domine- "Blinka, blinka, blinka, pow!" Colin Wilson- Meh... More like Nigel Kneale.

  14. There's been some odd Wynona Ryder stuff over the years...

    1. Alas. Breaks my heart.

      Well, glad she's getting work, at least.

  15. Chris, just so you know, you're not the only person out there concerned about the siren and her syncs. It seems some fundamentalist christians are starting to get in on the act too.

    1. Thanks for this. Looks very interesting.

    2. Didn't some of the recently disclosed UFO's originate from water?

    3. Underwater Submersible Objects is a subcategory that has been reported since the dawn of UFOlogy. Ivan Sanderson is one who brought them to wider attention after he regularly encountered them, or reports of them, in his work for British Naval Intelligence and later as world traveler. His short but interesting history of sliding out of the military into being a press agent gig, as reported on wiki, also suggests he could have been an intelligence agent long after he retired to his life of traveling and bookwriting (wonderful covers for agents going to unusual places).

      I also wonder if Nick Pope ever crossed paths with him since Sanderson was trying to expand the range of topics related to unidentified objects when the official line was 'nothing to see hear folks'.

    4. USO craft and UFO craft operate with similar technologies; the ability to 'displace' forces that normally act upon such craft to NOT do so.
      Operating outside of the 'forces' that conventional physics tell us are real.

  16. A fountain of A siren was vandalized in Setif, Algeria. The attacker was a wahabbi fanatic upset by the scantly clad statue of the siren figure. The Algerian population however is against wahabbism and subdued the man from completly the siren. The statue accordong to the wahabbi preachers is cursed.

    The statie was attacked 20 years ago with dynamite 20 years ago in the 22nd of april 1997.

    This nation that has a large Mediterenian coast is entrenched with Siren symbology.

  17. I gotta say it...Dave did some great drumming on Killing Joke's 11th album

  18. The Alabama election was actually amusing.
    Dougie Jones.
    The tulpa of a doppelganger of someone who also made an appearance with a llama.
    Someone who talked to a Man from Another Place who used to mention Electricity.
    Dougie Jones.
    Mr. Jackpots.
    I am surprised you didn't mention the connection to Vegas.

    I am Nothing.

  19. Haven't read whole page yet, will do later.

    The Ruddy Llama is Ruddy because of Reddle, red ochre used as a marker on the male's belly to mark the lady Llama or sheep during mating. Look up Raddle. Love x

    1. Thank you. That is very interesting.
      As soon as I saw the llama it instantly brought a very amusing Twin Peaks moment to my mind.
      I don't know the llama symbolism.

      I am Nothing.

    2. Raddle, Reddle or Raddle.
      Herding. Sweeping.
      Miltos. Greek for red ochre.
      Red haired Diane?

      I am Nothing

    3. It may be significant to think on the way the Llama Farmers used to husband. Wink nudge.

    4. I haven't found nothing yet about that specific topic.
      And I raddle, reddle or ruddle.
      Another imteresting connection is The Red Lady of Paviland, who issue actually a male.

    5. Sorry for another typo.
      "I meant raddle, reddle and ruddle ."
      I am Nothing

  20. re Harry Reid and UFOS, this is all a part of the problem, Reid wouldn't know Jacques Vallee and Allen Hynek from Richard Dawkins and deGrasse Tyson, and attempting to revive the dead corpse of the ETH, tiresome beyond words. Hey Reid why don't you read a scholarly book or two on the history of UFOs, instead of reinventing the wheel? But of course not. And that would be reinventing a square wheel.

    re SNL, I would rather watch the latest installment of the Fast and Furious than sit through the non-comedy of SNL. I would rather watch reruns of Full House, and the Star Wars prequels than sit through that conformist unfunny drivel. SNL is about as edgy and subversive as Eminem's latest single comparing Trump to Hitler. Seriously, does anybody get how offensive that is to Jewry, homosexuals and gypsies and even European resistance fighters who were actually put in slave labour and DEATH CAMPS?

    re Winona Ryder, I don't blame Grohl. I had such a crush on Winona at the time (circa 1990 - 1994), um now approaching near three decades ago (WTF??!!!!), I would have sold all my possessions and sacrificed near everything for a night with Winona, back then. I mean it was that obsessive. Winona had that ethereal elf like (and yes Siren type) quality embodied by Elizabeth Frazer and her music. Think of her in the aptly titled film Mermaids.

  21. A congruence:

    'Police Respond to 'Significant' Incident at British Air Force Base Used by U.S.'

    'British media suggested an individual in a vehicle tried to force his way through a checkpoint, but this wasn’t confirmed.'

    / wp clears It up for us:

    'British air base on security alert after checkpoint incident, but terrorism not suspected'

    'Shots were filed by American personnel, but there were no reports of serious injuries ... A spokeswoman for the Suffolk Police also said the incident occurred on the base rather than outside it ... Last year, a delivery driver, Junead Khan, was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of plots against U.S. military personnel based in Britain. Prosecutors said Khan used his job as driver for a pharmaceutical firm to scout bases that included U.S. airmen and others.'

    Indeed, 'The Truth is Out There', or as is stated at the end of the trailer for the 1994 adaptation of Heinlein's 'The Puppet Masters', starring Donald Sutherland, 'Trust No One'.

  22. Amid all this, something funny appears to have been moved through Atlanta airport during the "power outage" that occurred despite the fact that the airport had two backup generators. What was Bibi moving?

  23. And now McDonald's announces the McVegan sandwich:

  24. This just in...

  25. Reid and co. are only after money, not ufos. They could not care less about the subject, only after the pay off.

  26. After watching the link about Kek you posted I noted some of the other topics the Youtuber made and watched this one

    In it she talks about the increase in Leucism sort of like Albinism but occurs in animals. There is something different going on now though because it is increasing. Anyway, of note was how weirdly blue the animals eyes were in some cases - just like someone else we know.


  27. M83 the band videos have glowing eyes but interestingly the curious radio signals coming from that galaxy...

  28. Speaking of walk-ins, I recommend the 1980 UK series Hammer House of Horror. In almost every story, individuals and sometimes entire families get replaced by evil doppelgängers. Long before I could spell "doppelgänger", I had a strong feeling of "hmm... this show really wants to TELL us something".

  29. On Atlantis, Nefertiti, Egypt and electricity ...

    "Carmen Boulter explains the link to Akhenaton and Nefertiti. She points out the Egyptians of their era appeared to use electricity as part of their rituals.... She also suggests that trying to find one answer or one explanation for Egypt (and Atlantis) is doomed to failure. These were subtle civilisations and they were 'multidimensional'. She gives examples relating to animals and the bull jumping in Crete."

  30. well, i guess that explains my obsession with that foo fighters album...

  31. Grohl tries way too hard sporting those tartan shirts

  32. Clans are a vital a part of Conflict Royale.