Monday, December 21, 2009

The Second Coming of Sisk-O-Bama

The gift that keeps on giving...

The grand final of the Norway missile/rocket event is not only fascinating because of its proximity to the Nobels and the weird synchronistic emanations that resulted from it, it also struck as being strangely familiar visually... the wormhole in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You see a bit of it here in the opening credits (towards the end), but you may want to watch the show itself to get better shots of it. The pilot is particularly recommended.

As is the series itself. DS9 got short shrift, sandwiched between the mighty Next Generation and the insanely shiteous Voyager, but was/is a tremendously interesting show. The entire arc of the story is centered around the apotheosis of Benjamin Sisko, or the realization of his alien/godhood identity in the context of the show's mythos. The show is essential religious- based on the worship centered on these disincarnate, interdimensional aliens.

As we discussed in a previous post, Sisko was conceived by a human father and a human mother who was possessed by a Prophet walk-in, an eternal, interdimensional being who controls the wormhole in the proximity of Bajor, a planet liberated by the Federation from Cardassian occupation. David Icke fans will note that the Cardassians are a reptilian race of alien humanoids.

Interesting parallels here- we see the similarity of the Norway missile to the wormhole, and the Moscow pyramid (whatever it was) to the hovering pyramid in Immortal- and both stories deal with alien walk-ins worshiped as deities.

More interesting parallels- in the DS9 episode 'Rapture', Sisko rebuilds the Prophet's monolith (CE3K style), and gets zapped and endowed with psychic and healing powers (Alien Dreaming-style, I might add). 'Rapture' marks a turning point in the storyline, in which Sisko begins to take his role as 'Emissary of the Prophets' more seriously.

He also discovers the lost underground Bajoran city of B'hala while under the influence of the monolith (which is not unlike the gateway pillar dredged up in Alexandria last week). If 'B'hala' sounds vaguely familiar, it's because the lost city of Shambhala was reportedly found, which we looked at just over a month ago.

You'll notice the presence of Kai Winn in the trailer, who is Sisko's own Sarah Palin in the series.

Of course, we first looked at DS9 in the context of Obama, who owes his Senate election to a timely release of the divorce papers filed by Jeri Ryan, who played 7 of 9 on the aforementioned atrocity Star Trek: Voyager. Things were a lot different then, weren't they? A billion-dollar, star-studded campaign raised Obama to near-messiah status, something that seems hard to believe just over a year after his election. Now, even Will Smith has to distinguish between Obama and "the idea" of him in Oslo. Obama isn't seen by anyone as a messiah these days- other than Wall Street, that is.

Maybe that's the real connection between Sisko and Obama. They're both fictional constructs.

UPDATE: As a bonus, a magnificent shot of old Sol, courtesy of Yahoo...


  1. how does obama relate to sisko because he's black? you gotta be kidding?

    I mean is this a catering site for the symbolically ignorant?

    if you are going to have a blog called the secret sun the least you should do is stay true to the meaning behind the secret sun, not pseudo symbolism.

    symbols are actually archetypes they are very very old.

  2. Uh, no. Why don't you read the original article which is linked in the post?

    Or read this one, for that matter.

  3. I'm beyond convinced that the hollow lies that made the yesterdays so palatable are going the way of the dinosaur.

    Obama may be a good man, but what he is being used for is laughable. The left brained puppet masters are very soon to lose the title of master. They must know this. Smh.


  4. I like toothygrinmatt's words above.
    Perhaps you have seen this (it is old news now)
    I thought of it again when I read your Sisk-O-Bama 08' article.
    Happy holidays.

  5. Obama a fictional construct? For those who want to de-construct him perhaps. I have noticed many in the syncro mystic world trying to de humanize the President of the United States. All in all he is a person. To de sensitize him with pre arranged sound bites and media faux reports is to lessen his potential as an agent of change. What a challenge he has. King Tut,anti-christ,commie,any nbr of labels to spin with. I am sure his use of symbolic imagery in photo shoots is part and parcel of all leaders everywhere. Our system founded with Masonic intent is even more open to an occult overview. The man is married, has had some sucess as the face of a more rational human, here in this military industrial complex. Let us give some kudos to the dude. Closing Gitmo,reducing forces in Iraq, making a date to leave the poppy fields to the Afgans, and above all stabilizing the biggest rip-off ever of our peoples by Bush and team. Fear and terror are taking a backseat in this administration.Do I expect him to do everything progressive? No, there are way too many forces of stasis (static quoe) and fundemental xtians who want rapture, for those worthy. Give peace a chance. Create peace! Let's shed light into dark and closed minds. Give Obama a chance.Keep an open mind, and heart. Shineforth brave souls. Dennis.

  6. This was a wonderful article as always Christopher!
    I also never understood the purpose behind "Voyager":-)
    I did not see the Norway event until coming here just now-that is really really bizarre-at least the way it looked to me-when it closed up-or opened up?
    Thanks as always for the great insights!
    It is hard to imagine the Obama now compared to the one right before and shortly after taking office.
    I so want to agree with Dennis-and always enjoy his comments-but I just can't in many ways.
    But another part of me is very worried that the USA is being walked down the garden path-or yellow brick road:-)
    to accepting whichever Republican fascist horror story they will run in 2012-I mean-sometimes I wonder is Obama being "set-up" to fail?
    Problem-reaction-solution style?
    Just a thought and only time will tell.
    all the best to you Christopher-and a very happy Christmas and 2010 to you and all who comment here!!

  7. Um, Chris, listen to the first half of this:

    A sync or "borrowed" material?

    PS: With all the talk of geo-engineering coming out of COP15, I got to wondering, what if we're being terra-formed to make nice for our guests? Just a stray thought.

  8. seriously i agrees with the post by Dennis.

    Obama earned his way in to success. Being black and being successful in America is hard.

    Don't don't on him. Even if he is not part of the Mormon view.

    lol Mormons thats fun to deconstruct.

  9. I second Alan's comment Chris,
    it's funny, having listened to that Red Ice interview with William Henry yesterday, you DEFINITELY have a fan bad he can't seem to put things in HIS own words though...

  10. Anonymous said...
    "how does obama relate to sisko because he's black? you gotta be kidding?"

    "I mean is this a catering site for the symbolically ignorant?"

    Anon, In your first statement, I agree with you to some extent. I did read this post & Chris's old post on the Topic & I didn't associate Sicko to Obama either. It doesn't mean there isn't a connecting, nor would it suprise me it there was, since Hollywood is full of the Reptilian Bloodlines of the Elite. I see where Chris is going with this just don't see the connection yet myself. But that's why we are here. To learn from other people's perpective. It's not about right or wrong, it's about discovery of information & knowledge, to share.

    As for the the "Symbolic Ignorant", we are not all IGNORANT. Generalizing has no bases here. WE ARE not all symbolic ingnort. I didn't exactly see you explaining any sybolism, but we wouldn't know who it was posting since you & many post others Anonymously. "Fine Words" from a person who post "Anonymous".

    OK, enough of the BS. I'll give some SYMBOLISM. You mentioned 7 of nine many times Chris. Here is informations that applies to the numbers. I could quote & pull pages of information but here is just a sample:

    September 18 – 2009: The number 9 relates to the FALL.

    SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 – 18/09/09 = 1+8=09/09/09.

    The number 18 also = 2x-9’s. Again, when 18 is reversed = 81, or 9×9.

    Therefore September 18 is symbolically suggesting the number 81, or 9x-9’s, plus the month 09, plus the year 09, for a total of 11x – 9’s.


  11. part b from comment above...

    The MOVIE 9 rings the OPENING BELL

    The number 9 relates to today’s date of 18/09/09 & is symbolically 11-9’s. For this reason, the NYSE, or SION, deemed it appropriate to have the actor from Lord of the Rings fame, ELIJAH WOOD ring the OPENING BELL, to celebrate the launch of the MOVIE titled ‘9′.

    As of 10:25 am, Pacific Time, 1:25 pm, Eastern Time, the NYSE is rising to a new recovery high of 9,830.85. Well within the symbolic range of 9900. Ever since the beginning of September, the 9th month, the NYSE entered into 9,000 territory, and has been toying with inching towards 9900 for over 2 weeks.


    The New York Composite Index is also trading at 7000, the number symbolizing perfection & completion. (Think #'s 7 of 9 & look at Jeri Ryan)

    US Gold Price was also trading at a record $1000/OZ., which refers to the workings of the WIZARD of OZ.

    The numbers are all in place, coinciding perfectly, for ROSH HASHANAH, and the FALL EQUINOX, coinciding perfectly with the 2010 Olympics of Vancouver, and the Games that Zeus plays.

    What’s being symbolically executed, is a ritualistic inauguration that allows certain events to unfold, all in accordance with the Gods of Olympus, and the Gods of Egypt, Greece and Babylon, all of whom are the Gods of the SUN and MOON, etc., and are the Gods of SOL-o-MOON. Yet again, these are the Gods of SION, the NYSE.

    But why September 18?

    As stated, September 18 is a New Moon. A very common symbolic astral sign to perform sacrifice.

    During the 9 days of Rosh Hashanah, & Yom Kippur, the FALL EQUINOX also occurs. On September 21, FALL begins. This date is exactly 144 days before the 2010 Olympics begin in Vancouver. The number 144 = 12×12, or symbolically represents the FULLNESS of TIME.

    144 = 1+4+4 = 9
    12×12 = 1+2=3, 1+2=3, & 3×3=9

    September 19, 2009 – Rosh Hashanah, is exactly 1 year to the day, when the news of the $700 Billion Bank Bailout was announced on September 19, 2008. The number $700 Billion was not based on any specific data, they were simply inspired to pick a really big number.

    November 20, 2008, the NYSE hit a low of 4,650, entering a Bear Market.

    NOTE: "The Federal Reserve, which has nothing to do with the USA Federal Government, but is a consortium of Private Bankers, manipulated the collapse of the NYSE on the dates mentioned, with the desired drop significant enough to begin the climb back up so as to have the ability to implant the symbolic messages, and subliminal manipulation, that has manipulated record unemployment, record national debt & record home foreclosures. All this was by design, necessary to move on to the next stage of the NEXT and LAST 911."


    Now we watch & wait, to see what THE BIG BOARD (as the NYSE is referred to), with its symbolic address of 11 WALL STREET, or 11 signifying Death, & WALL = LLAW = AL-LAW = ALLAH. This also happens to be 80 years since the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Incredibly symbolic by any description.

    This shows you the symbolic COLAPASE of the US economy. Don't believe me! Just watch & wait. It won't be long now.


  12. Liza- That's funny since the same actor who played Sisko was also "A Man Called Hawk!" I had a big ol' redtail in my yard for a while, though I think he flew south for the winter.

    Dennis- I always appreciate your views, but from my vantage point presidents are simply anchormen, and the script is written by someone else. Creating peace is fine, but he's expanding the war into Pakistan now, and that Nobel speech was identical to any number of Bush speeches. Check out the work Matt Taibbi has been doing on Rolling Stone on the power Wall St has over this administration.

    Obama wants my support? Let's see him start creating some jobs out there. Let's see the Americans losing their insurance and their homes given good paying jobs. That's the only thing that needs doing right now, IMO.

    Devin- Yes, I worry about the same things as you. Just like what we saw in the Clinton era. It really feels like a rerun at this point. Thanks as always for your comments- you have an excellent Christmas and New Year as well.

    Alan- Oh, William and I are mining similar veins. It's all floating around out there. Interesting "stray thought."

    Transcend- Well, I'll be on William's show today and we'll be hitting those topics. William's been at this a lot longer than me!!

  13. DS888- Here's what I wrote in the original post:

    Wow, you know, the Bajoran adoration of Benjamin Sisko as Messiah kind of reminds me a lot of the adoration of Barack Obama as Messiah among many Americans. And both Sisko and Obama came from humble beginnings, and both came from mixed race marriages- well, mixed-interdimensional entity marriage in Sisko's case.

    So maybe you have to be familiar with the show, but to break it down:

    Obama as Messiah = Sisko as Emissary

    Bajor = War/Depression-wracked modern America

    Cardassians = Neocons

    Prophets =?

  14. whoever obama is he's far to interested feeding his narcissism and developing his cult of personality than to be genuinely worried about the people who voted him into office.

  15. :) I was watching an episode of DS9 last night(maybe around the same time as you posted this post) called "The Reckoning". Synchromysticism NOW gets really funny. lol. This is the description of the episode(Season 6, Episode 21)..---: "Spiritualists on Bajor summon Captain Sisko to the planet surface, where they show him a stone tablet with some unknown inscriptions. Once on DS9, the inscription reveals an ancient prophecy of coming disasters surrounding the wormhole, Bajor, and DS9, as those around him voice their uneasiness about Sisko being an Emissary for the planet."

    Did i just read Wormhole in there...Chris...I really think your on to something..and all those who have an interest in strangely connected to this SyNC---KAAA---RAA---MA. Meaning all those Synchromystics.. I normally tend to not to comment very often...but I hope this connection can contribute in a slight manor. I love people and myself who analyse whats going on. LOVE IT. :)

    Oh Sun Tzu, you posted your comment @11.11 am. BO!

  16. OK Chris. Got it. Thank you that extra informatation. I now see where you are going with this and it does make sense.

    I did see you have: Prophets = ?

    I have some thoughts on that but I'll post comments later.

  17. Have you ever noticed that you are one of the only bloggers that put, archetypes in people that encapsulate similarities or at least what you think they have in common/encapsulate said traits. I don't always agree, but that's besides the point. Just saying it is refreshing when people are not so hung up on names. I am not saying that that is not another way syncs work. But the archetypes are more important to me personally then names being similar. Hope that makes sense and doesn't offend you or people that connect "names and similar sounds etc", cause that is not my intent.

    In any case Sisko's = Sisqo of the "Thong Song" fame. Does that mean our Pres likes women in thongs?

    For those that don't remember Sisqo's - Thong Song

    Happy Holidays and hope I got a giggle, chuckle or laugh out of my idiotic comment [probably just a few WTF?]. Was my Christmas present to all on The S3cret Sun.

    Wishing eveyone on and at the blog a sweet 23rd. May the Great Mother Goddess smile upon you all.

    Will Smith 'Wild Wild West' Music Video featuring Sisqo and the rest of his band "Dru Hill" all from Baltimore, like me!

  18. In defense of Dennis and Devin, I'm reserving some judgment on Obama for now and staying in wait and see mode. As far as Matt Taibbi, I like Matt, I followed his work closely during the Bush II era, but his credibility has dropped for me a little. It just seems to be fashionable ranting, and Matt hasn't been offering enough concrete solutions or alternatives to the mess we're in. Furthermore, (as of yet) Matt doesn't hold an candle to past political writers for Rolling Stone, no offense, to each his own, but we need more than just people who use '68 protest strategy as a template for activism.

  19. The Siemens Super Star:

  20. Maybe that's the real connection between Sisko and Obama. They're both fictional constructs.

    Oh! You wound me.

    I won't try to provoke a political debate on your blog, which is not only impolite but something you'd never bite on. But I am sorry for your disillusionment (if that's what it is... IIRC you've been skeptical about Obama from the beginning) and with all sincerity hope you soon find a reason to take that statement back.

    Thanks for an entertaining and provocative blog.

    Happy Holidays. May the next decade make up for the last one.