Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yahooccultism: "The 17th on the 17th"

Oh my, look: "A perfect ending: a 17th title on the 17th of June."

BOSTON (AP)—On a new parquet floor below aging championship banners, the Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA title and a first one—at last—for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen—their Big Three for a new generation. After 22 long years, the NBA has gone green.
Series MVP Paul Pierce shoots 17. His birthday? Why October 13th of course! Interesting in light of the Patriots falling on the wrong side of the 17 enigma earlier this year. Now read the it about Ra and the green sun right below. Come to think of it, that story puts the new BP logo in an interesting light, no pun intended.