Sunday, April 16, 2023

X Type Thing: Synchronicity or Precognition?

I remember once talking about Synchronicity with Dr. David Hufford, who had asked me for examples of it. After giving him a few, the good doctor replied, "That sounds more like precognition to me."

But is there a difference between the two in the post-Reality reality? I bring this up because of an interesting precognition-like experience I had while first watching the episode of The X-Files - a series in which precognition played a central role - that my good pal Kurt recently invited me onto The X-Cast to discuss.

Of this, men shall 
know nothing

The episode in question guest-starred Boston's own Neal McDonough, who also co-starred in one of the best-known films dealing with precognition ever made - Minority Report - alongside Samantha Mulder Morton and Twim Cruise. All that opens a giant kettle of fish best left be for the moment, but those who know well and truly know.

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One of the first posts I did for The Secret Sun dealt with this very Sync vs Precog topic. Well, obliquely. As I told Kurt, my first watch of "Provenance" - about Scully's son William being kidnapped by a UFO cult - got me sitting up and paying attention. Why?

Because it reminded me in the most uncanny of ways of a dream I'd had back in the long-lost golden days of 1994. 

The following excerpt comes from that post I just mentioned:

Which, like pretty much everything else in life, brings me back to The X-Files. I was hooked on the show from day one. I was very interested in UFO's and the paranormal at the time, and was thrilled that a serious-looking show was going to deal with these topics. 

That first season may not be my favorite overall, but it certainly is the most meaningful to me. I felt like I had been waiting my entire life for a show like that. I fell madly in love with Scully (not necesarily Gillian Anderson, mind you) and couldn't wait for the second season to begin. 

In fact, it seems I was dreaming about it before it started.

This was in a old journal from 1994/5. Unfortunately I didn't date it, since I wrote it in the dark in the middle of the night. But there's a clue in there that pinpoints when it was written. 

The chicken-scratch scrawl you see there says:  




Here’s what I remember: it was one of those dreams where you watch the action and then take part in it - you know, standard dream-logic. I was Mulder in the dream. I was very badly hurt and had put Scully in danger; Satan was after her. 

I was crawling through a front door in a house and the Sun was rising outside. In my jacket pocket I had a small book that had prayers in it. A small flame appeared on the bottom edge of a picture frame on a mantlepiece. I knew the flame was the Holy Spirit and that Scully had sent it. I rubbed my finger along the flame and I was restored. 

This dream lingered with me for some time after. In hindsight, I realized that the image was inspired by this enigmatic illustration, from the cover of Gnosis magazine.

The bit about Emma Samms fascinates me. The reference to "Wayne's World" and "books" seems to be a subconscious reference to an episode of Dave's World that Emma Samms appeared on. 

The episode in question aired four days before the season premiere of The X-Files. Why I dreamed about it I have no idea, since I never watched the show and it turns out my wife didn't either. 

But in my mind, it dates the X-Files dream around the time of September 1994. I do remember telling the people I worked with about the dream, who even in 1994 were all too familiar with my X-Files obsession.

Semi-gratuitous Emma Samms jpg

I didn't think much about the dream until several years later. When TNT used to run mini-marathons of The X-Files every night, I used the opportunity to catch up on the last season of the show. I really didn't want a ninth season of the show since I thought the whole thing was wrapped up so beautifully at the end of the eighth. 

The opening two-parter of season nine was a disaster, so I basically stopped watching until the end. But I was glad I did finally watch those episodes, since once you got past the wretched opener the ninth season was pretty frickin' excellent (for the most part).

That's Gillian's eye, 
by the way

The next mytharc two-parter was something else entirely- a return to the deeply subversive ancient astronaut storyline of "The Sixth Extinction" series. I mentioned "Provenance" and "Providence" yesterday, but didn't mention the scenes which- quite synchronistically- correspond to the dream I had eight years prior.

In "Provenance" an FBI agent named Robert Comer crashes his motorcycle while sneaking over the US/Canada border. He is carrying a piece of a spaceship along with rubbings of religious texts taken from the surface of it. 

Comer is "straight as a ruler" (bonus Masonic metaphor) agent sent to investigate a UFO cult (led by a Gulf War vet named Josepho) goes over to the "dark side" and begins believing in the ET threat himself. 

This point should be rather strongly punctuated- Comer is now Mulder, a promising young FBI agent whose career is derailed by his belief in aliens. Like Mulder in "The Sixth Extinction" three-parter, he is also directly affected by exposure to an extraterrestrial artifact.



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Now let's get to the notes from my 1994 dream and compare them to the later episodes:


In the 2002 episodes, Comer is opposing an Antichrist-like cult, who believe that the super-soldiers (bonus comic book term) take over the planet in preparation for the second coming of the alien messiah. Reyes later names Josepho as a "false prophet" or an agent of Satan, who seeks to help the Colonists wipe humanity off the face of the planet.


All of the Scully's in this case - Momma Scully, baby Scully and Scully Scully. Comer ends up in Scully's apartment and beats up on the women and tries to kill the baby.


In a scene that is an instant replay of my dream some seven years earlier, Comer- the FBI agent who is intentionally identified/confused with Mulder- is seen crawling on his belly after his crash. The Sun is out, just as in my dream.


Just as I-as-Mulder pulled out a small prayer book from my jacket pocket, Comer takes out a piece of the spaceship (upon which religious texts are inscribed) and uses it to heal himself.


I didn't write this down in the notes, but in the dream the flame was the Holy Spirit and it had been sent by Scully and was on a picture frame on a mantlepiece.

In the story, Scully is talking to Agent Reyes who is standing in Doggett's hospital room as he lay in a coma- note lamp (flame) next to picture frame and the mantlepiece.

Later, Doggett (Mulder's replacement in the X-Files) is revived while Scully - her body charged with the healing radiation of the spaceship fragment - sits by his bedside. Just as Mulder did in "Sixth Extinction," Doggett temporarily gains psychic powers through his second-hand exposure to the radiation.

Now it gets really weird.

Agent Comer is played by the estimable Neal McDonough, who was born the same year as myself in the next town over from my place of birth.

In fact, Neal was born 19 weeks and 5 days before me, and those two numbers (in the form of 19.5) seem to have some mystical significance I can't quite understand. 

Weirder still, McDonough's next TV role after The X-Files was as Detective David McNorris in the series Boomtown. His co-star in that was none other than Donnie Wahlberg, formerly of New Kids on the Block.

The Wahlbergs live a block away from the house I grew up in Braintree.

 My mother used to tell me that during the height of New Kids mania, armies of pre-pubescent girls used to march down our street on Saturday mornings on the way to the Wahlbergs' house, in hopes of catching a glimpse at the group's "bad boy," Donnie. Marky was not yet famous then.

McDonough not only guest-starred on TXF, he also costarred in two X-Files knockoffs, Invasion and Project Blue Book. McDonough appeared in Invasion with the late Luke Perry, Kim Cattrall, and Rebecca Gayheart's breathtaking lips.

You can read more about the unjustly-maligned ninth season of The X-Files in my epic overview, Saucers and Secrets in the Sunset.

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