Thursday, September 17, 2009

The True Fringe of 17 (UPDATE 9/18)

Pretty much everyone I hear from seems to agree with me- Fringe started off weak, gathered steam over the season and ended breathtakingly strong. For some reason I thought it was supposed to be on Tuesdays, but Tuesday wasn't the 17th, innit? Be there or Dan Dare (that's my version of Cockney rhyming slang). BTW, I haven't seen the latest series of Torchwood, but was shocked by the ep I did see. Everyone tells me the first series was crap, but it was like Tony Blair's most feverishly Orwellian wish-dream come true. More on that probably in November.

I don't know what to make of the season finale of True Blood. Given the setting, the Dionysus storyline is an obvious satire of snakehandling-type histrionics, but I really don't want Michelle "Ensign Ro" Forbes off of this show. Interesting that Anna Paquin plays a variation on Rogue, given the chick-lit spin on the superheroic nature of these post-modern vampires. And seeing the former Mrs. Marilyn Manson as the Vampire Queen is just more referential casting in a show with lots of it already. You might have to futz a bit with this player- just keep hitting the play button until the ad comes up.

CLOWNSHOW UPDATE: Speaking of Fox and science fiction, Glenn Beck claimed there was 1.7 million people at his 9/12 rally. Reviewing footage from the march, I was wondering what obscure Russian Trotskite theorist devised the strategy of creating a phony opposition composed almost entirely of the dangerously mentally ill. Because after Beck's folly, Obama's (deservedly-weak) approval ratings went up. Cui bono?

Speaking of the never-ending Clownshow, 17 Democrats did not support whatever resolution (either voting no or present) was passed on Rep. Joe Wilson. Two of which were Barney Frank (who's been teaming up with Ron Paul on issues like hemp farming and auditing the Fed) and Jim McDermott (who really stuck his neck out opposing the invasion of Iraq), as well as some other relatively-principled people.

Maybe there's more than meets the eye here. Actually, bet on it.

UPDATE II: Cheers to JR for this bit.
UPDATE III: Yes, Huffpost.

UPDATE IV: Wow, Fringe was hitting the X-Files vibe HARD. A new Monica Reyes character, a Doggett-like backstory for Bishop, 'One Breath' type scenario for Olivia, shapeshifting bounty hunters and was that Ken Camroux as the Senator talking about the "X" designation? There've been rumors of a Scully/Mulder guest shot this season- I'd say the likelihood of that is very high.

And for the freaky Secret Sun sync bonus-round- a very similar double-entendre to the Lost in Space joke from a few days back. Check out the full ep here, which will probably go Friday afternoon or thereabouts...

UPDATE V: Another of those Secret Sun moments- Yahoo has a story up today on cash machines in London that speak Cockney.

UPDATE VI: Andre at Alien Project points us to this: "Miami puts emphatic end to Tech hex, 33-17." That's U of Miami vs Georgia Tech (itself on 33rd parallel). Interesting wording, no?


  1. I gave up on Fringe.  The lead woman is a complete neurotic, constantly stressed, and it seems that their efforts to help tend to just make things worse... They're so uncentered and spiritually retarded that everything they do ends up inadvertantly making things worse down the road.  It's like "America, this is you." It's like a love poem to America's grossest flaws.  

    I could be wrong; maybe it's changed like you said, but that's the vibe I got at the beginning.  I'm kind of hypocritical though I'll admit since my fave shows are Warehouse 13 and Supernatural where basically the same thing happens from time to time.... The do-gooder "heroes" periodically imperil the fate of the world. Perhaps it's all just cultural shockwaves from the Watchmen comic which had that message... "your heroes really haven't a clue folks." I don't know.  Maybe it's providing a useful psycho-spiritual function (since people seem to crave these flawed hero archetypes), a way for people to acknowledge their own complicity in the chaos that surrounds them?  


  2. For some reason, I watch FRINGE.

    I have a sort of love / hate relationship. I like the fact that it's an X-FILES rip off, and at the same time - it bugs me.

    Also, and this struck me as odd. Both the first episode of FRINGE and the first episode of X-FILES featured the heroine (for a brief moment) without a shirt, showing off her bra.

    I don't know if it ever happened afterwards in either series.

    And - the Walter character is played for comedy. And that bugs me. But, I end up watching anyway.

  3. CK, You might as well, might as well, consider reporting on your synch discoveries on a daily basis. You are appreciated. I look foward to your input.17 horses cannot bring you downe. 22 Sept is auspicious? Beyond being the end of summer and the start of fall.wv lablys. Respectfully Dennis

  4. seen an add today for Flash Forward ... "what would you do if the world blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds?" That's there add line

  5. I'm sure some here are familiar with Brood X, of the Great Eastern Brood, of Magiciada or 17 year locusts.
    Crazy around DC, last batch was 2004, next is summer 2021. They swarm around old growth trees with lawns.
    They make for talkative august drinking buddies

  6. Chris
    Torchwood's fifth season (actually a mini-series) was amazing. Its suspense was akin to a movie. It dealt with an alien race known as the 456. I can't find how that number is synchromystic, but it probably is.

    The fifth season premeiered on July 6th which was the day back in 2005 it was announced London would host the 2012 Olympics and in 1997 July 6th Mars buggy began exploring the Red Planet. Felt this might be significant.

  7. The comments about the heroes not knowing what they are doing is definitely apt for Torchwood.

    The characters (excepting Jack of course) are total amateurs at what they do (regardless of how they say at the beginning of each episode that they're ahem ... "ready"). I'm frequently astonished that they last as long into the series as they do.

    I expect them to either accidentally kill each other or shoot themselves in the foot or neck at almost every opportunity that they have to wield a gun.

    Oh and the latest Torchwood "mini-series" is the "3rd series". Unless, Mr Grey ;-D ... you know of two other series I've not seen yet

    [actually that may be possible since here in New Zealand, TV New Zealand (tvnz) held onto the 1st series of TW for at least 18 months after they acquired it. TV people are very very strange down here. They're forever transmitting episodes in tv series in any order that they feel ... or suddenly putting a series on hold for a while without advertising it, and then putting it back on before you realise. Drives you up the bloody wall believe me.]

    Oh, and we are getting Fringe down here now wonders never cease. And to celebrate this fact, I nominate Olivia Dunham as being possibly the most childish and self-centred main character in any tv series I've seen for some time.

    I'm finding I even prefer scarey black FBI dude (Broyles ?? :-D) to her now. Why oh why didn't the brain melting programmer bloke make sure that it was her using the laptop when he ran the program??? Oh why oh why?? ... hehe ... it would have done humanity a great favour.

    paraschtick, Christchurch, New Zealand

  8. So, "Fringe" is the best show on TV I'm not watching? Have a friend who seems to have become hooked but I have yet to watch. Sounds intriguing enough to give it a look see, thanks for the update.

  9. Blast me! Paraschtick is right. The mini-series IS the third series of Torchwood. I don't know what I was talking about. Sorry, folks.