Friday, October 16, 2009

Trailer Trash: UFOs and Sea People (UPDATES)

Here's a movie that I saw and kinda wish I didn't- the TV adaptation of Stephen King's Quatermass and the Pit ripoff tribute, The Tommyknockers. I read the novel and found it was just like all of King's later work- a brilliant setup ruined by careless follow-through. The movie is completely miscast and tries to pass off New Zealand as Maine. But if you see it cheap somewhere, pick it up- there might be a sync or two in it for you.

Here's a movie I need to see- Dennis Hopper in what must be history's only Lovecraftian Beatnik horror film featuring a dyed-in-the-wool occult superstar (Jack Parsons' widow Marjorie Cameron playing one of the "Sea People"). Watching this trailer I got a definite Darker Than You Think meets Dagon vibe...

UPDATE: Was Lovecraft riffing on the 'Great Gods' of Samothrace in his Chthulu mythos?

UPDATE: Speaking of evolutionary throwbacks and hideous rites....

UPDATE: I have no idea what this means, but my gut tells me it means something...


  1. I bought a copy of "Night Tide" on dvd several years ago, I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Great find - I've just ordered the DVD. My best friend and I did some accidental reality hacking in the early nineties, got in a little too deep with an invented "fish people" mythos and scared the crap out of ourselves (I will write on it in more detail at some point). To this day we still try and freak each other out - I sent him the video of the octopus walking on two legs that surfaced a few years back, for example. If nothing else this looks like it'll be very useful for that if nothing else and if it is a film worth watching then that is a bonus. ;)

    The general story has the feeling (shadow?) not only of Innsmouth but of the story of Oannes and others who bring wisdom from the sea.

    Notice the way the titles are done:

    "Marjorie Eaton
    and Cameron"

    Really drawing attention to the "Cameron" (in fact IMDB just say her film credit is as Cameron) which is one of the biggest synchroncities running through the towering (and teetering?) edifice that is the Montauk Project. I'm sure those behind it would have a field day with this (and probably have - they've brought everything else in, including the kitchen sink).

  3. Right on, my brothers- I had a feeling you two chaps in particular would be tuned in on that wavelength.

  4. So for some reason the "Tommyknockers" trailer had me laughing. Not sure if it was Jimmy Smits' unconvincing "you and your precious Tommyknockers!", or just the fact that my name is repeated over and over again... I remember avoiding this movie around the time it was on TV simply because of that. In fact, that trailer was almost painful to watch. Lots of octagonal and green sun symbolism to go with those aliens, though.

    That's clearly a conga in the Night Tide trailer btw, not a bongo... Just kinda irritated me as a percussionist. The rest looks good though.

    The whole "ribbon around the solar system" thing reminds me a little of Ouroboros.

  5. I see the we are aliens meme is going strong with the whole Balloon Boy stunt.

  6. Lots of new astronomical phenomena being reported -- first the huge ring around Saturn and now this magnetic ribbon around the solar system. . . magnetic fields are believed to hold consciousness.

    So have they always been there? Or are these new changes to our solar system? It seems like the earth is not the only planet experiencing global shift. . . the entire solar system, or maybe even galaxy, is changing.

    And perhaps there is a weird, albeit tenuous sync to the alien/mars/moon meme stream. . NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer is called IBEX -- which is a goat. . . being an astrologer my brain automatically connects IBEX to goat to Capricorn. There is a remake of Capricorn One -- the story of a faked Mars landing-- in the works for 2010.

  7. Oy. And how about this:

  8. stargurl, that's really interesting that they're remaking Capricorn One. The original starred O.J. Simpson, who acted out his own bizarre "sacrificial goat" ritual on TV.

    "Sea People" means Polynesians? Hrrrr....

  9. And what I forgot to mention was that only a day earlier I read this spooky account which only goes to underline what a strange (and yes alien) place the sea is.

  10. "I believe the King James version is God's preserve, inspired, in erect, infallible word of God."

    All hail God's erect phallus!

    it's good to see book burning coming back in style. fuck you Gutenberg