Thursday, September 17, 2015

Entrainment Watch®: Speaking of Trial Balloons....

A recent, apparently-hoaxed story had it that the American Psychiatric Association- last seen trying to surreptitiously normalize pedophilia- was trying to declare religious belief a disease. The question I have is is that a hoax story or a trial balloon

Most of the comments I've seen around the Internet seem to support the idea so don't be surprised if it turns out to be the latter.

I bumped this video to make room for that story, this very, very odd video from UNICEF, which like the APA is a Globalist organization used as a PR front for much darker and sinister aims and agendas. I'm not exactly sure what the message of this video here, other than the usual "be nice to be people different than you", but the use of an extraterrestrial(?) seems not only egregious but a bit self-defeating. 

But there are a lot of conspiracy researchers who believe that there is an agenda to "fake" an alien invasion and/or contact, theorizing that comes from both the religious and secular conspiraspheres, so this video certainly seems like a little more than an oddity. Personally, I don't put a lot of stock in those theories (I can't see the logistics panning out) and believe they are based mostly on old information, but you can never put anything past the Globalists.

Speaking of trial balloons, there's also this odd story:

EXCLUSIVE: 'Asteroids in solar system could REALLY be 'alien spacecraft' 
Duncan Forgan, an astrobiologist from the University of St Andrews, said it was a possibility that some objects we can currently detect in the asteroid belt could be huge UFOs. 
He made the claim as he argued that the quest for mankind to find alien life has not been a failure and scientists have barely scratched the surface in our own galaxy and even the outer solar system in their quest for alien signals or other signs of life. 
There are some astronomers who are convinced there is no other intelligent life within a close enough distance that will ever allow us to make contact, because research so far has failed to find any conclusive evidence anyone is out there.
I'm not saying there's any validity to this story either but we've seen an enormous amount of orb activity in the past several months, activity which is highly reminiscent of the foo fighter phenomena that presaged much stranger and more dramatic events in the days following. 

I was discussing orbs with a well-known researcher whose knowledge of the phenomenon is second to none and he agrees with me that they are most likely some kind of probe composed of plasma or ionized gas. 

Seeing that four out of five members of my immediate family here had sightings of such things over the summer I'd say something seems to be ramping up. As I told said researcher, orb sightings are so common they're not even news anymore.  

You see so much stupid nonsense about aliens and extraterrestrial life in the media I really wonder why people pay any attention to scientists anymore. We hear more and more how corrupt and farcical so-called peer review is, how nearly every single scientific paper goes unread (never mind tested), but then there is inane garbage like this:
Alien Civilizations Are Rare Or Absent, Scientists Say 
A recent study has shown that advanced alien civilizations are probably absent or extremely rare in our universe.
By Scientists had thought that such advanced alien civilizations could have been detected by waste heat, as these civilizations would have harnessed enormous energies on the scale of the stellar output of their own galaxy. These civilizations and their energies, calculated on a galactic scale, called the Kardashev Type III civilisations, were to be to be detectable in the mid-infrared  part of the spectrum due to the waste heat. 
But now professor Michael Garrett says that most of these systems present emission that is best explained by natural astrophysical processes. Garrett used radio measurements of the galaxies to come to this conclusion.

I used to joke that DARPA was just a fax machine and a subscription to Green Lantern but now it seems that these astrophysicists are just a modem and copy of Isaac Asimov's Foundation.

They sit there, living high off the hog on taxpayer money and conjure up these ludicrous notions about extraterrestrial civilizations that are based on absolutely nothing at all and then feed our credulous media horse manure, when they have no clue what's flying around past Pluto.

Which all of them should be doing since A., we'll most likely never encounter any of these far-flung ETs (I still don't believe that UFOs come from outside our incredibly vast solar system) and B., any danger to our existence is most likely to come from our own neighborhood.

What a con.

UPDATE: Typical DARPA con-job: Headline screams DARPA Has Made a Brain Implant That Boosts Your Memory! Story actually says...
The agency wrote in a statement their device is showing promise with improving patient’s memory tests scores. It is “raising hope that such approaches may someday help individuals suffering from memory deficits as a result of traumatic brain injury or other pathologies.” and....  
“We still have a lot to learn about how the human brain encodes declarative memory, but these early experiments are clarifying issues such as these, and suggest there is great potential to help people with certain kinds of memory deficits.”