Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Richard Dawkins - Ancient Astronaut Theorist?

I don't know how I didn't hear about this earlier*, but Ben Stein coaxed a fascinating confession out of Darwinist rock star Richard Dawkins- that it's possible that life could have been seeded here from an intelligent civilization from elsewhere in the Universe. Astounding.

Money quote:
It could be that at some earlier time somewhere in the universe a civillization evolved by probably some kind of Darwinian means to a very very high level of technology and designed a form of life that they seeded onto perhaps this planet. Now that is a possibility and an intriguing possibility and I suppose it’s possible that you might find evidence for that if you look at the details of biochemistry or molecular biology you might find a signature of some sort of designer.
Mind you, I don't know or care what Stein's agenda is here but for Dawkins to even admit to the possibility - something that is even more verboten in scientific circles than Creationism - is astonishing. Well, it shouldn't be, since AAT was widely discussed up until the rise of the Religious Right in the mid-70s, when it vanished entirely from the mainstream media. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that's not coincidental.

This also puts yet another statement on alien DNA from Francis Crick in a whole new light.

“Is it possible,” I asked Crick, when I reached him at the Salk Institute in San Diego, California, “that our DNA came from another planet?”

“I published that theory twenty-five years ago,” said Crick. “I called it Directed Panspermia.”

“Do you think it arrived in a meteor or comet?” I asked.

“No,” said Crick. “Anything living would have died in such an accidental journey through space.

“Are you saying that DNA was sent here in a vehicle?” I asked.

“It’s the only possibility,” said Crick.
The only possibility, in the words of the man who discovered DNA.

What must be remembered here is that the mass media- in close concert with their coadjutors in the scientific and religious establishments- have gone out of their way to ridicule and vilify AAT, for the past 30 years at least. Crick was obviously slapped down hard and later back-tracked from these kinds of statements.

But I've been saying for some time now (and said on William Henry's program yesterday) that the symbols seem to indicate that this theory may be tightly held behind some very interesting closed doors, and perhaps Dawkins' slip here is more revealing than Stein could imagine.

Then there's this sequence, from one of the few big sci-fi films that NASA has directly cooperated in the making of. And let's not forget that the US Air Force was closely involved in the making of the Stargate SG-1 TV series, despite the fact that the Religious Right has a very tight stranglehold on that branch of the military. There was also cooperation with various military services in the making of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Although it must be said that none of those productions would inspire anyone to take the topic seriously- quite the opposite, in fact. Maybe that's the intent, who knows.

However, it's beyond debate that there is a tremendous infrastructure being put into orbit, scanning the skies. For what? Nebulae, black holes, distant stardust? Sure, that's all very interesting but doesn't justify the enormous sums being spent. They're looking for someone, there's no question about it. Which is why these stories of earth-like planets get such big headlines.

How fascinating how far ahead of the curve the Vatican is here, perhaps because they have access to all those obscure ancient texts that were hidden away during the reigns of terror of emperors like Theodosius and Justinian.

2009 was a fascinating year in so many ways. Maybe 2010 will be even more so...

* And only heard about it Tuesday shortly after recording the Revelations show, which is quite synchronistic in itself.


  1. Fascinating. Although (not to keep being a downer on this theory, I just think a healthy dose of skepticism is... healthy!) I find it hard to believe that a scientist like Crick would EVER say "It's the ONLY possibility." Not very scientific. And anyway, that's not actually a direct quote, it's hearsay.

    Still, it's interesting food for thought.

  2. agreed.

    this is old movie.

    it is well known the mission to mars was heavily influenced by richard hoaglands theory as well as his teams expertise.

  3. AnonyI- Indeed. But I'm sorry - it's not hearsay. It was from a taped interview conducted on October 27, 1998 by Michael Drosnin.

    AnonyII- Could be, but Hoagland was quite perturbed about the M2M film and wrote several rants about it on his website- here's one-

  4. This resonates with one of the theories that have been kicking in my low-rent brain cells for a few months now.

    I've wondered how many factions in the world power structure are vying for "branding rights" on extraterrestrials when the story breaks. Seems that the Vatican as well as the governments of Russia and India are doing so.

    In the case of Christianity, it would be really advantageous for them if they could claim "SEE? These cool alien peeps believes in jeebus and hates teh gays 2!!!"

  5. isnt it a form of divine comedy that dawkins now shows the true nature of his morronic personality?

  6. Ah Dawkins is old news and too much in to milking it now.

    I'd bet my money on the Vatican. They got more dibs on the history than us normal folks. they had first dibs on historical documents ranging from sanskrit veda, alexandrian libirary to mayan codices.

    Remember the parable about "waking up early in the morning". Well the Vatican knew the stuff even before the american revolution. Just watch out for vaticans drastic moves such as combining religions, acknowledging existence of ET's, same sex issues, stem cell and abortion.

    If you approve same sex and stem cell then my inclination is that they are in to globalist scheme.

    If they propagandizing alien theories then they got some hot exotic artifacts.

    It doesn't matter in the ends, we are just specs in the movment of time.

  7. Knowles

    One word, PLANET OF THE APES


  8. Build-A-Bear: Under the North Star:

    From a company that promotes the idea of "building" a life-form in a workshop, comes a happy winter solstice story about a blue character and his friend bear uniting the global world. Watch him travel through his wormhole to his flying craft near a segmented pentagram atop a spiral staircase. (2:16 in)
    There's even a reference to "the day after tomorrow" - a film made by the guy who made 2012 and ID4 with Will Smith.


    PS: Thanks again. I'm back to working on my project full-steam. Just put up the first podcast with thanks and recommendations to visit SecretSun. ( For the record, I'm not looking for anything in return, just want to say a sincere thanks and direct people towards your valuable work.

  9. Richard Dawkins is an Atheist. I realized how stupid the notion was years ago when I found the definition of agnostic.

    Atheist (at least most I met) are some of the dumbest people on the planet. Arrogant and against a "western religious God". Never even thinking that there a million gods and goddess to chose from or be "Atheist" about.

    Ben Stein is so fucking [pardon my curse] stupid that he is talking about a religious (presumable Christian, I couldn't watch his movie) God/Creator.

    I love how the Goddess is never mentioned. This is where I side with the original American Mason on bringing us the Goddess' America, Columbus and Lady Liberty. I they are archetypes for ISIS, IMO.

    I could go on all day about my ISIS Venus theory.

    I remember I watched this presumable christian leaning ,but also "Scientific" documentary about genes once years ago. They were talking about the "little complicated complex machines" that crunch the RNA to make the protean that in turn makes the DNA. Of course this was their explanation for "coding" from the Christian God. I personally couldn't see how someone could be that closed minded ,but anyways the fact still remains that these "little complicated complex machines" could not be duplicated or nether explained how they know what to do. HINTS a Creator and/or Creatress.

    This is why I have a hard time talking to any atheist.

    But just so my Christian brothers & sisters don't feel left out from my "hate", here you go.

    Passage from Thomas Paine's 'The Age of Reason "From whence then could arise the solitary and strange conceit that the Almighty, who had millions of worlds equally dependent on his protection, should quit the care of all the rest, and come to die in our world, because, they say, one man and one woman had eaten an apple! And, on the other hand, are we to suppose that every world in the boundless creation had an Eve, an apple, a serpent, and a redeemer?"

  10. Chris...

    Don’t discount the Chinese on the AAT question… After all, they are in possession of the Dropa Stones… artifacts with hieroglyphic information pertaining to a race of dwarf-like extraterrestrials who landed near the Chinese-Tibetan border some twelve thousand years ago.

    "Many people incorrectly believe that the story of the Dropa tribe was first aired in a 1978 book titled Sungods in Exile, edited by David Agamon. This book details the 1947 expedition of the English scientist Dr Karyl Robin-Evans, who supposedly reached the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains and made contact with the Dropa. According to the book, the tribe comprised several hundred members, all dwarfish in appearance and four feet (1.22 metres) tall on average. Dr Robin-Evans stayed there for half a year, learned the Dropa’s language and was introduced to the history and traditions of the dwarfish beings, who told him that their ancestors had come from Sirius, of all places."

  11. One day we will look back on today's science and laugh. Even though I am sometimes laughing at it now.

    Life Creates Life, whether it be "Alien" predecessor or a formless Unconscious Field. It's a continuum of eternal beingness. Dawkins should stop reveling in his dogmatic details of Darwinian linear evolution and wake up to the reality of eternal life. Oh wait, he apparently just did that. Sort of. I wonder if he even realized what he just said? Hmmmm...

  12. Watch the secret of Nimh. You can get it on you tube.

    Then apply that to Planet of the apes.

    What do you get? intervention?

    any ways i don't belive in AAT. I have so much respect for human spiritual power and intelligence and the cycle of the ages.

    We really don't need to replace the western god with the AAT theory.

    I prefer the indeginous cultures and their totem lores. I think humans are born from earth, naturally and the solar system produced humans according to the cycles of the ages.

    AAT is depressing and lacking in human values.

    Infact I hate this theory as much as I hate the judeo christian islamic god.

  13. Mark- Well, controlling the narrative is what happens when you can't control the outcome. So the Vatican is positioning themselves as the ambassadors of humanity, and the Fundamentalists are trying to pre-empt any possible future disclosure with all the fallen angel stuff. It's interesting to see it all buzzing around out there since we've no reason to believe we're closer to global contact than we've ever been.

    Nobody- How do you mean?

    Anony 706- I don't see the Vatican changing its stripes on social issues- in fact they're getting more conservative. Which I think you'd see in any theoretical disclosure scenario. All of a sudden there's a third party, and humanity would close ranks, similar to what happened in the early days of WWII in the US, when all of the countercultural aspects of the 30s were suppressed.

    Alan- I couldn't get your vids to play. Do you have an MP3 up? As to that Build-A -Bear thing, that's very weird. I'm so sick of that globalist cultspeak.

    Quark- Ben Stein is an old Nixon hand, and uses those kind of dirty tricks techniques with the camera movement to make Dawkins look sinister and unsure of himself. Why he's thrown his lot in with the Creationists is a total mystery to me.

    Anony744- Fascinating. I've heard of that but still haven't looked into it deeply. And I wouldn't discount the Chinese on anything these days. They just bought Volvo. The Alliance is here.

    Ryan- Science, like everything these days, is politicized. People think that scientists are these beings of pure thought, but the reality couldn't be more different.

    Anony807- Well, that's fine for you. The only problem is that a lot of indigenous cultures and "their totem lores" are themselves based in ideas essentially similar to AAT.

  14. That build-a-bear thing was bad for many reasons, but it's a blitz of symbolism.
    I'll put up an MP3 version on the main site soon but it's all good. Truth be told, I can't get your WH interview to play either. I tried Safari and Firefox, no luck. Anyway, I assume you and WH spoke of his purple gateways so I point you towards this patch that came off the RedIce links:

    PS: Sure were a lot of cats on Yahoo front page today. Plus a "catfish" fluff piece. (Also, "Balloon boy" again, a story about the sun and earthquakes, the celeb breakup of a 23 year relationship, and Avatar: "does it contain hidden messages?")

    But, it was a strange sync that sent me to youtube where I found these vids:

    Dinosaurs and space ships and wormholes oh my. Even get a palm tree and a not-so-subtle reference to that mystic city Denver.

    And, just as I was posting this, I saw that Darth Vader opened the stock exchange today. The symbolism is so obvious, me thinks they want us angry.

  15. Sorry, one more.
    Was closing the yahoo page and noticed a football story that I only clicked on because it looked like the jersey number was 33.
    He was in fact #32, but the kid ran "a 42-yard TD"
    Did you notice how much money the balloon parents were fined? $42,000.

    Which reminds me, the airplane that made headlines with it's premier flight on December 17th was the 787. Do you remember how much the initial TARP bailout was? $787 billion.

    The 17 brings it all full circle as the football story tells us "Plant won, 21-14, and finished the year ranked No. 17 in the final Rivals High Top 100 rankings."

  16. Knowles said:
    Anony807- Well, that's fine for you. The only problem is that a lot of indigenous cultures and "their totem lores" are themselves based in ideas essentially similar to AAT.

    How do you suppose that many of their "totem lores" are essentially based on AAT ideas? I mean do you just assume or do you have substantial evidence from historical records.

    AAT and zechariah Stitchin's ideas goes hand in hand. and don't quote me william Bramley. Every body who pitch the AAT ideas are just using Sitchins work which is full of translation errors. He wasn't even an iraqi to be qualified. So what if he learned it from shoool..his translations most scholars know and agree are full of holes.

    There really is not a strong case for AAT.

    Just for a quick reference are you a Mormon? do you now they believe in aliens as the biblical gods and angels? And then what hapens Joseph Smith uses an old fragment of egyptian papyrus book of the dead claiming it talk about "abraham" when it is clearly proved to be wrong.

    Just full of holes.

    Don't hijack the indegenious cultures lores and attach AAT theories to it. They may refer to stars as most ancient cultures were time keeprs and used stories to transmit the "qualites" of time each constellation carry.

    Don't won't to be so sounding like a prune but its good to have opinions.

  17. Alan- You're doing yeoman's work, sir. I'll have to look more into that bizarre cartoon. There's a lot of that kind of thing floating out there. As to that Darth Vader thing- very odd. But it could be Lucas and the boys taking a swing at the Wall St mentality as well. There are several 'they's'- all sorts of conflicting interest groups out there jostling for power. I just hope the least evil of them win.

    Anonymous- No, as I've said here recently, I'm not Mormon. I also said here recently that I'm not a Sitchinite, either. Your statement about AAT is totally untrue- there were several published books- and films- on the topic before Sitchin came around.

  18. chris, can you list some of these books before the dawining of sitchins ideas came about?

  19. Here you go:

    # 1897 - Garrett P. Serviss (book Edison's Conquest of Mars)
    # 1919 - Charles Fort (Book of the Damned)
    # 1954 - Harold T. Wilkins
    # 1955 - Morris K. Jessup
    # 1957 - Peter Kolosimo (book, Il pianeta sconosciuto (The Unknown Planet))
    # 1957 - George Hunt Williamson
    # 1958 - Henri Lhote,[13]
    # 1959 - Matest M. Agrest
    # 1959 - Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels (authors of The Morning of the Magicians)
    # 1960 - Brinsley Le Poer Trench
    # 1963 - Robert Charroux (book, One Hundred Thousand Years of Man's Unknown History)
    # 1964 - W. Raymond Drake (book, Gods or Spacemen?)
    # 1967 - Brad Steiger (book, The Flying Saucer Menace)
    # 1968 - Erich von Däniken (book, Chariots of the Gods?)
    # 1972 - Jean Sendy (book, Those Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth)
    # 1972 - Thomas Charles Lethbridge (book, The Legend of the Sons of God: A Fantasy?)
    # 1974 - Charles Berlitz (book, The Bermuda Triangle)
    # 1974 - Josef F. Blumrich (book, The Spaceships of Ezekiel)
    # 1974 - Rod Serling (documentary, In Search of Ancient Astronauts)
    # 1974 - Claude Vorilhon aka Rael (book, Le Livre Qui Dit La Vérité (The Book Which Tells the Truth))
    # 1976 - Robert K. G. Temple (Sirius Mystery)

    More W. Raymond Drake

    Drake's books include Gods or Spacemen? (1964), Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East (1968), Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West (1974), Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient Past (1975), Gods and Spacemen Throughout History (1975), Gods and Spacemen in Greece and Rome (1976), Gods and Spacemen in Ancient Israel (1976), Messengers from the Stars (1977)

    See also Andrew Tomas- We Are Not the First 1971

    There were several more- this is just a sampling. Sitchin was quite late to the table.

  20. Thanks i'll look in to the similarity and the differences between them.

  21. I don't know Dawkins or Ben but then they don't know me either. I know how I got here. It would sound like a metaphysical trip to you but to me, it's as real as it gets.

    Merry Christmas y'all.

  22. Ben Stein looks like Adam Arkin, Ethan Zobell from Son's of Anarchy

  23. Looks like you may be a victim of new age hogwash

    lot of frauds

    AAT is a cancer and a virus

  24. Is that so? I thought it was a fungus.

  25. Happy Christmas Eve fellow Chris [Christopher = Christ bearer, wonder id you hate your name as much as I do mine]. This one is for you and all the AAT haters.

    This pic cheered me up and I thought of your recent posts straight away.

    PS when ISIS and the mothership come back to get us, I hope she has a list and the guy above is not on it, :).

  26. Happy Winter Solstice time (including any other satellite holidays) to all!!! Thanks for the year of great posts Chris!! To another year of learning more about ourselves!

    Peace out.

  27. quark and chris

    you kno I thought long and hard as to why the third world countries have been hit with aids in comparison with the rest of the white nations then I realized something profound.

    You guys compare to us are small in numbers, this is a leverage point.

    any ways the sun will heal us and scorch ur unprotected skin.

    i understand your hatred for obama its this boiling feeling you have for the very fact you don't have a white guy being a puppet instead you got the halfling.

    ah well.

  28. Hate Obama? Don't be ridiculous. Obama's been a godsend to this blog.

  29. @ Anonymous,

    #1)I never remember me saying anything about bad our pres.

    #2) We all come from Africa (The Real Eve), I can't tell you exactly where I would fit the "AAT theory" [my personal Dogma is the ISIS/Venus and most times ISIS is depicted as a "black women", most of my statues of my Goddess etc.)

    The Real Eve - Discovery Channel.
    The search for the first women from whom we all descent.

    #3) I have mixed blood (African American) on both sides of my family.

    4) "any ways the sun will heal us and scorch ur unprotected skin." Really I thought the sun gave us [lighter skin "blacks" & "whites"] Vitamin D easier.

    Educate yourself, so you don't come off as such a tool: With humans, exposure to sunlight stimulates the skin to produce vitamin D. Because high levels of cutaneous melanin act as a natural sun screen, dark skin can be a risk factor for vitamin D deficiency in regions of the Earth known as cool temperate zones; i.e. above 36 degrees latitude in the Northern hemisphere and below 36 degrees in the Southern hemisphere. As a result of this, health authorities in Canada and the USA have issued recommendations for people with darker complexions (including people of southern European descent) to consume between 1000-2000 IU (International Units) of vitamin D, daily, through Autumn to Spring.


    @ CK, did you see the picture of the "skull" on Mars? whats your thoughts?

    Picture here:

  30. Quarkie- I'll tell you exactly what I think, brother- I think it looks like the Starchild skull.

  31. let me guess its hoaglands photos? rite?

    its like one man spreads his fantasy and the rest of the mankind has to accept it.

    did u kno nasa has its own cable channel.

    man nasa ain't in to conspriacies. u guys are full of it man

  32. Anonymous=Coward... sir you have no name therefore I have no respect for your NEGATIVITY!

    QUARK: Blessed BE and Praise ti ISIS your comments are wonderful!

    Chris Blessing to you!! Thank you for your beautiful truth!!!

    Abundance!!! Happy Solstice!!!!!!!!

  33. In defense of Chris Knowles, I've never had the impression of any dislike towards Obama, he has more of a general skepticism towards all politicians, and in the greater scheme of things, we need to rely on grassroots activism, and ourselves, then outside figures to save us or solve everything. Anyway that's always been my impression.

  34. Well put, Matt. I'm still willing for Obama to surprise me, too. Just not expecting it.

  35. Anon #1 here-- my bad about the hearsay-- I wasn't aware it was from an interview. Still though...

  36. Crick didn't discover DNA. Rosalind Franklin did.

    This isn't some wacko theory: it's published in textbooks now. She discovered the structure independently; Watson and Crick used her actual research for their paper, but her own paper was unluckily published after theirs.

    (Yeah Crick, sure..."LSD"...)

    I dare you to check my claim.