Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Taking One for the Meme

And "Juss" like that, Little Jussie T outlives his usefulness by giving the whole game away. Or by saying the quiet part out loud, as it were.

This is why you don't hire flighty cosplay dorks to run your Five Eyes outpost.


Before we get to the larfs, don't forget: The Spandex Files is now live! 
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The Spandex Files has a painstakingly-curated mix of out-of-print articles from classic comic fanzines, revised and expanded Secret Sun classics, and several never-before-published pieces as well!   

The Spandex Files is my final farewell to comic books and superheroes, both of which defined my life and career for so very long. There's a special emphasis on superhero and comic book-inspired movies, as well as several pieces on Alan Moore and - of course - Jack Kirby!

The Spandex Files is available in paperback and hardcover!

I'm also offering a free goodie-bag featuring personally-autographed labels and lots of other surprises for Secret Sun Institute students on demand!

I'll be promoting The Spandex Files at a number of outlets in the coming weeks and sneaking in a couple Spandex-related surprises here and at the SSI!

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