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Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 5, The Real Lost Symbol

Ancient Astronaut Theory is just that - a theory.
We obviously don't have access to the ancient astronauts themselves, so it's up the various researchers to present their theories based on the evidence as well as the gaping holes in orthodox theories of human civilization and evolution.

In Secret Sun parlance a theory is a query, and I don't view any of the various AAT researchers as authoritative. I'm not always interested in their answers, either- it's the questions that fascinate me. Those questions that keep the denialists and the theologians up in their beds at night, sweating and grinding their teeth.

Opinions vary, but the basic narrative behind Intervention Theory- the term many researchers prefer to AAT - is that a technologically-advanced race traveled to the planet Earth, perhaps in search of precious minerals like gold, platinum, and diamonds. Or maybe just for the adventure of it.

In some accounts, the space-race needed an intelligent race of workers to help extract resources. None was available, so the space-race experimented with primates/protohominids to create a thinking, manually-dexterous race of workers and trained them. They did so by recombining their own DNA with the apes' over a long period of time (millennia actually). Eventually modern humans emerged and were taught the rudiments of civilization by aliens who were eventually worshiped as gods.

Researchers point to civilizations all across the world- North Africa, Mespotamia, Mesoamerica- but most of these alleged visitations seem to have happened in hot climates, often near large bodies of water. From there there are a host of different theories and variations, depending on the author.

For our purposes
, here is the basic AAT narrative in three easy steps:
1. A race of alien beings with unimaginable advanced technology comes to the Earth.

2. Through the genetic engineering of primate DNA, they create an intelligent, dexterous race of workers.

3. At some point the aliens either destroy each other in a terrible war, or simply return to their home planet. Either way they are gone- the alien "gods" are dead, but they have left behind their advanced knowledge in their myths and artifacts.
It all gets a lot more complex from there on in, but various researchers have also pored through those ancient texts and claim that not only are those alien gods due to return, they left behind a secret class of priestly servants, who are responsible for preserving the legacy of the 'gods' in lieu of their return. This ties directly into the Shemsu Hor- the Followers of Horus, the last god-king of Egypt- who we've discussed several times on this site as being the spiritual descendants of groups like the Dionysian Artificers and the Freemasons.

The apparent goal of the Shemsu Hor was to guide humanity back to the Zep Tepi- the 'First Time', the time of the Rule of the Gods. For some reason, architecture and stonework- as well as the use of arcane symbolism- was the primary interest of the Shemsu Hor, though their exact secrets have been lost to history- orthodox history, at least.

Now, here are your typical modern Freemasons. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think it's a safe bet these boys aren't the guardians of the great secrets of antiquity, And for those of you who've read The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown doesn't seem to know much about those secrets either.

But what if some trace of the original revelation - the teachings of the Shemsu Hor - remained in Masonic symbol
, but had been lost to corruption and misinterpretation even to the most advanced Freemasons? Let's go back to the tracing boards for evidence.

As we've discussed here before, the First Degree tracing board depicts a stairway descending from the star Sirius, upon which are a group of angelic beings coming down to a lectern or altar. In other versions symbols of learning and technology descend down a ladder.

So, what was the first step of the AAT narrative again?
1. A race of alien beings with unimaginable advanced technology comes to the Earth.

As we discovered recently, there is a spiral staircase- now used as a symbol of the DNA double helix- in the Second Degree board.

This lies inside what looks to be a temple or castle, or even the entrance to a royal laboratory - and there are two armed guards at the building's entrance. Outside we see a waterfall. Remember that the protector god Ea/Enki/Oannes/Osiris - was identified with water (we've also see the waterfall in other, similar contexts, haven't we?).

So here we see here a symbolic parallel to the second stage of the AAT thesis:
2. Through the genetic engineering of primate DNA, they create an intelligent, dexterous race of workers.
This is a good time to take another look at the DNA helix alongside a Second Degree tracing board created by Lady Freda Harris, designer of Crowley's Thoth tarot. Unbelievable.

Created well before Crick & Watson's discovery of DNA, in case you were wondering.

The Third Degree depicts a casket, alongside some of the sacred symbols of Masonry. This implies an inheritance; the spiritual leader (Hiram Abiff, in Masonic mythology) is dead, but has left behind the tools, information and laws vital to human evolution.

Waldo, if you will - the third AAT step...?
3. At some point the aliens either destroy each other in a terrible war, or simply return to their home planet. Either way they are gone- the alien gods are 'dead', but they have left behind their advanced knowledge in their myths and artifacts.
Let's review the parallels again:

AAT01 - Landing of alien colonists
First Degree - Descent of winged beings from Sirius

AAT02 - Genetic engineering of primate DNA
Second Degree - The spiral staircase, resembling the double helix

AAT03 - Gods 'die' but leave behind knowledge, artifacts
Third Degree - Coffin, sacred symbols of knowledge, law

You still with me? Let's proceed, then...


Leaving aside Freemasonry (which, after all, has only a symbolic connection to actual masonry), we have a long tradition of sacred stonework throughout history, particularly in Egypt. So the obvious question becomes, why this obsession with stonecutting and megaliths and all of the rest of it? Why has carving gigantic structures in stone been the highest expression of devotion in religious traditions all across the world- Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and on and on?

Let me answer that question with a question. Hypothetically, say you were yourself an intelligent, space-faring being who zoomed around the cosmos, leaving colonies and settlements in your wake. You're aware that the Universe is a violent place, especially on water planets close to their star like the Earth. All trace of your presence could be wiped away in a heartbeart.

But still, you want some trace of your planetary accomplishments left behind. Either that or you want your 'children' to know about their 'parentage', or you may even want to leave messages for them whether about your existence or even your eventual return. How would you do that on a violent planet like the Earth?

You'd write your messages in stone.

Maybe you'd carve gargantuan blocks at precise angles difficult for modern machinery to achieve and move them for distances that no pre-industrial race could possibly dream of doing, no matter what the ridiculous denialist shills might claim. Stones sometimes weighing hundreds of tons apiece, I might add.

Or you'd design massive structures set to precise alignments, whether geographic...

...or cosmic. Cosmic and geographic alignments we are now just discovering the existence of, I should add.

You might even leave behind traces that your progeny might only be able to discover once they'd mastered the art of high-altitude flight. It might take a long time to decipher (and might be buried under centuries of message-corruption) and the shills and the stooges might muddy the waters and make the process more difficult, but maybe your message would eventually get through.

And then what?


DISCLAIMER: I'm fully aware that the Masons themselves don't interpret the tracing boards this way, and some might get quite annoyed at me for doing so. Let the record state that I'm simply making an interpretation based on the images themselves and not taking any other interpretation of them into account.


  1. I believe those Masons are driving mini Oldsmobiles - or the perhaps the solar chariots of old Min's children - his "mini-me's".

    Love the double H synch on that temple, where is it?

    I do intend to ask these ancient astronauts why they didn't just make robotic machines to mine the gold (dilithium crystals) from earth, if that's all they really wanted, rather than embark on a massive genome project.

    Silly aliens.

  2. Well, that's part of some material I excised for a future post- Sitchin's aliens really don't seem very alien - more like plantation owners from Gone with the Wind. It seems the whole situation would be much more complex than in his telling, at least.

  3. BTW those HHs are from Puma Punku, which is also laden with crosses. Remember that Nibiru is the "place of crossing."

    And come to think of it, slaves would be a lot more cost effective than robots...

  4. I hate to sound like a noob, but what is AAT? I am not much for Dan Brown or any of that nonsense.

    I like the double H's. I have seen the big T monoliths before. Have you ever seen those?

    I believe in a "Mother Goddess" ISIS if you will. Human "junk DNA" (puffer fish has none) is meant to be unlocked IMO. Through a higher enlightenment and understanding, again IMO.

    Now I see you have the Annunaki pic there. Fact is they have all the planets [some extra ones] and Pluto there. Fact, we didn't map Pluto till what 1930's? I don't claim to know where that race of "aliens" went or if they are coming back or why they gave us the extra DNA. But there may be a few hypothesis' as to what happened if they were on another planet in our solar system. I believe myself that it was a civilization on Venus when the sun was much cooler and that planet (our sister, female symbol, pentagram) harbored a advanced civilization. I like to think they gave us the "junk" DNA encase something happened to them. Then they "escaped" top another planet.

    At this point maybe they are on "Planet X" or a planet that has been blown up by an asteroid. I have seen a few theories about another planet that was in our solar system that "blew up" as an explanation for all the debris in our solar system.

    I am not the best at writing long diatribes about what I think, so I hope that makes some kinda sense as to how I think about the whole situation.

    PS If we are ever gonna reach any point of "enlightenment" or unlock the rest of the "junk" DNA. IMO we are far fucking from it. I was kinda happy when I found your site to see that someone else looked at the world "different" similar to how I do. And through this site I have seen that there are tons of people that look at the world in a more universal spiritual nature. But let me be the fist to say I was also QUICKLY DISAPPOINTED at some of these peoples so called "enlightenment". Lets put it this way, I don't think people that are like Micheal up there commenting [gays/lesbians] would be welcome to some of these "enlightened" blogs. Much less Masons, "Devil" worshipers, Christians, Atheist, republicans, Catholics, KKK members, Black Panthers [hope you get my point] and the list goes on..

    Sorry to get off track ,but I don't think we [anyone] will get any real answers [unlock Alien DNA] till we all can learn to "get along" and deal with our own shit first.

    "The point is not to separate the opposites and make "positive progress," but rather to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering a ground which transcends and encompasses them both. And that ground, as we will soon see, is unity consciousness itself." ~ Ken Wilbur

  5. My bad AAT = "Ancient Astronaut Theory", just saw that.

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  7. The sad thing is, if scientist ever accept the AAT theory, we will have to scrap the entire evolution teachings and believe me, scientists with their dogmas and grants will never allow that.
    We're doomed to stay in this viewpoint for a long time, unless an alien ship lands on the white house lawn. ehehheh
    (sorry couldn't edit my comment so I deleted it)

  8. If, as you suggest, you are an advanced race trying to leave lasting signs for your "children", which is more likely? a: create stone artifacts that may confuse them in the long term, or, (b) use your supposed "advanced technology" and leave artifacts that are unmistakably of alien origin (using corrosion resistance metals, for example).

  9. stones are crystals Chris, stones are crystals.

    Remember superman and their "crystal city" in krypton.

    Stones are an ancient science of architecture that deals with the telluric energy. Only the third eye can notice these.

  10. Hi Chris,

    This post keeps getting better and better Chris. Awesome.

    I agree with you on your discalaimer by they way. It's nice that you consider other's feelings. The Masons, for the most part, are ordinary people just going along with another following. But the Freemasons that follow the Satanic Orders, such as the Illuminati (they do exist) & Elite Royal bloodlines are what we really focused on here. We are seeking to uncover what we believe to be the symbols interpetation. To give signs of what's to come.

    The problem with some of these Masonic Order's (such as Yale), is that they do follow a Luciferian Thought (Thoth) Process that involves Kabballistic Thinking, Hypnosis & Brainwashing! To learn how to decieve HUMANITY. I'll go in to a litle more detail here.

    I need to do a post on Kabbalah. It is a big part of this whole illusionary process & the topic is also very interesting. It's the oldest practiced MYSTICISM on the planet (that we know of at least).


  11. There are so many messages, symbols & subliminals in the video & the photos on the post. It would take me several days to post the answers. I have come up with SMYBOLIC Information that explains much of this... Chris. I have hundreds of pages of information. I do post some of it on my blogs but there is never enough time to do all the things I have interest in. maybe too many interests but I love the research.

    Keep in mind, all the UFO information (real or not), Alien Races, Science, Religion, Nature, etc, & any other believe or following, are all just distractions to keep us from the truth of who we really are!

    This is not just another take on the illuminati agenda.

    Prepare yourself – the conclusions herein are troubling. Once we absorb this information, another question will present itself: What to do about the illuminati cabal – the luciferian mind – and its agenda of manipulation? The answer will become self-evident. The illuminati is mindful of its final moments to realize its goal. That goal is total control of our eternal wisdom state through a New World Order, a New Age of reason, designed to manifest itself through the 3 dimensional experience we call life. The New World Order has long been established, but a subliminal hex must be cast over humanity, convincing us once & for all the 3D scenario is legit, that the 3 dimensional life experience is actually REAL.

    This luciferian mindset is convinced of success. However, it has failed. We now know what the scenario really consists of, how it was perpetuated using the illusory manifestation known as humanity, and most importantly, how to end the illusion.

    The luciferian egregore group of thinkers manipulate the illuminati pyramid through a process of hypnotic mind control, know as kabbalism. This pyramid is in a DEEP TRANCE STATE and is composed of the elite royal bloodlines that control world affairs.

    Institutions such as the Vatican, the Monarchy, the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, the US Federal Reserve, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, World Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, the Salvation Army (Red Shield-Rothschild), The Watchtower Society – Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Roman Catholic Church, Protestant and Evangelical Christian Organizations, the World Zionist Movement, the media, the movie industry, the recording industry, the Corporation of the United States of America … you name it, they own it and manipulate it in one way or another. Their agenda is saturated with deceit and corruption. The world is deceived by their manipulation, thereby generating fear and hypnosis, in much the same manner as they, themselves, have been manipulated into being pawns for the luciferian MINDSET.

    The luciferian / illuminati mindset feeds insatiably on this fear. However, all the organizations and world systems are only the tip of the iceberg, and are a decoy to throw everyone off the trail of what is really happening, and what will happen over the next few years, and most importantly, who and what is at the top of the pyramid and beyond. This site will explain and show in great detail, the luciferian god that conjured up the whole illusory experience known as the 3 dimensional world.

  12. Anonymous said...
    "stones are crystals Chris, stones are crystals."

    As light passes through a crystal, it is refracted into a rainbow. This is the origin of the term, christ. The luciferian egregore group of thinking entities is the father god, the creator of LIGHT or LIES, and their saviour is the crystal, the light of the world, the messianic christ-all, that convinces us the 3D illusion is real.

    This mystical information is known as kabbalism (cabbalism) which has been passed on to the luciferian pawns, the illuminati elite power brokers, but with a slight twist, THE ILLUMINATI ELITE ARE ALSO UNAWARE OF THE INFORMATION YOU’LL NOW READ ON THIS SIGHT if you so choose. The rulers of ancient Sumer/Babylon were the first to receive the knowledge of kabbalism. These leaders laid claim to the divine right of kings to rule. In other words, some god gave them the right to be royal or chosen. The word ROYAL, especially the first 2 letters, RO, appear often in tracking the luciferian thought process. RO is the source of the word Royal. To become ROYAL, one must RISE ABOVE ALL. This Royal Rise is the Rose, the Order of the Rose that rules the world through hypnotic suggestion. In the word ROYAL, a very major subliminal message is implanted and completely undetected.

    Note: I have done a few posts on PlanetX, 2012 & DarkStar...hence my name darkstar888. See the post for more information on the Darkstar or PlanetX. Real or Bullshit? See what you think!

    Here are the post on Darkstar:

    Oh & if you want to learn more about the Lucifer Project aka Cassini Project aka StarChild Project. It involves creating a SECOND STAR in our own Solar System. Yes turn a gas giant planet like Jupiter or SATURN. Hmmm...yes Saturn. Has 73 pounds of Plutomium floating around Saturn. It was only a few GRAMS of material of uranium to create the A Bomb we used on Japan in WWII & we have POUNDS of it orbiting Saturn why? To create a new star...a New World ORDER!

    Funny...I just did a post on Freemasonic Magic Square of the Sun & Saturn. lol


    P.S. - There's lots of DISINFORMATION in the video. I can explain things about the Atom but not enough room here.

    Some of these idiots are saying that Adam was made in God's Image. WTF! It's not what the ancient text said. It said, man was created in the likeness of ADAM or The ATOM as in the smallist particale of light & life that we know. The Atom is what man wan made from...not the Man Adam. These guys think all this stuff of how life origionate is based on Science. Hmmm...they need to think again.

  13. Sorry to ramble on here but what has happened Chris, is that you have opened a Pandora's Box for me my friend. I could now spend days & weeks researching & posting & explaining the truth about all these made up numbers & symbols & what they mean...literally!

    Yes, it's made up symbolism just like Religion is made up, to control people (no offence to those who believe in religion & GOD), etc...but the Elite believe every bit of it & they don't even understand how or why? It's a Hypnotic State using Kabbalah & we are being totaly DECIEVED in every way, yes all of us, myself included.


  14. Hey Chris, these last couple of posts have been totally awesome. thanks!

    To all other Secret Sun readers--we should all buy Our Gods Wear Spandex and support Chris for doing us this amazing service for free!

    one thing I wanted to share with you. I was watching Jesse Ventura's conspiracy show and he was researching 9/11. He goes to a warehouse/building where they keep stuff from ground zero....the building #?...17.

    thought you'd dig that if you hadn't heard already.


  15. Quarkie- You said a lot here- all very interesting. I don't know if I buy Sitchin's Planet X theories, but I obviously don't have any better theory. The DNA is the key here, and I think will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    And you're so spot on- there are so many people who pretend to be all New Age and enlightened and are as consumed with fear and narcissism and scapegoating as any religious fundamentalist.

    Daniel- Oh, I've been saying that for years! Right on, my friend.

    Anony910- Think about what you're saying- you're assuming corrosion resistant metals that can last for a few centuries, never mind millennia, exist outside of scifi. You're also assuming that alien worlds aren't essentially like our own. Also, unless you left a football field worth of that metal, it could simply be hidden away.

    If in fact these enormous stone structures have some hidden intent, they're devilishly hard to hide away or destroy. And as I've said we're only now coming to understand how insanely impossible the alignments are, for instance. Never mind how inhumanly heavy some of these stones are. The shills think they can do some test moving a ten ton stone and explain away they pyramids or Baalbek. That's like swimming the length of a kiddie pool and claiming you can then swim the English Channel.

    JustUs- Out of my area of expertise!

    Anony954- I gotta open my own then!

    DS888- I think the highest, most diabolical incantations of the Ancient Illuminati are a fart in the wind compared to the damage that hedge funds and capital groups can wreak on any given trading morning before the bell rings.

    Actually, I thought I head that the Luciferian Agenda LLC was recently acquired by the Carlyle Group, only it didn't make the news. The constituent parts are to be liquidated and sold off at auction and the global officers will sit on the CG board. The workers at Globelsis (formerly New World Order and Co.) will all be pink-slipped, of course. LIghtensia (formerly Bavarian Illuminati Inc.) will be spun off into a separate entity, but rumors are that Baines is sniffing around to grab Lightensia's real estate holdings and will fold Lightensia into a dog food company once they acquire Buckingham, the Vatican and other holdings.

    CITI group brokered the deal, though Goldman billed the Treasury 10 Billion dollars for consulting since one of their traders saw the paperwork on a friend's desk before a game of squash. Profits are said to skyrocket and Joe Lieberman has snuck in a provision in an emergency Medicaid extension bill to socialize any risks or indemnity faced by CG, its officers or worldwide affiliates. He strongarmed the human services subcommittee to sign off on the deal or let millions of inner city children dependent on school lunch programs starve over the winter.

    I could be wrong. I just thought I heard that on NPR or something.

  16. Cheers, David- I keep meaning to check that show out. Gotta love Jesse, the main man in black.

  17. I love how Puma Punku looks as if it was just sort of carelessly demolished by giant hands, like a child knocks over a set of blocks!

    Chris, thank you for these posts. I'm going to use them as an introduction for skeptical friends.

    I just finished writing my undergraduate thesis on the post-1969 creation, by the social sciences, of the UFO "believer" as a mentally abnormal or socially maladjusted deviant. Your site kept me going through the writing process. Thanks again, and keep on keeping on being right on.

  18. Puma Punku is a trip. All of those huge blocks dragged up mountains in South America- can we even do that today? I know we wouldn't.

    Interesting thesis- the Soviets perfected the technique of labeling any and all dissent from the constantly wavering party line as mental illness.

  19. I don't think Dan Brown is quite as stupid as you think; he just pretends to be. The "Bible" at the end of The Lost Symbol is meant to allude to the tree that grew around the coffin of Osiris, which was set up as a pillar in the palace of the king of Byblos. They worshipped it, not knowing what it contained.

    The Lost Word = the Logos = the Phallus of Osiris. Thus it is entirely appropriate that it would be at the base of the Washington Monument—an Egyptian obelisk.

  20. Oh, I don't think Dan Brown is stupid at all. He's rich and famous and I'm poor and obscure! Who's the dummy here? I just think that ending is cringeworthy, as was the DVC ending.

    But your thesis is very interesting- is that your own extrapolation or is that implied in the text itself? I will read that book - it's on my New Year resolution list.

  21. Chris,

    we need to use "occams razor".

    I agree with you on one thing. This agreement is based on my own speculation of the nature of DNA.

    To an outside observer observing the mating of a human male and woman they would say the male is the "alien" who "invaded" the female and "mixed" their blood with the female "species". The earth is actually party of the entire solar system as one unit. Like a complex cosmic cell. "comets" and "meteorites" are the "sperms" that impregnate these "fertile" female planets.

    Forget the sitchins work the babylonians were not talking about "aliens" or "astranauts" they were talking about 'astronomy".

    Look if you want to understand the summerians study the undus valley culture.SIMPLE

    But I agree with "panspermia". not ancient astronaut.

  22. Anon: Yes, panspermia is a very interesting concept. Remember, Osiris was the Logos Spermatikos—seed is living information.

    Chris: It is mostly my own extrapolation; over on the David Icke forum some of us tried to pick the book apart, although I'm not sure we really got anywhere.

    I should say that while Dan Brown is not actually dumb as rocks, he also thinks he is more clever than he actually is. The main villain in the piece is unmistakably meant to represent Typhon/Set, as he goes around destroying scientific knowledge—just as Plutarch's Typhon "tears the Holy Reason (Logos) into pieces and makes away with it". So a lot of his little puzzles would fly over the heads of the general reader, but would be obvious to those of us with a familiarity with mythology.

  23. Part A)

    CHRIS said: "DS888- I think the highest, most diabolical incantations of the Ancient Illuminati are a fart in the wind compared to the damage that hedge funds and capital groups can wreak on any given trading morning before the bell rings."

    1st, Ancient Illuminati are still here today in the form of our Vatican, the Royal Bloodlines & the Elite Bankers.

    Facts...I can back-up!

    A) 6 (six) people control approx 80-90% of the world's money supply through the banks. A new one world currency is comming. That's one of the reasons why the US Economey is being crashed as well as the US Dollar.

    B) The Wealthist PERSON on the planet is the Queen of England. She controls more land, countries, jewels, properties, money, sartifacts, pays no taxes, has power...more than any other Human on the planet. The Evil Bitch.

    C) The single wealthiest (man or woman), Beast, Human, or Scum of the Erth with a personal Wealth above all others, is Baron Rothschild. He & his family, have about half of the world's financial wealth in assests as money, stocks, property, companies, gold, oil, etc. (They only believe in GOD as in Gold Oil Drugs)

    D) The FEDERAL RESERVE, Private Central Bank, is owned by the Rockefellers, Morgans & Rothschild, primarily. Don't you get's the Elite aka The Iluminati, are the same people, they cause the crashes...all the time, intentionally.

    Rothschield has at least 4 - 4.5% stake in 90% of the largest US Corporations. That POWER over the market gives ONE man, single handed control.

    E) Did you know that you, me & everyone in this Country, Canada, England, etc, & other countries of the World, that the citizens are Legal CORPORATIONs! I kid-you-not!
    You are a person! That's not good news. We are HUMAN BEINGS, not a person, there is a big difference.

    At birth, with the BIRTHCERTICATE, you are incorporated. A multi-million $ bond is placed against all of us. Hence a social secuity number which is your corporate control number.

    The federal reserve prints money based of the total potential economic output & natural resource of a nation or country. In this case, the whole USA's wealth divided by the number of people living in the country. So we are worth from $15 - $40 million give or take a few mil, each of us have a $ value.

    There is interest on all the money printed. I know the Fed lending Rate is 0-.25% interest right now. That's not the same thing. For every $ printed, interest is paid! It costs $400B a year in interest alone.

    We are & the USA is a CORPOARTION. It's run by the Queen of England, with backing of the Rothschilds, Morgans, etc.

    USA is the New Merchant of Death, the police of the world, the ENFORCERS.


  24. Part B)

    The Elite, the "Bankster" as I call them, are responsible for exactely what you just said Chris...

    "the damage that hedge funds and capital groups can wreak on any given trading morning before the bell rings."

    The Elite/Illuminati control the World Financial Markets, at will. Done research, from the Federal Reserve to JFK to the current Credit Crises, Unemployment, Stock Market, etc & how it all relates. The Elite, are controlling these crises, just as they did in the 20's & 30's.

    People don't believe me. My close friends & my family think I'm nuts...well a little insane is true at the very least, but all of them judge before they listen to the information. Watch, listen & do research I say.

    They just need to look at the information & see for themselves but most people (sheeple) won't take resposiblity to seek the truth. Because it might & will change how they see & believe in things. It creates fear in them & the sheep don't want to move from their comfort zone.

    The subliminals I have explained are real, it's the truth about there use to control Humanity, that are hidden.

    Wake-up you are not a corporation, you are a Human Being, respect it & be free. Be AWARE!

    From the Heart!


  25. ok this is too weird...

    i watch the video on your page where they talk about nibiru being like 3 times the size of earth...

    then i go to the cnn home page where they have found a planet 2.7 times bigger than earth and then right next to it is an energy consumption graph with the the number shown being...17!!!

    wtf? awesome!

  26. @Eleleth, an obelisk is as Chris and others have said ... a depiction of a Crystal - that wonderful creation of nature that we've used to revolutionize modern technology. In fact, we couldn't communicate without it!

    You'll really get somewhere with tLS, but you've got to wait to make the call until early morning during the month of the opening door.

    If you really read the book and cut right through to see the source of the light, like the sun rising to great the obelisk at 6 am, then you should already understand the mystery of 10, 17, 24 and 31!

    Masterful work, my friend! Masterful!

    ... and screw Dan brown!

    The things you own always end up owning you!


  27. Ds888, your satanic bent is well, bent. Too much xtian glue for you. Chris perhaps the contact with hu-mans was from two or more alien species. There is a strong argument about spacefarers from the Pleides. That lower star on the first degree board. Also the three stars of Orion point to the Pleides. Perhaps there is an reptillian species and a water based species that vie for human souls, earth recources(the human mind). I have a hunch that alot more than megaliths were givin to us Hu-man beings, and that there are people in the know. The junk dna we have is our passport to the universe. Respectfully Dennis.

  28. speaking of leaving directions carved in stone:

  29. The queen of England is not even close to being the wealthiest person in the world. Sorry, old sport.

    And hey, Luciferians need to be loved too! Especialy as Lucifer is nothing more than the bringer of light... the morning star... or good old Venus herself! Goddess of Luuuurv!

  30. Maybe humanity as a whole was shattered in a myriad of pieces long ago and now we are being pulled back to wholeness as an organic matter of fact.

    Too much logic will kill our truth.




  31. @ Dennis Igou "Ds888, your satanic bent is well, bent."

    Lol, I didn't have the heart to tell him.

    @ Anonymous,"The queen of England is not even close to being the wealthiest person in the world. Sorry, old sport."

    FACT: TIGER WOODS MAKES $148.00 a SECOND!!!! WTF for playing fucking GOLF!

    @ Anonymous again,"And hey, Luciferians need to be loved too! Especialy as Lucifer is nothing more than the bringer of light... the morning star... or good old Venus herself! Goddess of Luuuurv!"

    A-fuckin-men, Venus is GODDESS!


    "But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most, our one fellow and brother who most needed a friend yet had not a single one, the one sinner among us all who had the highest and clearest right to every Christian's daily and nightly prayers, for the plain and unassailable reason that his was the first and greatest need, he being among sinners the supremest?"
    - Mark Twain's Autobiography

    "I have always felt friendly toward Satan. Of course that is ancestral; it must be in the blood, for I could not have originated it."
    - Autobiography of Mark Twain

  32. DarkStar: Bryan Kemila is likely correct about a lot of things, but perhaps you should link directly to his site, as these things can get a bit confusing when presented out-of-context. But read the Platonic philosophers and they explore the same concepts, and the difference between our seeming reality and the "Plain of Truth".

    Dan Brown actually talks about this in The Lost Symbol, and how a major "secret" is supposedly the supremacy of Mind—Νοῦς.

    StrangeEye: I am not sure what you are trying to say. If you have information to share, please share it.

    Dennis: Perhaps the "mighty men of renown" were not giants—we're just genetically-modified dwarves. Tolkien said somewhere that the Hobbits in LOTR are meant to represent ourselves, while the "humans" represent (fallen?) angels.

    Chris: On the subject of your original post, I am once again reminded of Kurt Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan. Was Vonnegut "just" writing satire?

    A small component on Salo's spacecraft breaks, stalling him in the Solar System. He requests help from Tralfamadore, and his fellow Tralfamadorians respond by manipulating human history so that primitive humans evolve and create a civilization in order to produce the replacement part. Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China and the Kremlin are all messages in the Tralfamadorian geometrical language, informing Salo of their progress..

  33. @Eleleth, I did.
    you wrote:
    "So a lot of his little puzzles would fly over the heads of the general reader, but would be obvious to those of us with a familiarity with mythology"

    If you've read the book and were astute enough to understand his 'obvious puzzles' then my simple previous post should be crystal clear - as it is one of the MOST "obvious puzzles" in the book!


  34. Anony136- Well, here's the thing- if you are willing to accept that human beings are not the supreme beings of the vast and infinite universe, then if another race has had a two-hundred year head start, say, then AAT is the razor. It is the simplest and most direct solution to all of these mysteries. I don't think it's an accident that we are spending so much money and time staring out into space. They're looking for someone, I'm sure of it. I think the Vatican's announcements have been very telling because they have access to a lot of ancient literature than no one else has ever seen. There's something going on there, I'm sure of that too

    Elelie- I hear you- I mean, Dan Brown writes suspense novels with the same depth of occult knowledge that any potboiler detective novelist has of whatever field they use as a gimmick. The average reader has no clue about any of it, so Brown very much has a free range. I'm just disappointed the ending of LS was as corny as I was afraid it would be.

    DS888- I'm certainly familiar with what you're writing about, and have been for many, many years now. I'm sure a lot of the other readers are as well. But I prefer that comments don't stray too far off-topic. You're always welcome to link us to anything on your own blog that you'd like to share on other issues.

    DDJ- There you go- we're looking for earths to travel to. It seems to me that if there's nothing unusual about our sun, and that the patterns of the universe are fairly constant as to suns and planets, then it could well be that carbon-based life is how the universe produces higher intelligence. Saw that sync- wild.

    Strangey- thanks for the kind words. It's funny- my wife was just watching Hoarders on A&E- very appropos!

    Dennis- It could well be. Like I said I only have questions. But as with the DNA, my main point of entry here is the basic issue of human maladaptivity to this biosphere. I'm not sure if we can treat the planet much differently than we have. I'm not worried about saving the earth - I'm worried about the earth getting sick of its troublesome stepchildren and wiping 9/10s of us out with any number of the unpleasantries it could throw at us.

    ANony829- Yeah- Vyzygoth read from the book written by "RC Christian" - it sounded like some eccentric rich conservative with new age aspirations. Track it down- it's a strange mix of Reaganism and creepy 70s vintage Theosophy, a la Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I'm willing to bet the GGS was all the work of that one rich weirdo, wanting to build his personal Stonehenge.

    Anony938- I never got the Lucifer thing myself- the name is not in any Bible translation other than King James and most of the Lucifer lore is from Milton. Lucifer was a great Vertigo comic though!

    Toothy- Hmm, methinks you speak the truthy...

    Quarkie- Hmm, don't think he'll be making that much a second any more! Oh how the mighty have fallen. But don't worry- he'll have a big comeback. All he's done is expose his virility, after all.

  35. Strangeeye: By "us" I meant the people reading this blog—not me personally. I'm a lousy writer and I don't know anything. Playing pointless games is what the people who have wished to keep knowledge secret have been doing. Please dispel my ignorance.

  36. @Eleleth,
    put your mind in to it... although very simple, it is certainly NOT pointless! (In fact, the benefit to you aside, it just may be one of Dan's main reasons for tLS).


  37. Will Smith (who looks at Obama with eyes of seeming emotional devotion as well as summing up his mannerisms for when he portrays him on the big screen undoubtedly at some point in our future - perhaps WS is a true devotee of the myths he relates) plays an ARMY scientist in IAL, working on a VACCINE to save humanity. Okay, you knew that. You are also probably aware of that swine flu thing and the theories surrounding both it and its vaccine.

    Well, I work as a Pharm Tech and I can tell you that today in my very sync heavy day, a huge load of H1N1 vaccines arrived in my store. Notable in that the industry has been reporting major shortages for so long but I knew better. I knew the vaccines would eventually come. ( Well, today they came en masse. Funny, since I work in a new store that only does about 40 prescriptions a day and the only way to get the vaccine is through the govt (theoretically based on provable need).

    Is this the chaos that the new god-king will create his order out of? I hope not. But I also hope he doesn't end up in his car/casket ala JFK. For now, he keeps the syncs coming big time.

    Just in time for tomorrow's big 17 day.

    1903 – The Wright Brothers make their first powered and heavier-than-air flight in the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

    Famous first flights: now this:
    ( which admittedly was probably timed to coincide with the famous firsts but interesting in context and proof of a remembrance of dates.

    1957 – The United States successfully launches the first Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

    The Atlas rocket is back in the news (see Freeman)

    1969 – Project Blue Book: The United States Air Force closes its study of UFOs, stating that sightings were generated as a result of "A mild form of mass hysteria, Individuals who fabricate such reports to perpetrate a hoax or seek publicity, psychopathological persons, and misidentification of various conventional objects."

    1989 – The first episode of television series The Simpsons, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", airs in the United States.

    The Simpsons of course featured the swine induced quarantine in their long awaited movie.

    And it's also the B-Day of Will Smith's Independence Day co-star Bill Pullman, who plays the US PRESIDENT who saves us from the images on the movie posters featured in your 12-2007 post.

  38. StrangeEye: Are you talking about the contents of this site?

    What I had basically concluded on the Icke forum was that the "secret" that Dan Brown was trying to imply was that the Lost Word was the bloodline of Christ, thus tying it together with TDV. I.e., the Logos Spermatikos is the Holy Seed-line. (I'll refrain from any numerology, other to note the significance of the number six to the Marcosians.) And remarkably, this seems to be Wayne Herschel's conclusion as well, although we approached the subject from entirely different directions:

    The book did not reveal the actual historical connecting 'star secret' that his repertoire of topics all apparently and measurably share. A secret that in truth would challenge the basis of all religions, but in a uniting way. It would prove that we, all of humanity are of angelic seed... the sacred bloodline of The Christ.

    But perhaps there is something more crucial that you'd like to point me towards; I haven't yet read everything on this site. Just remember, "why should we be forced to follow tradition and pay the price of our ancestors’ misguided intentions and be deprived of this knowledge?"

    Ultimately, it must be as ToothyGrinMatt said: We are all the Dying God—scattered into pieces and buried within the tomb of hyle. The "lamb slain from the foundation of the world." Many of our masters, however, seem to feel that some of us are more "angelic" than others.

  39. Hie Christopher, you are my Heru !!

    This is my first post, please be patient because I'm learning English since I discovered your amazing blog, really !


    Possibly, you're missing the point. Do you believe Templars built cathedrals to resist storm and earthquakes ? By no way !
    Carving and assembling such huge and complex (understand Flower-of-live-related) structures has one precise and "practical" purpose :"GATES".
    How ? Like Anony said, stones are crystals and when :
    - big (menhir) or assembled, they produce (under particular conditions) energy Fields in various intensity
    - carved ans assembled, they produce strong to very strong Fields.
    Hmmm...sounds like LHC...
    French military did experiments in Chartres cathedral, France. Some people know how to start these mega engines...
    One big gate:
    It works with colors to.
    Look : free mason = masonry makes free !
    People have less idea what Pyra-Mides can do to Matter. But most of these machines are silent or sabotaged today.
    Big story, folks

    Thanks for all the stuff everybody brings up here and long live Secret Sun !

  40. Agreed Chris. I don't mean to stray too far. The temptation was great.

    "The Devil Made Me Do It!" :)

    In a around-about-way....much of it does relate, it's just too much information without doing a post to give it justice. I respect your focus Chris, especially on topics like this.

    I realize it's important to made comments that will contribute to the theme & apply knowledge where posssible.

    Thank you for the offer of sharing links for information on my blogs. I will do that to make it easier finding information without craming too much information into a few comments.

    Appreciate Eleth's thoughts as well. I was intentionally putting information out there to get some this feedback. Providing the link to a source doucument makes good sense. It's often hard to explain much of this complex/abstract knowledge & thinking in a few short paragraphs or even a few pages. Thank you for your suggestions.

    I like the people here & the diversity of the thinking, & lots of intelligent comments.


  41. Reply from Annoy 136 to Chris regarding AAT did draw a interesting point about money and attention of organizations for scientific exploration.

    Here are some possibilities regarding that issue (lets get it out of the way first)

    1. To Map the cosmos just like they mapped the earth
    2. To study cosmic influence on the earth just like they mapped ocean currents, weather patterns, sun cycles etc
    3.To explore possible new sources of elements and materials
    4.To verify the truth of ancient science of Astrology and stellar influence (study of gravity waves, cosmic rays/dusts, gamma rays)
    5.To search for possible signs of "life" prehaps to understand evolution/creation etc

    and ofcourse lets come to the final To look for intelligence life and have communication with it.

    In this issue if we are pursuing this area of thought then why put the public in dark? why because it will break all th social paradigm? c'mon thats not the reason most ancient cultures talk about "deva's, light beings, angels, shiny ones, space brothers, first fathers, fallen ones, masters etc etc"

    I doubt they are spencing money to look for them I think what they are looking for is our "orientation" in time and space. they are trying to verify if there was human activity in the out planets, verify if there is signs of our foot print there in the ancient past, verify how old our planet is and how old our species is, verify the cyclic nature of space and time, verify the aspect of time in "space" compared with time in "planets". various planets are different rotations thus different version of "time" as in some slow, some speed up , some nil etc.

    Ancient astronaut theory is a bit weak for one thing the reason for these astronauts to "just vanish".

    But I do agree the hipocracy of the Vatican in jumping fences.

    Prehaps you are on to something that we are spending billions on looking for beings who had presence on this planet eons ago.

    Just leaving my two cents.

    BTW what compelled you to such a view..I am curious.

    Thanks man.

  42. Thanks Chris,

    This is a very interesting series. I'm fascinated with these tracing boards, as well as the whole tie in wit AAT.

    I'm with you on the whole deadly importance of the "secrets" of the ancient mystery schools. Yes, there's an overarching, somewhat secretive approach to initiation into a particular way of thinking (ie. 'as above, so below', gnosis, manifestation via consciousness, etc) But like you, I'm not convinced that these are the great secrets so many have died to preserve. Although, it may be said that this kind of thinking has been kept secret for fear of persecution from the church. Heck, I know that I tend to keep what I've learned somewhat secret simply because it seems that people are out to destroy and discredit those who's beliefs are so unorthodox compared to mainstream thinking. Not to mention, it's also the kind of thinking that once fully understood, can put an end to petty differences, and materialistic consumption. So it is possible that there have always been groups bent on abolishing knowledge that truly frees the soul from the materialistic prison that keeps us under the control of those who stand to profit from us.

  43. Prophets and "beings"

    from vatican museum

  44. There's a movement to radically change California government, by getting rid of career politicians and chopping their salaries in half. A group known as Citizens for California Reform wants to make the California legislature a part time time job, just like it was until 1966.

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  48. Mithras/Horus/Marduk/Mars

  49. Well said, Christopher. I always think nowadays that questions themselves are more important than any possible answers - largely because of the tendency to "interpret" them according to the current "paradigm".

    But paradigms and theories come and go, but the questions remain, and rightly so.

    Very pleased to have found your blog, Christopher. Always interesting reading. :)