Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mithras Rising: W, Hey Xe, and Cincinnatus

Trump hasn't even taken office yet and already the country feels vastly different. You can literally feel the presence of the new Praetorian Guardsmen, the alpha-male's alpha-males who are insinuating themselves into the corridors of power.

It feels like a different country because it is one.

A handful of names for the Cabinet have been released, and they're all quite revealing in light of the symbolic recital we've been looking at here.

Remember now that "Jersey" stems from "Caesarea" and that we're positing that the Praetorian Guard- meaning the military/intelligence command component of the Deep State- has taken the reins of power, using Trump as their frontman in the same way the Roman Legions used Julius Caesar (who was himself a celebrity due to his Gaul campaign, as well as his position as Pontifex Maximus) as theirs in their struggle against the Patrician classes of Rome.

White House Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.
Chief Strategist: Stephen Bannon, Trump’s former campaign CEO and chairman of conservative website Breitbart News.
National Security Adviser: Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.
Attorney General (nominated): U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama).
Secretary of Education (nominated): Betsy DeVos, a philanthropist and Republican donor.
CIA Director (nominated): U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas).
Ambassador to the U.N. (nominated): South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.
Secretary of Commerce (nominated): Wilbur Ross, billionaire investor.
That's a very interesting list.

Both Preibus and Ross are New Jersey natives. Bannon, Flynn, Sessions and Pompeo are hardcore, headkicking Praetorians through and through; every jot and tittle of their CVs speaks to that. Both Haley and DeVos are stolid Republican women, priestesses of Cybele in all but name, both linked to the Praetoreum through family connections (brothers, in both cases).

In DeVos's case, her brother is Erik Prince, founder of the Blackwater/Xe mercenary empire and self-declared modern Knight Templar. Prince hasn't played a direct role in the campaign, but had been feeding information to right-wing media all along.

Which makes perfect sense given who we're dealing with here. Prince's lingering presence seems like a symbolic acknowledgement of the immense, unprecedented power of private armies in the Warfare State. A process begun in the George W. Bush Administration and reaching its fullest flowering now.

From The Atlantic, "The Return of the Mercenary: How private armies, and the technology they use, are changing warfare" : 

America's reliance on private military companies in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade hasn't just expanded the industry; it's also started to change the conduct of international relations. In theory, armed forces for hire give private actors the option to wage wars where governments can’t, or won’t. 
In 2008, for example, actress and activist Mia Farrow explored hiring Blackwater to intervene in Darfur, telling ABC News at the time, “Blackwater has a much better idea of what an effective peace-keeping mission would look like than Western governments.”

Private military companies also allow governments to disclaim involvement in politically controversial activities. “Putin is using Chechen mercenaries in Ukraine, allegedly,” McFate said. “Who’s going to tell him you can’t do that after 10 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan?”

The parade of high-ranking military officers to Trump's court in Bedminster has become so conspicuous that someone in mainstream media finally sat up and took notice:
The Military Parade for Donald Trump Has Come Early 
Two months before Inauguration Day festivities, an extraordinary number of recently retired generals, including a few who clashed with President Barack Obama’s administration, are marching to the president-elect’s doorstep for job interviews.  
It's not unusual for an incoming administration to consider a retired general for a top position like CIA director. But Trump has turned to retired officers so publicly and in such large numbers that it raises questions about the proper balance of military and civilian advice in a White House led by a commander in chief with no defense or foreign policy experience.

Robert Goldich, a retired government defense analyst who has watched administrations for 44 years, says Trump's focus on retired generals might be unprecedented. 
The only one announced for a top job thus far is Michael Flynn, (who) was forced out as Defense Intelligence Agency director in 2014. Afterward, he strongly criticized the Obama administration's approach to fighting the Islamic State group and threw his support to Trump. 
Among others under consideration are two retired four-star Marine generals — James Mattis for defense secretary and John Kelly for homeland security secretary. Other names surfacing include retired Army Gen. Jack Keane and David Petraeus...
"I think it's time maybe, it's time for a general," Trump said, suggesting he favors a military mindset. "Look what's going on. We don't win, we can't beat anybody."
Petraeus (even sounds Roman, no? Praetorian, even?) is a major story, now in the running for Secretary of State. He's got a lot of explaining to do if he gets the nod, given that he's had his own scandals to contend with.
Gen. Petraeus resigned as CIA director in 2012 following an extramarital affair with his biographer. 
It later emerged he had shared classified material with her. 
He served as a senior officer under Presidents Bush and Obama. He was the commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, before retiring from the military to take the top position in the Central Intelligence Agency.
Trump's cozy relationship with the Praetorians is already paying off. He's promised to undo reforms of the Central Intelligence Agency and to massively expand the Navy's bluewater flotilla, the largest such expansion in thirty years. Plus, all those job openings.


In the lead-up to the election Erik Prince went on a Trump-friendly radio program to leak information about the Anthony Weiner investigation undertaken by the NYPD, an investigation that was later overruled by the FBI. Prince not only made reference to the emails and the server issues, but hinted at deeper and darker connections.

These intimations and the strange phrasing in some of the hacked emails released by Wikileaks erupted into the Pizzagate scandal, which still rages on Internet forums, despite numerous efforts to quash it by moderators at sites like Reddit and 4Chan. But was this all part of a much bigger story?

Shortly before Prince took the air with his intimations another shadowy figure popped up in the alt-media, claiming that what we were about to see was no less that a real-life game of thrones, played by elements within the Clinton campaign and their adversaries in the Praetorian Guard.

A Clinton Obama Coup And Counter-Coup By Intelligence, Law Enforcement? (Dr. Steven) Pieczenik says that on November 1st, 2016, the Clintons engaged in a “civilian coup.”...  
He continues, “The Clintons have been involved in co-opting our White House, our judiciary, our CIA, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and our Director of the FBI, James Comey, for some time now. What they’ve done is to make sure that they were part and parcel of a group of people who were interrelated through political cronyism.” 
“However,” says Pieczenik, “in order to stop this coup, we in the intelligence community and others involved have informally gotten together and, with their permission, I am beginning to announce that we’ve initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.” 
‘We have your number. Not only do we have your number, we’re going to stop you from making Hillary the president of the United States …"
Crazy, retroactive claims made about the election after the fact? Not quite: the story was originally posted a week before the election. How exactly did this alleged coup/countercop go down then?
(Pieczenik) notes that both the original Clinton Coup and the subsequent counter operation were completely silent and took place online. He says it was conducted by “the brave men and women who are in the FBI, the CIA, the Director of Intelligence, the military intelligence, and men and women in fifteen other intelligence organizations who are sick and tired of seeing this corruption in the White House and in the Justice Department and the intelligence system..."
The Praetorian Guard, to make a long story short.

Well, that all sounds rather batty, amirite? Who the hell is this guy anyway? Obviously some doublewide-dwelling alt-media nutcase looking for attention, no?

(Dr. Steven Pieczenik is a) Harvard University-trained psychiatrist who also holds a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 
He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker in the Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations.    
Oh. Guess not.

I wonder if any of this has anything to do with "Spirit Cooking" and "Chicken Lover(s)" and all the rest of it.

There's been strike and counterstrike on the Pizzagate front, with a major media pushback fronted by a puffpiece published on Comet (that completely ignored all of the information gathered in the Pizzagate dossier, such as the large payouts and the repeated use of pedo-code) in The New York Times and the subReddit banned and removed.

There's also been a massive, highly coordinated campaign launched on alternative media by the MSM under the banner of an anti-"Fake News" crusade, which is to say there's an assault currently underway on the sites that take Pizzagate seriously.

No one is saying as much but this very much feels connected to a deeper, more covert war.

Why would I say such a thing? Because at the same time the Pizzagate story went dark we've seen major strikes taken against international pedophilia, which actually is a global conspiracy, with its own networks, secret codes and moles within established centers of power such as schools, police departments and governments.  

And all of a sudden, there's been a major assault on this conspiracy, all over the world.

In the past week alone, we've seen international rings broken up in Norway, arrests in Australia and a new inquiry into a VIP ring in the UK. Also in the UK, we're seeing a major scandal emerging involving football clubs, including many of the top teams in the country. This is like the Penn State scandal on steroids:

Football sex abuse scandal: Top clubs 'made secret payments to keep victims quiet'

Top football clubs made secret payments to buy the silence of young players sexually abused by coaches, The Telegraph can disclose, as the growing scandal threatened to engulf the sport
A well-placed source said a number of clubs, including at least one Premier League team, had paid compensation to footballers but only after victims had signed confidentiality agreements so strict that along with their families and lawyers they are banned from saying publicly if the cases even existed.  
The revelation will fuel concern that the national game has covered up historic sexual abuse for years. 
Yes, I think it's safe to say there is a major, coordinated assault on international pedophilia underway. Is it coincidence then that we also saw the death of this man this week? 
Paris (AFP) - French investigators probing the death of controversial British photographer David Hamilton believe he committed suicide, just weeks after he was accused of rape, sources close to the inquiry said Saturday. 
The 83-year-old, known for his widely published nude images of underage girls, was found dead in his Paris home on Friday with a plastic bag over his head, one source told AFP, adding: "There is nothing at this stage to suggest anything other than suicide." 
Hamilton, who rose to fame in the 1970s and whose photography books sold millions of copies, had been drinking alcohol and another source said drug tests would be performed on the body as medication was found in the photographer's bathroom.
Yes, because everyone commits suicide by placing a plastic bag over their heads. 

If there is a global, coordinated attack on these networks taking place, and it's hard to imagine there isn't, who is behind this attack? And is this somehow connected to the larger power struggle playing out in plain sight?

The media exists to lull the masses to sleep, at least when it comes to worrying about the reality of people who behave and believe differently than they do. Anyone who happens to notice that things are not the way the media presents them is labeled as a "conspiracy theorist"and anyone who discusses it with others is accused of disseminating "fake news."

Unless, of course, those pesky Russkies are behind the conspiracies:

THE WASHINGTON POST ON THURSDAY NIGHT promoted the claims of a new, shadowy organization that smears dozens of U.S. news sites that are critical of U.S. foreign policy as being “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda.” 
The article by reporter Craig Timberg – headlined “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” – cites a report by a new, anonymous website calling itself “PropOrNot,” which claims that millions of Americans have been deceived this year in a massive Russian “misinformation campaign.”
The group’s list of Russian disinformation outlets includes WikiLeaks and the Drudge Report, as well as Clinton-critical left-wing websites such as Truthout, Black Agenda Report, Truthdig and Naked Capitalism, as well as libertarian venues such as and the Ron Paul Institute. 
Orwell spins. Spins.

But what do we do when the candidate who we can now link to real-life Knights Templar (the kind that go out and kill a lot of people for the faith, not some LARPer in a robe) starts touching symbolic bases connected to them, or to their spiritual forebears (the Praetorian boys, that is)?

Are we no longer allowed to notice such things, even then? Like this?

Donald Trump has scheduled a campaign rally in Cincinnati on Oct. 13 – the day after early voting starts in Ohio.

The rally will be the first by the Republican presidential candidate in Cincinnati proper. He held rallies in West Chester in March and Sharonville in July. He last visited Cincinnati to speak to an American Legion convention on Sept. 1.
No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio.
October 13th, eh? I mean, what the heck does that have to do with the Knights Templar, right?

Or the Freemasons: you may think Cincinnati is another Native American place name, but it's actually Roman. And there's actually a Masonic Lodge named after the Cincinnati not 20 miles down the highway from Trump's imperial court (in Morristown, where the Continental Army was headquartered).

And the Mithras statue was halfway smack-dab between the two when the Trump Country Club was installed. Gotta love those coincidences, eh?

Is there any reason why anyone might want to rub some of Cincinnati's symbolism off on Trump, throwing in some day-magic borrowed from the Templars for good luck? Judge for yourself:

Cincinnatus (c. 519–430 BC) was a Roman patrician, statesman, and military leader of the early Republic who became a legendary figure of Roman virtues—particularly Roman manliness and civic virtue—by the time of the Empire.

Despite his old age, he worked his own small farm until an invasion prompted his fellow citizens to call for his leadership. He came from his plough to assume complete control over the state but, upon achieving a swift victory, relinquished his power and its perquisites and returned to his farm.
His success and immediate resignation of his near-absolute authority with the end of this crisis (traditionally dated to 458 BC) has often been cited as an example of outstanding leadership, service to the greater good, civic virtue, lack of personal ambition, and modesty. As a result, he has inspired a number of organizations and other entities, some named in his honor.
I can't possibly see why someone like Trump would want to identify with such a character, can you? And this October 13th thing, right; I mean, what do the Knights Templar possibly have to do with Rome? Or with Cincinnati, for that matter:
The Society of the Cincinnati is the nation's oldest patriotic organization, founded in 1783 by officers of the Continental Army and their French counterparts who served together in the American Revolution. 
French...oh. Right.


There's a longstanding misconception, understandable in theory but still myopic, that the world is divided into the esoteric good guys and the exoteric bad guys. That anyone who delves into weird symbolism and ritual magic is "on our side" somehow.

I hope the MK-OFTEN series dashed such superficial interpretations of the evidence, as should a serious look at groups like Skull & Bones or a study of how Burning Man is evolving into the new Bohemian Grove.

I'm working on a post, provisionally titled "Nothing is 'Occult' Anymore and Everyone Practices Magick," which is already threatening to bulge into a series. Different religions may label their magic with more socially-acceptable designations but it still boils down to the same thing: petitioning unseen forces for advantage.

The more powerful you are, the more likely it is that someone is practicing magic for you.

My time prowling the streets of midtown Manhattan opened my eyes to an entirely different reality, in which the fabulously rich and powerful were openly conjuring in ways some dopesick shithead in ancient Alexandria or Babylon could only dream of, building open-air temples to the weirdest gods in the catalog. It was rather stunning.

 NASA does the same- I mean do you really think "OSIRIS-REX" made any sense to anyone in any context but magic? If so, you have a lot of research to do, partner.

I'll be keeping my eyes open as the new order unfolds before us. I trust you all to be my eyes and ears in the days to come.

UPDATE: Uh, what's that about Cincinnati again? 

Trump to launch 'thank you' tour with Thursday rally in Cincinnati 
Donald Trump’s presidential transition is looking more and more like Donald Trump’s campaign — now complete with a massive rally in the Rust Belt. 

The president-elect has been firing off daily broadsides on Twitter just as he did as a candidate -- attacking CNN, making false accusations about widespread voter fraud, and launching veiled attacks at his old nemesis Hillary Clinton, for participating in a recount.

Now, the president-elect is set to return to the heart of a state that helped deliver him his unexpected victory earlier this month. On Thursday evening, Trump will kick off a “thank you” tour in Ohio, with a massive rally at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, according to a source familiar with the planning.


  1. Great work as always, Chris but it seems The Independent article about the Canadian pedophile ring is dated Nov. 14, 2013...

    1. Thanks for the fact check- got confused with another story. Fixed...

    2. Let me add that DuckDuckGo still has that story at the top of their search results as of last night. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good alternative search engine? Because DDG is terrible.

  2. Burning man and the Bohemian grove? One in a dusty desert the other under the tallest tees on earth. One that will accept anyone with 300 dollars, the other A-listers- VIP's who must be invited. Chris you do turn over a-lot of stones. This latest political tomfoolery you expose is certainly info that you must dig deep for. I appreciate your east coast take on things. Keep on digging Mr. Knowles. Shine forth brave souls! 87

    1. Bohemian Grove started life much like Burning Man, as a getaway for Bay Area boho types (hence the name). And all I see now are stories about SV millionaires ruining BM for everyone else. Ca plus change...


    I witnessed the events on 4chan this blog describes, and yes, it was awsome and mind bending indeed. The Romans and other civilizations of the ancient world would use huge festivals to petition the gods before marching to war, or sowing the fields, or doing the harvest. The entire population focused on one goal through days of constant sacrifice, intoxication and lots and lots of sex.

    2016 was the year this was achieved by memes. Memes spread by geeks and basement dwelling millenials. This generation has rediscovered the Mysteries. Expect social change to accelerate at a non linear rate as the collective unconscious of humanity is focused on the destruction of corruption, inhuman greed and the oligarchy of the old. This is not a message of happy days ahead, but a warning that chaos will rule the next decade. Imagine if Coyote, or Loki, or any other Trickster archetype set out to change the world for the better. That's whats ahead, high strangeness, the weird years. But just like Kek is the darkness before the dawn, this age of chaos will lead to something new. And that's the essence of the entire situation: this generation don't like, trust or want the Old World Order, with it's paedophile billionairs, warmongering politicians, insane laws, mindless jobs and dehumanizing materialism. To see the seeds of the future look at the maker movement, permaculture, crowd funding, open source technology, the project to cleanse the seas. The new generation want, more then anything, to fix the errors made by the old. And we want to go to the stars, just for the lulz.

    1. This has been an extraordinarily strange year in every possible way. Just saw Arrival- it seems to suit the zeitgeist quite well. Something about it seems like punctuation to this extremely odd year.

    2. Things are strange, however I can't help but feel an optimism I haven't felt in a very long time. Most likely, and as the past has shown, Trump will not be anything like what the masses are expecting. But maybe, just maybe an outsider, the first non-military or government employee EVER elected President, can possibly make some radical positive changes.
      Just imagine if Hillary was now Prez-Elect. Things would be back to "normal", calm, on the surface right where they should be, a slow calculated winding down and destruction happening just gradually enough to not be noticed by the many, and easily denied if noticed by the brave few. All the while somewhere in some underground lair, some forgotten child would wait, naked and crying, for the monsters to come, their minds set on some unthinkable abominations to appease their ancient gods.

    3. You're right- Hillary was a disaster. And the story that the press will not tell you is that we might well have seen a balls-out, no-BS military coup in this country had she been elected. Anyone with family in the service knows the intense white-hot hate the military feels for that woman. It cuts across gender and ethnic boundaries. She's seen as a traitor and a backstabber by our men and women in uniform.

    4. A coup might well have happened? Thats exactly what happened

    5. I mean the old-fashioned kind, with warplanes flying over heads and tanks in the streets. Not the newfangled kind we seem to be seeing rolled out this year.

  4. glad you're documenting this stuff, Chris.

    I also find it rich that since WWII ended, basically, the Right has seen the Russian bogeyman behind everything and everyone, and now it's the Left accusing the Right of being the Russian puppet. strange how all the positions reverse, just like that...

    1. It's ironic and disgusting all at once. They must think we're all a bunch of total idiots. Or will the masses fall in like sheep if they repeat the propaganda often enough?

    2. Well, now I´m relieved.*Whew* All that stuff I´e been reading about Putin financing and secretly supporting the extreme right populists in the west to infiltrate and undermine, it´s all just lies. And a big funny coincidence that Trump win was the green light for a pan-fascist Russia-Europe-USA axis being established. Deal closing with LePen as President in may in France and other elections coming up where local Front National-versions are chomping at the bits (like in two years in Sweden where I reside).

      No, please excuse me for slipping into sarcasm but we´re all sort of f-ing nervous over here at the moment. Honestly, my political insight is limited, as one has been forced to realize lately and the light is getting dim. All guidance available is needed now how to move ahead with force IRL. So please, if you would, what is the actual stance of this blog on Putin and his role in all this? "the Russian bogeyman"...? Am I reading you wrong, or don´t you guys actually think the russian security state is just as ubiquitous and active in our socities and media as its US counterparts. If not, how? I don´t get it.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Putin's role in this? In the election, you mean? As opposed to whose, George Soros's? If you're making that comparison I'd say it was miniscule, if not actually nonexistent. And RT seemed to be pretty down on Trump and the GOP in general throughout the campaign, so if we're using that as a yardstick. I think all the leaks and the hacking was all 100% homegrown, a full-on result of a long-brewing war between the Praetorian Guard and the Clinton operation and its tendrils. I researched the so-called security consultancy firm that claimed the Russians were behind Guccifer and the rest and it was clearly a cut-out cooked up for gullible journalists (redundant, I realize). As to Russia's nefarious plans, Russia hasn't encircled any major Western power with military bases the way NATO has, nor have they staged massive war games on the Mexican border. Outside of the usual games of nations, I don't put much stock in all this talk about those dirty Russkies and their world-dom schemes.

    5. Ok,well, I see, geography makes all the difference, I guess. My ass being sat on a chair standing about 3-400 miles west of Kaliningrad, the russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania. Which happen to be the distance some say is the range of the Iskander nuclear-capable missile system placed there in october.

      And I´m sorry but I can´t quite wrap my head around this view: complete and searing disillusionment with the scummy US power dealers vs russians as some kind of mild mannered victims. Why would Putin be any better? I´mean, using a bit of that rational thinking fearless imagination and mature discernment, which I often seem to find here...Why?? Putin & co are old-school KGB, with high-tech assymetric warfare. A razor-sharp warrior and modern 2.0 dictator no scruples of any kind. Huge chip on his shoulder and with a cold, seething need for revenge for the empire he failed to defend from disintegration. His stated view of the world that the equivalent of the Soviet union should rightfully be reestablished.

      I mean, seriously. Just because the US and the west is deeply corrupt, level upon level. Does that then, hey, presto, make Russia better?? No. Logic says no even. They wouldn´t have survived til now.

      And I mean not trying their everything to manipulate Trump, that conceited dumbass being an open goal, would be not fulfilling their freaking job-description as acompeting super-power for Gosh sake...

      Putin as the good guy? Well, there´s no Santa Claus in America. But their sure as all heck isn´t one in Russia either.

      But I´m ranting. I´ll just inch my chair a little further west in the room (oops, shit, Lafarge´s that way...)and go on battering our local pesky and despicable little 20% poll rating fascist party, the Sweden Democrats, on my computer. They´e such unbelievable creeps. Who´ve been linked with Russian players through various shady connections. But no more of that now. Thanks for your answer!

    6. You're jumping to one conclusion after another and putting words in my mouth. If you have a problem with Putin and Russia take it up with someone who is actually carrying water for them. I'm not interested.

  5. This post put a lot into context for me. I am curious though, what do you make of the Jill Stein/Greens recount effort underway in several states? I could never imagine the Greens shilling for the Neocons/Neolibs but it seems like reality really is up for grabs this year. Also I see the recount effort as BS in that if anything should be recounted, its the votes from the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders really did get shafted & there should have been A LOT more outrage & protest over that. You'd think the irony of that would dawn on more people given the current situation, but not a peep. & Bernie capitulated way too easily. Strangely enough, only Trump brought that up during the election, but #whatevs.

    If a recount did occur, & just for lulz say that Hillary was found to have won, I think shit really would go down in the streets of the US. The kind of thing we're used to seeing in the 3rd world--martial law, tanks in the streets, etc. It wouldn't be pretty. Supposedly, Stein has raised something like $5 million already for the recount effort, & Democrats are trying to put a halt to the transfer of power to the Trump administration:

    Not idle speculation at this point! Something's going down. Thoughts?

    1. I think Stein is playing a very complex game and her real agenda is exposing voter fraud, which is why the Democratic leadership are decidedly unenthusiastic about her crusade and why Democratic officials in the states she's targeted seem very eager to shut any recounts down before they start. I seriously doubt she wants Hillary in the White House- that does her or the Greens no good. And I doubt she really buys the hacking stories anyway. As of this writing she's going to have to go to court in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to try to get a recount and Michigan just certified the vote there. I think she realizes that the Dems are going to have serious problems with the disparities between the aging leadership and the base and that a lot of idealistic voters will want to vote their consciences if and when things go south for the party. If the Greens get 5% in the next election they'll qualify for matching funds and if they poll in the double digits they could land a berth in the Presidential debates. I think she sees the Greens as spoilers and kingmakers who can essentially hold the Democrats hostage. There is no love lost between Stein and the Dems in any way, shape or form and I think she may want Bernie Sanders to get involved with the party and bring his large and young following to the Greens. It could all blow up in her face, but it's not her money she's spending.


  6. Another data point to add - the SAA just had a major breakthrough in the siege of Aleppo, and they split the defenders of E. Aleppo in half over the past 24 hours. Mopping up the last of the terrorists there will free up large numbers of pro-Syrian forces to take the small towns and villages that make up the rest of the Aleppo province.

    Praise Kek and pass another mortar round.

    1. I think ISIS et al may go the way of the dodo in the next several months. The plug may already have been pulled. They seem to be a seriously waning force in any event. Syria is going to be rebuilt and there's going to be a lot of money in it. The way things stand now the Russians will garner the lion's share of contracts.

  7. Another great series. I began my unintentional indoctrination into the Mithraic mysteries by watching the original 1969 The Italian Job, last summer. It begins with a ritual assassination of a mobster driving a Lamborghini Miura (bull) in a tunnel (cave), and it gets better from there. Highly recommended for deep state reading between the lines and the gay angle with Noel Coward. Though gay men are currently lumped into the liberal rainbow coalition, there is a long tradition of homosexuality in the army (think Sparta) and the eunuch guardians of the royal household.

    1. Interesting. I haven't seen that movie in ages. I need to rewatch it with a synchromystic eye.

  8. Some say the Roman god Apollo is a feature of Trump's 66 floor apartment.

    1. Yes, that's pretty astonishing. Thanks for the link.

  9. I live in Cincinnati, and the statue that leads this article is right along the river walk. It might be worth noting that the axe wrapped in sticks is the faces, a symbol of the power he's relinguishing, and the root of the word fascist.

    1. It is indeed. It's the same image on the US dime as well. How about that, eh?

    2. The Fascia is also prominently displayed in the United States Congress (the Senate hall, I believe) as part of the decor. Been there since they built the place.

  10. This is stellar work, Chris. With all the crap that's being chucked at us regarding so-called 'fake news', the Lucid Line is gonna get harder to hold. It sucks whenever the billionaires club of mainstream media rewires people's thinking. It's even uglier and more unsettling when they can literally reach through the screen and tape peoples mouths shut through fear. That's the implication of this fake-news push. It's code in an of itself. People are gonna get more afraid of getting their characters assassinated, or even their lives, if they notice too much. Especially if they open their mouths to speak. We'll still have monsters to contend with for a while, but also a growing number of monster-slayers. I think that's how Light finds it's way back into the world, not all at once but laterally, subtly and with grace. Whatever else the complexities at play here, many, many children's lives were saved these last few months with the exposure of some of these abuse-networks. Futures were powerfully changed, and thus THE future was changed, for the better. That gives me hope.

    1. The mainstream media is in serious trouble and it's reaching a crisis point, Raj. And it's true- there actually are a lot of garbage fake news out there. It's a nightmare sometimes. But Wikileaks and the Journolist scandals have shown that reporters in the MSM are essentially party operatives who collude in secret. I don't necessarily think people might disagree with the politics but they instinctively shrink away from the secrecy, collusion and deceit. It's not only dishonest it's insulting. And these attacks on fake news are veering way out of their lanes and attacking sites like simply because they don't like their politics. I don't think any of this is going to end well for the MSM but they probably don't have a choice at this point. Their backs are at the wall.

  11. Your acuity only improves with time Chris.

    A general lack of historical perspective contributes to public confusion. The resurgent Russophobia of today is of a continuum extending back through the Cold War to the Anglo-Tsarist Great Game.

    Islamic political power has contended with Christendom for over a millennium -- from the Moorish conquest of Iberia through the Crusades and the siege of Vienna into the present day.

    I'm uncertain how all of that may be relevant, but it sure is diligently ignored.

    1. Nothing changes but the superficial stuff. It remains the same at the core. Powerful ideas have an uncanny way of surviving the ravages of time. Historians in the far future will see it all as a continuum.

  12. And don't forget Castro dying ! We are in the midst of a major geo political shift and where the wheel stops next is anyone's guess.
    Kek keeps Kekking.
    Thanks for the great work Chris.

    1. Castro's death feels very epochal. Hell, it is very epochal. It's a marker that points to this Rubicon we've all been dragged across.

  13. Trump's Victory Tour begins December 1st in Cincinnati.

    1. Yep, that went in an update. How about that for a coincidence, eh?

  14. What do you think, Chris? Meaningful? (Minus the user commentary in the thread)

    1. Very interesting. And enlightening. This is a brand new age we're about to enter.

  15. The Betsy DeVos/Erik Prince connection is so fascinating, and so underreported in the mainstream media. Trump's last-minute pre-election rally in Grand Rapids, MI wasn't far from Hillsdale College, where Erik Prince was schooled. The controversial Flint, MI water crisis and the concept of 'water rights' have been an ongoing issue lately, echoed in the Dakota Pipeline narrative involving 'water protectors' standing off against militaristic forces.

    1. & BTW--Trump is invested in the pipeline project:

      Quote:"WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump holds stock in the company building the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline, and pipeline opponents warn that Trump’s investments could affect any decision he makes on the $3.8 billion project as president.

      Trump’s 2016 federal disclosure forms show he owned between $15,000 and $50,000 in stock in Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners. That’s down from between $500,000 and $1 million a year earlier.

      Trump also owns between $100,000 and $250,000 in Phillips 66, which has a one-quarter share of Dakota Access."

      But I guess that shouldn't really surprise anyone.

    2. Oh, this project is a bipartisan undertaking for certain. I mean, we still have a Democratic administration in power while all this is going down out there and not a single peep is being raised about it in Washington. Note that OPEC got together to cut output today. Look for oil and energy to be a major issue again. Don't be surprised if Trump reopens all those coal mines again.

  16. Christopher ("Christ-bearer"), what's going on in Turkey? Figured you'd dig the holiday synchs. U.F.O. sighting just in time for the Winter Solstice, season of light, birth of the Sun.

    1. Very strange. But not out of the ordinary- Turkey's been a hotspot for a very long time. I'll be covering this in my Arrival post.

  17. Chris--have you seen mention of the 1990 issue of "Heavy Metal" that had a prophetic story about the election of Trump?

    Things just keep getting weirder...

    1. This doesn't surprise me- the Democrats tried to get Trump to run on their ticket in 1988. It was a major news story in New York at the time. It's been flushed down the memory hole but if you went to a library and looked up archives of the New York tabloids you'd find plenty of references to the story.

  18. Steve Mnuchin - Treasury Secretary:
    Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Sull & Bones

    1. Yes sir, you can throw the bums out but the boys at the top never seem to change, do they? Amazing.

  19. Chris - as this comment thread can be presumed to be winding down, I will at long last ask of you an off-topic question:

    What's the provenance of the image at the top of your page? (head and raptor) It's always been powerfully evocative for me. I'd like to believe that it's a real-world location, but I can't tell even that.

    1. It's from Mount Nemrut in Turkey, an ancient site filled with resonance and power. Google it- it's an amazing place.

    2. I will. Thank you for your reply and for using the image.

  20. Its odd that your blog ia one of the very few places on the internet or otherwise that makes any sense any more. While most people have always been group think followers, its gone to quite another level in the last two years. The absolute reactionary, gutteral responses from even people I know about any number of what shouldnt be emotional topics, really indicates a level of conditioning that would make Pavlov glow with pride. Whats stranger, is how obvious the conditioned reaponses are. You can bring up a subject in different ways on different days and get a response that is exactly the same wording and expression. Its disconcerting.

    I know thats not exactly related to this article, but I feel it is all somehow tied together.

    1. I completely agree with you, Brian. But these are very fraught times, and people are stressed on so many different levels. I think we all feel it to a certain extent. This country is polarizing, rapidly, and that level of reaction is only going to increase. It's very difficult to separate yourself from it, since we are all subject to the same forces that everyone else is. It's why it's important to look for these deeper connections and streams of meaning. It helps to divorce oneself from the conflicts, which are so frequently manufactured.

    2. These times are like the Plutonic part of a great soap opera. This is America. We're not afraid to fight for our freedom. And so it is... we love happy endings;-)

  21. I listened to your Higherside Chat about the Trump Coup/ Lucifers Technology and ended up here 😉 I appreciate your propensity for the researched analogies and symbolism. Even those of us that are clever enough to use critical thinking, sometimes get caught or ensnared at a level that that doesn't quite get us down to your levels of the 'rabbit holes'.
    I actually like to take a big step away from this soap opera and look at it from offplanet, where it is known that the 'Earths' in every galaxy (every cell of this body we live in)are new experiments introduced as the nucleuses (of each cell). After the big wars, our homes were nuked with no place to go. Well, G*d, or the Universal Supremness, or whatever wanted us to learn to live together and deal with the 2% of the energy we call evil. I guess it's there to teach us lessons, but it's gone too far with undermining civilizations here and other galaxies. I'm glad the secret intel agencies (Praetorian Guards, as you pointed out)have finally exposed and shocked the sheeple into realizing they seem to joyfully prey on the fear hormones in innocent babies brains. Which horrifies 99% of us. (These demonized narcissists live underground as well. I believe my group called them 'The Order of the Snake', like the Clingon's). Now that they're exposed, the light is pouring in.
    They're known to fight back quite viciously, so we can't let our guard down completely. Draining the swamp means dealing with starting a new gold standard and currency! Unraveling the worldwide net we're ensnared in will involve unpleasant dealings with the Jesuit's, Jews and Chinese (the Jews of the East). Putin and Trump are a lot alike. They'll probably get along!
    I am from Edina, MN, but moved out east in '66 (i was 15)where my dad opened up the NYC sales office for the company he worked for. I ended up graduating from Mountain Lakes, NJ. Many of my classmates dad's worked at Bell Labs, that you mentioned. I ended up moving to Morristown for a while.
    I have to say, I really enjoy your insights and will continue to watch for your articles, interviews and publications.