Thursday, October 15, 2009

Septumdecim Sempiterna: Bend it like Obama ("Falcon, Falcon!")

Et tu, Beckham? And what's all this about you being the Barackobamun of Footie?

Dow closes above 10,000- Ten thousand-seventeen, that is..

Now what's all this then?: CAIRO (Reuters) – Archaeologists have unearthed the site of a pharaonic-era sacred lake in a temple to the Egyptian goddess Mut in the ruins of ancient Tanis, the Culture Ministry said on Thursday.

Weren't we just talking about Egyptian lakes?

UPDATE: Battle of the cosmic triggers? From CNN:

Nevada continued to be the worst-hit state with one filing for every 23 households. But even tranquil Vermont, where the foreclosure crisis has barely brushed the housing market, saw foreclosure filings jump nearly 170% compared with the third quarter of 2008. Still, that resulted in just one filing for every 5,023 households in the state -- the best record in the country.

The untold story here is the role of the "Prosperity Gospel" in driving the overall economic crisis.

UPDATE II: Here's a man-bites-dog story if ever there was one, from the Sept. 17 issue of Queens Tribune- a Republican candidate is also a practicing Heathen (Nordic paganism). I like the big bonus Q next to the scantily-clad maiden.

Bonus lousy research tidbit:

Theodism relies upon an interlocking ring of honor, wisdom and generosity to motivate the individual members to achieve a spiritual evolution. "Any earthly life that a man doesn't die out of as a better and worthier man than he was born into it is seen, in these terms, as a wasted life, ultimately bound for Hel [sic] after death," Halloran wrote on his Web site.
Uh, not sic- Hel is the Norse goddess/realm of death, idiot. AKA Hela in the Thorniverse.

UPDATE: Since snark is ecumenical here on the Secret Sun, let me point out that the Sedona sweat lodge deaths (aka the Route 17 tragedy) were on the compound of a New Age prosperity huckster. Hey, here's an idea- how about not pretending you can drop in on someone else's religion for a weekend, particularly when the stated goal of the "retreat" is antithetical to said tradition?

UPDATE: Six year old boy trapped in runaway (and deflating) air balloon. Let's all hope/pray/wish for his safe return.

UPDATE: Oh, no.

The boy was not inside the helium aircraft when it landed, CNN affiliate KMGH reported. A sibling saw the boy get into the craft Thursday morning. Officials were concerned that the boy may have fallen out of it, an undersheriff said.

Margie Martinez of the Weld County Sheriff's Office said a sibling saw Falcon Heene climb into the basket before the balloon took off from his parents' Fort Collins, Colorado home.

UPDATE: Hopeful news-
"At this point, we are thinking that he did not fall out of the balloon and is somewhere on the ground," Larimer County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Eloise Campanella said. "The basket itself was not breached. It does not look like he fell out of it, but again, this is all conjecture."

FOUND! It turns out to have been a hollow flight after all. Now the media can start attacking the family for having unconventional beliefs. Note also that young Falcon lives right off of US 287.

UPDATE: A jury in Australia finds five men guilty of conspiring to commit terrorist attacks after a trial of more than 170 days.

UPDATE: There you have it.



  2. Related?

  3. Yeah, I for one can't wait to read your take on this metal mushroom/UFO/weather balloon crashing from the heavens with a child, child vanishes/child falls from the sky story. Where do you even start with this? Bizarre.

  4. his dad runs a website called psyience detectives. Claims their is another pyramid on mars, talks about 2012, and electromagnetic fields have something to do with weather.

    The boy's name is FALCON!

  5. The Space Warfare Center (complete with Space Battle Lab) is located at Shriever AFB in CO which used to be called FALCON Air Force Base.

  6. Boy, oh, boy... Falcon.

    I hope Falcon's OK.

  7. Anyone else picking up the "12 Monkeys" echo here? Let's hope this kid is just hiding in a barn somewhere.

  8. Guess what? Falcon was hiding in his attic the whole time. See my last post. Cue the "Twilight Zone" theme...

  9. and this is a family of UFO believers(/"buffs"):

    as i watched the balloon careen around in the sky and waited for it to land, all i could think was that the developed world was watching this kid literally being sacrificed to a cold death as he rose through our atmosphere in a flying saucer-balloon. to whom was he being offered?

    they still can't find him...either something plucked him out of there mid-flight, or he'll come home when the streetlights come on and realize he's in trouble for a lot more than just letting his dad's balloon get loose.

  10. Speaking of "12 Monkeys", Terry Gilliam apparently has a bit on tonight's "Countdown" (MSNBC) discussing the "Terror Industrial Complex"...

  11. Suppose bad publicity is good publicity, no? Maybe they hoped for an abduction! Perhaps next time they should bother check the whole house rather than causing a media frenzy. Since they already know all about that and are from Colorado which is known for some seriously freaked out UFO junk and reports of greys peeping thru bedroom windows (highly likely IMO).

    After stargurls mention of the Falcon Space Warfare base and seeing the captions on the photos regarding the "UFO like" balloon, this all smells odd, but in a hyper-dimensional way; like the nauseous ooze of black book secrecy looking for a vent to leak from. Coming from the loosest & leakiest of all places, a childs "misadventure" and an ABC (CIA) network families "super-nutty"lifestyle.

  12. strangest story since the brazilian priest who floated adrift
    under hundreds of helium balloons last year.

  13. Egyptian God ess, Nut= Another Queen of heaven, from horizan to horizan, procteress of all that is. Keep my mind on the circling sky! It is glorious to be alive and of unfettered mind. What mystical syncro's will shine forth with the dawn? Dennis ( wv-evfjkjgq(wtf?)

  14. Falcon lives off of US 287?? Could this Solar Balloon event be crammed with any more symbolism? Of course they're going to attack the "UFO nut", ever since hearing he was on "Wife Swap" I kind of want to attack him too.

    Nice sync there with your "Hollow Flight" post from yesterday!

  15. Chris - Just found this... Falcon says "It was for the show"

    What in blue blazes...? His parents seem pretty sketchy.

  16. Yeah the timing was odd with Chris's posts lately.

    I saw 317 time today very clearly before I saw the news story.

    Look at the music vid the family made.

    Doesn't seem like a very intelligent bunch to me! Ufos or not...

  17. I agree, guys- this whole story is bizarre and sync-laden. But then again it's being filtered through the ultimate distortion device, that being cable news. I'm just thrilled the kid was never onboard that balloon.

    Route 17 is parallel to 287 there, too.

  18. Haha Christopher -I was going to come over here and ask if you had heard of Balloon Boy "Falcon" -I didn't think anything of it until the name! I should have known you would have long since covered it! It looks like the 17 meme is continuing with some Cosmic Triggers added-fun
    best as always to you Christohpher!!

  19. Oy Vay-
    Young "Falcon"??? two hours of live, uninterrupted cable news coverage? Since I'm sure I've developed somewhat of a reputation as the family crackpot in my house, I'll be the first to utter the two words sticking in my mind like a dagger Psy - Op. There. I know it all looked spontaneous, especially as watched moment-to-moment on live TV. But this kid in the baloon -then -not, is TOO bizarre, is too much of an inside joke to be beleived. It stinks to me. The whole thing. So if it's all pre-arranged theater, then what's the point? Well, perhaps it's just ritual drama, and we can't know the deeper meaning of this big UFO/Baloon show. Or maybe it's a preview for actual disclosure, to come over the next several months and days. Getting the American psyche ready for the main event. How do I know? What I do know is a little something about day-to-day reality, and I find very little of it here. :-P


  20. That was my first thought, from the outset - that it is a staged, orchestrated (ritual) event. Which was confirmed, IMO, when it was found that the boy (Falcon) wasn't even on the UFO in the first place.

    So much of what we see in the media, as apparently random, chance events are staged IMO. Not saying everything is, but much is.


  21. Particularly when it turns out that the father is a Police officer (i.e. probable Mason).


  22. Maybe it's all advertising for the new Pixar movie, 'Up'.