Thursday, November 27, 2008

Now Discovery Channel does the "UFO Thing" (UPDATED)

Sensing a pattern here? UFOs Over Earth premieres this week. I haven't had time to check it out, but I'm not holding my breath for it being anything but a bunch of ad hoc arguments, professional kooks and establishment-mouthpiece "skeptics" getting the last word.

I'm pretty tired of these shows, since they never really address the real evidence (Discovery's AAT show was a farce). They exist for two reasons; one, to give the debunkers some publicity, and two, to reassure those who have no real interest in the topic that there's nothing to worry about, so go back to your daily shopping duties.

The so-called skeptic movement is a joke- when the Fundamentalists were storming to power in the 70s and 80s on an aggressively anti-science agenda, the so-called skeptics were more worried about palm readers and crystal kissers. That's because those types have no power and no real ability to retaliate.

But I wonder if any of the debunkers ever stopped to realize that UFO debunking may well be feeding into anti-science sentiment in some parts of the country. When skeptics like Phil Plait make objectively false statements about UFOs, or dismiss out of hand the thousands of good photos or film we have on them, it hardly lends to their credibility when they call someone's religious faith into question- something which a topic like UFOs pales into triviality for true believers.

In the end, however, the debate is irrelevant to what I'm writing about here, since my interest is in how UFOs and all the rest of it are absorbed and processed in the culture. I've never seen a UFO myself, but have a very interesting swamp gas story that I should tell you all about sometime.

UPDATE: Keith points out that Hannity is riding the UFO train again as well...


  1. unfortunately a move to disclosure will take a lot longer than some of us would like. And or I wish it would've already happened. I'm part of the Roddenbury(?)/Lucas/Carter generation. From Spock to Skywalker and all the way around to The Smoking Man, my mind has a good foundation for accepting disclosure. About the only thing that would surprise me with outer space is if say, there was an Earth 2 or something. Or time travel would be shocking. But beings from other planets will only shock people who rely heavily upon conditioning. some of us could deal with it amicably without some giant shock. the mass psychology though of the event, should it be real, would cause a huge moment of,"Ohh my did you see whats on the TV?" Let your mind run with it and you can see mass hysteria. And I think that is sad. I've always felt that if you closed your eyes and really focused on knowing the answers they come to you. When I do that I dont need the media and I know the score. To me disclosure is an exhale and nothing more.

  2. I take it that you missed the first two then on Bucks County and Mexico. The skeptics are the UFO researches. MUFON in particular.

    MUFON debunked the Mexico sighting and most of Bucks County but some was left up in the air for Bucks.

    They were real professional in regard to how they went about it.

    Nobody wanted to hear it certainly but they did a good job and I'm not a MUFON fan either.

    Even after proof positive was shown to Jaime Maussen (Mexico) he had his photo guy look at the photo and he still thought it was legit. I think MUFON has Jaime's number now. Even though there was obvious (major) tampering with pixels and the time on the camera phone (pictures) were wrong from when the witness said he saw the UFO. He took two pix, one close to the other but they weren't very close according to the camera phone records. He really hacked into the picture bad too.

    There was more debunking than not but like I said, it was very accurate. MUFON had their own CGI guy and then the Discovery Channel CGI artist came into the picture. Plus there were other sources they used. There was no getting around the fact that they (Mexico) were hoaxes when they were done.

    For Bucks, they did a lot of research on the skies that night and angles, etc and pretty much debunked most of it.

    All in all, of all the paranormal and UFO shows I've seen and I've seen them all, the Discovery Channel one from the other day was the best I've seen thus far. Hey, even I was shocked.

    There's no sensationalism or any of that other nonsense that they tend to throw in.

  3. Anony, like I've said there's absolutely no good reason for "disclosure" at least on the part of the civil authorities. I'd be extremely skeptical of it if it did come.

  4. Even Hannity is getting in on the action. Aired last night. Includes Stanton Friedman.

  5. Chris, You did an audio interview with Jeremy Vaene (sp?) on the UFO centric CULTURE OF CONTACT site a while back.

    THat was a really good interview, and you articulated some interesting points.

    But - You played the role of debunker (in a way) in that interview, especially around the issue of the "abductions" (and yes, this is an elusive subject).

    You seemed to dismiss a lot to the theory of "sleep apnea" disregarding a lot of witness testimony involving daylight experiences and events with multiple witnesses in where nobody is in bed.

    You wisely demanded, "I need to see SOME evidence."

    I would point you to the work of Dr. Roger Leir. Granted, his evidence of surgically removed "implants" is strangely inconclusive, but it adds to the utter weirdness of the subject.

    The one thing that does - to me - seem to be evidence is the overwhelming similarity from divergent witnesses, some of it physical (burn marks in the ground, implant evidence, x-ray evidence, and scars). All of this is elusive, but it creates a body of evidence that is hard to dismiss outright.

    Also - I find the UFO HUNTERS (the other cable show) literally un-watchable. THere is a "new" format of documentary on cable TV that makes me crazy, I literally squirm with its fast editing and extensive use of repeating narration and distracting computer graphics. I am not a teenager. I loathe what I see, and I simply can NOT sit thru it, even if the content is intriguing.

    Love the blog!
    Mike C!

  6. Hey Mike, thanks for checking in. And yes, I admit I am uncomfortable with abduction reports as a physical phenomenon since as I said no less an authority than Jacques Vallee stated we have little or no good physical evidence when it comes to abductions. That's not to say I am a debunker, and I think I went to great lengths to look at abductions as being a real but non-physical phenomenon. But let me just say again I by no means dismiss abductions at all. I think in absence of good *physical* evidence we should still be investigating the phenomenon from other perspectives. One perspective we need to look at abductions is, unfortunately, from a psyops perspective, with abductees as victims.

    But anyone interested in abduction phenomena who has some good links to sites with compelling evidence, please let me know and I will post them here. I researched abductions for several years, but became frustrated by the anecdotal nature of the evidence. It was not something I could share in, since the events seemed so personal and intimate. Which is why people in the contact community are so passionate about it.

  7. I'll add that I just watched the short video download clip of the Discovery Channel's UFO OVER EARTH. The intro clip suffers from all the excessive editing and over production that makes me crazy.

    The clips of the actual content of the show were a little better. Actually, these short clips have me intrigued and hopeful.

  8. The thing that makes the "abduction" phenomenon so elusive and strange is that it has very minimal physical evidence.

    There is a really amazing multiple witness event from Australia, google: "August 1993 Australia Kelly Cahill UFO abduction" and a lot comes up, including some even-handed YOU TUBE clips.

    Now - Chris makes the important point that there is a lot of passionate emotional neediness in among the people who claim these events in their own lives. It leads to conclude that it may be some psychological problem, or a psychological response. It is so hard to get a good grasp on this subject.

    Is it some psy-operation? My gut says no, it's just too weird. (that said, there is a lot of evidence that some abductees have some sort of follow up government interaction)

    I'll add that this field is sorely lacking a researcher with an open mind and a good insight into very weird mythological factors that seem to cloud this subject.

    Chris, that's a hint, this subject NEEDS your insights...

    Mike C!

  9. It is great that you educate yourself on abductions. Nobody says you have to believe. Besides, it is virtually impossible for you to 'believe' in abduction. You can try to believe but the only ones that can truly believe in abduction are the abductees themselves.

    In the fringe areas of UFOs, aliens and the paranormal I always go the way of science. In other words, it must be tested or at least observed before it can be deemed a fact. Then again, if observed, it is only a fact for the observer. More importantly, that's how one keeps their sanity since many in the 'fringe' subjects believe everything they read. That's no good.

    I by the way believe that abductions are factual because I am an observer where as Vallee was not. Technically I'm a victim.

    So for everyone else it should remain simply a possibility or theoretical at best. I don't know who's coming off sounding nuttier these days, the abductees and their stories or the readers of such stories typing them all over the Internet as factual. It almost looks like the whole subject is creating paranoid personalities. I see that anyway with someone who entrenches themselves in the subject for long periods of time.

    Everything about aliens is always about stealth. Abduction experiences are all about alien stealth as well, which is the abductees major pitfall.

    What it is that they do (for a better word) is 'wack' There is no task that they perform with the abductee or to the abductee while in their presence that isn't off kilter, tweaked, or off the wall. Call it whatever you're familiar with. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    This is 'their' way of making sure that nobody believes the victim aka: alien stealth.

    I am absolutely sure that they have a motto that sounds something like, "make it look as kooky as possible so that nobody will believe them".

    Aliens know us better than we know ourselves. They know quite well that we avoid the two strong emotions of ridicule and embarrassment like the plague. Consequently, they work it so that their victims don't use an opportunity to speak in any large numbers.

    It works too because even the larger part of the UFO community doesn't do the 'alien' thing but rather just UFOs. Well, they aren't flying themselves so it's either too hard to grasp or a tremendous amount of denial on their part.

    Abductions ceased in the late 90's. You'll still hear a few newer statements as have I but from reading them come to find out that there are other things going on in their lives, which I'll get to.

    The aliens didn't disappear after abductions ceased, they only changed their agenda, which is termed alien induction. That's what many are experiencing today, especially previous abductees.

    Outside of abductees you'll hear everyday people saying, "I felt prompted to go outside and look in the sky". That statement speaks volumes and I see it everywhere and not occasionally. Then again, there are the large numbers of individuals who are having lucid alien oriented dreams. That is all part of alien induction but it gets worse too.

    Alien induction also has everything to do with alien stealth because now we're talking 'not in the body' but rather in the spirit. Who's going to believe that now except for those who dwell in the paranormal because they've had personal experiences of their own during their life or those into spirituality (outside of the church).

    The only good thing there is that the numbers are larger now (larger than the UFO community) and those individuals are more receptive to such things. This is also why paranormal has melded into the UFO scene in a very big way and visa versa.

    I am as well a victim of alien induction and if you're really interested to hear to what degree and would like to figure out for yourself 'why' they are doing such things, go here.

    I'll tell you right now, it's 'wack'. lol That's my daughter's word and I'm getting used to it being a big part of my life.

    My last abduction was October 1988 and alien induction started for me at exactly 8:30 pm PT on January 7, 1997 in Apple Valley, California. I was 44 years old then and this is still going on today.

  10. To Mike Clelland: I too think the UFO Hunters is 'un-watchable' but that's TV for ya. The History Channel is going to do whatever it takes to get their viewers riled up. The masses (the majority of viewers) are not UFO alien enthusiasts such as ourselves. Consequently they can get away with what they do as does Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters. It's all biz and all represents advertising dollars.

    But, as far as the UFO Hunters go, there is now one exception to the rule and that would be the Aurora, Texas UFO Hunters from last week. Go here and you'll see what I say as to better understand shy of re-typing what I've already said previously.

    The Aurora, Texas sighting has been continually debunked over the years due to not being able to get on the property, which the UFO Hunters finally pulled off and they have evidence now where as before they had nadda.

    On your sleep comment I think you meant to say sleep paralysis. That is still an open subject because medical science does not have all of the answers yet. They only understand a portion of the corollary discharge that takes place. It's a larger portion but there is not yet a thorough understanding.

    In regard to aliens and sleep paralysis, I tend to think that they may have the ability to induce sleep paralysis. How else can they subdue their victim and keep the victim awake at the same time while not using drugs.

    I personally have experienced and you can only wonder, but aliens tend to always mimic what medical science already has a name for. Just more alien stealth. As long as they stay in those perimeters, nobody will know it's them and instead it's diagnosed away.

  11. Yahoo News (off topic): Wal-Mart worker sacrificed in Black Friday ritual. "They took the doors off the hinges."

    "Shoppers around the country lined up early outside stores in the annual bargain hunting ritual known as Black Friday.";_ylt=AoNy1TA7pmlZyBIDfA9iSVGs0NUE

    Also, check out the picture to the left of the story. Nice.

  12. You really should watch a program before commenting on it. Granted there is a lot of crap about UFO's on TV but "UFO's Over Earth" is different. It is purely MUFON investigations by MUFON Investigators and it truly illustrates that one does not need pelicanists and Skeptibunkers to see whether a cases is a hoax, misidentification or a true unknown. It also illustrates how true believers like Jaime Maussen can be just as guilty as the true non-believer in getting to the truth, or at least as close as one can get.

  13. Terry (boy a lot of Terry's comment here!), I wasn't commenting on the series- I was commenting on previous programs on UFOs I've seen on Discovery and other channels. Shows which mock people for being interested in the topic and yet are more than happy to exploit it for financial gain.

  14. Re: "I was commenting on previous programs on UFOs I've seen on Discovery and other channels."

    You're so right. I know this because nothing has slipped by my eyes. I've seen everything ever produced by all of them and they are all guilty of such.

    The problem is that many viewers do not recognize the subtle tones used by the newscasters or actors in order to portray their personal thoughts. For the most part it's natural but many times this is done in order to save face for the specific Channel.

    None of them will really stand up to the plate for fear of ridicule from other programs not associated with their own. It's not so much showing two sides either. They're blatantly throwing in their own personal feelings, which instills a new feeling for the viewer, especially if the viewer is fond of that particular individual. Even world views have been known to change based on appearances.

    Here's a great example and this one just happened two days ago. You only have to watch her (female newscaster) at the 13 to 20 second mark. The newscaster starts out instilling her firm conviction that she basically thinks we're all a bag of nuts. Then, the viewer watches the show and makes another judgment based on what they watched until the very end when they bring her back into the picture.

    By all accounts, Miles O'Brien is completely two-faced and that sticks out like a sore thumb.

    At the very end, she does it again and that is the closure that the viewer is left with.

    Anyway, there is a lot of psychology in what it is that they do but for the most part it's not a planned affair.


    What none of those programs realize is that there are real people out there with real experiences. They should at least assume that before opening up their mouth and displaying their personal beliefs.

    As you watch it pretend you're one of them as to get the bigger picture.

    They're literally hurting innocent people with their words. Can you just imagine someone hurting the feelings of a victim? For me, it reminds me of how society used to handle rape victims by telling them it was probably their fault.

    That is another reason you need to see the Bucks County and Mexico Discovery Channel show. See how James Carrion handled the hoaxer in Mexico and the witnesses in Bucks. Even though he debunked 95% of the show, he was as gentle as a lamb, especially with the woman.

    I know, I know feelings shouldn't mean anything, she says facetiously, since they are only responsible for making us who we are.

  15. The briefing Dr. Mitchel mentioned is with Dr. Steven Greer and his team. Not much later, the Disclosure Project National Press Club conference in 2001.

  16. I have to go along Chris on the abduction phenomenon also.

    There are too many factors that could lead someone to experience such event, we simple can't accuse our space brothers with this without having real proof.

    Another problem I see often is that everything related to this type of phenomenon gets added to the same pile, where we are very most likely in presence of many different phenomena, including but not limited to Shadow Government Abduction labs, interaction with primitive non extraterrestrial entities, Covert up psy-ops, advanced human brain control technology, etc...

    And between you and me, which one is more likely...
    Advanced ET coming here to get our eggs, when they could do the same thing using hair
    Human hurting human, so we stay quiet and delay ET contact as long as possible, having for motivation the continued ignorant population?

    Richard Lalancette

  17. Further to your Dubai comments, I'd thought I'd share this with you (which I've posted on another site)

    Dubai Hotel opening = Ritual

    This must be posted on here somewhere but I couldn't see it, am I the only one who can see the ritual that is being played out here? Or am I the slow one and it's obvious!

    Sorry for posting weeks after the event but I have been trying to purposely avoid the media. I did read sparingly about the opening but never watched the video of the firework display. I can honestly tell you after watching the video today I completely lost it, I went into hysterics after seeing the blatant ritual carried out in our faces. I don't think people understand how big this is!!!!!! Think about it....

    1. In this time of so called financial struggle why is such expense being spent on such a launch? I mean get a grip this is a hotel launch not the olympics. But yet it was EVEN bigger than than the olympics WTF doesn't that set off alarm bells!!!!!!!! I don't care how much money there is in the middle east that is not the point. The point is why would this event take presidence over all the major events ever??? The fact this could be seen from space speaks volumes about the scale!!!!!

    2. Why were so many celebrities attending such a launch? Hotels open everyday. Why were all these top people there?? Can no one see that these people were summond there for that??? Basically so we "the sheep" pay attention to this event.

    3. I was just waiting for the symbolism and there they were in full glory. The 1st that I noticed was Kylie performing in front of a checkered floor!! Come on guys? Why was this event drummed up so much??? So we can watch and participate by willing giving our energy to this.

    4. The woman in the greek/Eyptian/Roman outfit blatantly declares the opening of "Atlantis" come on people?

    5. Then you watch through the fireworks the "rising" of the hotel/"temple" of "atlantis".

    6. Then the "Phallus" is revealed (penis worship has been going on for years)

    7. The energy and mass effort that has gone into this is unheard of!!!!! What have the "shepeople" just witnessed and participated in?

    8. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?: Is this their place of worship? Have they just called upon or welcomed one of their gods?? Were the collective energies of their "stars/celebrities" (who are used as false idols for us to praise and pass on our energies to) used as an offering??

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Re: UFOs Over Earth, the Bucks County one is now available to watch. I posted it today if you want to see what I mean about the depth this show goes in regard to getting truthful answers. The Mexico one was even more so.

    Discovery: Buck County UFO Flap