Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Real McCain

A couple of people have asked me if I saw the Eye of Horus in the McCain campaign logo, as some have claimed. It could be an inverted udjat but the vertical and arc elements are missing (and there's no star in the Eye of Horus, either), which means it's just an eye, perhaps the Masonic Eye of Providence.


What the logo reminds me of more is the 33 encoded in the Bank of America logo, with the three stars and the two stripes acting as a visual 11- in other words, an encoded equation for 3x11. All of the 33rd Degree Masons I can think of off the top of my head were/are Republican Senators, so the cipher interpretation makes sense.

 I could be wrong but the "cC" in the name resonates with 33 as well- note how the C's are aligned with the stars in the top logo. Calling the elements here an udjat simply because of the eye element is like looking at horizontal line and calling it a cross. 

And don't forget that Masons insist that the All-Seeing Eye is that of Jehovah and not Horus, and get very irked at people who insist otherwise. Which makes all the more interesting that the eye is inverted, if an eye is what it's intended to be.