Sync Log: The Fox and the Flocks, Redux

Jupiter and Moon, taken 4/17 

I ended the previous post (about the Ba'al Gate controversy) with this conclusion:

I've been finding myself looking at all my Mesopotamian books lately, my Samuel Noah Kramer books and all the rest of them. In comparison the Egyptian material seems almost whimsical, comforting, much more like the Bible than Jews or Christians would want to admit.  
I've also been on the lookout for specifically Mesopotamian symbols, feeling they are coming to define this new and perilous age we are entering into. Look no further than the ongoing Syrian war (which may still trigger a wider conflagration), the emigrant crisis threatening to destabilize Europe (ostensibly triggered by the Mesopotamian wars), the oil crisis (deepened by Iraqi and Iranian oil in the market), and now the reappearance of Nibiru, or Planet 9 or whatever the hell you choose to call it.

These kinds of tectonic shifts are not going to be limited to mere geopolitical events, they are going to unleash energies across the spectrum. Which is why anyone interested in Synchronicity or magic (but I repeat myself) needs to be familiarize themselves with the potent symbols of Mesopotamian culture and religion so that you may see them at work around you.

I wrote a few weeks back about a "synchrostorm" that kicked up in the wake of the apocalyptic X-Files finale, but I've since come to realize this was no storm at all. Rather it was the new normal.

The X-Files has always been a deep sync generator for me, which my friends knew all too much about 10 years or so ago. So it's no surprise that its return would give me the cheat codes to break through to this next level, a mixed blessing to be sure.

The first major sign was the appearance of a massive flock of grackles in my backyard. As I wrote in the prophetically-named "Bad Things Happen When the Birds Gather":
But following the rather apocalyptic "season" finale of the recent X-Files miniseries, that synchrostorm reared its head. Dreams began manifesting, memories returning as unknown premonitions, the whole nine yards.
Just as we saw in "Founder's Mutation," several thousand grackles appeared in our backyard--the day after the last episode aired.  
They stayed for five days, seemingly waiting for me to record them, and then flew off. They were here four weeks early (they weren't due until the beginning of Spring), I couldn't find out information on any other grackle flocks in any of the local news or birdwatching sites online (some of which get ridiculous about cataloging every bird someone sees) and they've never settled here in the 23 years we've been living in this house.
Not long after I was talking with Gordon via Skype and telling him a strange story I recounted several years ago on The Hidden Experience podcast, about a screaming animal that seemed to shape-shift in front of my eyes. When I told that story to Mike I didn't know that both the scream (which sounds like a horrific woman's scream) and the shape-shifting lore were both long associated with the Fox, Nature's great Trickster. When I told the story to Gordon, I did. 
That night as I was making dinner my son bolted out the door, undressed, clutching his very expensive camera (which he bought following his UFO sighting). When he came back inside he explained that there was a fox on the friggin' front porch, just hours after I recounted my admittedly bizarre fox story to Gordon. He chased it, in the freezing cold, but his fancypants camera couldn't focus in the dark. 
We haven't seen any foxes in this neighborhood for several years now. And one chooses that exact night to show up on my front porch.
Since then I've heard (and smelled) the fox in the yard on several nights. I've seen it now on three separate occasions and the birds made another (even stranger) appearance. Now, we've been in the area a long time and have seen a lot of animals, often up close. Something seems to be different this year.

Let me explain why.

I first saw the fox on my power walk a couple of weeks ago. It strolled right past me and into the woods in bright daylight. Nothing particularly strange about that. But I was listening to Killing Joke's 2006 album Hosannas from the Basement of Hell at the time, which I hadn't listened to for a while. 

The third song on that album is "Invocation". The invocation in question is to Babylon, or Babalon, if you prefer, and the lyrics paint an accurate image of the world circa 2016.

The second time was strange. I was driving a rented minivan home. We had to drive up to New Hampshire for my grandmother's funeral (one of several recently) and needed something we could all fit into.

It was not a good start to the trip- we didn't get the vehicle we ordered, it didn't have Sirius radio (which we paid for), the mechanism to move the seat back was not working properly (preventing me from actually, you know, driving) and we were running very late.

As I drove home, I pulled up to the stop sign around the corner from my house. And the fox stepped out of the woods and stood- stood- in front of the car. Posing. One beauty shot after another. Practically taunting me.

And I couldn't get the damn camera on my crappy flip-phone to get a picture. Weird menus I'd never seen before began popping up. The fox trotted away. I followed it, fumbling with the unfamiliar car and the bewildering malfunctions on the phone. I got one terrible picture before it got tired of my incompetence and ran across the street.

It wasn't until the fox disappeared that I realized what the song playing on the station the previous renter left the radio on was...

The song from the final scene of The X-Files episode "Babylon", "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers. Babylon again. Fox, Fox Mulder. So that was the second encounter.

The third time- on Saturday- was a charm.

I'd been telling Gordon that Star*Ships reminded me that my father's old house in Cohasset* actually had a megalithic stone circle in the backyard. It was apparently a natural stone formation that someone had carved into, installing a stairway and other features. The present owner seems to installed an obelisk in the center of the circle, judging from the satellite photo.
The house was on Border Street, right on the harbor.

I was thinking of where I could find old photos of the rock formation to send Gordon while walking the dogs with the Wibbley One. Out of nowhere the fox appeared and ran off down the street. Neither of us had our phones out.

I dropped the wife and the dogs off at home and set off on a power walk to the Templar cemetery (tell you about that later). I had the phone out, even though I wasn't really expecting to see the fox again.

Imagine my surprise when she darted out of nowhere and walked alongside me, about 40 feet to my left. In broad daylight. Again.

I'm seriously starting to think this thing is stalking me.

Unlike every fox I've ever encountered, she seemed totally unconcerned that there was a rather large man now following it, taking pictures of her. Actually, she seemed rather amused. Unfortunately my phone camera is crap, but I was collecting evidence, not creating art.

The fox seemed interested in my movements, didn't seem to care as I moved closer towards her, acted completely unlike any of the foxes I've encountered in the past. Foxes are generally nocturnal and skittish around people, and nearly all the ones we've seen around here bolt into the woods when people approach (nearly all- there was that one obvious exception ten years ago).

She was far less nervous than a dog or cat would be in the same situation. Made prolonged eye contact, had no problem with my moving closer towards her. I can't say quite why but this was unlike any contact I've had with a wild animal. Finally she trotted off and I returned home to make sure the pictures came out OK this time. But something was bothering me about the time here...

It was this:

In early Mesopotamian mythology, the fox is one of the sacred animals of the goddess Ninhursag. The fox acts as her messenger. 
Nin-hursag means "lady of the sacred mountain" (from Sumerian NIN "lady" and ḪAR.SAG "sacred mountain, foothill,  possibly a reference to the site of her temple, the E-Kur (House of mountain deeps) at Eridu.
Mesopotamia, yet again. What's the connection to what I had been processing before the fox appeared, though?
Her symbol, resembling the Greek letter omega Ω, has been depicted in art from around 3000 BC, though more generally from the early second millennium BC. It appears on some boundary stones — on the upper tier, indicating her importance.
Boundary, Border St., Stones, the Stone Circle...

Detail of ground view of Border St. Stone Circle

In fact, my wife had found pictures of the stone circle that very day. There's more:
The omega symbol is associated with the Egyptian cow goddess Hathor, and may represent a stylized womb. Hathor is at times depicted on a mountain, so it may be that the two goddesses are connected.
Why is this important? Well, Border St. ends- or forms a boundary- in a very interesting place...

...Egypt, Massachusetts.

So the fox first appeared in a very dramatic and symbolic manner- on my front porch, of all places- and since then made itself visible in highly-charged situations. It acts like no fox I've ever encountered. A FB member said she seemed much too calm for a fox in that situation.

Is she in fact a messenger? If so, what is the message?

But wait- there's more!

The grackles returned on Tuesday. They'd been gone for weeks and all of a sudden they were back, in my backyard. Some were in a neighbor's tree but it was one that overhangs our property line. I went over to the other side of the house to show that they were in fact clustered on our property, not the neighbors, just as before. And just as before, they disappeared as soon as I recorded them.

Don't ask me to explain it. Are they just camera shy? Was their mission to stay long enough to be recorded before flying off and freaking someone else out?

What was even stranger is that YouTube wouldn't accept any of the HD versions of the videos, even though they were all very short. 

Again, we've been here for 23 years and this has never happened before. And the birding sites I checked- some of which are so anal they record the most trivial sightings- had no news of grackle flocks.

So I had the obvious X-Files links, to 'Babylon' and 'Founder's Mutation'. They themselves make further connections. The Ninhursag symbolism connected back to Sumer (later, Babylon) and opened a whole new can of worms with the Anunaki and E.DIN and the Adamu and everything else referenced in 'Founder's Mutation'. All semiotically appropriate as Nibiru makes the mainstream news.

The flock symbolism also connects back to a later incarnation of Ninhursag, namely Astarte or Ashtoreth, whose name is linked to flocks†. But past that the entire episode remains an puzzle to me. I pay a lot of attention to birds on my walks and have not noticed a lot of grackle activity around here at all. Except now twice, in my backyard.

It could well be that earth changes- perhaps triggered by the approach of Planet 9/Nibiru- are causing strange and unusual behavior in animals. Or it could be a somewhat more localized phenomenon.

Left: Yours truly, 1972. Right: Close Encounters, 1977

Don't ask me why but I seem to have a history with this kind of thing; there was the dolphin beaching right down the street from my old house in Braintree--in a fresh water river. Seriously, you would have to go there to see how absolutely impossible that was. I can't even think of a clever analogy.

There was a mass dolphin beaching in Wollaston (literally at the end of the street where I stayed with my father after the divorce), a whale beaching in Cohasset (again, impossible), and a mass whale beaching (94 pilot whales, in 1984) near our old summer house in Eastham.

If once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and thrice enemy action, what the hell is four times?

So what do I make of this? 

Well, we've also been experiencing strange issues with the electricity lately, weird flickering lights that don't seem to have any discernible source or pattern. Which, of course, my wife blames on me ( I seem to have the same effect on the WiFi signal). Maybe so. but I am going to err on the side of caution and call an electrician.

The common denominator here seems to be electromagnetic energy (which birds and cetaceans use to navigate by), which I don't believe I'm generating, but may- and I'm just spitballing here- have something to do with my childhood nightmares or my mother's owl shrine. 

Or more precisely, with the UFO flap while my mother was pregnant with me that got so much attention in both Passport to Magonia and Operation Trojan Horse.

It probably has something to do with my chronic pain issues, which always seem to be worse during electrical storms. It might have to do with that periodic tone I hear that you read about in "the literature." It may be why other members of my family were/are drawn to houses either with stone circles or near them. 

Or to places where extremely unlikely cetacean beachings might happen.

Highly charged places.

It may be why goddesses like Inanna and Astarte were associated with the sky and more precisely, flying boats and flying chariots, however unfashionable that may be to consider these days. Or that gods from Anu to El to Ahura Mazda to Zoroaster were associated with flying disks.

Though I'm willing to bet that the motherships you see in Close Encounters are every bit as fanciful as that sphinx-drawn chariot you see there.

In the meantime, keep an eye on your own backyard. This may be contagious.

*Longtime readers may remember that Cohasset is where The Witches of Eastwick was filmed, co-starring Veronica Cartwright, aka Cassandra Spender. In fact her big scene was filmed in the church my paternal grandmother attended. The exteriors for Cher's house in the film were shot on Border Street. Cher was involved in a serious accident on Rt 3 during the production of the film, a fact that seems to have fallen down the memory hole.

† As does the Wibbley One's maiden name, Hurd. For that matter, Hursag roughly translates to "Knowles".


  1. Wow. I've seen foxes in my old Colorado Springs neighborhood precisely twice. We'd see unusual animals after a dry Winter. Both times the foxes were extremely skittish, darting away after a few seconds. It was nothing like your experience.

    I *do* have a clock that keeps burning through batteries, I've changed the battery 4 times already since November 2015. It used to go a couple of years per AA battery.

    Strange Days, the strangest time I've evers known. And it's sill mid-April.

    1. And we're just at the beginning. So strap yourself in. Because I think we're all in for a very bumpy ride.

  2. Isn't a mountain thrown into the ocean around the Persian gulf area according to revelations? A holy mountain of fire Just seems with all the space news that...somethings coming this way.

    1. Maybe that's the Wormwood star that fell from heaven that fell on the third part of the waters? Look it up and let us know.

  3. My life has been equally surreal/syncstorm since 2011. I thought you'd appreciate an extract of my dream journal from last night, occurring approx 7 hours before I read your blog...

    FWD [05:30BST]: A fair-haired woman wishes to assist me in some way. She’s very good at finding buried treasure and has decided to go dig some up in order to give to me as a gift. There is a sensation of a green mound and soft brown earth – very earthy earth - then she comes back with some coin-sized objects; at least I assume they are coins and so I thank her for the delightful gift. As I study the largest of the three coins I realise it is rather heavy and made of solid gold. It’s around 2” – 3” in diameter and feels more like a medallion/seal, having substantial thickness to it and depth to the engravings upon it. On the one face is a stylised god-king-tree-tower central figure that has a Peruvian/Sumerian/Babylonian ‘God’ look about it. The god-tower has a most peculiar triple-head or head-dress (triple ears?). Surrounding this are four letter type ‘things’ of a peculiar script that look a little like they spell out G C H Q or similar – one or more of these especially looks and feels like the Greek capital omega (Ω). There is some vague connection to a monarch called George, as though ‘George lies here’ or ‘this is George’s seal’ that I am holding. I turn the medallion over to run my finger around wonderfully precise incisions that form the outline of a Vesica Pisces, the whole seemingly representative of a classic Gothic cathedral entrance (possibly with tree). I am totally delighted with the gift but wonder what to do with it. The whole FWD seemed larger than life and indeed the sensation has stuck with me for several hours after waking.

    SYN [12:30BST]: Holy smoke batman! An idle browse of a link on my fb wall for no good reason while I wait for my lunchtime broth to boil and I come face to face with the god-tower and the omega!!! Was that ‘woman’ a female fox/goddess talking to me in dream-world I wonder?

    1. Well, it looks like you're tuned into a similar channel here. This is where technology becomes our friend. With so much of this dealing with time and obscure detail computers are actually fueling the work when some might hope it would have distinguished it all entirely. I'm impressed with your diligence here.

    2. My computer is indeed 'talking to me' to quote a well known film but so is virtually everything else these days (especially a most persistent robin yesterday, which syncs with other in this thread). This morning it is Minotaurs and mazes - it seems like our collective mythology is coming to 'life' any way it can. No weird dreams of planet 9 as yet (shyness?) but a fair few regarding changes to the sun - what I am calling 'sun sneezes'. Just started reading Campbell's 'The Hero With A Thousand Faces' for it seems the right time to do so.

  4. While trying to refresh my memory about what Veronica Cartwright looked like, I learned that she played Cathy Brenner in The Birds...

  5. You know, my wife has made the same comment about me and the wifi in recent months. Interesting. I also had a strange experience while jamming with a couple friends yesterday. In the midst of an improvisation, I turned off one of my pedals and the light over our heads when out. We looked at each other but didn't stop. A few minutes later, I hit my distortion pedal and the light came back on. Again, we gave each other surprised looks and kept going. It's hard to explain now, but both times I had a very specific musical intent that I was about to launch into, right before the light when off, and again right when it went on. My friend suggested a loose wire, but I wonder.........

    1. We've unleashed all kinds of signals and radiation who knows what kind of magnetic primordial soup we're cooking up and what kind of effects it will have? This is where technology threatens to revert to alchemy, a process computer engineers are all too cognizant of. I remember a tech guy explaining that SCSI was the computer world's version of voodoo. That it made no real sense, only a provisional version of which.

  6. Maybe this should have been a clue: "It was not a good start to the trip- we didn't get the vehicle we ordered, it didn't have *Sirius* radio...".

    Wow, Chris--I think that you're really on to something here and what is very interesting to me most of all is that it is running through the filter of your own life where these symbols and ideas are taking some kind of shape. You may very well be the conduit that receives these impressions and then translates them to others in a way that connects us to the higher understanding of the events taking place all around us, if we agree that the world works on this strange connectivity in the medium of synchronicity.

    While I am mostly confused about what is going on, you seem to be able to correlate this wide band of information through the events of your life and then extract them in some alchemical process, summarizing into language we can all pretty much follow. To this, I reference your amazing forum and blog page and your many books and podcasts which have given you a platform in which to share your knowledge and ideas with a vast array of similar seekers.

    Please, continue your good work and thank you deeply for sharing your insights and impressions in this place.

    1. Well, I'll try to keep things simple and accessible. It's very tempting to chase rabbits but I'm always cognizant that this is always someone's first exposure to this blog and to this kind of material. So I'm very pleased you recognize that.

    2. I missed this the first time through, but going back I couldn't help but notice in your picture on the left from 1972, all of the owl pictures behind you on the wall. I know you have addressed this in prior posts, but it is always very interesting to see this and taking into account Mike Clelland's work on the owls in the UFO experience it seem very relevant to your life experiences which you have shared on your blog, as well.

  7. One thing you might want to note is that awareness of geomagentic weather is extremely normal in Russia, and you might be surprised to be warned to take extra care of yourself during EM-events. Funny that they don't have the primitive superstition that EM disruptions can't possibly have an effect on human beings, there.

    1. The Russians are far better prepared for the 21st Century than the rest of the world in many ways. Like that general told Jacques Vallee "we never burned our witches". Sometimes I think that's all we do in the West- find new witches to burn.

  8. Christopher,

    Quite the adventure. I lived in Medfield for three years around 1970 as a wee tot. A couple of strange "dreams" and a fond memory come to mind when reading this. The memory is of a stone "wall" that had lots of runes on them in the forest north of our house (all gone now). The dreams are 1) robed/hooded dwarves marching up the stairs with a glowing box and gathering at the foot of my stairs, and 2) a wild-man (aka Bigfoot) jumping on the roof of the attached garage and coming to my window.

    Massachusetts has a lot of magic. Have you watched "Sleepy Hollow" to find any synchronicities there?

    Also, you mention Nibiru. I would be interested to know why you believe this to be occurring. The situation resonates with an early "feeling" i had about the geomagnetic flip.

    Thanks and Take Care

    1. Well, Nibiru or Planet 9 or Planet X etc etc is mainstream news now, so you know the situation is a lot more serious than we're being told, though certainly not as dire as the doomsday disinfo put out to muddy the waters. I haven't watched the SH TV show on account I don't watch any TV now, but I did see the movie. But that's upstate NY, which is a totally different vibe. Those dreams remind me a lot of Phantasm!

  9. I started reading Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" series to my kids last fall. We're up to "The Grey King" now and the dark is using mystical shape shifting wolves to freak out the protagonist. The last chapter we read last night has the mountain where the grey king lives on fire. I don't know if this post is you syncing with me or me with you.

    I don't comment here much but find so much of your writing matching with my experience.

    It's been a weird year so far and looks to get more so.

    Be well.

    1. Well, like I said this whole adventure started with the story of a shape-shifting fox, something I would have considered absolutely ridiculous had I not witnessed it myself. But how often do you hear that line? We have a terrible normality bias.

  10. Christopher,

    We are seeing foxes (as well as coyote and bear) in urban areas for a lot of reasons these days, mostly due to the disruption of habitat coupled with different and wild animal friendly environmental stewardship practices (ironically), i.e. fewer fox hunts in horse country and not enough sport hunters in suburban areas. We can only take deer with bow and arrow in Fairfax county, for example. Anyway, foxes breed in late winter/early spring and are usually cruising at sun up. Many people are also putting up chicken coops for eggs. If you are seeing foxes during the day, they are likely rabid and will bite. We've had a few sightings and bitings at the bus stops in the mornings here in Northern Virginia. They are indeed scary sounding creatures, especially when they bark under your windowsill at four in the morning.

    1. Things really haven't changed that much around here, habitat-wise, for the local fauna. But yeah, there's been some rabid fox attacks in the area in the past few years so I was quite careful. But this animal didn't look rabid- I get the feeling it probably has cubs and is foraging for them. But then I don't know. It was so odd. I really should have filmed it.

  11. As you know, I'm a lifelong resident of Mount Dagon, er, Wollaston. I've noticed these past few weeks several completely unfamiliar bird songs. I'm no bird watcher, but you live in a place long enough and you know the locals. Three times in the past two weeks I've heard calls strange enough to get me to stop what I'm doing and take notice. Relevance? No idea.

    1. Yeah, if you check out the last link in the grackle saga there you'll hear some intense birdsong. They've been overly active recently. Which again makes me wonder if there aren't earth changes afoot.

  12. Also,

    "we didn't get the vehicle we ordered, it didn't have *Sirius* radio..."

    hmm. Cut off from Sirius, in the wrong chariot...seems like that should mean something as well.

    1. Indeed. And we didn't see any saucers up in the Granite State, even though they'd had a flap on the border recently.

  13. Chris Ninhursag, was the chief geneticist for the Shining ones. Her mountain could justly be called the Eden of the bible. All agriculture and animal husbandry was also started there. I highly recommend every interested synchromystic to read the "Shining Ones" by Christian and Barbra O'Brian. It is a little expensive but spot on concerning our history and future! Shine forth brave souls! Dennis

  14. There's a "lady of the mountain" in Montreal. A couple of summers I inadvertently invoked her from halfway across the country, and two seconds later my cat was spilling a robin's blood on the carpet and there were a hundred of the things perched all around out back, just... staring.

  15. well, this made me think (and anxious, hah) - over the weekend we had what I think were a pair of vultures walking around my cul de sac and neighbors' yard. plenty of birds around here, never seen any birds like that just stroll around the street and at the time I just remember thinking it was....odd. didn't remember your bird post until now.

    had two lost black dogs (non-aggresive) on the street on Friday who I tried to catch up to so I could find out if they had owners, to no avail.

    lighting struck the street last night, sounded like bomb. woke up to parts of Houston w/ ~20inches of rain.

    the vultures were weird, other 2 maybe nothing.

    1. I thought at first you said you lost two dogs to the vultures. I see turkey buzzards all the time but no vultures here.

    2. these were black vultures, no red heads. When I was looking at the wiki page after I posted, there's a reference to Mayan codices having glyphs of black vultures, and I believe there's a passage in the Crowley Tarot book about Vultures being symbolically important because they "reproduce in the air". definitely didn't lose two dogs to vultures, I'd be really freaked out...

      adding to the list, after posting, we've had a couple brand new light bulbs go out 24-48hrs after putting them in in different parts of the house. unusual.

  16. You might be interested to know that in the last few weeks: our TV has mysteriously turned itself on around 5 times, our smoke detector keeps randomly going off, the hot water pilot light keeps going out and our microwave just gave up the ghost. It's starting to get rather annoying.

    1. Is it a cliche to say there's a disturbance in the Force? Something is off, that's for sure.

    2. Indeed. I've been significantly deaf in one ear from a young age, so I require a hearing aid. Not only has the damn thing been squawking strange feedback recently, when I don't have it in I feel strange sensations throughout the eardrum. For example, the feeling of an unpleasant grounding sensation, buzzing, etc. It would be great to know if any of your other readers with hearing impediments have experienced the same. Deafness sucks but it also allows you to experience some energies that you may not feel if your ears are wide open to every sound. It's hard to explain, but you get more attuned to outside vibrations because there are no distractions.

  17. Sorry about your grandmother Chris. It seems she was an important part of the sync.

    The Phoenicians said this about Astarte as well - She ruled all spirits of the dead residing in heaven, visible from earth as stars; hence came her name Astroarche, "Queen of the Stars." She was called the mother of souls in heaven.

    Astarte, Egypt, Animal Symbolism, Killing Joke, UFO's, Grackles, and Fox- that's awesome.

    Mars is in retrograde and Mercury goes retro on the 28th- we're in pre-shadow right now. Just to pass this info. along.

    I saw a great film here in L.A. over the weekend- "Midnight Special" I think all the Secret Sun folk would really like it, I sure did.
    All the best.

    1. Astarte and Osiris rule over the dead, among many others. Ah yes.

      Yeah, we're in for some nasty space weather.

  18. I'm always very jealous. These things never happen to me. I've had like two ultra weird experiences, both of which were large-scale and one was shared. But sync-storms? I'm lucky to get a deja vu once or twice a year.

    1. Seriously, count your blessings.


  19. Wait, when did you post this?

    I don't count "random connected things I come across on the internet" as sync's, but this is too weird. From yesterday:

    1. I posted this about an hour before that fox caught the no 12. Timing is everything.

  20. A veritable syncstorm this morning concerned with disclosure and changes to the sun, ending with a cherry on the cake in the form of planet 9...|NSNS|2016-GLOBAL-twitter

    1. Yeah, this is not going away. And I wonder what exactly they are concerned about.

  21. Hi Chris,
    I've been following you for a while but never commented before. You've brought my attention to many interesting things over the years and after reading these posts I feel I can finally give something back.
    Alex Anatole (another Mass. resident...heads the Taoist Temple of Original Simplicity and recently wrote the book...Tao Of The Celestial Foxes...I would highly recommend you read as it seems the fox spirit is interested in you...) He goes in depth into the history of fox spirit worship and claims himself to be an intermediary for them.

    Best Wishes

  22. Hi Chris,
    I've followed your blog for many years, but have never commented. You have brought many interesting things to my awareness over the years and I want to thank you for that. Now I feel like I can finally offer something back.

    Alex Anatole (a fellow Mass Resident btw...) heads the Taoist Temple Of Original Simplicity and has recently released the book The Tao Of Celestial Foxes. The book goes into depth of the history of Fox Spirit worship. He also claims to be an intermediary for these spirits.

    According to myth, they are mischievous shape-shifters, living hundreds of years, who act as sort of spiritually predators, culling the herd of the spiritually weak, as well as making deals and helping out people.

    As it seems a Fox Spirit may be interested in you, I would highly recommend you check it out.
    Best Wishes!

  23. Well, my first encounter with Fox was extremely supernatural- as a screamer in the dark then as a shapeshifter. But I feel as if it was not a good omen- it presaged the whole period in which the chronic pain went from being essentially in remission to being out of control, for no apparent reason. But by the same token it also presaged the whole situation with Spandex and this blog and all the rest of it. So it's very ambiguous. This doesn't feel like that. This feels like something else, like something luring me back to my old, feral self. And I mean that in a good way.

  24. It's weird nexus, Chris, and there are weird energies at play here in London too. Your fox story synching up with the 'fox on the bus' here in my city reminds me of when I lived in East London. We lived on a long strange road near a hospital, a forest and a lake, with houses on one side of the road and a long strip of dilapidated garages on the other. I'd smoke on my front step at night and see literally dozens of these foxes sitting on top of the garages here and there. And they would always watch me. Some of them even tried to approach me more than once; they would get halfway and then flee back to their garage perches. It felt truly spooky, the energies in the air. In London sometimes you'll find foxes just chilling in the middle of a main road, or sitting on a street corner at 3 a.m., or even taking a bus to the Imperial War museum, apparently. And my God, that awful shriek they make. Cant tell you the amount of times I've been awoken by urban foxes screaming in the streets and back gardens nearby. Anyways, this is only tangentially related to your post but felt the urge to share. All the best, bro.

  25. From -sky-

    Hey Christopher

    Haven't been here in a little while and today, scrolling through your posts, I notice you have a blog post here about foxes.

    Which for me was 'something' (I do not believe in coincidence slang I do find that things co-incide for a particular reason - to stand out, to get your attention etc).

    I saw my first fox ever in real life, in the wee morning hours of Monday April 18, 2016. We were on a drive through the hill country here.

    The funny thing for me is this even seeing it, was for me a synchronicity, because my husband and I were just talking about foxes after talking about funny armadillo and jacylope stories. I told him I had never seen a fox before. I asked him if we had foxes around here. He said yes.

    Then that happened the very next day, and now this.

    Nothing short of interesting.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Have fun

  26. From -sky-

    and just to add this

    The fox darted across the road in the fog. It was uber foggy.

    It was perfect timing too because as it had crossed the road safely we were driving by. I saw it dart into the woods after crossing road.

    If we had journeyed into our adventure that evening moments beforehand, that would have been a dead fox or we would have had to stop suddenly or worse, swerve in the fog around trees and sides of the road that drop off a little.

  27. included in one of the pieces about Prince's death:
    "His final concert was last Thursday at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta"

  28. We've had weird electromagnetic energy goings on here too. I've even had birds flying along side my car almost like they were escorting me and I spotted it happening to someone else's car the other day. My neighbour was on her way to hospital the other week with her husband and the radio went all crackly (bad reception) and then a clear voice said 'madam you are now clear of cancer' and went crackly again. When they got to the hospital they were told she was clear of cancer. I'm not sure what to make of it.

    1. I should add that the cancer was removed when they did the biopsy it didn't just magically disappear. I love your Lucifers Technologies piece- it's pure gold.

  29. One night about 10 years ago, I was moving into an apartment with some friends, and I was walking up the sidewalk looking at my phone, and I saw a splotch on the corner my eyes. It was dark so the glow of the phone took up pretty much my whole View, so I took my eyes a few seconds to adjust with the phone away, and sitting about 2 feet from me was a fox. My arms were full so I just stopped and stared at it. I wasn't sure what to do because I didn't want to scare it and provoked into attacking me but I also didn't want to just stand there staring at it in case it thought that that was threatening. We just stood there looking at each other for a couple of minutes, then it yawned and stretched and trotted off. I've never really been that close to an animal before that could care less about my existence and even if it's just a coincidence, being that close leaves you feeling like you stepped through to another world. I never saw that Fox on the apartment grounds again but I am glad that I got to meet him at least once.