Monday, August 16, 2010

AstroGnostic: Sensitives, SciFi and Accidental Visionaries

Summer is the time when my brain goes into standby mode. Actually, that's not true, it's actually the time when I delve back into a particular pop culture obsession and follow different themes in and out of paranormal lore and history.

I could best describe what I'm trying to do here as a kind of depth analysis of certain parts of the Collective Unconscious, namely those parts that seem to resonate outside of their boundaries. I've been back on Star Trek quite a bit, particularly the Roddenberry-era stuff. Not only because that's the stuff that resonated most strongly with the public, but also because it's also the damned weirdest stuff.

Of course, it's hard when the news headlines resemble ones you might see in Knowing or The Seventh Sign. But it actually all kind of ties together, or should, according to my general thesis.

Because at the core of Star Trek mythology is a really, really bad 21st Century. So bad that it forced humankind to put aside the greed and the power games forever (with the help of the aliens, of course). Roddenberry was probably a bit too optimistic on what would replace all of that, and the militarism of his successors (especially Ron Moore, whose military background speaks a lot to his subsequent work in sci-fi) is probably a little closer to the mark, though I certainly hope otherwise.

All of this escapism- comics, sci-fi, etc - is a balm for sensitives, on both sides of the screen. Like paranoid schizophrenics, sensitives tend to exaggerate threats but they also perceive changes coming down the pike before anyone else. Some sensitives are born that way, some become so because of drugs or environmental factors and some become so because of life-changing trauma. Gene Roddenberry lived through a lot, including two horrific plane crashes, the second of which occurred in the deserts of Syria (read: 'Sirius').

Gene was a prolific self-medicator, par for the course for a sensitive. He also wanted us all to believe he was a sensible type and not a sensitive type, with his flibbledy-floo about humanism and reductionism and rationalism and all the rest of the stuff that people who don't create anything near the level of a Star Trek tend to believe in.

And here is where we get to the resonance thing. What Roddenberry created has obviously tapped into something, given that it's still going strong 44 years later. And I can still feel a power in those first two seasons of Trek that hit me so damn hard as a kid, something I can only describe as magical. But maybe a magic that can one day become a science- a science of the Unconscious. And more besides.

One of the many alien "Gods" from Star Trek

Now, I'm painfully aware that a lot of other Trekkers (though not all) might see this all as insanity. It still shocks me how many scifi geeks subscribe to the most blinkered kind of reductionism you can imagine, and do so with the intensity of a Dark Ages monk. While I'm cross-referencing the alien abduction narratives allegorized in an episode like Empath, hardcore Trekkers are drawing up blueprints of the EPS conduits in the warp core in the latest home CAD program.

There are a number of thrulines with the stories Gene either wrote or chose to produce, and the more I think about them, the weirder they seem. Suffice it to say that Gene's involvement with Lab9 was nothing even close to the aberration some biographers would have you believe. In fact, all of it was prefigured in Star Trek.

So if the prophetic and psychic powers of the creative mind are essential to this blog, then I'm certainly doing more than stoking my nostalgia by following these astro-Gnostic thrulines in Star Trek. And since the 21st Century is doing its best to follow the ST script, it makes it even more compelling for me. Remember that 10 or 15 years or so a lot of people were predicting the 21st Century to be sunshine and apple pie for everyone, with 'Dow 30K' and the 'End of History', tra la la la la. Certainly First Contact and the DS9 arc Past Tense were going against the grain at the time.

And if Roddenberry's life-changing experiences did allow him to tap into that universal well - that gnosis - that Jack Kirby did, then these themes that seemed so compelling to Roddenberry in the 60s taken on an added resonance. When you take into account recurring Trek themes like ancient astronauts, channeling and disembodied intelligences, and the fact that he found himself in the company of a very elite crowd that took those topics with the utmost seriousness, I can't help but think that there's something at the core of it that needs to be understood. Most especially since we are in such a disastrous state at this moment in time.

It all might seem so odd and irrelevant to some but for many, many reasons it's anything but for me. What's more, I can't seem to shake this idea that maybe all of this synchronicity stuff isn't just some cosmic happenstance, but a part of something tangible beyond our present reach but ultimately within our future grasp. And I can't help but thinking maybe a Philip K. Dick or a John Lilly- or even a Gene Roddenberry- might have insights a Jung or a Koestler did not.

Sometimes I feel as if we've been pushed into some distinctly evolutionary juncture, that we've been remiss in our responsibilities and have been using the incredible tools at our disposal for ridiculous, trivial and self-destructive purposes. Everything going on right now seems almost staged, aside from all of the obvious hidden agendas and bad actors at play out there. But for many reasons that I hope I can explain in the future, I'm certain that there are other forces at work, ones that no one seems to understand right now.

But maybe ones that a visionary or two may well have foreseen.


  1. I think you've gone over the idea before, but DS9 was a weirdly prophetic series. Maybe it was just more concerned with what was boiling under the tech-boom sunshine and Presidential circus of it's time.

    The problem with "rationalists" and their "matter in motion" outlook is that nobody understands what "matter" is. Strip away the jargon and math and science says that everything is made of "light". Fairly mystical notion.

  2. I loved the video by RAW and his perspective. People have these experiences of channeling (myself included) and various explanations for what they could be. Being a pretty objective guy, R.A. at once can dismiss the experience as insanity and in the same breath credit it as a valid spiritual experience. I believe a lot of spiritual experiences are not measurable and can be easily written off w/ scientific reasoning...I once had water incidences in my apartment for several months once they are easy to explain and fixable w/ a plumber...on the same hand...the intuitive side or irrational side sees the water element trying to get my attention, an invisible guide w/ a message. Why discount the intuitive/irrational side? Thats what we have been steadily doing as we step out of the dark ages of superstition and into the light of science. Yet these "dark ages" are the very thing that produce the mystical experience..and science is more than happy to chalk it up to the irrational mind. What really defines the mystic and the mad man. What is the difference between a hobgoblin of the mind and genuine mystical contact w/ an invisible guide. Thats the point R.A.W makes and i think we oughta do the very same thing...recognize the experience on all levels.

  3. The Mintakans are consulting a sort of feminized Armillary Sphere with discs instead of an arrow... perhaps symbolizing Venus instead of Mars, or the two discs of Sirius...

  4. Most of my comments don't seem to be showing up, but I thought this might be fun enough to share...

    Elvis Was Obsessed with UFOs

    In the end, Luckman believes rock stars often experience these purported sightings due to one common thread: They're all naturally "open and creative individuals." When prodded, he didn't think the drugs or hallucinogenics that are such a part of the wild rock star lifestyle had much to do with the encounters.

    "I think rock stars were meant to be conduits between humans and aliens; meant to obtain information to help us here on earth in the future," he reasoned.

  5. Many of Space Age shaman's (Mckenna, Neil Kramer etc.) have been saying that all that carnival is there because humanity is stepping outside of mother's womb & it is our psyche's cleaning day & if there is no danger in horizon, then Joe Sixpack will only sit on sova & do nothing, but if the house is on fire, Joe will make the nessecery move where ever our next evolutionary step will lead us.. Only problem is that most of humanity will move only after the house is on fire & that is not going to be pretty movie to watch with semi-open mind.
    Universal Alchemy is ugly looking thing, if you only see the working process & not the final product..

    That's my reality tunnel, but not in dogmatic way, but in a big question mark way..

    Little bit of syncro:
    Worst Album Covers of 2010

  6. Eddie does AAT. Dig it :P

  7. I need to point out that Gene Roddenberry was much too ill, and late in life to participate in the creation process of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This was a solitary creation like Voyager and Enterprise by the team of Rick Berman. 9 was the only show that this team created that "had a heart" in Wizard Of Oz terms. Rick Berman was well in the laps of Eisenhowerian Military Industrial Complex types even before the Next Generation. Berman was the Executive Producer for a science newsmagazine for teens in the 1980's on PBS called "Big Blue Marble". The corporate sponsors of that show were a who's who of military contractor corporations. Gene only reviewed the show's "Book" and Pilot Movie script before he passed!

  8. I think that's pretty well known, OG. Less so is the fact that Roddenberry was skeptical of a Trek series on a space station. But I do think that in a lot of ways DS9 was closer to the Roddenberry spirit than the others, even though you had a lot of that RBM space soap vibe happening too. But thanks for the Berman info- I'll definitely be digging into that story. PBS's connections to that sphere - as wel as the foundations- is a fascinating story in an of itself.

  9. I thought Lab9 approached Roddenberry BEFORE StarTrek, I guess not. Then how did he know of all that astro-gnosticism for the show??

  10. g'day chris, spent the past week watching the xfiles mytharc after the solar seminar post and the synchronicitys have been coming thick and fast.just started reading your post today,my wife came home with some hand me down of the pile was 'new scientist' 12 june 2010;cover photo of a green sun, headline "whats wrong with the sun?",
    sub headline "lucid dreams-windows on your conscious mind".

  11. Nick- Agreed on all counts. Matter may well be a bit more transmutable that some would like.

    Puer- Very well put- thank you.

    Ned-Probably the latter!

    Anony- What comments aren't showing up? I've had some problems with that with Blogger. Always let me know if comments don't appear.

    1143- Way to rock a meme.

    1148- I think we'll be a bit quicker to move forward- more so than others certainly.
    We just need the proper motivation.

    1207- Thanks.

    210- Man can't seem to make up his mind. Getting lots of press though.

    OG- That's great- really well done.

    Oceanic- Let's not forget Michael Piller, too. Most people seem to credit him with making TNG and DS9 great.

    122- Well- that's the question, isn't it? Makes you wonder.

    Dboy- Awesome. I saw a cover of Discover magazine pimping the new space program too. Apparently there are some pretty ambitious plans out there...

  12. Your blog is balm for this sensitive paranoid schizophrenic drug addict with a history of trauma. I can't say enough how much I enjoy the work you do.

  13. Thank you very much for that, Justuss.

  14. Chris, two things:
    1) Have you ever run across this song? I found it today while I was doing my morning routine of drinking tea and wandering around the Internet-

    It's pretty interesting.

    2) Wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this blog. I always enjoy what you have to say and am very excited to see what starts happening with you going in this new direction

  15. You know, after DS9 I found myself just not following Star Trek, I could never get into Voyager, and Enterprise. I just feel Rick Berman never got Roddenberry, the best thing that happened was when Paramount fired Berman, and I really only got back into Star Trek with Abrams's relaunch. The helmer of a franchise I have strong feelings about is Michael G. Wilson, and the Bond series, the sooner Wilson is away from that franchise, the better.

  16. Hey Chris,
    Excellent, thought-provoking post as always. I suspect that your musings are a lot closer to the truth than most would recognise. We live in a culture carefully designed to manipulate light and sound - a la the illuminati. Light and sound is emotional, biological, psychological AND spiritual.
    But we also live in a meta-culture of quirks and synchs and sly humour. I like to think of the pop culture memestream as our pseudo-conscious communion with the realm of the gods. Some of that commuinion might seem forced, stilted, arch, or lacking in genuine imagination, but within it you can still find the quirks, synchs and sly humour that all true fans love. I think there are 'writers' or 'artists' out there who love their fanbase and who delight in playing good-naturedly with their keen, intelligent fans. (In contrast with the mercenary mindset of the oligarchs who seek only dominance, control and profit magins)
    Imaginatively speaking, you're one of these keen, die-hard fans, and so am I, and I guess Jack Kirby was a turbo-charged 'true fan'(and Rodenberry too, whether they knew it or not). I think it's at this level of meaning-creation-perception that your work has the most impact with me. In any truly dynamic work of ongoing fiction (aka life), that fiction's destiny is always irrevocably tied in with its fans, and their playfulness, flexibility and clearsightedness - or lack thereof. My beloved X Files got nine years, Star trek got nearly half a century.
    I guess what I'm saying is if the fans love it creatively and diligently enough, then the fiction will be playful and creative in return. Playful, diligent fandom (like the kind on the secret sun)can create real magic, an alchemy that can sometimes take our breath away. That visionary realm that you suggest with your words, I think it has a very deep throat. If we work to 'get it', then it'll work to 'get' us. The possibility of imaginative transmutation - that's the only apotheosis I wish for.
    Sorry for the rambling nature of this comment, but you know how hard it can be to put this stuff into elegant words. Your work is an inspiration to me. Peace.

  17. Steph- Thanks for the linkery and the kind words!

    Matt- Well, everyone who reads this blog knows my feelings on Voyager and Enterprise. Actually the latter wasn't as godawful heinous as the former but it added nothing new to the discussion. DS9's showrunners really took it off in another direction. It was awesome but guess what? Nobody watched it. Is that how it always is?

    Raj- All I can say is thanks. Very interesting and insightful words there, friend. Will the Creative mind liberate us from the hell we are slipping into? We'll see.

  18. Here is some fine reading for you mystic folk.

  19. "I think rock stars were meant to be conduits between humans and aliens; meant to obtain information to help us here on earth in the future," he reasoned."

    ppfffft hahahah..yeah, and i ghostwrite for Lady Gorgon, Kanje We$t, and Beyance.