Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Go Green

Man, that whole thing with Ra symbolizing the green sun sure opened up a can of worms. Interesting to note that as we march towards 2012- which some people believe will culminate in alien contact/invasion - we see this "Green" craze. Live green, think green, go green.

I can't help but notice how similar the new Green party logo looks to the War of the Worlds poster. Which, of course, has to take place in New Jersey. Another reason to move.


  1. Answer to previous comment: I don't have a link to the China floods 171 deaths/1.7 million fleeing news, it was on tv, I read it on the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

    And Saturn may literally have been a STAR in the distant past, with nuclear energy and solar flares and everything, so it might have been green, who knows.

  2. It's definitely an interesting field of inquiry. Any astronomy buffs are invited to chime in...

  3. Not an astronomy buff, but the War of The Worlds poster/Green Party logo reminds me of the sculpture that was at the plaza between the two World Trade Center towers.

    It's called
    The Sphere

    It used to rest on a founatin, now it's above an eternal flame in Battery Park...

  4. Jerry E. Smith refers to the Greenies as Watermelons because they are Green on the outside and red on the inside.

  5. Is that not the Sphere that was in Fight Club? - which also featured blowing up and downing tall skyscrapers too, somewhat curiously, before 9-11.

    People from Earth, and I'd wager any other planet-type-thing with life on it, have always been what 'green' means (ie - exist in harmony with their environments ecology)....something went very wrong here (mostly after WW2 but the foundations/tracks for the wrong turn were laid before that), and although for sure there are many who do want to enjoy life as it should be - which is natural but in no way backwards and restricted, the area of whats been termed 'greenwashing' is a real problem.

    The problem is basically coming from wasteful, greedy, polluting types of business models somehow getting control of land, resources, and getting anyone to work for them. That happens because most intelligent spiritual people weren't into exploiting anyone-anythings and making profits off them, so they didn't go into industry. So now it's a big global disaster area, because so much pointless evil has ingrained its way into many people's everyday lives & survival.

    And it's only some small areas like in parts of Cuba, where governments have actually tried to do anything truly practical about this (instead of the 'greenwashing': rhetoric while they try to figure out how to get rid of the hippies and get on with plundering and polluting and stealing)....there they have encouraged urban farms, and permaculture type of endeavors.
    It'd seem sadly some folks get bother for growing ornamentals instead! - but I'm thinking that is the 'greenwasher' mentality trying to make a good idea seem like it's all bad and evil - it should be obvious by now what they do and how they go about doing it, "look what happens to your freedoms when you cease to be a capitalist junkie"...yeahr but - you leant on them and puppeted them to behave that way towards ornamental flowers person.

    Anyway, point being, industry went the wrong way some time back, and it did so at the expense of leaving intact the many wonderful things that already existed and functioned just fine if not immpeccably.
    It's not like there is a globally beneficial point or plan for all the industry - the profits aren't going to a fund to make working and money requirements obsolete, they aren't going towards exploring inner and outer space for all, immortality and actual answers about death - nothing.
    We continue to need shelter, food, water, clothing, medicine, entertainment, transportation - yet that was all catered for and perfected, and the global capitalism has taken that away or made it financially unattainable to most.

    Don't doubt that; when's the last time you were by a natural freshwater system that was safe for you to drink from? Then realise you're meant to have that every day. For free.
    And that there's not a thing to suggest that you can't also have something like the internet, or flying anti-gravity cars, all built upon those previously perfected natural systems that catered for daily needs.

    Me, I can appreciate what a lot of the green hype says is well-intentioned, but at the end of the day a lot of it is ironically unrealistic to healthy living; for example, locally I can buy very little that is naturally grown, and I have to get it from places that mostly sell all the bad stuff. So even just for foodstuffs I oft have to make a great big carbon footprint, get in the car and drive a way out just to reach a couple of shops that have some of those goods. Public transport is no use, because I have too many bags to carry...otherwise I'd need to make even more journies there.
    Mail order should be an option, but it tends to work out even more expensive and I'm already in the poor house because the natural products all cost a fortune (which is only the case because of previous capitalist greed ruining farming etc etc).

    So, it is very irritating when you've been aware of all things green since way back and done your best to support them (I even spent all my savings going off to learn organic horticulture many years ago, chucked a degree cause of life ethics, took no-wage jobs cause they were meant to be green..), when the media jumps on a bandwagon and as usual misses the plot entirely because they don't base things on actual practical reality.

    If this is parallel processing, then most things from this recent timeline are going right in the bin-abyss, do not re-use!
    There has to be a parallel world where they did it all right all along.

  6. I think you are onto something. Check these out:

    Sun Conscious logo:

    World of Padman - Green Sun:

    Superman Under the Green Sun:

    Green Sun Solar:

    Drunken Gunmen album - Beyond the green Sun:

    Check out the green sun on the floor of this meeting hall for high-ranking members of the Nazi SS:" (Write-up on teh building here:

    All of this kind of reminds me of the green egg in the movie poster for Alien:

  7. For what it's worth, that sphere was not the same one from Fight Club. I believe Fight Club was shot almost entirely in LA.

  8. And don't forget Big Green Meanie is making his summer debut..and I remember seeing Angelina Jolie in a photo wearing a very richly "Green" dress caption being "Green Goddess"...Nice one Chris...A Green Sun..Hmmm....

  9. Notice how aliens were originally depicted in popular culture as 'little green men.' And we've had TWO movie versions of the Incredible Hulk (a big green man) in the past 5 years. And his powers came from exposure to Gamma rays - the byproduct of a collision between matter and antimatter (at least in the comic book version from what I recall). I think you're definitely onto something here.

  10. Now that I think of it, if you ever read the famous 'Aussie Bloke/Snowball' screeds across the paranormal/conspiracy sites around 2004, there was this big panic about a supposed asteroid on a collision course with Earth that was inadvertently announced by some military/government functionary over a radio band transmission.

    I heard that fabled recording on a forum, and the last part of that supposed leaked transmission ended with the speaker saying "Snowball you are NOT secure! You are NOT secure! Go green! Go green!" I don't know why I remembered that after all this time and don't know if it relates at all to today's hypemongering, but this discussion of all things green and mythical did remind me of that episode on the net.

  11. Magnie, tomorrow's blog will deal with those little green men you mention...

  12. What the hell was that globe sphere that they rolled down the steps as part of 'project mayhem' then?