Monday, October 05, 2009

Sync Log: Empire State

Things have been particularly sync-o-licious around the Secret Sun home office lately. Here's an example: after two different posts namedropping the Empire State Building* last week, the missus and I sit down to watch the Wolverine movie† on Saturday night and this trailer pops up as soon as we put the disk in. I had some extremely vague familiarity with the Percy Jackson books, but had no idea a film was on the way.

Probably just a little less-sync-worthy is the fact that the actor playing Percy is named after Wolverine, but more so may be the fact that Blogger autosave had this post publishing at 1:19, which is that actor's birthday...

PS: Mike C! is rocking the owl sync meme on Hidden Experience...

*I worked in that germ-ridden landmark for eight years. That is to say, eight years of chronic sinus infection and other respiratory distress.

† We really enjoyed Wolverine, and I'm totally mystified by the bad reviews it got-
as I seem to be all of the time now. Last flick I rented because of the reviews was Juno, which I hated.


  1. Wow, good synch there Chris. I personally never heard of this movie before.
    what a good title though, those who know the true meaning of it will get a good laugh out of it "The Lightning Thief".

    this world is getting funnier by the second.

  2. I followed your link to the Hidden Experience blog and read his post about the mountain camping and the three owls. Then I saw Strieber's post in the comments section about the greys being...well, in his words, "Contrary to popular belief, they are profoundly surrendered to God."

    Sorry, I know he's considered the expert, but I could not possibly disagree more. Plus, despite the blogger's careful examination of the owls and the experience, I'm not completely convinced that his was not an abduction experience.

    BTW, Chris, I rented Race to Witch Mountain and had a good laugh at Strieber's cameo in that movie. So, he does have a great sense of humor, even if the greys have programmed him to think that they were good guys. :-)

    LOL, "scry" is part of the word verification for this comment.

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog. The owl thing continues to amaze and confuse me.

    About Strieber. I've got a very real soft spot for that guy. I think there is a role for the poet in this strange field. Looking at this stuff analytically can take you only so far, but then - I feel - that the non-logical mind needs to carry the ball to proceed deeper. To me, Streiber is that guy. The excessively dramatic story telling is part of this whole phenomenon, and he does it well. Does his showy tone help the overall cause? I can't say. But if this guy has something to say, I will at least listen. (and, he likes my blog, so there is an ego thing for me - I admit it)

    I'll add that I had an apartment on 28th between 5th and B'way that looked north. I had an amazing view of the empire state building, and it was during the years that Chris Knowles worked there, he could have easily seen me (albeit a tiny dot) in my apartment.

    And - I've seen the empire state building struck by lighting - twice.

  4. Have to agree with Mike on Streiber. For my money, Communion and Majestic are the best, most endlessly fascinating books on the theme of alien contact. Streiber deals with very contemporary memes - grey aliens and such - but his best work re-articulates a timeless idea - the notion that an encounter with the transcendent is an encounter with something so utterly Other, that the experience is necessarily traumatic, albeit potentially enlightening.

  5. Funny it went in this direction- there's a Strieber-related post in the pipeline. Not directly, but still...

  6. Here's the best set of insights into Strieber. Really amazing article.

    Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly
    By 2008 Aeolus Kephas

    What are we to make of the strange case of Whitley Strieber?


  7. Very interesting as always Christopher! I so agree with the commenter about Strieber and his "grays" -this movie is new to me also -thanks for the post -I hope you are doing great -all the best!!

  8. Ha - just finished posting on your post about The Nines, and came ot the homepage to look around the rest of the site - and love that your newest post is about a "Wolverine synchronicity ...

    I guess I'll definitely take that coincidence as a sign to keep connected! The interconnectivity between humans has really ratcheted up with the advent of the internet, it's an interesting time to be alive!

  9. Wow this post was synchronistic for me. Mike C mentions the blog 'Synchronicity' he just discovered. I too came across the blog just days ago and was intrigued by the owl posting.

    Whitley Strieber is passionate about his paranomal work, so mostly I do not question his valitity. However, it perplexes me as to how can one experience so much with non-human beings and yet still adhere to Catholicism.
    Yet again....whom am I to make such remarks, I do not even know the road I'M traveling. Actually, perhaps I should admire that he found his own Truth.
    I just do not know.