Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Ba'al, Balenciaga and Knowles' First Law


A lot of readers had been asking me about Balenciaga, but I'd shied away from the subject on account of the fact of my blinding, burning hatred for Satanists, kiddie fiddlers and high fashion freaks.

But I repeat myself.

More importantly, I felt like the repulsive carnival of parasitical perverts was being well-covered by others, including some outstanding research posted on Twitter. I didn't feel like I had anything to add and didn't want to just get on here and rehash that work.

And then it hit me, like a bolt out of the blue: this was all yet another case of Knowles' First Law ("Whenever a controversy over symbolism erupts in the media, it's usually disguising a completely different symbolic message altogether") in action.

How could that be? you gasp.

Well, let's start at the top: Balenciaga is owned by Groupe Artemis, a name which just - by sheer, random happenstance - syncs with another big story...

... that being the purported ARTEMIS "moon mission" being performed while this "Fashiongate" controversy rages. 

But it's not just the obvious symbolism of Artemis the Twin to pore through, it's the brazen phallicism at work in this image.

Which, oddly, seems to have been taken in a totally starless void, not outer space. We'll leave that for another time.

Note how the image coincides with the search for the Lost Phallus of Osiris. We have said choad, along with the Moon standing in for Nephthys, the Goddess of Night, and Earth representing Isis, of course.
FUN FACT: The Egyptian equivalent of Artemis is Bastet, the famous Cat Goddess. Don't ask me how that works, ancient religion was extremely confusing.

UPDATE: A FB member pointed out the Bastet-Black Panther connection, which is a genius catch. 

Remember that Orion "rules the sky" this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, starting this past month.

And then there's the ongoing Watcher-Worship uber-ritual in Doha. 

In an eerie and surely completely random echo of the castration of Osiris, we see US stat Christian Pulisic downed by a hit to the groin. 

Notice the bright green out of the goalie, reminding us that Osiris - who some mythicists have linked to Christ - was the Green Man.

I should also hasten to add that the paper protests we're seeing in China lately also correspond rather handily to the use of paper in rituals to...

... you guessed it; Osiris. What are the odds, I ask you?

Sheer coincidence, surely.

In the midst of all this semiotic sorcery, the White House released pix of the Christmas tree, sitting pretty in a room decked out in Masonic Blue and Gold. Note the solar design where the tree meets the ceiling.

My guess is that the tree is more an Attis thing than a Jesus Christ thing for the DC crowd, but that's nothing new.

Speaking of Freemery, YouTube Crypto-Freem Hasan rocked some Balenciaga shades to show his support for child exploitation. Note he showed off his Freemish signet ring on Instagram some time back.

An eagle-eyed Twitterer was quick on the uptake with this stunning Artemis connection. 

The world is run by sorcerers: stop denying it. You're only making yourself sick.

And maybe there's even more to it...

Sister Bronwyn also pointed our attention to this curiously-Osirian factoid about the Balenciaga exercise in Knowles' First Law.

Bam, bam, bam, over the head. That's how it works with this stuff. They don't do "subtle."

At left is the logo for the Artemis "moon mission", and at right is a famous bust of Tanit, the consort of Ba'al to whom children were also regularly sacrificed by being burned alive in tophets, or ritual ovens.

Which is why I'm kinda thinking that's more who NASA had in mind. They love that old-time religion.

Another odd sync: the logo for Balenciaga features Twin B's, for reasons unclear to me. But what is clear is the visual connection to Janus, god of gateways.

BB is also 22, or '22 if you prefer. Maybe even 2022. 

Who corresponds to Osiris' Babylonian equivalent Oannes, who rose from the waters of the Persian Gulf every morning to teach mankind the arts of civilization.

That's in the same neighborhood as Doha, where the World Cup is currently going on.

Speaking of Twinning, remember we had the gay club shooting in Colorado Springs, perpetrated by a MAP who goes by the name "A-nderson A-ldrich." 

I see all this as a strong signal that LGB is out and MAP-AGP is in, at least as far as the Sorcerarchy is concerned. I've long suspected that if the Davos crowd gets their way, MAP and AGP will be the only sexual identities you will be permitted to have. That's most definitely what the top oligarchs, corporations and most of Big Tech want to see enshrined into law. Only a totally clueless idiot could argue with that grim reality at this point in the timeline, sadly.

With that happy thought, let's get back to the creepshow.

The way all these photos are laid out is inarguably ritualistic, with weird objects place in an altar-like fashion for symbolic purposes. The kid even looks like a monk with the black hoodie.

Note the tape with Balenciaga mispelled "Baalenciaga," or "Ba'al Enciaga" if you prefer. Note also the teapot.

The teapot is commonly associated with Sagittarius, originally identified with Nergal, Lord of the Underworld.

Nergal being roughly analogous to Set and Satan. 

And Ba'al-Molech, come to think of it.

The two bears and the Dragon - not to mention the phases of the moon - correspond to Draco and the two Ursas (Minor and Major, specifically).

If I had to guess I'd say someone is up to some very dark star magic. We'll get to the rabbit in a second.

By the way, I'm not quite sure what gender those kids are. I'd guess they probably aren't sure either.

I'd also guess mass sacrifices are going to made this week, but don't hold me to that. Figuring where these freaks are headed is like wrestling a greased pig. Or so I hear.

Here were see Draco and Ursa Minor again on the wall.

The rabbits - not to mention all the planets and stars - seem to indicate this is all dark stellar magic. Why do I say that?

Because Lepus is Orion's companion in the Underworld, meaning the sky beneath the Ecliptic.


Sam Brinton, who some psychopath in the White House put in charge of nuclear safety, may also unwittingly be a part of this whole ritual cycle. Why would I say that?

(Insert pronoun) got arrested while stealing an expensive suitcase at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, meaning the Twin Cities. So there's our Artemis again.

The arrest was some time ago but wasn't publicized until this week. Which is why it reeks with the stench of ritual, at least to me.

Aside from being a shameless little thief, Brinton is famous for (insert pronoun) love of "puppy play," a pedo-adjacent kink where cringelords dress up in fetish gear and have sex. 

Note Brinton's dress, which looks like a starry night.

That lands us in the neighborhood of Orion yet again, with his companions the Canii (Major and Minor).

The Orion connection was confirmed when Brinton appeared at the Oscars, home of everyone's favorite castrated Osiris. Which Jimmy Kimmel - that walking bag of Freemish pus and puke - pointed out to the world back in 2018. 

Who actually still watches that sellout anymore? Masochists, I guess. 

Maybe puppy players.

And I'm sure OG Sunners remember this one from way, way, way back in the day, which proves beyond all doubts that Oscar® is in fact Ausur®. 

Or Ausur-Seb, if you want to be an Egypto-Nerd about it.

Then just to drive me completely insane - well, more than usual - we have Brinton rocking the Orange...

...and looking uncannily like the ridiculous not-robot mannequin, Sophia.
A ridiculous, Jeffrey Epstein-linked 
not-robot mannequin, no less.

Note 8 on Sophia's shirt, not unlike the World Cup logo. The World Cup, incidentally, taking place in Qatar, not far from Saudi Arabia, where said ridiculous mannequin was made a citizen. 


Speaking of the World Cup, note the watchful Watcher eyes emblazoned on the walls of Doha's Al Thumana Stadium.

UPDATE: Here's a great catch from a Secret Sunner: 

La'eeb is Bee'al reversed - read: "Ba'al"

Remember that Ba'al has a number of variations: Bel, Beel, Belu, Bal etc etc. The feminine rendering is Ba'alah.

Fits quite neatly into everything else we're seeing coming out of Doha. And everywhere else.

And for extra credit, make note of the illuminating Owl that Brinton was flaunting while performing (insert pronoun) Orangely duties.


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