Friday, December 04, 2009

CERN addenda: Universe B (UPDATE)

The new Vanity Fair* has an article on CERN, which trumpets the site's inherent practical uselessness in the subheadline. Something to the effect of CERN being an 8 billion dollar Sharper Image-type toy for happy-go-lucky quantum physicists. Unfortunately the article isn't online, but I do plan on giving it a read at the library sometime this week. I'll get back if there are any pertinent tidbits therein.

As I said before, I don't think CERN is some kind of lab experiment ("let's smash some atoms, la la la"). One wonders what kind of havoc could be wreaked if they ever somehow hooked up the LHC with HAARP (check out reader Dark Star's post on HAARP here) or other such exotic tech/weaponry. The mind reels.

Given the Shiva statue on the grounds, one wonders if someone is tired of waiting for the gods to return and has decided to chase them down in whatever alternate reality they may have dropped in from. Or not- I'm not ashamed to admit the only thing I'm sure of about the LHC is that it's a much more serious proposal that anyone is telling the press. They're not even bothering to give the thing a credible cover-story.

Let's hope the lyrics to this killer Killing Joke b-side 'Universe B' aren't prophetic:

Visions of a bleak future world
What is there left that we see
Unholy pylons stretch across black deserts
Mankind's reward for his greed

Oh- before I forget, Meryl Streep is this month's Vanity Fair cover star- her first appearance on The Secret Sun had to do with her narration of a documentary on Hurricane Katrina, where I wrote this:
Coincidentally, Hoagland has also done work parsing the semiotic (and other) mysteries of that disaster. Amazingly, Katrina is yet another variation on Ka-Athyr-Ein and again, Hathor was known as the "destroyer of mankind" in her form as Sekhmet.

UPDATE: Reader DarkStar888's guerilla semiotics led me to this little revelation- HAARP and CERN- the harp and corn- the heavens and the earth. Our little scientistic friends have breathtaking ambitions, no?


  1. Hi Chris. Great post. And thank you for the mention about my HAARP post on JediTheOne Blog.

    Speaking of Katrina, I'll add a few comments here for the readers.


    HAARP Boils the Upper Atmosphere.

    HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an "ionospheric heater." (The ionosphere is the electrically charged sphere surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere. It ranges between about 40 to 600 miles above Earth's surface.)


    Ready for this...

    Hurricane Katrina – The Eye Of CUBE Of KAABA!!!

    Hurricane Katrina which led to the human sacrifice of almost 3,000 people in New Orleans. This occurred over the Island of Cuba, originating in the Bahamas, in the Devil’s Triangle.

    BAHAMAS = BA sacrifice – HAMAS hammer = Thors Hammer, or the sacrifice cross

    This name also relates to the Palestinian leadership in GAZA, called HAMAS, which just went through a human sacrifice ritual of 1300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis. A 100:1 ratio.

    As these hurricanes form in the Caribbean, but not always in the BAHAMAS, they always devastate the US Gulf Coast.

    Harpers Harping On Their H.A.A.R.P.’s

    The people behind these hideous schemes are also behind the H.A.A.R.P. experiments. (High Activity Auroral Research Program – Patent #4686685 License to Control and Alter the Atmosphere). The purpose of this patent is to control Life by controlling the Climate. HAARP also holds a patent to use large amounts of Barium in the atmosphere. When sunlight hits this concentration, electron density increase dramatically. This can then be manipulated to perform the same function as a HEATH TYPE NUCLEAR DEVICE WITHOUT A DETONATION. A Heath Weapon can lift the magnetic field of the earth itself without the expenditure of massive amounts of energy. Communication and Radar interference or enhancement as well as the ability to TOTALLY CONTROL THE WEATHER are the ambitions of the HAARP agenda.

    Keep in mind, this is the luciferian illuminati agenda. This is the agenda of our political leaders running the world today. This is a highly sophisticated electro-magnetic grid in the state of Alaska. From this position, high altitude frequency signals are sent into the atmosphere and the resulting reflection back to earth, creates an immense amount of energy which penetrates deep into the earths core. One problem with this little trick, is that the frequency used to perform this deed, is that the same frequency is used by the human brain to function properly. Imagine the interference when these little blasts go off.

    One perfect example was Hurricane Katrina. Military radio systems became totally unworkable around the world just before this event took place. Hurricane Katrina was steered deliberately to New Orleans to kill some undesirables and basically, for practise, to do bigger things, soon. After the hurricane hit, why was the illuminati organization FEMA (Federal Emergency Measures Agency) so slow to respond? Simply because they wanted to murder the black men, women and children. The eye of this hurricane was a soft cornered pentagram shape as well, not the normal perfect circular shape.


  2. Oh...I forgot to mention that I know little about CERN, actually only what I saw here. lol That's new one for me, you got me on that one Chris. :)

    Gives me something to research.


  3. Ok Chris, I have to blame you this one, I mean credit you, lol, with ispiring me to do another post on HAARP. Thank you my friend.

    Enjoy! DS888

  4. Hi Chris, Nice post.

    It's amazing to me that people don't see (do't want to see) what is really going on around them. Even the Elite have no idea what they are doing. They have the ability (and do) to mess with nature, weather, science, religion, money, governments, food, wars, etc...and not have a clue how or why they do it.

    Oh my, I see my associate DarkStar has been leaving verbally destruction all over the place DS888 is a little intense at times but knows his stuff. :)

    Nuff Said!

  5. Dark Star- HAARP and CERN- harps and corn- the ethereal and the earthly. No mistaking that symbolism.

    Jedi- The danger is these dangerous toys in the hands of people just looking to achieve their own godhood. Sort of like a skin cell pretending its the brain.

    DarkStar's energy is most welcome here- there's a playfulness that helps open up the old ways of thinking.

  6. One of the (many)interpretations of Shiva is the ''destruction-rebirth''
    cycle.Or ''dance of the universe''.
    The statue (wich is not so proeminent by the way,rather small)was a gift from India,a partner in the project;
    Whatever the project is...

  7. Thank you Chris. I like your Blog. You have great readers that can think for themselves & reconize truth. Also, see through the vail of deciet that surrounds us all. Watch, Wait, Don't whatever Illusion manifests next. Peace all.

    Hey Jedi...I'm comming to get you! Nuff Said! lol :) Just kidding.


  8. Christopher Knowles said...
    Dark Star- HAARP and CERN- harps and corn- the ethereal and the earthly. No mistaking that symbolism."

    YES. YES YES! lol