Friday, October 09, 2009

Yahooccultism: Obamoon 17, or LCROSS bust? (UPDATE 10/10)

So on this very strange day, this strange story makes the Yahoo! headlines. But first, did the LCROSS mission even happen, or was there a last-minute malfunction?

Instruments confirm that a large empty rocket hull barreled into the moon at 7:31 a.m., followed four minutes later by a probe with cameras taking pictures of the first crash.

But initial photos show that the moon didn't give the reaction to the double jabs that NASA expected.

Screens got fuzz and no immediate pictures of the crash or the six-mile plume of lunar dust that the mission was supposed to kick up for scientists to study. The public, which followed the crashes on the Internet and at observatories, seemed puzzled.

NASA officials touted loads of data from the probe and telescopes around the world and in orbit. But the crash photos and videos they offered at a morning news conference were few and showed little more than a fuzzy white flash.

7:31, eh? You know that they were shooting for 7:33, that's not even a discussion. But I bet the Photoshop boys are busy at work as I write.

But here's a strange coincidence - or two. The LCROSS mission involved the Indian space agency:
NASA had sent two probing mission on board an Indian moon mission to further probe if there was water on moon.

The result was positive and Indian scientists belonging to its prestigious Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) also said that their probe too had established that indeed there was water on the surface of the moon.
And then we saw this:
At least 17 Indian police were killed today when a routine patrol turned into a deadly gunbattle with hundreds of Maoists in a forest in Maharashtra.
And this:
At least 17 people were reported killed and another 76 wounded today when a suicide car bomber attacked the Indian Embassy in Kabul.
In light of that horror in the Afpak region, we then we have Pharaoh Barackobamun I receiving tribute (the ironically titled "Peace Prize" which sounds exactly like something granted to Caesar after a campaign) from the Nobel Arms-Dealing Dynasty. On the same we see yet another horror in the young Pharaoh's war theater.

So what's with the little moon-buggy lookin' car?

ATSUGI, Japan – Nissan's Land Glider electric vehicle tilts from side to side, sashaying into curves by up to a 17-degree angle, as though showing off in a fashion statement that it's zero-emissions.

Bonus factoid: The Moon has 17% of the Earth's gravity.

Bonus truth-to-power: Greenwald.

UPDATE: Interesting juxtapositions on BBC.

UPDATE II: Whoa, whoa, whoa...from Lou Dobbs'
Instead the screen showed footage from the spacecraft as it moved closer and closer to the lunar surface. Then, suddenly, the screen went white. When footage came back, it showed the moon seemingly unperturbed.

"I don't know about you, but I didn't see anything," said Columbia University astronomer Arlin Crotts.
Let's not forget that this same craft mysteriously lost most of its fuel a few weeks back, but even with that bizarre incident, there should have been some obvious sign of impact. Something seems very off here.

Scroll down to the next post on this site and make some time this weekend to watch the video.

UPDATE III: This is a bigger bust than the US media is letting on. Let's go to the UK's Daily Mail.
The £49million 'bombing raid' was supposed to create a six-mile high cloud of dust that would be visible from telescopes on the Earth. But live pictures relayed back from the Moon showed no sign of an impact - even though both craft dived into a darkened crater as planned.
How is that even possible? Unless, of course, it was vaporized before it ever landed.

UPDATE 1800EST: Two die in bizarre sweat lodge accident in Sedona resort located between routes US 89, AZ 179 and IS17. Instasync: I was just talking about sweat lodges with the missus the other day.

UPDATE 2100EST: Goro checks in:
Hey Chris, guess what's 'really' behind the '17 degrees'...

Check out the pentagram/pentacle Earth orbital time code over at my site Etemenanki if you haven't already. See that diagonal line through the Sun pinpointing ~October 8-10? That line is ~17 degrees from the horizontal/equinoctial axis!

UPDATE 10/10:
Here's the image they're running for the big exciting story on Space. Not actual size, though.

I enlarged it a bit for you.


  1. More of the 17. Hey, that moon-buggy brings to mind this neat story of time-travel called "The Future Roadhouse":
    There is also a podcast you can listen to about this at:

    Interesting story.

  2. it's tonight that Guy laliberté(clown in space)launches is big show for water on earth
    talk about a ''coincidence''


  3. Speaking of 17... I happened in on a show that looked not-so-good called Glee. Check out this episode, Acafellas at 14:30.

    Will sings in vocal group as STAR. His mom sells all 17 of his CDs with star on cover (odd quantity of cds if you ask me). The color green is predominant in the scene. Will unites with mom and dad (Osiris, Isis and Horus). Mom says she did not have to show anyone here bosoms... Episode 3, 17 cds...

  4. Interesting Ryan,
    made me immediately think of this image. A statue representing the goddess of the heavens / Stars.

    Though ISIS and the Black Madonna (even Lady Justice - which you can easily find on the Metallica CD covers "and Justice for All") are also often depicted with breasts exposed.


  5. When the Audit Bureau of Circulations releases the latest numbers on Oct. 26, it will show that USA Today's circulation fell 17% to 1.88 million.


  6. Chris,
    just caught the video over at elluminati's blog at 5:17 - 5:21 in the youtube video from CNN - Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex gives 11:35:35.04 UTC (7:35:35.04 EDT) as the official impact and L.O.S. time. (interesting that earlier in the vid they mention that NASA is "delayed" in the impact by about 5 minutes.)


  7. Hi Chris,

    I saw the "33" to match your "17".

    It was during Obama's "humble" Nobel acceptance speech on CNN this morning about 11:15. Underneath Obama on the screen, CNN was simultaneously displaying the DOW with a green up arrow (pyramid) and the value fluctuated but stayed at 33.24 until after the short speech ...then the DOW value went down as far as 27.23.

    I mean you couldn't help but notice the up arrow and the DOW value because it took up a lot of space on the bottom third of the screen under the President as he spoke.

    Your work is pure genius, Chris! Thanks for keeping us enlightened!

  8. SOB!... just remembered there's a
    ~1 (and a bit ~.02-.4) sec delay between Earth-Moon or Moon-Earth comms!

    2 + 8 + 7 = 17 !

    and Sirius at ALT 33 Deg. (AZ 195 Deg.) from Washington DC view at impact!


  9. amigo- when ya gonna get on "Nut Up Or Shut Up", the promotional posters of which are all over town! I can barely stand to look at them, with natural born killers and all.

    More Goddess Worship?


  10. Interesting post- nobody seems to have seen anything , not even independent observers. However , there can be only one reason.
    Visit for whats really going on .
    I haven't checked for any synchs but you'll probably find one .

  11. Charles Manson's immate number at Corcoran State Prison is
    B33920. If you add the numbers together you get 17.
    He's eligible to apply for parole in 2012.

  12. love the blog chris! long time reader.

    thought u'd enjoy this sync as well

  13. Frank
    I checked out your blog entry. So what you are implying is that it could have been an attempt to aggravate someone (or thing) in order to have them retaliate?
    That would be quite useful for triggering the much lauded and highly anticipated apocalypse now, wouldn't it?


    Playing Live (from ISS NOW!)


  15. Hey Chris, guess what's 'really' behind the '17 degrees'...

    Check out the pentagram/pentacle Earth orbital time code over at my site Etemenanki if you haven't already. (See link.) See that diagonal line through the Sun pinpointing ~October 8-10? That line is ~17 degrees from the horizontal/equinoctial axis! (Most precise on October 10.)
    Thought you might enjoy that. :)

  16. pygmy,
    thanks for the inspiration!
    The synchroverse always provides!

    Yahoo ZOmbieland trailers



  17. Hi Chris,

    A NY Times article published yesterday, same day as LCROSS water search, gave me a different perspective on this "water search":

    Capturing a Nation’s Thirst for Energy

  18. In Toronto, the backpack of a 17 year old girl named Mariam who went missing last month was found on Thursday.


  19. Chris,

    Sorry to keep adding to my comment above but you must also go to photographer Mitch Epstein's website for his "American Power" (energy) photographs...they give an absolutely amazing view of America's power and energy consumption. I mean it makes one wonder if we're not the "aliens" voraciously consuming water and energy resources!

    This photographer was arrested more than any UFO researcher just because he was photographing energy sources!

    From the NY Times article above:
    “I mean, I’m not much of an environmentalist,” he (Epstein) said. “But as I worked and traveled, I came away troubled by the implications of what I was seeing and what happened to me.”

    What he saw — during the first and second administrations of George W. Bush, years deep in the shadows of 9/11 — was a country that could be both largely ignorant of the immense environmental and political costs of its energy consumption and profoundly suspicious of anyone paying too much attention to the sources of that energy.

    “Humankind’s technical prowess has etched itself into nature’s grandeur,” he adds in the essay. “But settlers did not expect that their American Dream of material ease would ultimately require more energy than the land could give.”

  20. Hoagland says NASA slipped up and released some data to indicate the presence of sodium in the debris field. Sodium has 17 isotopes.

    LCROSS with the L oriented in the four quadrants of a cross is a swastika. I think they were burying the German gold that the U.S. is supposed to have in the vaults.

    That would be a double cross?

  21. Hey Eric Swan, that is some cool news. I did a quick blog post back in April about pumping sodium. Don't know why that particular technology story caught my eye then, but sync on, LOL. My little article is here:

  22. Another 17/33..... British singer Stephen Gately,33, found dead in Majorca early hours of this morning.

  23. Sorry....SG is 17 in numerology.