Thursday, December 22, 2022

Preparing the Solstice Sacrifice

Khagan Zelensky is either headed for the big boy table or headed for a sacrificial slab. I can't rightly say which, though I strongly suspect it's the latter. 

But either way, the big ritual guns were pulled out for his Winter Solstice visit, so let's have a quick look.

On the winter solstice in the Temple of Saturn (Capitoline Hill=Mons Saturnis), the Sun (Blue and Gold) and Stars (Orion's Belt and Sirius symbolized in the 13-fold flag) meet and contend. 

I said "Blue and Gold," in case you didn't hear me in the back.

In other words, Night surrenders to Day as the Sun begins to regain its powers after its nadir. The dais is draped with the Blue and Gold of the Ukraine flag (Day, Sun) and the 13-fold US flag (Night, Stars) is offered in symbolic surrender.

The Lords of the Underworld will be pleased with the Blood of the Divine King. The coming harvest will be fruitful, surely.

No-brainer, really.

Note the Day-Night Twinning of Kamala and Pelosi, replete with pearly dewdrops. We'll get to that in a moment.

Note also the Fasces.

UPDATE: Some readers have reminded me the 13-fold flag is given at military funerals, which just puts the cherry atop this semiotic sundae.

Here's the Ancient Egyptian version of the exact same tableau: Isis ("Throne") and Nephthys ("Mistress of the House") hail Osiris the Green Man as he emerges from his night journey through the Underworld as Orion. 

The Scarab is the reborn Sun, ie., the Sun following the Winter Solstice.

Note how Kamala and Pelosi stand in for the Twins Isis and Nephthys. 

Remember that like her ritual Twin, Nephthys also slept with her married boss to get ahead.
Plutarch’s detailed story of “Isis and Osiris” is the only preserved coherent account of this myth. It is relatively late, from about 100 CE, but various allusions to individual events from that story in earlier Egyptian texts indicate that Plutarch probably described original traditions.

"Some myths say that Nephthys intoxicated Osiris and seduced him, thus creating Anubis. Yet others say that she disguised herself as her sister Isis, Osiris' wife, and became pregnant by him. It was Nephthys' affair with Osiris which enraged Seth and was one of his motives for murdering Osiris."

The parallels are as subtle as kick in the kidneys as they always are when the ritual stakes are sky-high. Here we see the Green Man and the olives and bla-bla-bla these people are demented. 
UPDATE: Brother JB drops this info: Volodymyr is a Ukrainian given name of Old East Slavic origin, meaning "ruler of the world". 

Zelensky is a Slavic masculine surname, which originates from the toponym Zelyonoe (Зелёное), meaning 'green'. 

He is the "GREEN Ruler of the World".

There are a lot of reasons I strongly suspect this was all some Wicker Man-type adoration and honoring of the Great Sacrificial King, and the piling-on of the Osiris symbolism - the all-time champ of Sacrificial Kings - only cements that suspicion. 

Note that as the "Green Man," the corpse of Osiris provided his people with wheat and other grain crops.

Then the blatant and ubiquitous 17 stuff in the news. A refresher:
According to the Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch (46 to 120 CE), the ancient Egyptian god Seth murdered his twin brother Osiris in the twenty-eighth year of the latter’s reign, on the 17th day of the third month.
Yeah, it looks to me like they're definitely fixing to punch this fool's ticket. Probably some spectacular event that will trigger severe escalation in the war with the Kings of the East.

Cocaine dealers everywhere will be hardest-hit.

Mithraic Mike Bloomberg's organization is clearly getting in on the Orionic ritual action. Graham Hancock fans should recognize this one straight off, what with the blatant pyramids there.

If not, here's a refresher.