Sunday, June 04, 2023

Resisting the Reset (and the Zombie Apocalypse)

My brother-from-another-mother Freeman and I joined forces for a new look at the Hypostasis of the Reset and the very, very real zombie apocalypse unfolding all across this once-great land, all in the context of the fractal prophecies of St. Philip of Dick.

Here's Mr. Fly's breakdown of our summit:

The so-called delusions of a long-dead science fiction writer may have turned out to be prophecies. Philip K Dick and the ongoing collapse and reordering of our reality. 

As the world grows darker, colder and more lawless every minute of every day, all you can do is laugh at the fools ushering in a new Dark Archonic Age. The old state cults will be re-established under the cover of Woke. 

The world is powered by sorcerers and not scientists. Despite what the aging acolytes of the Enlightenment might wish, computers have only strengthened the power of the supernatural on this world.

A lot of people tend not to realize that we are dealing with Forces taken extremely seriously throughout our history, by men with far more brains, discernment and life-experience than any of our current crop of over-privileged academic idiots could even dream of.

Worries that seemed like paranoid delusions in 2016 about the dangers of high-tech control are now national mandates. And there's also the inexplicable sudden interest the elite media has in the UFO topic to factor in, despite near-total disinterest on the public's part.

You can check out the free hour and sign up to hear the second hour here. 

Freeman and I really knuckle down on it in the premium show and serve up possible solutions that everyone could consider. I always have a great time my man Free and I think you will too.

Here's a sampler of the show for those on the go.


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