Thursday, May 20, 2010

Astronaut Theology: London Mascots (UPDATES)

Reader Brooke brought these to my attention- the new mascots for the London Olympics. And what a surprise- more aliens. These are faintly reminiscent of the Teletubbies, though the cyclops look is a bit disconcerting. The levitation bit is a nice touch, no?

For casual readers not familiar with the repeating alien motifs attached to the Olympic Games, here's a nice primer from the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles...

...and here's Christine Anu (literally "sky god" in ancient Sumerian) performing at the foot of a solar obelisk while the five-tone signal from Close Encounters of the Third Kind chimes away merrily during the refrain.

The Olympics were named for Mount Olympus, home of the gods. They were created by Hercules and were meant to entertain the gods with the athletic prowess of their creation. And now we see all of these alien motifs time and again, both subtle and not so much.

Gee, what do you think they're trying to tell us?

Click here for more Olympic alienation.

UPDATE: And look, it's our old friend the Heavenly Beam. And rainbow colored...

...which syncs quite sweetly with this bizarre story last week in the Telegraph:
Aliens have hijacked a Nasa spacecraft and are using it to try to contact earth, a UFO expert has claimed.

Hartwig Hausdorf, a German academic, believes that the reason Voyager 2, an unmanned probe that has been in space since 1977, is sending strange messages that are confusing scientists, is because it has been taken over by extraterrestrial life.

Since its launch, Voyager 2 has been sending streams of data back to Earth for study by scientists, but on April 22, 2010, that stream of information suddenly changed.
UPDATE: The media is running with the alien mascot meme.

UPDATE: Wenlock and Mandeville are names of legendary English warlords. Mandeville was a Templar, and is buried in the Temple Church in London.

UPDATE: Mascots are universally trashed, design studio deletes them from its site, branded "gay one-eyed alien Nazi spacemen" by Gawker.

Did someone say gay, one-eyed, alien Nazi spaceman?

UPDATE: Oh, here's an interesting quote for you:
“Biology and technology are fusing,” said Edward M. O’Hara, the chief creative officer at SME, which creates logos for professional and collegiate teams. “It’s certainly not the same model as previous mascots, but as a concept, they are right in line with what appeals to youth.”


  1. Great stuff, Chris. If you have time, check out my blog post:

    You might find it interesting. Peace, brother.

  2. Chris -
    SecretSun is ever faithful! As soon as I saw these mascots, I came running over to the site to see whether you'd discovered them- I see you have! What's also interesting is that if you read comments from British readers, most seem to find the mascots repulsive or ridiculous. So it begs the question, just *who* is behind the design and approval of these creatures, and what could possibly make them seem appealing? Thanks as aways for the terrific forum.

  3. Hello Chris,

    lovely all seeing eye on top of the mascot that got the 2012 logo
    I was bored at work so I made this, I believe london olympics will be interesting

    a presto

  4. In case you all missed it there is an Apple in Winlocks right hand. Chris post the Animated photos of these. There is heavy symbolism in both of these. From the point they are addressing your chakra system. The "m" and the "W" are not a mistake "m" in the Esoteric also represents the Hanged man on the Tarot Card "W" stands for the Universe (world) These both represent two archetypes read the discreption they have pointed out on each of them how one is shy and needs love while the other is bold .

  5. Whoa just saw this The company who created these voodo characters is called Iris worldwide. If you spell Iris backward you get Siri which is the letters for Sirius radio on the stock exchange. Which also represents "The Star Sirius" seriously something is in the Air with this people.

  6. The instant I saw those ghastly things on HuffPost I thought "Oh shit, I have to send these to Chris Knowles." But someone beat me to it, haha.

    Yes, they are not even trying to be subtle with these otherworldly servitors. The creatures even have third eyes ablaze.

  7. I wrote an article on is in italian though...

  8. "The Olympics were named for Mount Olympus, home of the gods. They were created by Hercules and were meant to entertain the gods with the athletic prowess of their creation. And now we see all of these alien motifs time and again, both subtle and not so much."

    What I never understand about Greek Mythology is the odd Zeus Pater, or God "the Father," aspect of the chief deity. The human race was created by Prometheus, a Titan, and not by Zeus or any of the Olympians.

    Is there a lost myth where human beings are the descendants of the Gods?

    In that sense, the human race would've been a potential threat to Zeus since he deposed his father Cronus, or Saturn, who in turn had usurped the place of his dad, Uranus.

  9. Raj- Interesting article- recommended for Sun readers.

    Thrace- Who indeed? All part of the Great Summoning Ritual we're seeing on a worldwide scale? Keep a special eye on the festivities in 2012.

    Daniel- Hilarious! I'm stealing that.

    Anony- Oh there always is lots of symbolism. That's the whole point

    Anony919- Interesting -I never thought of it that way. Siri-Ceres-Sirius etc...

    Mark- All-Seeing Eyes, I might add. Ah, the Great Conditioning Process...

    Marco- Thanks- like the images at least!

    John- Ah, glad you asked. In the Orphic Mysteries man was created from the ashes of the Titans, whom "God the Father" destroyed after they cannibalized Dionysus. So mankind is both good and evil because they are made of both the evil Titans and the dying/rising savior Dio-Nyssa. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if the Titans weren't some previous race of humanity, or even an earlier colonizing race.

  10. That "My Island Home" song creeped me out. I wonder what it says in reverse because they really pounded that chorus wayyy too much!! Thanks for this post and all your work!!

  11. Chris,

    The first thing I thought when I saw the mascots was that the single dot in their "head" was representing the Pineal Gland. I'm beginning to think that your 17 sync has something to do with that; The Ascension Factor (Ha! Good name for a book, that one.) As we move closer to the year 2012, we are being bombarded with not just the origin of our race but the various realities for our collective future.

    Well, this is weird. Just now, as I wrote that, a hummingbird flew into my office and landed three times on my dragonfly glass hanging in my window. I just escorted him outside on the end of a broom.

    I mean, seriously, that has to mean something, right?

  12. Michelle Obama was wearing your fave indigo color representing water yesterday for the State Dinner at the White House. An off the shoulder number that had an Ancient Greek flavor to it.

  13. Those rainbow cyclops space-men look like the villains from the Sega video game “Space Channel 5”.

    I believe it was a Dreamcast launch title.

    Plot: Aliens invade Earth [don't they always?] and enslave humanity via hypnotic “Dance” waves. Ulala, an anchor for Space Channel 5, must dance her way through Station Headquarters and disable the broadcasting satellites.

    It gets trippier.

    Michael Jackson [yes, that Michael Jackson] appears halfway through the game and joins Ulala's entourage. He helps you defeat the final boss [by moonwalking, I kid you not].

    There's a David Bowie homage [You can rescue Ziggy Stardust; he's trapped in the food court]. Also, the bathrooms have mirrors on the ceilings, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    Gosh, it has that adorable “60's in Space” vibe, like the Jane Fonda movie, Barbarella.

    Gotta love Trippy-camp-SciFi!

  14. in the land of the blind,the one eyed man is king. ok...that was an easy one.

  15. I really like the open crotch look on the mascots. I am not surprised the alien mascots have no genitals.

  16. Very speculative argument to follow.

    Consider the hellenic solids: air,fire,water,earth.

    If these mascots represent fire and water (orange and blue), then earth and air are missing.

    The humans participating in the games are on earth, and the gods the humans are supposed to imitate (residing in the sky) by participating in the games are represented by air.

    In other words the olympic games are just an homage to the masonic dogma of "As above is below"

    The Chinese mascots made the connection to the ancient elements much more clear:

    "Huanhuan is the big brother. He is a child of FIRE"

    "Yingying is fast and agile and can swiftly cover great stretches of land as he races across the EARTH"

    "In China's traditional culture and art, the fish and WATER designs are symbols of prosperity and harvest."

    "Nini's figure is drawn from this grand tradition of flying designs. Her golden wings symbolize the infinite SKY"


    "The lotus designs in Jingjing's headdress, which are inspired by the porcelain paintings of the Song Dynasty (A.D.960-1234), symbolize the lush forest and the harmonious relationship between man and nature."

    Could this be aether?

    If he above is true: do the five olympic rings represent the five continents (as we are told) or the five classical elements?

    In classical alchemy the most powerful symbol is one that is recognized by many people, but whose proper meaning is only known by the initiates.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. They have no genitals because they ARE genitals. "One eyed monster"...

    Alien seeding, at the very least, of the subconscious.

  19. I don't have a google thing, but don't wish to be anonymous-so, I'm Bryce. Something that I did, when I saw these-and the horrid broken swastika/blowjob logo thing, was look at a page of earlier olympic logos.

    Very illuminating, oh ha-but really-lot's of men frolic, mostly naked-lot's of esoteric symbolism-lot's of not at all subtle symbolism. Like the '76 Montreal logo-check it out-both a middle finger profanity, and a not even close to subtle phallus, with testes as well. Red, in colour. Check it out.

    The sexualized elements are very prevalent in all the logos-but nothing has ever creeped me out like the logo, and mascots, for 2012. Even if I ignore, or try to deny, any or all of the symbolism, I'm still left with a deeply uneasy feeling, a deepset massive yuck twinge, and the feeling that this aint no accident. Like having my eyes opened after those United Colours of Bennetton ads-with images of death and disease. Turns out United ran a study discovering that horrifc events trigger the memory, and recall is often crystal clear. Exactly what they wanted.

    Here's my take on this: I believe we are in a time of interesting upheaval-there really does seem to be a club of elite, who really do buy into all this stuff, which is quite disturbing of itself, andthat they are being suddenly faced with the law of unintended consequences-check out Zbigniew ranting about how he thinks the human race is awakening to a group mind awareness, and that to him, this is a very bad thing-because then, they can't be controlled. These tossers are out in the open now, not because they're laughing at us, but because they've been caught in the act, and they just don't know any better, and are getting desperate. Also not a good thing.

    Anyways, this is way too long-but yeah, while I don't trust in everything you say-that's a good thing-you, and others, have pretty much nailed it on this one. I knew looking at 'em, I aint supposed to like it, I'm supposed to remember it.

    One last tidbit: Mandeville, in my mind, breaks down to 'Man-devil', and Wenlock to 'warlock'.

  20. Their eyes also serve as webcams. Perfect for the nation with the greatest amount of CCTV.

  21. Odd to see the separation of the eyes; left/right or before/after 12-21-12. I see the golden menacing looking Wenlock has an additional more developed third eye whilst ManDevil is anxious looking and feeling oh-so blue. Guess one of em knows they getting left behind. Mental or physical... or both.

    Is this the gateway effect we see with 9/11; time (11th day) and space (towers are physical 11). We can all appreciate the idea it affects our consciousness like a fork in the road. You either wake up like Neo or you follow the herd.

    Also noted that the aliens sending signals using Viking is a theme in The Box. We also have a hidden 9-11 theme in that movie as well...

    Mind snacks.... nummers.

  22. The blue one has a wet patch on its genitalia, could,ve been stage fright.


  23. Anony305- Reverse? The first line is "I come from the salt water people." How much clearer does it need to be?

    David S- Are we going to solve all of the mysteries just before Apophis wipes us all out? That would be pretty typical for my life. The hummingbird- I like it. The ancients would see it as a messenger of the gods.

    Anony331- Interesting. She cleans up well.

    レベッカ- Trippy camp scifi makes life tolerable. You got any screenies on those baddies?

    John- It doesn't look so weird in the actual figures but the Teletubbie version looks quite off.

    Anony705- Interesting analysis. Thanks for that.

    Anony433- Mandevil and Warlock- I like it! If Zbiggy was afraid of anything he'd never say so in a public setting. Just throwing a bone or two to the plebes.

    Tara-Yeah, how frickin' creepy is that? Sheesh.

    Ryan- Well, it's like everything these days. Push the buttons and get the reaction. If they did a bulldog and a beefeater no one would care right? The Brits are masters at these kinds of provocations.

    Aferris- Interesting I've seen so many swimsuits or leotards with that motif I didn't think of as being sexualized. It's not as if it's just the crotch that's cut away.

  24. I know that David Wilcox has his detractors (I don't buy a lot of what he says about his connection to Cayce) but no matter what you think about him, I like this quote I gleaned from one of his lectures.

    "People, it's ALL about the Pineal Gland. THAT is the big secret they've been hiding from you."

    Kind of have to agree that's what I see when I see these mutant 2012 London Mascots. Alien influenced Pineal Gland illumined mascots.

  25. These Mass- cots are fugly, no fashion just one eyed myopia. To bring such a fugly pair for such a mass audience is in our face. Just fugly! Dennis, wv putprog

  26. Chris, if you watch the video put out on these guys you may notice a similarity in their origins to the release of "Synthia" this week.

    I put them side-by-side here:

  27. For some reason I thought of the old Game Boy game Alien Olympics 2044. Anyone remember this game?

  28. Someone order some aquatic blue, siriusly tall beings? Pandorans come to Earth, or summat? :-)

    Colin Andrews: The Silbury Hill Stargate?

  29. The general shape of the orange one's 'face' is similar to that of a toilet seat... the all-knowing, all-seeing giant toilet that might slowly follow you down the hall, in the nightmares of three-year-olds... they're attempting to potty-train the human race.

    Chris Fitz

  30. I found a fan-page with screenshots of Space Channel 5:

    Observe the dancing rainbow cyclops antenna things [& the adorable Barbarella/David Bowie-ish theme].

    ...I wonder if the mascots are being used to promote London's nightlife?

    They look like costumed promoters that hands out rainbow pacifiers in a rave. [London does have a pretty awesome rave scene]

  31. Quite disturbing mascots. Interesting correlations with the names however. I doubt disclosure on an official level will ever occur as they are having way too much fun messing with our minds with the stuff.

  32. saw this picture of hillary and similar "beings" on drudge tonight...


  33. Bryce here...couldn't sleep...weird mental peregrinations about monsters, er, mascots: cyclopean monsters-the titans? Forgot backstory to them, and what their function was...alpha and beta males, of course...oh, the old giants who got power from the earth-speaking of which, golems. There's the mark on the forehead, the animation of earth material...making their creation in the garage a kind of ritual...right, cyclops were sort of cast offs of the gods, and involved with the creation of man. Blue and orange colours, representing earth air fire and water...homunculus, well, sort of...they look like obelisks, and all the usual phallic associations thereof and just what are those wristbands? Rainbow bridge of Asgard? Why not, if we're gonna have a ritual, let's throw everything in there...logo has a weird kind of 'fractured earth' black sun kind of vibe to it, with an odd choice of the animation, Warlock and Mandevil do just what genies, jinn, tulpas and such things do-cute little tricks to amuse silly man...and look frightening, like their dancing in front of your eyes and the invasion starts now. Ouchie.

    Intuition feels very strongly that this is no accident of bad design, and even if it is, there's no level to these anywhere, that includes anything decent. All very 'dark ritualistic'. Also, vague feeling that these look like ancient sybolic things I've seen, usually on petroglyphs. Particularly helmeted one-ancient rock petroglyph possibly in Aulstralia, cyclopean 'spaceman', even the indents on the head are the same. Wish I knew the name of the petroglyph. Maybe look it up?

    Perhaps these half asleep late night free associations are a bit heavy? But hey, there they are. Let me know what ya'll think.

  34. It looks like the old blue & gold theme to me.Solar and aquatic.As above,so below.The golden orange one even has the sun on his chest,emanating rays from the center,plus he has an all seeing eye,above what looks like a crest in his head,which gives the appearance of 3 pyramids(one either side of the great pyramid,which contains the eye).
    And the blue crotch patch looks like either a Star Trek logo,or an upside-down heart(which would make it female...according to what I've read at " The Celtic Rebel " blog about hearts.-)
    So my take would be the orange one is the male,the blue one is the female.They have one eye each,because when you put the 2 eyes together they become one androgynous entity.

  35. You might want to checkout this web-page

    and watch the very interesting YouTube,where they retire George (St.George?) and the "mascots" are first greeted by a dog as they descend the rainbow from the sky/space.