Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Real McCain

A couple of people have asked me if I saw the Eye of Horus in the McCain campaign logo, as some have claimed. It could be an inverted udjat but the vertical and arc elements are missing (and there's no star in the Eye of Horus, either), which means it's just an eye, perhaps the Masonic Eye of Providence.

What the logo reminds me of more is the 33 encoded in the Bank of America logo, with the three stars and the two stripes acting as a visual 11- in other words, an encoded equation for 3x11. All of the 33rd Degree Masons I can think of off the top of my head were/are Republican Senators, so the cipher interpretation makes sense.

I could be wrong but the "cC" in the name resonates with 33 as well- note how the C's are aligned with the stars in the top logo.

Calling the elements here an udjat simply because of the eye element is like looking at horizontal line and calling it a cross. And don't forget that Masons insist that the All-Seeing Eye is that of Jehovah and not Horus, and get very irked at people who insist otherwise. Which makes all the more interesting that the eye is inverted, if an eye is what it's intended to be.


  1. Brother Chris -
    The eye of Horus in the McCain logo seems very obvious to me. Cleverly highlighted by the three stars. Wish I was such a clever graphic artist! But another issue comes to my attention; that is the current discussion about Phobos. In case you didn't notice, Richard Hogland is back, and right now he's talking up the Artificial Phobos concept big time. Check out Enterprise Mission.com for the latest. Most notable right now is he seems to think President Obama just MIGHT go public with word of the fake moon at this week's NASA summit in Florida. Instant Disclosure? Love to get your take when you get time -

  2. Well, like I said in the post the Eye of Horus has two very, very prominent features that are missing here- the vertical line and the arc. Placing a star (inverted in the traditional Masonic/Eastern Star fashion) in front of the Eye (which symbolizes the Sun and Moon) also mitigates the symbolic meaning. It definitely looks like an eye, but we're looking here at the sun vs star symbolism that we looked at here.

    There are two symbol systems in play out there- the Stellar and the Solar. If you pay careful attention to symbolic detail, you'll see that the symbols are telling different stories. Remember that Obama used the Sun in his logo and McCain used the Star.

  3. I believe there is at least one very prominent liberal democrat, former "peace candidate", who was also a 33 degree Mason: George McGovern.

  4. One other such slight of hand is the Democratic Party’s Donkey symbol. One might assume it has something to do with the stubborn attitude of the Donkey, or Jackass. This is the cover story revolving around this symbol, but in reality, the subliminal attached to this symbol is:


    Saint Francis, on his deathbed, is supposed to have thanked his donkey for carrying him on his journeys. Supposedly the donkey wept.

    WEPT = WATER EYES, the suggestion of WATER, plus the notion of a DAWN KEY, or the KEY to the DAWN, the coming of the LIGHT, or Kingdom of God in the New World Order.

    In all fairness, the Republican Party of the United States has an equally odd symbol, namely, the elephant.

    ELEPHANT = ALLAH-FAWN-T = ALLAH – To Bring Forth – To Fawn – To FLATTER in a SERVILE WAY – Pertaining to SLAVES or SERVANTS
    ELEPHANT = LA FAUN = Los Angeles / Rural Roman Deity with horns and a tail.

    The Land of the Free ???

    The Democratic Party logo symbol refers to the Key which will herald the Dawn of a New Age, and the Republican Party logo symbol refers to Allah, the All Seeing Eye egregore group entity that will bring forth the New Age of SLAVERY.


    Firstly, religion had to be established. Religion is based on the concept that the priests know something of the unknown. In other words, they claim to have the wisdom or all seeing ability to understand the hidden things of the universe. The All Seeing Eye of Horus of ancient Egypt, the All Seeing Eye of Freemasonry, the Holy See of Catholicism, the great I Am – Eye Am of Judaism (and every spin-off organization) are all based on trickery found within the structure of a light beam.

    Did you ever wonder why there’s an all seeing eye on the back of the freemason-designed US dollar bill?

    Or why is the pope (pope – papa – pop-eye – poppy) referred to as the holy see?

    Or why does religion embrace such symbols as the cross, the swastika, the six pointed star, etc. which are symbols of the all seeing eye?

    Religion, including atheism and new age thought, is rooted in luciferianism – the hidden mystery mind. Pretending to know something doesn’t make one wise. The occult organizations know that all they’re doing is manipulating light energy. It’s not a big secret. However, if the gimmick is dressed in religious and scientific garb, people will believe the ark/arc of the covenant is really the presence of god in a box. It is a matter to cause electricity to arc and ultimately, electrocute whoever touches the box. This describes the Ark of the Covenant Chest of Hebrew folklore.

    The All Seeing Eye of Freemasonry.

    The United States of America was founded by Freemasons, the most prevasive secret society in the world. They designed the back of their one dollar bill with the all seeing eye above the 13 tiered pyramid. Many will deny the Freemason influence on the currency design. Many even deny Freemasonic influence in the design and direction of the United States as a country. So be it. Suffice to say, Freemasonry, or Secret Societies of any stripe, are still the driving force behind every structure of government throughout the world. Freemasonic influence and world manipulation is basically a smokescreen tactic used by the luciferian egregore, used to call the dogs off if anyone gets to close to reality and the truth.