Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The Sleep of Reason and the Ecology of Souls: Interview with Josh Cutchin

Once in a great while, a book appears that screams "instant classic" from every page. A foundational text that is destined to become part of the canon. It's been quire a while since we've seen such a thing from the world of Fortean or Magonian studies, but now the long wait is over.

Yes, my friends, researcher, professional musician and writer Josh Cutchin has delivered Ecology of Souls, a massive, encyclic work that takes on the world of High Weirdness with the kind of cogency and rigor we haven't seen in the benighted field for a very long time. 

So here is part of an epic interview with Josh that is available in full at the Secret Sun Insitute of Advanced Synchromysticism. This is material you'll need to dive into as what we once thought was consensus reality continues to crumble and fall apart.

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